Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1030: Breakthrough

Chapter 1030: Breakthrough


Chapter 1030: Breakthrough

A concentrated light pillar descended from the sky and covered Lin Dong’s body within. He was within the light pillar, but he was still able to see everything that was happening in the outside world clearly.

Tang Xinlian was clearly extremely cautions in the way she acted. She knew that Lin Dong did not want others to know that he owns an Ancestral Symbol. Hence, when asking for his help, she cut off any clues that could possibly leak this information.

“Lin Dong, we are only able to trap the Yimo general. In order to suppress and seal it, we will need the strength of the Ancestral Symbols. All you need to do is to do your best to activate the Ancestral Symbol. The energy from the formation will provide you with assistance!”

“Next… it will be all up to you.”

Tang Xinlian’s somewhat anxious voice spread within the light pillar. Yimo Qi is a unique energy from the Yimo and this type of energy did not exist in this world. Hence, it was extremely difficult to deal with and this also resulted in the Yimo possessing an extremely strong lifeforce. There was already a gap between the strength of Tang Xinlian’s group and that of the Yimo. Thus, it was already a feat to be able to trap it for now.

Lin Dong nodded slightly upon hearing this. Without further ado, he sat down with his legs crossed. Now that he no longer had to worry about his secret being discovered, he no longer had to hold back.

An extremely deep black light was the first to whiz out from the top of Lin Dong’s head. This black light was similar to the Yimo Qi. However, the former was mysterious and unfathomable while that latter was evil and cold. They could not co-exist in the same plane.

Woosh woosh!

The black light slowly spread before it quickly transformed into a rotating black hole. Some of the surrounding bright energy light pillars began to emit some energy light spots. After which, all

of them were forcefully devoured into that black hole.


Lin Dong suddenly clenched his hand after the black hole appeared. Bright lightning glow gathered in his hand before countless lightning snakes whizzed out and circled around him. At this moment, he looked just like the Lightning Emperor, majestic and domineering.

Black lightning crazily agglomerated together. At the same time, waves of terrifying ripples were emitted at a shocking speed.

Tang Xinlian’s eyes were grave as she focused on the black lightning gathered within the light pillar. Her hand involuntarily tightened.

“Xinlian, can we rely on him alone?” An elder from the Flame Divine Hall lowered his head and involuntarily asked. Although all of them had witnessed Lin Dong’s tremendous strength previously, this General Lang Mo in front of them was much stronger compared to Hua Chen and Xu Xiu. Even by combining the strength of their entire Flame Divine Hall, they were merely able to trap this General Lang Mo thanks to Tang Xinlian’s perfect leadership skill.

Standing beside them, the few elders from the Flame Divine Hall nodded upon hearing this. There was worry present in their eyes. They had finally managed to trap the General Lang Mo after much pain. If Lin Dong was unable to complete the final step, all of their efforts would have came to naught.

Tang Xinlian’s long pretty eyes narrowed slightly after hearing the doubts of the surrounding elders. A faint smile quickly rose on her face. “Back when master first said that we might have eventually rely on Lin Dong in this competition, I did not believe him as well. However, the eventual reality told me that this person was always able to create a miracle…”

“Hence, I choose to trust him now.”

All the elders faced each other upon seeing this. Their eyes appeared somewhat strange. Tang Xinlian’s face quickly reddened upon seeing this. She involuntarily chided in an embarrassed and angry voice, “What are all of you thinking of?”

The elders laughed dryly before quickly changing the topic. Although Tang Xinlian was considered as someone from the younger generation, her position in the Flame Divine Hall was not inferior to theirs.


The black lightning within the light pillar became increasingly wild and violent while they chatted. The strength caused those four Flame Divine Hall elders, who had stepped into the perfect Profound Death stage to focus their eyes. They quietly sighed. The Ancestral Symbols were indeed powerful. However, it seemed like there was still a big gap when compared to Mo Luo.

Black light rippled around Lin Dong’s body. He suddenly lifted his head. At this moment, one of his eyes seemed as dark as the night sky and there was seemingly a black hole rotating within it and devouring everything. On the other hand, there was a lightning flickering in his other eye. It

seemed to contain the Thunder World, and various forms of violence formed within it.


The Yuan Power within Lin Dong’s body galloped wildly. Suddenly, he violently swung both his hands. A black dragon and a silver dragon rushed out from his palms. They bared their claws and roared before they ruthlessly charged into the surrounding huge energy pillar.


The bright energy pillar began to rage after these two majestic energy were poured into it. After which, there was a black glow and a lightning glow quietly permeating over the hundred thousand feet light formation in the sky.

“Boom boom!”

General Lang Mo flapped his golden demon wings as he stood at the middle of the formation. Gathering his monstrous demonic aura, he continued to fight with the four spiritual beasts. However, it was evident that he was gradually beginning to gain the upper hand as this stalemate continued.

General Lang Mo suddenly threw a punch forward. Majestic demonic aura transformed into countless number of ferocious wolves that ruthlessly collided against the green dragon spirit’s light figure. A terrifying fluctuation directly shook the green dragon figure until it became a little illusory.

“Haha, is this your final technique? Completely worthless!” General Lang Mo laughed out loud towards the sky. Flapping his demonic wings, he was accompanied by a monstrous demonic aura as his attacks swept forward in a ferocious fashion, with each wave becoming stronger than the next.


However, General Lang Mo’s eyes suddenly shrunk as he laughed out loud. The four spiritual beasts once again pounced at him. However, black lightning beams suddenly shot out from their huge mouths. Promptly, these black lightning beams actually turned into huge chains that firmly entwined around him.


General Lang Mo’s eyes became cold. Yimo Qi swept out as he attempted to erode those chains. However, the Yimo Qi, which had taken the upper hand previously, emitted a deafening screeching noise. In fact, the black lightning chains surrounding his body seemed to grown tighter.

This unexpected occurrence caused the expression of General Lang Mo to be greatly altered. However, he was no ordinary pushover. His eyes quickly turned cold before the golden light symbols on his back wings began to peel off. Following which, his body actually began to swell at a shocking speed.

Bang bang!

Within a short ten breaths, General Lang Mo’s body actually became ten thousand feet in size. Demonic Qi swept out from behind him in a monstrous fashion. From a distance away, he looked like a demon that could destroy the world.

“Creak creak!”

The huge black lightning chains entwined around General Lang Mo’s body began to emitted a creaking sound as his body swelled. Clearly, it was beginning to crack.

Tang Xinlian’s group watched this scene from the sky. The expressions in their eyes became increasingly solemn. The Ancestral Symbol’s strength that Lin Dong had unleashed was greatly enhanced after passing through their formation. Nonetheless, it was still not an easy task to suppress this General Lang Mo. Moreover, at this moment, it was clear that they could not provide him with much assistance. Everything would depend on Lin Dong’s own abilities.

“Lin Dong… Do your best…” Tang Xinlian’s bright eyes stared at the figure within the light pillar, before she involuntarily clenched her fist tightly. However, she knew that Lin Dong was merely at the perfect Profound Life stage. Even though he had two great Ancestral Symbols, it was clearly impossible for him to completely unleash the strength of those two great Ancestral Symbols.

Lin Dong was expressionless. Both his palms struck forward once again. The two coloured light dragons, which were filled with Devouring Power and Thunderbolt Strength respectively, once again whizzed forward. After which, they charged into the formation.

If one was to observe carefully, one would discover that there were wiggling veins on both of Lin Dong’s arms. Clearly, he was using every bit of his powers to activate the strength of the two great Ancestral Symbols!

Many black lightning chains began to rush out from the hundred thousand feet formation in the sky after Lin Dong crazily activated his two Ancestral Symbols. They appeared like many black lightning dragons that firmly entwined around the ten thousand feet large demon.


General Lang Mo grabbed forward with his huge hand. Demonic Qi surged as he directly broke a huge black lightning chain. Immediately, his eyes were thrown towards a distant light pillar. At this moment, he finally realized that the black lightning chains, which had irritated him tremendously, had actually originated from that spot!

“You ignorant fool!”

General Lang Mo howled furiously. He was just about to unleash an attack when an increasing number of black lightning chains suddenly shot forth. Next, they restrained him until he was completely unable to move.

“This general wants to see who can hold on for a longer time?!”

General Lang Mo laughed furiously before he quickly flapped his demonic wings. The black lightning chains on his body broke an inch at a time.

Many black lightning chains once again entwined around him after those chains crumbled. In a way, it ended up in a strange stalemate.

However, at the current rate, it seems like the rate at which the chains were collapsing, far exceeded the rate at which the chains were entwining around him.

“It is still insufficient…” An elder said in a worried voice. Given Lin Dong’s current perfect Profound Life stage strength, it was obvious that activating such a large number of black lightning chains was already his limit. Moreover, once Lang Mo managed to escape from the restrain, this formation would also end up crumbling.

The other elders also nodded in an extremely worried manner. However, there was nothing they could do.

Tang Xinlian gently bit her red lips. Her pretty eyes stared intently at the figure below, which was wrapped by a majestic black lightning glow.

“The Yuan Power within his body will not last for long…” An elder suddenly sighed a moment later.

“It is about to run out…”

Everyone looked at the increasingly slow black lightning chains that were shooting out from the large formation, before their hearts sunk. It was clearly a joke for them to expect Lin Dong, a perfect Profound Life stage expert, to compete against an Yimo general in terms of their energy endurance. Even if all of them were aiding Lin Dong, this was still no easy feat to accomplish.

“Yuan Power… exhausted once again…”

The majestic Yuan Power originally gathered around Lin Dong at the bottom of the light pillar was completely exhausted. His face appeared exceptionally pale. Immediately, he lifted his head and looked at the ten thousand feet large demon chuckling in a proud manner. He gently smiled before he slowly shut both his eyes.

“He is completely exhausted…”

An elder saw the black lightning chains finally coming to a halt. Immediately, he smiled bitterly. It seemed like they were going to fail this time around.

Tang Xinlian bit her red lips tightly. A moment later, she inhaled a deep breath of air. Her pretty eyes once again became stern while her hand clenched tightly onto her fire phoenix spear. She spoke in a deep voice, “All elders, prepare to fight!”

Although they had already used every technique that they had, they must not allow this General Lang Mo to disrupt the equilibrium on the battlefield. Else, one collapsing domino could spark a chain reaction which would cause them to wound up in complete failure.


The many elders replied in a deep voice upon hearing this.

Tang Xinlian once again glanced at the bottom of the light pillar. She was about to turn around and declare an all out attack when her eyes suddenly shrunk. She abruptly turned her head. Her pretty eyes contained a dense shock as she looked at the edge of the light pillar.

The Yuan Power at that spot, which had originally been exhausted, was recovering at an extremely rapid speed. Its strength was actually many times stronger than before!

Moreover, she could detect a trace of genuine Death Qi fluctuation forming within the Yuan Power!


Some of the Flame Divine Hall’s experts around also realized it at this moment. They involuntarily inhaled a breath of cold air before all their eyes revealed shock. Their voices, which were filled with surprise, involuntarily spread across the air.

“He… is actually breaking through to the Profound Death stage?”