Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1031: Subdued

Chapter 1031: Subdued


Chapter 1031: Subdued

Woosh woosh!

Majestic and formidable Yuan Power was just like floodwaters as it diffused from the bottom of the light pillar with lightning speed. There was a faint black Qi mixed within the Yuan Power and a unique fluctuation was emitted.

Hovering in midair, when Tang Xinlian and the rest saw this scene, shock flashed across their eyes. Having reached this level, they were naturally well aware of what was going on.

“This fellow… is actually trying to break into the Profound Death stage at this juncture!” A Flame Divine Hall elder involuntarily smacked his lips while his eyes were filled with shock.

“When attempting to break into the Profound Death stage, life Qi will be deposited together with death Qi and there are countless dangers during this process. Currently, we are in a battlefield. Any interruption will disrupt the equilibrium within his body and the death Qi will dissipate. At that time, regardless of how powerful his body is, he will turn into a wither skeleton from within.”

“That’s right, what a bold fellow. However… it seems that this is the only option that he has. This fellow is staking everything on this fight.”

Tang Xinlian bunched her brow together after hearing their conversations. She naturally knew how dangerous Lin Dong’s act was. If he failed, it was likely that the consequences would be extremely dire.

“All elders, protect him. Do not allow General Lang Mo to disturb him.”

Tang Xinlian tightened the grip on her fire phoenix spear as she commanded in a deep voice. Right now, if they were to lose the help from Lin Dong’s Ancestral Symbols, there was no way they could successfully suppress that General Lang Mo.


Many elders nodded and replied. They were impressed by Lin Dong’s courage. Attempting to break into the Profound Death stage in front of an Yimo. He indeed had courage that exceeded that of an ordinary individual.

Tang Xinlian’s bright eyes looked at the interior of the light pillar. She could vaguely see a seated figure inside. Although that figure was skinny, she felt as though this man would not falter even if the sky was to collapse. It’s no wonder even her usually proud teacher held him in such high regard…

“Don’t worry! With me around, I will not allow him to disturb you!”

Using an increasing amount of force to grip the fire phoenix spear in her hands, her red lips curled into an enchanting arc, while her red curly long hair scattered around like burning flames.


Currently, the countless black lightning chains entwined around General Lang Mo’s body were broken. Promptly, a ferocious smile appeared on his huge face. He quickly turned his attention towards a light pillar in the distance. Suddenly, his eyes became cold as he laughed strangely, “You are actually thinking of making a breakthrough here? Such wishful thinking!”

Monstrous demonic Qi surged from behind General Lang Mo following his strange laughter. It directly turned into a ten thousand feet large wolf’s claw. This claw was covered with golden demonic symbols and even space itself cracked when this claw was swung.

“Stop him!” Tang Xinlian’s pretty eyes quickly turned icy after she saw General Lang Mo’s attack. She cried out coldly before the surrounding top experts from the Flame Divine Hall replied in usion. After which, majestic Yuan Power surged and clashed head on with the ten thousand feet large wolf claw.


A shocking assault wave swept across the sky. Wherever this wave struck, the ground below would be completely flattened. In fact, one would be hard pressed to even find any pebbles remaining.

The twenty nine figures were pushed back together while their expressions grew increasingly pale. Against General Lang Mo, whose attack was becoming increasingly fearsome as the battle dragged on, they began to fall into a disadvantage.


However, even before they could catch their breath, the space in front once again cracked apart. Monstrous black Qi transformed into ten thousand dashing wolves, before they charged towards them from every direction.

Tang Xinlian bit her lips with the back of her teeth. She showed no intention of withdrawing within her cold eyes. Instead, the fire phoenix spear in her hands slammed heavily onto the ground. She let out an icy cry and once again commanded the twenty eight top experts from the Flame Divine Hall and clashed head on with General Lang Mo.

She knew that at this moment, she had to buy time for Lin Dong.

Bang bang bang!

An earth shaking clash erupted in the sky. However, everyone could see that it was only a matter of time before Tang Xinlian’s group was defeated by General Lang Mo.

Hovering in the sky, the four armies of the Flame Divine Hall were watching this fight. However, none of them intervened. After all, they had to maintain the formation in order to suppress General Lang Mo. If they were to randomly intervene, the formation would end up in a mess and they would lose the opportunity to completely suppress General Lang Mo.

In the distant battleground, Mu Lan and Elder Chi Yun glanced over from a great distance. However, they could not help them. After all, their opponents were no ordinary individuals.

“Haha, it looks like your side will be the first to lose a fight.” In the furthest battleground, King Tianming smiled as he observed the fight below. After which, he looked at Qing Zhi and Mo Luo a short distance away and laughed.

Suddenly, he pressed his finger gently as he laughed softly. The space itself directly collapsed. A spatial crack hundreds of thousands of feet in size, that looked like a black dragon, was formed. Subsequently, it emitted a swoosh sound and charged towards the Qing Zhi duo with lightning like speed.

Qing Zhi smiled. Clenched his fist, green light surged around him. Promptly, thousands of green dragon light tattoos appeared. Then, they transformed into an ancient green dragon palm that ruthlessly slammed towards the hundred thousand feet large spatial crack.

A sea of flames spread across Mo Luo’s body. They rotated in a crazy fashion and transformed into a hundred thousand feet flame dragon. A destructive force accompanied it and it clashed violently with the hundred thousand feet crack that was charging over with lightning like speed.


A clash at this level, which could easily destroy the world, strangely did not emit a loud sound The energy entwined with each other and the empty space became distorted. The energy assault wave was extremely quiet. However, even a Perfect Profound Death stage expert would be wiped out if touched by it.

A fight at this level was far too terrifying.

“It is too early for you to jumping to conclusions.”

Countless green dragon light tattoos formed under Qing Zhi’s feet. Finally, they turned into a hundreds of thousands of feet large ancient green dragon, which seemed to stretch on endlessly. He looked at King Tianming in the distance and smiled. However, there was an overwhelming and authoritative demeanor within his smile.


Another terrifying energy assault spread and twenty nine figures flew backwards. Their faces were pale as they spat out blood from their mouths. Meanwhile, their auras also began to weaken at a terrifying rate.

“Is this all that you are capable of?” General Lang Mo looked at Tang Xilian’s group with a ferocious expression and laughed strangely.

Tang Xinlian did not reply. Wiping off the blood traces on the corner of her mouth, the cold glint in her bright eyes became even more intense. After struggling briefly to stand up, she grabbed her fire phoenix spear and prepared to continue to fight.

“Girl, you are courting death!”

Murderous intent flashed within General Lang Mo’s eyes. Suddenly, he clenched his hand before a ten thousand feet large black spear was formed. After which, he penetrated through the empty space and appeared in front of Tang Xinlian in a flash.

When Tang Xinlian saw this terrifying attack, she clenched her silver teeth and once again prepared to use the crowd’s strength to counter attack.

Just as Tang Xinlian was about to counter attack, a whistle sounded from the bottom of the distant light pillar. A surging Yuan Power shot to the clouds like a volcano eruption.

That light pillar turned into the colour of black lightning in an instant. After which, it rushed into the hundred thousand feet large formation that covered the sky.

The huge formation shook at this moment. The eyes of the armies of the Flame Divine Hall, that guarded the four corners were filled with wild joy. The power that they were waiting for had finally arrived.

“This power… Has he succeeded?”

Tang Xinlian’s bright eyes suddenly turned towards the bottom of the light pillar. Majestic Yuan Power erupted as the skinny seated figure finally stood up. The aura emitted from within his body was a lot more powerful than before!

Clearly, Lin Dong had currently broken through to the Profound Death stage!

“All four armies listen up. Rotate the formation with all your strength!”

A joy surged on Tang Xinlian’s pretty face. The Ancestral Symbol’s strength that Lin Dong could activate might only be a small fraction of the total force, however, it was the crucial bit. Only with the addition of his strength, was it possible to truly suppress General Lang Mo!


The four armies of the Flame Divine Hall cried out in usion after hearing Tang Xinlian’s order. All of them did their best to activate the Yuan Power within their bodies before they poured it into the formation.


The ten thousand feet large formation rotated slowly as black lightning gathered at the middle of the formation. Vast and mighty ocean like Yuan Power continuously merged with it.


The formation shook abruptly. It was possible to see a ten thousand feet large black lightning chain suddenly whistling and shooting out from the centre.

This chain was extremely large while black and lightning light symbols covered its surface. A strange energy was hidden within.


“Sky Wolf Demon Shield!”

A dense cold glint flashed within the eyes of General Lang Mo. He suddenly roared towards the sky. Monstrous demonic Qi swept out and actually transformed into an incomparably large black demon shield. There was a wolf devouring the moon on his shield and that demonic image looked extremely ferocious. An immovable momentum spread.


The black lightning chains, which harnessed the strength of all four Flame Divine Hall armies, penetrated through the empty space at a shocking speed. It struck heavily against the black demonic shield in front of many anxious pair of eyes.


A incompatibly loud metallic sound spread before many spatial cracks spread in the sky. Soon after, everyone could see some crack lines rapidly spreading across the demon shield.

Black lightning chains broke the demon shield like furious dragons. Finally, it emitted a whistle and arrived in front of General Lang Mo, whose eyes were filled with disbelief. Then, it ruthlessly struck on his body and penetrated it.

Sizzle sizzle!

The black lightning chain was just like a huge dragon that lingered over Lang Mo’s huge body. After which, it penetrated his body. Black light symbols and lightning symbols quietly entered his body. They were just like maggots that adhered onto the interior of his body.

His monstrous demonic Qi quickly disappeared. Lang Mo ten thousand feet body was swiftly shrinking at a shocking speed. Finally, a light pillar shot downwards from the formation and enveloped him.

His earthshaking like aura finally disappeared completely at this moment!

The four armies in the sky were completely pale. When they saw that Lang Mo was trapped within the light pillar and could not move, a wild joy surged on their face a moment later. Cheers erupted and resounded across the sky.

After giving everything they had, they finally succeeded in suppressing this terrifying enemy!