Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1027: Commander of the Flame Divine Hall

Chapter 1027: Commander of the Flame Divine Hall


Chapter 1027: Commander of the Flame Divine Hall

Majestic Yuan Power swept out from within Lin Dong’s body and its intensity was even stronger than before. Clearly, the bitter fight from before had also brought great benefits to Lin Dong.

“The Devouring Ancestral Symbol is powerful indeed…” Tang Xinlian looked at Lin Dong, who was recovering at a frightening rate. A tinge of shock flashed across her pretty eyes as she involuntarily praised. If she was in his position, it was likely that she would need at least one day in order to recover from that huge fight. However, Lin Dong had shrunk the amount of time needed by many times.

“Elder Qing Zhi has helped me… Moreover, after that Thunderbolt Essence was returned, my powers seemed to have increased significantly…”

A cluster of white vapour was spat out from Lin Dong’s mouth. This white vapor was filled with a dense life Qi. Moreover, at the middle of the Life Qi, one could spot faint traces of an extremely weak black light flickering in it.

“Is this… death Qi?”

Tang Xinlian’s pretty eyes stared intensely at the weak black light within the white vapor. She quickly smiled and said, “Congratulations. It seems that you are only one step away from the Profound Death stage…”

Lin Dong smiled gently. However, waves involuntarily stirred in his heart. Profound Death stage. This stage, which was once a towering and untouchable existence in his eyes, was now in close proximity. His one year of bitter training had eventually paid off.

“What do you plan to do now?” Lin Dong lifted his head. He looked at the top level faceoff in the distant sky. After which, he glanced at the three great demon generals with monstrous demonic Qi. His eyes became a little grave as he asked.

“Master and Elder Qing Zhi will join forces to suppress King Tianming. Elder Chi Yun will deal with one demon general. I will lead the Flame Divine Guard and the many top level experts from the Flame Divine Hall to deal with another demon general.” Tang Xinlian laughed softly. Her eyes were bright as she uttered these words. Her clear bright eyes was filled with confidence that could not be described by words.

“He is equivalent to an ultimate Samsara Stage expert.” Lin Dong fondled his chin. Although there were many top level experts in the Flame Divine Hall, even if they joined forces, it was no easy task to deal with a demon general.

“If we are all scattered, it will be naturally impossible to deal with an ultimate expert at the Samsara stage. However, it is not impossible for us to do so under my command.”

Tang Xinlian turned her head. Her hand gently patted Lin Dong’s shoulder. Her pretty eyes was just like that of a empress looking down upon the world. Her smile was bright and prideful. “In a one on one fight, I might be no match for an abnormal being like you. However, I am confident that I will beat you countless times if we were to fight in a war!”

Lin Dong was speechless as he coughed dryly. Being treated in such a rude fashion by a girl of similar age, caused him to feel like his pride as a man was hurt. However, he understood that it was because he was used to acting alone. Hence, in terms of leadership ability, he was indeed no match for Tang Xinlian. In fact, asking him to lead a group of experts to fight together might only end up making things worse.

The smile on the corner of Tang Xinlian’s mouth became even more enchanting after she saw Lin Dong’s irritated manner. However, she understood that this man’s pride had swelled to its limit. Hence, she wisely chose to soften her stance as she laughed, “Of course, I will also need your help to deal with that general rank Yimo.”

“Why do you need me since you are so capable?” Lin Dong rubbed his nose and snorted.

“Alright, you are a man. There is no need to be so petty, is there?”

“Tang Xinlian smilingly said, “It is quite difficult to deal with the Yimo Qi. We will need the strength of an Ancestral Symbol to suppress it. However, you can be rest assured that I will not expose the fact that you own an Ancestral Symbol.”

Lin Dong nodded before asking, “What about the other demon general. Who will deal with him?”

“Haha, leave the last Yimo general to me.”

A laughter suddenly sounded behind Lin Dong. The latter suddenly turned his head and saw two figures appearing in a flash. One of them was Mu Lingshan. However, she was being held by a large hand at this moment. The person holding her was a familiar figure. It was precisely Mu Lan, whom Lin Dong had met once before…

“Elder Mu Lan?” Lin Dong was pleasantly surprised when he saw that man. It was likely that he did not expect Mu Lan to show up.

“I came together with Qing Zhi. It is only natural for me to come and join in the fun for such a huge matter.” Mu Lan smiled towards Lin Dong. However, his smile quickly turned into a helpless one. He lowered his head and look at Mu Lingshan, who had opened her small mouth and was ruthlessly biting his arm. At this moment, the latter widened her furious large eyes as she muttered in an indistinct voice, “Put me down!”

“You trouble maker. You are always around wherever there is trouble.” Mu Lan smilingly chided. After which, he released her. Immediately, the latter fled and hid behind Lin Dong. Her small face was filled with displeasure.

“Leave the final Yimo general to me. It has been many years since I last fought with them…” Mu Lan turned to face Lin Dong and Tang Xinlian as he smilingly said.

“In that case, we will have to trouble elder Mu Lan.” Tang Xinlian felt a little happy. Rushing wind sound was transmitted from the sky at this moment. Many powerful figures appeared beside her. They were the top experts in the Flame Divine Hall.

Lin Dong’s eyes swept across these people, who had appeared beside Tang Xinlian. His eyes involuntarily shrunk. There were approximately twenty people present. However, all of them were at the Profound Death stage. In fact, there were even four elders amongst them who were even more terrifying. They had actually reached the Perfect Profound Death stage!

This lineup caused Lin Dong to be quietly speechless. The Flame Divine Hall indeed lives up to its name. It’s no wonder it was able to become an overlord in the Chaotic Demon Sea.

“Haha, Mu Lan, it seems like I will have to fight together with you this time around.” A red light flashed in the sky as the First Elder of the Flame Divine Hall appeared. He glanced at Mu Lan before laughing out loud.

Mu Lan smiled and nodded. His demeanor was calm and unrestrained.

“Tsk, you are actually thinking of blocking us three great demon generals with just these people?” Demonic Qi spread over the sky as the three great demon generals stepped on a black cloud. Their eyes were densely cold as they looked below them and laughed in a strange fashion.

“Elder Chi Yun, we will take one each?” Mu Lan glanced at the monstrous demonic Qi from the three great demon generals in an indifferent fashion. After which, he smiled at First Elder Chi Yun and said.


Chi Yun nodded and laughed. After which, the both of them moved and appeared in front of the three great demon generals. Monstrous Yuan Power surged like a Yuan Power sea.

“Lang Mo, I will leave those ants to you. Shi Mo and I will deal with these two.” One of the three demon generals spoke in a densely cold voice.

“No problem. Blood will definitely flow like a river in the Fiery Flame City today. Since we have appeared, we must definitely let these lowly humans know how terrifying the Yimo are!” The demon general called Lang Mo laughed. Both his eyes were filled with a cruel and murderous desire.

“Xinlian, we will be leaving him to you.” Elder Chi Yun cried out in a deep voice. After which, he exchanged glances with Mu Lan. Majestic Yuan Power surge before it turned into an earthshaking attack that swept towards the other two demon generals.

Following the clash of the four individuals, the entire world began to tremble. Countless number of people in the city began to flee like a panicked swarm of locust. After all, if they were to even be touched by a fight of this level, it was likely that they would be turned into dust.

“All disciples of the Flame Divine Hall, listen up. Take up your respective positions and activate the hall guarding formation. Those below the Profound Life stage are not allowed to fight!”

Tang Xinlian’s pretty face suddenly turned cold. Her hand gripped her the long fire phoenix spear before she slammed it onto the ground. A cold cry resounded over the entire city.


Countless cries resounded across the city at the same time. Immediately, Lin Dong could see countless light figures suddenly rushing towards all directions in this incomparably huge city. After which, brilliant bright red light shot towards the sky. Finally, it formed a hundred thousand feet large formation in the sky. The formation slowly rotated while a seemingly endless frightening Yuan Power brewed.

“Flame Divine Hall Enforcement Unit listen up, form the Sky Flame Formation, guard the north of the great formation!”

“Flame Divine Hall Flame Divine Guards listen up, form the Subduing Demon Fire Formation, guard the south of the great formation!”

“Flame Divine Hall Flame Army listen up, form the Flame Divine Hall and guard the west of the great formation!”


Tang Xinlian stood in the middle of the city. Her clear cries contained an authoritative tone as it continued to resound across the city. A large group of army would whistle out from a corner of city each time her cry sounded. They stood in the sky in an orderly fashion as many auras gathered together and soared towards the clouds.

Lin Dong lifted his head to look at the large army quickly assembling in the sky. His eyes contained a shock that could not be hidden. This was the true fighting strength of the Flame Divine Hall. A great amount of people was being moved in an orderly fashion in Tang Xinlian’s hands and transformed into a terrifying war machine.

Lin Dong looked at the graceful figure holding a fire phoenix spear in front of him. At this moment, she possessed the awe and boldness that a genuine commander had.

Tang Xinlian lifted her head as the formation in the sky was successfully being organised. Her pretty eyes contained a sharp iciness as she locked her eyes on the Yimo general in the distant sky. An icy cry reverberated throughout the place.

“All Elders, attack together with me. Kill the Yimo and protect our divine hall!”