Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1034: King Destroying Heavenly Plate

Chapter 1034: King Destroying Heavenly Plate


Chapter 1034: King Destroying Heavenly Plate

“Life Death Ancestral Symbol…”

Lin Dong was a little lost as he stared at the black and white light symbol on Mu Lingshan’s smooth forehead. The symbol was as ancient as the Devouring Ancestral Symbol and the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol. A unique ripple was vaguely emitted from it and Lin Dong could detect a surge in the Yuan Power within his body, just by absorbing a bit of this ripple.

“Inside Lingshan’s body… hides an Ancestral Symbol…”

After a while, Lin Dong finally recovered his senses. Promptly, he was at a loss for words. When he first met Mu Lingshan back then, he vaguely sensed an unusual movement from his Devouring Ancestral Symbol. This unusual sensation was clearly caused by the latter. At that time, Lin Dong guessed that Mu Lingshan might be related to the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. However, he did not expect that one of the eight great Ancestral Symbols, the Life Death Ancestral Symbol, was actually hidden within her body.

“It is actually the Life Death Ancestral Symbol…”

A voice of sudden comprehension, suddenly sounded within Lin Dong’s heart as he sighed. It was ‘Yan’, who had been missing for quite a while.

“You are still alive?” Lin Dong was a little unhappy at this fellow, who occasionally disappeared. He spoke somewhat rudely after seeing this person appear. After all, he did not show himself when Lin Dong was undergoing many deadly fights previously. Only after these threats were neutralized, did he finally show up.

“The Ancestral Stone is gradually recovering and I will occasionally fall into a slumber. Haha. Isn’t it good to rely on your own strength?” Yan laughed.

Lin Dong rolled his eyes. He had already been at death’s door countless number of times alone today. This fellow was truly shameless.

“That girl is not an owner of an Ancestral Symbol.”

“Huh?” Lin Dong was startled. The symbol on Mu Linshan’s head was indeed that of the Life Death Ancestral Symbol.

“The Life Death Ancestral Symbol… is her true form… It’s no wonder even I did not discover her identity back then. It is actually because of this unique mutation.” Yan sighed in amazement.

“Lingshan… is the Life Death Ancestral Symbol? How is that possible?” Lin Dong shrunk his eyes. Even with his calm temperament, there was still a look of disbelief surging onto his face.

“The process is quite complicated, but it is the truth… It’s no wonder she chose to run off with you back then. It is because she is the Life Death Ancestral Symbol.” Yan said. Immediately, he saw the doubt on Lin Dong’s face and he began to explain the relationship between the Devouring Ancestral Symbol and the Life Death Ancestral Symbol.

Lin Dong’s expression became a little interesting after hearing the explanation. He laughed dryly, “Putting it this way, it seems like the Devouring Ancestral Symbol is the parent of the Life Death Ancestral Symbol?”

“Uh, from the point of view of you humans, it can be considered as such… During the ancient times, the relationship between the Life Death Master and the Devouring Master was a little complicated due to this.” As if he seemed to have recalled something, Yan’s voice became a little strange.

Lin Dong parted his lips. He rubbed Mu Lingshan’s small head with his hand. Even though this matter was quite shocking, he still chose to accept it. It didn’t matter what Mu Lingshan was, as long as she stays as the lively and cute little girl that Lin Dong knew.

“It has only been a short white since I was gone, but you have already met an Yimo of this level… King rank Yimo. It has been many years since I have met one.” Yan seemed to have detected the activity in this place as he slowly said.

“One king rank Yimo and three general rank Yimo. This lineup is quite frightening.” Lin Dong laughed bitterly.

“There is no need to worry. Qing Zhi can deal with them. I can sense the ripple of the King Destroying Heavenly Plate. Coincidentally, there are four Ancestral Symbols present in this place. With the enchantment of the Ancestral Symbols, it is possible to kill an Yimo king.” Yan said.

“King Destroying Heavenly Plate?”

“It is a divine item ranked sixth on the Ancient Divine Object Ranking List. It is extremely powerful and has killed many Yimo kings before.”

Lin Dong was quietly speechless. It seems like Qing Zhi truly came prepared. However, he was really curious to find out how terrifying a divine object, that could kill an Yimo king, was when it was fully unleashed. Although Lin Dong knew that the Ancestral Stone within his body was of a higher rank at the second position, this fellow was far too seriously wounded. Hence, it was still unable to unleash its glory from the ancient times even up till now.

“Since the King Destroying Heavenly Plate has appeared, it is likely that this battle is already decided. The Yimo king will not be able to block it. Hence, there is no need to worry…”

Lin Dong smiled bitterly. It was pointless for him to worry about a fight at that level. Now, all he could do, was hope that the truth was like what Yan said, and that Elder Qing Zhi would be able to finish off that Yimo king.

Otherwise, none of them here would be able to escape.


The green coloured light plate in the distant sky separated the sky and land. Qing Zhi’s group stood on the light plate. Meanwhile, above him, there was a green jade plate slowly rotating. A smile suddenly rose on his face as he gently clenched his long hand.

After he clenched his hand, it was possible to see the hundred thousand feet large green light plate shaking suddenly. Three light shot towards the sky and shot onto the green jade plate.


The jade plate suddenly shook intensely after the three light rays shot into the green jade plate. The obscure symbol on the jade plate became increasingly clear and covered the entire jade plate.

The jade plate became increasingly crystal clear after the obscure symbol covered it. The space around it became distorted and was shattered. Many slight ripple that were visible to the naked eyes were emitted, causing the entire place to shake.

“King Destroyer Symbol?”

King Tianming, who had been observing the activity of this place, saw the gradually surfacing obscure symbol on the jade plate. His expression changed drastically as he involuntarily roared, “How is this possible?”

“Qing Zhi, it seems like you are well prepared. You are actually able to allow this King Destroying Heavenly Plate to receive the enchantment of four Ancestral Symbols!”

Qing Zhi smilingly looked at King Tianming, whose expression had finally changed. He said, “It is rare for a king rank Yimo to appear. Naturally, I must treat you well.”

“Retreat!” King Tianming’s expression changed rapidly. He was decisive as he immediately let out a roar.

The two Yimo generals hurriedly nodded after hearing his cry. Even with their great strength, they could sense the feeling of death from the crystal clear green jade plate. The fluctuation it emitted could truly destroy them.

Monstrous demonic aura swept out from the bodies of King Tianming’s trio. After which, they flapped their wings and the space behind them was split apart.

“Trying to escape?”

Mo Luo laughed coldly upon seeing this. Bright redness rose on his face. He grabbed with his large hand before endless bright red flames whistled out from it. They quickly turned into a rolling sea of flames that swept towards the King Tianming trio, forcing them to have no choice but to withdraw.

Qing Zhi’s expression was calm. As he stared at the beautiful green jade plate, both his hands formed a series of dazzling seals. Following which, the green light plate began to tremble slowly. It started to shift before it locked onto the King Tianming trio in the distance.

“King Destroying Heavenly Plate, King Destruction!”

A faint voice was emitted from Qing Zhi’s mouth. In an instant, a sharp and murderous intent spread across the sky.


The green jade plate shook intensely. Partially visible symbols wiggled like earthworms on the plate. Layers after layers of terrifying strength quickly accumulated at the middle of the jade plate. In the next moment, the jade plate trembled. A human head sized crystal light beam erupted from it.


That beam of light appeared extremely brilliant and it looked as though it was a viscous jade liquid. No sound was made wherever it passed and not even the slightest ripple was formed in the air. However, horror rose on King Tianming’s face when he saw that light beam.

The light ray did not seem fast. However, King Tianming was aware that there was no way he could dodge it!

A demon would be slayed when the King Destroying Heavenly Plate appeared!

King Tianming’s expression changed drastically. His face was filled with a venomous expression. Both his hands were extended as he directly grabbed the two Yimo generals beside him. After which, a demonic aura surged as he slammed his palm forward.

A shocked expression rose on the faces of the two Yimo generals. However, even before they could try to escape, a brilliant green light ray had already descended. Finally, one could hear a faint splash sound. They sensed a pain on their brow before the green jade-like liquid light beam penetrated their heads.

Chi chi!

Blood flowed out from their brow. The monstrous like demonic aura on the bodies of the two great Yimo generals crazily vanished. Everything within their bodies was completely destroyed when the jade liquid light beam penetrated their bodies!

An aura of death enveloped them. Soon after, cracks began to appear on their faces and expanded an inch at a time…

The two great Yimo generals were killed in such a simple fashion because of that tiny light beam.

After he pushed two of his subordinates to their death, there was not the least amount of grief on King Tianming’s face. His eyes were sinister as he looked at the two cracked bodies in front of him. The green light beam at that spot, continued to fly towards him without a drop in speed, even after penetrating through their bodies.

“Qing Zhi, it is not so easy to kill me!”

King Tianming roared towards the sky. His hair was scattered and he no longer looked as calm as before. The huge purple-gold demonic wings on his back were extended. Monstrous aura blotted out the sun as a mouthful of blood containing a golden colour was spat out.

“Ten Layer Hell Miasma!”

The golden blood suddenly exploded and an extremely evil demonic aura spread. Finally, the space itself exploded. One could hear a loud ‘boom’ as ten black hell gates appeared in front of King Tianming one in front of the other.

“Bang bang bang!”

The green light beam continued to shoot forward at the same speed. The evil hell gate exploded one after another as the green light passed.

“King Tianming, accept your punishment. This world does not belong to your people!”

Qing Zhi’s eyes gradually turned icy. Suddenly, he clenched his hand before the final hell gate in front of King Tianming blew apart at this moment.

Demonic aura spread while the jade liquid like green light beam penetrated through it. It arrived rapidly in front of King Tianming’s startled eyes before it finally whizzed through his heart.


King Tianming’s body suddenly froze while his monstrous demonic aura also began to weaken at a shocking speed.