Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1032: King Destroying Heavenly Plate

Chapter 1032: King Destroying Heavenly Plate


Chapter 1032: King Destroying Heavenly Plate

The light pillar descended from the sky. Within that solid prison-like glowing column, General Lang Mo’s body was surrounded and entwined by black lightning chains. These chains seemed to have penetrated deep into his body and hooked onto his bones. Many black glowing lightning symbols continuously surged from these chains, before they finally entered his body and suppressed his monstrous like demon aura!


The light pillar that shot directly to the clouds gradually shrunk at this moment. Finally, it turned into a hundred feet large light pillar prison. Four spiritual figures lingered over walls of the light pillar. At the same time, the black lightning chains were extended and connected onto the light pillar, forming a perfect cycle which completely sealed General Lang Mo!

Hovering in the sky, when Tang Xinlian’s group saw General Lang Mo being sealed, a relieved smile appeared on their pale face. Soon after, they were unable to hold on any longer as their bodies began to show signs of collapsing. The huge fight previously had exhausted almost all their energy.


Those four armies from the Flame Divine Hall all fell onto the ground at this moment. Many Flame Divine Hall’s disciples also became extremely weak because their Yuan Power was depleted.

“Bang bang!”

General Lang Mo was still struggling manically within the light pillar seal and it looked like he was howling in rage. However, his voice could not escape. It was clear that it was difficult for him to escape after having his demonic Qi sealed.

Tang Xinlian’s pretty face appeared exceptionally pale. Although she was also extremely weak, she still forced herself to stand. Subsequently, she began to issue orders in an orderly fashion and instructed the four armies to take turns to rest. The other top experts in the Flame Divine Hall also used this opportunity to recuperate their Yuan Power under her orders.

Countless individuals outside the Flame Divine City were somewhat shocked as they stared at the Flame Divine Hall Army, which whizzed across the city’s sky. Shock surged in many of their eyes. Even powerful individuals from established and famous factions in the Chaotic Demon Sea had admiration-filled eyes, as they stared at that bright and enchanting figure.

Tang Xinlian might not be the strongest expert in the Flame Divine Hall. However, during that astounding fight, she was obviously the number one reason why Flame Divine Hall was able to seal that abnormally powerful fellow.

The Flame Fairy of the Flame Divine Hall truly lived up to her reputation.

Everyone quietly exclaimed within their hearts. Although the glory during the previous competition was undoubtedly snatched by Lin Dong, Tang Xinlian was the most dazzling existence in this even more frightening battle.

With her as their successor, it seems like the Flame Divine Hall did not have to worry about its future. Moreover, Tang Xinlian was also extremely talented. Hence, given enough time, she would definitely become a top expert in the entire Chaotic Demon Sea. At that time, if Mo Luo retired and passed the Blazing Ancestral Symbol to her, it was likely that she would become a domineering Flame Divine Hall Queen, whom no one would dare underestimate.

Tang Xinlian held her fire phoenix spear and stood in midair. When she heard the overwhelming cheers and praises from outside the city, she was slightly startled. Immediately, she lowered her head to look at the young man below, who had dragged his equally tired body to sit at a corner and rest on some rubles. The latter lifted his head to look at her as well. Promptly, a brilliant smile appeared on his face as he gave Tang Xinlian a thumbs-up. Even someone like him was convinced after witnessing Tang Xinlian’s performance.

When Tang Xinlian saw Lin Dong brilliant smile, her pretty face reddened slightly. She knew that Lin Dong had put in an equal amount of effort into this fight. However, the latter did not step forward to claim the glory, which would allow his name to be renowned across the Chaotic Demon Sea. Instead, he sat quietly in the shadows and gave all the glory to her.

He knew that the result of this big battle would solidify her position in the Flame Divine Hall. In fact, it would even be of great help to her when she takes over the Flame Divine Hall in the future.

This man was indeed a little special.

Tang Xinlian gently bit her red lips while a mysterious feeling flashed across her heart. Soon after, she felt her face becoming slightly hot. The usually valiant looking Flame Fairy looked extremely enchanting at this moment.


Lin Dong leaned against some rubles. His chest rose and fell slowly. His somewhat ragged breathing suggested that he was in quite a bad condition currently. Although he successfully broke into the Profound Death stage during that critical moment previously, he did not have enough time to stabilize his condition. As a result, his level was currently a superficial one. If he was careless, there was a good chance that he might slip back into the Profound Life stage.

“Big brother Lin Dong, are you alright?” Mu Lingshan’s small and delicate figure appeared beside Lin Dong and asked in a worried tone. Others might be unaware of what Lin Dong did, but she clearly knew.

Lin Dong smiled and shook his head. However, his pale expression clearly made it unconvincing. Mu Lingshan could only pout upon seeing this. However, she did not say anything else.

“It is indeed worthy of being a Yimo general… It is really difficult to deal with.”

Lin Dong’s eyes looked into the distant light pillar prison before he involuntarily sighed. A joyous pride surge into his heart. That was equivalent to an ultimate Samsara Stage expert.

Back at the Unique Devil City, Ancestor Fen Tian had sacrificed his life in order to seal an Yimo general. Now, he had also accomplished a similar feat… Although a huge part must be attributed to the fact that the Flame Divine Hall poured in all their strength, it was also obvious that Lin Dong played an important role. Moreover, Lin Dong also believed that one day, he would be able to suppress and seal a terrifying opponent like that on his own!


A brilliant figure came rushing over in the sky while Lin Dong was feeling emotional in his heart. After which, the figure landed beside him. The latter’s pretty eyes shot towards Lin Dong and appeared unusually gentle. It was a far cry from the valiant demeanor that she usually carried.

“Why? With so many responsibilities, can you afford to step away?” Lin Dong looked at Tang Xinlian and laughed.

“Currently, the strength of the Flame Divine Hall is exhausted. There is no longer a need to do anything. It is fine to leave it to the elders.” Tang Xinlian pushed aside the red hair that fell in front of her breast and softly said, “Thank you very much.”

“I am the owner of an Ancestral Symbol and I am natural enemies with these Yimo.” Lin Dong shook his head and laughed, “Moreover, it is too early to thank me now. We have merely sealed a Yimo general. There are still two Yimo generals and an even more terrifying Yimo king remaining.”

“That is nothing that we can do.” Tang Xinlian said somewhat helplessly. Just dealing with an Yimo general had exhausted all their strength. As of now, they are unable to summon any more strength to intervene in any other battleground.

Lin Dong nodded. Currently, he no longer possessed any strength after experiencing that big battle from before.

“How the situation plays out depends entirely on master and elder Qing Zhi…” Tang Xinlian lifted her head. Her bright eyes looked towards the battle in the distant sky and muttered.

“Haha, King Tianming, it seems like your side is the first to lose a fight…” Qing Zhi glanced at the ground from the distant sky and laughed.

The smile originally on distant King Tianming’s face had diminished greatly. It was likely that he had not expected General Lang Mo to be defeated by the Flame Divine Hall.

“It seems like this king has underestimated your Flame Divine Hall.”

Mo Luo parted his lips into a smile. He stared at King Tianming in a malicious manner and said, Relax, just capturing an Yimo general alone cannot satisfy us.”

“I am indeed unable to defeat the both of you together. However, do you think that you can stop me if I want to leave?” King Tianming laughed. His laughter was filled with ridicule.

“I’m afraid that it is not going to be a simple feat for you to leave today.” Qing Zhi laughed.

King Tianming narrowed his eyes. He laughed coldly and said, “Qing Zhi, you might have advanced into the Reincarnation Stage, but who do you think you are? One of the eight masters from the ancient times? It is likely that those people are all caught up in their reincarnation.”

Qing Zhi smiled slightly. The long hair on his back was scattered. His eyes gradually became bright and clear. The hundred thousand feet large green dragon under his feet roared towards the sky. Green light spread and turned into a green light plate that was hundreds of thousands of feet in size.

The entire world dimmed when the green light plate was scattered. The land became completely charred black and it seemed like the natural Yuan Power vaguely began to rage.

Mu Lan and Elder Chi Yun in the sky, who were fighting with the two other Yimo generals, also halted. This was because the hundred thousand feet large green light plate had also enveloped them.

“Is this…” Chi Yun frowned.

Mu Lan’s eyes were narrowed. As if he seemed to have recalled something, the expression in his eyes changed…

Qing Zhi stepped on the hundred thousand feet large light plate under his feet and smiled towards King Tianming in the distance. He said, “King Tianming, may I know if you have heard of this item…”

“What?” King Tianming looked at the hundreds of thousands of feet large green light plate and asked in a faint voice.

“King Destroying Heavenly Plate.”

King Tianming’s eyes shrunk abruptly before the space behind him exploded apart. It was the first time his expression changed this quickly. Clearly, he felt genuine danger from this so-called “King Destroying Heavenly Plate” that Qing Zhi mentioned.

“The sixth ranked item on the Ancient Divine Item List, King Destroying Heavenly Plate?” Mo Luo was startled at this moment. Clearly, even he did not know about this.

“Yes. I have searched for many years before I finally found it in an ancient battlefield.” Qing Zhi nodded and laughed.

Joy surged within Mo Luo’s eyes. This King Destroying Heavenly Plate was a terrifying divine object even in the ancient times. After all, it had genuinely killed king rank Yimos before!


Mo Luo suddenly thought of something as he frowned and said, “Based on what I know, in order to use the King Destroying Heavenly Plate to kill an Yimo king, it will require… four Ancestral Symbols… enchanting it…”

Qing Zhi smiled and nodded.

“However, on our side… there are only three Ancestral Symbol even if we include the two Ancestral Symbol with Lin Dong.”

Qing Zhi shook his head. He stared at Mo Luo’s hand and smiled. He said, “No… we have four of them.”