Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1029: Suppress

Chapter 1029: Suppress


Chapter 1029: Suppress

Majestic Yuan Power swept across the sky like a storm. The startling momentum caused many onlookers to be shocked as they quickly withdrew from Fiery Flame City.


A mysterious array was formed by twenty nine figures in the sky. Majestic Yuan Power flowed like a stream, connected everyone together. This allowed their auras to be in a state of extreme equilibrium. When they attacked and defended, it was as if they were a single being.


The twenty nine sharp spear shadows penetrated through the empty space at the same time. After which, the spear shadows began to merge together in a peculiar fashion. Finally, accompanied by a terrifying strength, it was ruthlessly directed towards General Lang Mo, whose monstrous aura filled the sky.

“Sky Wolf Slash!”

General Lang Mo looked at this fearsome attack. He laughed coldly as he clenched his hand. Majestic demonic aura directly gathered in his hand. Finally, it transformed into a thousand feet large giant black blade. A ferocious black wolf on the blade howled towards the sky before he suddenly slashed it downwards furiously.


The blade slashed downwards and the space was immediately split apart. The attack was not yet completed, but a ten thousand feet large deep gully had already appeared on the ground below. This terrifying strength caused one’s heart to shudder.


Spear shadow and blade light clashed. After which, a shocking sound resounded. Every building within a thousand feet radius was directly blown into dust. Huge cracks spread like glaring spiderweb on the ground.

Twenty nine figures withdrew in the sky in usion before all their bodies jerked. The eroding force that was headed their way was perfectly intercepted by them. In this way, that terrifying attack, which could seriously injure a perfect Profound Death stage expert, only left minor injuries on all of them.

“What a mysterious skill that unites their bodies.” Lin Dong wore a surprised expression as he observed the intense fight in the sky. He could clearly sense that the energy of the twenty nine people in the formation had been basically united together. Their offensive strength increased by twenty nine times, while the damage that they received would be one out of twenty nine.

Even Lin Dong involuntarily felt a little shocked in the face of this mysterious formation. It’s no wonder Tang Xinlian had the confidence to fight against that Yimo general.


Tang Xinlian’s bright eyes were icy cold. Her pretty face turned slightly pale because of that ferocious clash previously. However, it was soon replenished by waves of majestic Yuan Power that surged into her body. The fire phoenix spear in her hand shook and began to hum. With a cold cry, the twenty nine of them once again shot forward as one.

Bang bang bang!

The shocking clash continued to erupt in the sky. The formation formed by twenty nine individuals controlled the surging Yuan Power and continuously fought with General Lang Mo, who was surrounded by a monstrous aura. The towering buildings below were all turned into dust under the waves of energy ripples radiating in the sky,

Lin Dong stared at the increasingly intense battle before his eyes turned slightly cold. With the help of his outstanding Mental Energy, he was able to vaguely detect that with the flow of time, the ferocity of the Yimo general’s attacks gradually pushed the twenty nine of them into a disadvantage.

After all, there was too large of a gap between the Profound Death stage and the Samsara stage. Even though Tang Xinlian’s group had used the formation to become one, there was ultimately still a gap between them and a true Samsara stage expert. Therefore, even though they might be able to temporarily fight against a Samsara stage expert by relying on the formation, with the flow of time, various flaws would be eventually exposed.

Clearly, Tang Xinlian had to use another technique before these flaws were completely exposed. Otherwise, they would be scattered by the Yimo general once the formation was broken. Without their combined strength, they were no match for the Yimo general in a one on one fight.

“It is time to change things.”

Lin Dong looked at the fiery red brilliant figure in the middle of the twenty eight top experts of the Flame Divine Hall and muttered.


The thousand feet large golden demonic wings on the back of General Lang Mo was extended in a manner that blotted out the sun. Demonic Qi swept apart. His demonic wings were like extremely sharp weapons as they penetrated through the air and appeared above Tang Xinlian’s formation with a ‘swoosh’ sound. It subsequently came slashing down furiously

“Flame Divine Mountain!”

Tang Xinlian’s group stared at the golden demonic wings that were charging towards them. Their eyes turned exceptionally grave. It was likely that they had detected how powerful the incoming attack from General Lang Mo was. Immediately, mighty Yuan Power whizzed out from their bodies and formed a ten thousand feet large flaming mountain above them.

“What a joke.”

When General Lang Mo saw the defences set up by Tang Xinlian’s group, a cold ridicule was lifted on the corner of his mouth. Meanwhile, a cold glint glimmered in his eyes.


The black ray of light tore through the cloud like a black curtain. After which, it struck violently against the top of the flaming mountain. Immediately, a crack began to spread from the peak at a shocking rate.


A terrifying Yuan Power ripple swept over from the sky before the huge flaming mountain collapsed. Wild and violent Yuan Power spread like floodwater.


Moans were emitted from Tang Xinlian’s twenty nine men group after the flaming mountain was broken. A trace of blood appeared on the corner of their mouths.

“Do you really think that you can rely on a so-called formation to block a Samsara stage expert?” The golden demon wings behind General Lang Mo flapped gently. He looked at Tang Xinlian’s group, whose aura had become somewhat chaotic, and laughed coldly.

Tang Xinlian’s bright eyes stared back at General Lang Mo. She also laughed coldly and said, “It is a little too early for you to be celebrating.”

“Hee, what a razor tongued girl. After I break your formation, I wonder if you still dare to talk in such an arrogant fashion!” General Lang Mo spoke in a stern manner. The golden demon wings on his back suddenly spread. His gigantic appearance was quite frightening.

However, General Lang Mo’s expression suddenly changed after he spread his monstrous demon wings. He suddenly lifted his head and saw that there was an extremely shocking ripple being emitted from all directions.

The source of this fluctuation were the four armies of the Flame Divine Hall. Bright red light spread. Each of them vaguely had their own hundred thousand feet large formation light symbol rising from within the army.


The sea of people outside of Fiery Flame City had startled expressions when they saw the change in the sky. It was likely that they did not expect Tang Xinlian was hiding some other technique.

“What a cunning lass!”

General Lang Mo’s eyes were solemn. Even he could detect some danger from the hundred thousand feet large formation light plate located in four different locations. Clearly, Tang Xinlian only intended to tie him down in order to provide sufficient time for the four armies to set up their respective formation.

“You flatter me.”

Tang Xinlian laughed coldly. An icy chill surged from within her bright, bewitching and pretty eyes. A cold cry resounded within the surroundings. “All four armies listen up! Divine Four Saint Beast Sealing Demon Formation!”


Countless orderly cries reverberated across the sky like thunder roars. Bright light suddenly surged across the sky and the natural Yuan Power began to boil. The four surrounding hundred thousand feet light plate began to rotate. In fact, it was possible to vaguely see a green dragon, black tortoise, white tiger and vermilion bird being formed on the light plates.

“Dream on if you wish to suppress this general!” General Lang Mo cried out furiously before he clenched his large hand. Monstrous demonic Qi swept over and actually transformed into a hundred thousand feet black light ring. A sharp howl rumbled from the light ring in the sky. Even the space itself became distorted.

“Great Sky Demon Eroding Sun Ring!”

General Lang Mo slammed his palm forward. That hundred thousand feet black light ring blotted out the sun and whizzed towards a large army.


“Fire Lotus Flame Shield, block!”

However, the space in front was distorted as the frightening black light came whistling forth. The formation that was formed by twenty nine individuals appeared in a flash. Vast and mighty Yuan Power gathered and directly transformed into an incomparably huge lotus flaming shield.

An earth shaking loud sound spread rapidly as huge fire snakes sprouted off in all directions. The twenty nine figures covered by the formation barrier ended up being pushed back in defeat. Muffled moans sounded as they involuntarily spat out some blood.

“Formation, activate!”

Tang Xinlian’s hand rubbed off the trace of blood on the corner of her mouth. Nonetheless, she showed no intention of pulling back. Instead, a cold cry suddenly sounded.


After her cry sounded, one could see the four formations in the sky suddenly beginning to rotate rapidly. Light rays swept from them. Subsequently, they crisscrossed with each other and gathered in the sky. The four light plates connected together and directly turned into a hundreds of thousand of feet large frightening formation. Four spiritual images accompanied the formation!

The formation directly trapped General Lang Mo within. The four spiritual beasts suddenly roared towards the sky before all of them rushed forward simultaneously. The green dragon swung its dragon tail, the white tiger bit with its teeth, black tortoise pressed downwards while vermilion bird flapped its wings. All of them firmly trapped that Lang Mo.

Buzz buzz!

Many mysterious and complicated light symbols were formed in the surroundings. After which, they came pestering after the Yimo general. The rate in which they entwined around the latter suggested that there was no end to them.

“Get lost!”

General Lang Mo howled furiously as monstrous demonic aura surged. He held a huge spear in his hand. The spear shot out in an overbearing fashion as it attempted to break the formation. However, the formation was already formed successfully and it was a formation created by the four armies. Clearly, even with his Samsara stage strength, it would be extremely difficult for him to break free in a short period of time.

When Tang Xinlian saw the large formation gradually trembling due to Lang Mo’s resistance, her pretty eyes became focused. It was unexpected that a formation at this level was still unable to completely suppress this Yimo general.


Tang Xinlian inhaled a deep breath of air before the seals formed by her hands changed. Suddenly, many light pillars came pouring down onto the formation. One of them landed onto Lin Dong on the ground below.

The light pillar covered Lin Dong, preventing others from seeing what was going on. Under the cover of the light pillar, Lin Dong heard Tang Xinlian’s somewhat anxious voice sounding within his ears.

“Lin Dong, hurry up, activate the power of the Ancestral Symbol. Suppress him!”

Lin Dong’s eyes hardened before he nodded solemnly. It was far too difficult to deal with the Yimo Qi. One still had to rely on the strength of an Ancestral Symbol to suppress it.


Finally, the time had come for Lin Dong to act.