Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1028: Terrifying Girl

Chapter 1028: Terrifying Girl


Chapter 1028: Terrifying Girl


Tang Xinlian’s delicate body shot forward. The twenty plus top experts from the Flame Divine Hall behind her, who had stepped into the Profound Death stage, focused their eyes. Even those Flame Divine Hall elders, who had entered the perfect Profound Death stage, also moved. The four of them guarded Tang Xinlian and kept her protected between them.

Lin Dong looked at Tang Xinlian, who was surrounded and guarded by many top experts from the Flame Divine Hall. He was quietly speechless. Those elders clearly possessed an extremely high status in the Flame Divine Hall. However, they did not question Tang Xinlian’s orders. Clearly, all of them acknowledged Tang Xinlian’s abilities in their hearts.

Given Tang Xinlian’s age, it was truly a remarkable fact for her to be able to do so. This girl truly possessed abilities that would cause one’s expression to change. It’s no wonder Mo Luo felt comfortable enough to leave the forces of the Flame Divine Hall in her command.

The strength of this girl and her talent was already incredible. However, it seems like her leadership ability surpasses all her other abilities.

“Elder sister Xinlian is truly impressive.” Mu Lingshan looked at Tang Xinlian, who was rushing forward while being guarded by many top experts from the Flame Divine Hall. She involuntarily spoke with envy.

Lin Dong smiled and nodded. He rubbed Mu Lingshan’s small head and said, “Where is Miss Gu Mengqi’s group?”

“I asked them to leave.” Mu Lingshan laughingly said.

Lin Dong finally relaxed after hearing this. The subsequent fight in the Fiery Flame City would be a truly frightening one. If Gu Mengqi’s group ended up being caught up in it, it was likely that none of them would be able to escape.

“What a frightening battle…”

Lin Dong sighed softly in his heart. He lifted his head to look at the spacious sky. At this moment, three figures were facing each other in the distant sky. It was the battlefield of Mo Luo, Qing Zhi and King Tianming. Moreover, it was also the top level fight here. The victory of either side would determine the fate of the other group.

Although Tang Xinlian was able to fight a demon general by commanding several experts from the Flame Divine Hall, it was impossible for her to pose a threat against a king rank Yimo. Against a creature at that level, it was very difficult to make up for the disparity in strength with numbers alone…

Under the peak level battleground were three separate areas. Two of them were taken by Mu Lan and Elder Chi Yun. Both of them were fighting against one Yimo general on their own. Both parties were considered to be at the Samsara stage. Hence, unless they used some killing moves, they were more or less equally matched. In fact, their battles would most likely end up in a stalemate.

The final battleground was where the Flame Divine Army, led by Tang Xinlian and the many experts were gathered. This was considered as the most unstable battleground. Although the Flame Divine Hall had the advantage in terms of numbers, they could not reveal even the slightest opening. Otherwise, if the Yimo general was to take advantage of it and attack them, the formation would be broken and the subsequent battle would undoubtedly become completely lopsided.

After all, no matter how one puts it, attempting to surround and attack a Samsara stage super expert was no easy task.

Although there was great risk involved, Lin Dong unknowingly felt quite a great deal of confidence. He believed that with Tang Xinlian’s abilities, she should be able to unleash the strength of her Flame Divine Hall to its full potential. Hence, it was unlikely for her to show her opponent any openings.

Previously, he had enjoyed the limelight during the competition. However, right now, the main focus of attention in this earthshaking battle was Tang Xinlian. The Flame Fairy of the Flame Divine Hall, whose name was renowned across the entire Chaotic Demon Sea, shall allow everyone to see a side of her that would astound everyone…


A rushing sound was suddenly transmitted from the distance while Lin Dong lifted his head to observe the standoff between the large army and the Yimo general, who was covered with a monstrous aura. A figure landed beside Lin Dong. Turning his head, Lin Dong saw that the person was actually the Little Elephant King, Zhou Ze.

Lin Dong had good vibes about this man. Immediately, he nodded in a friendly manner towards him.

Zhou Ze smiled. He arrived beside Lin Dong and lifted his head to look at Tang Xinlian, who was guarded by many top experts from the Flame Divine Hall. A complicated fondness flashed across his handsome face.

“She is an extremely attractive girl, am I right?” Zhou Ze laughed.

Lin Dong was startled. Promptly, he nodded inexplicably. He was aware that Zhou Ze was truly fond of Tang Xinlian. However, he did not know if this was a one sided affair…

“I fell in love with her the first time I met her. However, it seems like she has only seen me as a friend during all these years.” Zhou Ze muttered.

Lin Dong’s head was foggy. He did not understand why Zhou Ze was uttering such baffling words to him.

“Previously, that was the first time I ever saw her act in that way… She is a good girl. Please treasure her.” Zhou Ze finally patted Lin Dong’s shoulder while wearing a complicated expression. However, the words he spoke, caused the latter’s face to turn green.

Zhou Ze sighed after he spoke. He did not say anything more as he turned around and left. His back appeared quite bleak.


Lin Dong cried out. However, Zhou Ze merely waved his hand. After which, his body shot forward. There was a voice drifting over from the distance, “Although this place is chaotic, I believe that she should be able to deal with that Yimo general with her abilities… I shall not stay here any longer.”

“This is truly…”

Lin Dong was speechless. He smiled bitterly and shook his head. After which, he tossed all these messy issues out of his head. Subsequently, he lifted his head and looked at the battleground in the sky in a grave fashion. The atmosphere at that place was truly becoming increasingly intense.

“A bunch of trash actually dares to stop this general. You are all courting death!”

The Yimo general called Lang Mo crossed his arms over his chest and looked at the distant large army of the Flame Divine Hall. His face, which was covered with golden lines, contained a smile filled with ridicule.

Tang Xinlian’s pretty eyes were calm as she stared at the general Lang Mo. The Fire Phoenix spear in her hand suddenly lifted as she coldly cried out, “All Elders, Sky Earth Unison Skill!”


Twenty eight Profound Death stage peak level experts, including the four elders, who had stepped into the perfect Profound Death stage, cried out in usion. The seals formed by them changed before many frightening red light shot out from within their bodies. After which, they crisscrossed and connected the twenty eight of them together in an extremely complicated orbit.

Tang Xinlian was located in the middle of the orbit. Many bright red light rays shot out. Finally, they connected directly onto her body. If one was to observe carefully, it seemed to have formed an extremely mysterious formation.


After the final red light was successfully connected, a vast and mighty ocean like Yuan Power fluctuation erupted. The twenty nine auras within it actually began to show signs of merging in an extremely mysterious manner.

Lin Dong was in shock when he saw this sight. He could sense that the aura of the twenty nine of them within the formation, seemed to have become extremely balanced. Even the Yuan Power within their bodies were connected together…

Rather than saying that they were twenty nine individuals, it was more appropriate to say that they were a single entity. However, connecting together was an extremely dangerous technique. If the delicate balance was disturbed, it would cause the entire system to collapse. Clearly, the centre of this formation was Tang Xinlian. She was controlling and distributing the majestic Yuan Power that came from the twenty eight top level experts…

“They are actually able to reach this level…”

Lin Dong’s eyes were solemn. Tang Xinlian might not be considered outstanding amongst these top experts of the Flame Divine Hall. However, she was able to distribute the majestic Yuan Power until an equilibrium was achieved. This was something that even Lin Dong could not do.

“What a skilled little lass.”

When General Lang Mo saw this scene, the ridicule on his face diminished slightly. He could sense that the twenty nine top Flame Divine Hall experts had already merged into a single entity. Their attacks and defence could be described as perfectly synced.

“However, this general will let all of you know that all techniques are useless in the face of absolute strength!”

General Lang Mo cried out in a low voice before he clenched his hand. Monstrous Yimo Qi gathered and directly turned into a huge black pike, which was filled with mysterious lines.


An icy cold cry was suddenly emitted from Tang Xinlian’s mouth. Bright red light shot towards the sky and the twenty nine individuals rushed forward at the same time. The fiery red long spear in her hand drew an arc. It was accompanied by a shocking ripple as it rushed towards the lethal spots on General Lang Mo with lightning like speed.

Clang clang clang!

The black pike in General Lang Mo’s hand shook. It directly formed many pike shadows that took down the many sharp spear shadows in an extremely overbearing manner.

Bang bang!

Wild and violent energy exploded in the sky as a shocking ripple swept apart. However, the formation formed by Tang Xinlian and twenty eight other men did not budge.

Tang Xinlian’s pretty face was icy cold. She held tightly onto the long spear with her hand before she jerked it suddenly. Murderous aura soared in the eyes of the twenty eight top experts before their auras became one. After which, they formed a terrifying attack, that could overturn mountains and seas, and directed it towards General Lang Mo, who was gradually becoming serious.

Lin Dong lifted his head. He revealed a stunned expression as he looked at the mysterious formation that was engaging in a battle with General Lang Mo. Both his eyes narrowed. His head turned towards the four Flame Divine Hall armies in the sky. There was a shocking ripple vaguely present at that spot…

Although Lin Dong did not know what it was, it was obvious that it was a powerful follow up skill that Tang Xinlian had in play… This lass… Even Lin Dong had to admit that she was indeed a little frightening…

Although their opponent this time around was an ultimate Samsara stage expert, there was no way to predict the final result…