Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1026: Qing Zhi Appears Again

Chapter 1026: Qing Zhi Appears Again


Chapter 1026: Qing Zhi Appears Again

The green light slowly spread before it scattered. A green clothed, tall and muscular figure stopped beside Lin Dong. Many pair of eyes turned to look at his direction. That man was quite handsome. His black hair swayed with the wind, giving him a serene and ethereal appearance.

Countless people within the city were staring at this green clothed man, who had a handsome appearance. Their eyes contained shock and aghast that could not be hidden. The source of this shock was naturally the hundred thousand feet long deep gully in front of them, and a miserable black figure at the end of the gully.

Everyone could feel a relatively terrifying aura from the so-called demon general. In fact, it was comparable to that of an ultimate Samsara stage expert. Yet… someone who possessed such terrifying strength was sent flying from a casual palm strike by this green clothed man… Just how frightening must he be?

“Reincarnation stage…”

Some of the more powerful individuals faced each other. Their mouths contained a trembling and hoarse voice. Other than a top-tier expert who had stepped into the Reincarnation stage, who else was able to push a Samsara stage expert back by such an extent?

It requires great courage just to utter those two simple words… Anyone in this world who reached the Samsara stage was powerful enough to become an overlord. As for the stage above it, the Reincarnation stage, it was considered as the peak of the world. These powerful beings were like divine beings in the hearts of many.

However, right now… they were able to personally witness the appearance of this terrifying existence. Hence, it was naturally impossible to describe the shock and awe in their hearts.

“Elder Qing Zhi…”

Lin Dong was also stunned as he looked at the green clothed man beside him. Joy quickly surged from within his eyes.

“Haha, little fellow, it has been a long time since we last met…” Qing Zhi looked at Lin Dong and smiled. After which, he glanced at a seriously wounded Hua Chen and Xu Xiu, who were lying at a short distance away. He laughed, “You have done well. It is all thanks to you that our plan has succeeded.”

Lin Dong felt a little embarrassed after hearing his evaluation. He was aware that Qing Zhi was probably aware of everything that had happened here.

The expression on Qing Zhi’s face became a little gentler after he saw Lin Dong’s expression. His eyes also contained a tinge of admiration. When he first met Lin Dong back then, the latter was merely a youth who came from a low ranked empire. Yet, within a short two to three years, this gradually growing young man had swiftly became powerful and dazzling at a shocking rate.

It seems like he still had a good eye for talent…


A black fog suddenly charged forward from the ruins in the distance, shattering the huge rocks around it. After which, the demon general, whose entire body was covered in black fog, stood up in a miserable fashion. His pair of dark and ruthless eyes stared at Qing Zhi. However, his eyes also contained fear that could not be hidden.

Qing Zhi glanced at him before lifting his head to look at King Tianming, who was in a faceoff with Mo Luo in the sky. He spoke in a faint voice, “King Tianming huh… I have heard of your name.”

“Haha, Green Dragon King Qing Zhi… it is unexpected that you are still alive.” Hovering in the sky, King Tianming focused his attention on Qing Zhi. His purple pupils shrunk as he spoke.

“Thanks to all of you, I was fortunate enough to enter the Reincarnation stage.” Qing Zhi laughed.

“A Reincarnation stage expert and an Ancestral Symbol owner. It seems like you have planned pretty well this time around.” King Tianming smiled faintly and said.

“All of you have hid in this world for so many years. It is time for you guys to show yourself. This place does not belong to you…” Mo Luo spoke in a deep voice.

“We also want to leave… Why don’t you help us by breaking the seal between the planes?” King Tianming mockingly said.

“Instead of doing that… It is better to destroy all of you Yimo.” Mo Luo’s faint voice had a murderous aura rising within it. That seal between the planes was something that the Symbol Ancestor created in exchange for his life. If they were to break it, the Yimo tribe would definitely launch an invasion. At that time, this world would face a terrifying calamity.

“Haha, even the Symbol Ancestor was unable to do so, much less all of you.” King Tianming laughed. He did not reveal much fear even when facing Qing Zhi and Mo Luo.

Although this Fiery Flame City was the headquarters of the Flame Divine Hall, the lineup on King Tianming’s side was also extremely frightening. A king rank Yimo and three general rank Yimo. This lineup could easily flip any super faction upside down!

Qing Zhi did not become furious after hearing this. Instead, he laughed in a free and easy manner, “I am quite curious about what you guys are after, considering that you guys have been hiding for so many years. May I know if King Tianming wants to tell me about it?”

“Believe me, you do not want to know the truth… This is because, it will cause all of you to descend into despair.” King Tianming laughed faintly.

“In that case…”

Qing Zhi shook his head and said, “All we can do is to seal you and try to obtain information then…”

“Haha, do you know the price you have to pay to seal an Yimo king?” King Tianming laughed loudly. An Yimo was different from a human. They possess extremely strong and terrifying lifeforce. In order for the Lightning Emperor back then to seal an Yimo king, he had to pay the price with his life. Although with Qing Zhi and Mo Luo joining forces, it was possible to suppress this King Tianming, it would still be quite difficult to seal him.

“It has been many years since I have fought with all of you. Looks like it is finally time to fight today…”

Qing Zhi smiled faintly. He turned his head to look at Lin Dong. His palm gently patted on the latter’s shoulder and a green light surged from it. Soon after, Lin Dong could detect a surging pure Yuan Power rushing into his body like floodwater.

This Yuan Power was extremely pure. Moreover, there was a somewhat familiar feeling within it. It was the strength of the Green Heaven Materialised Dragon Skill…

“Use the Devouring Ancestral Symbol to swallow them and recover … Both Mo Luo and I need to join forces in order to prevent that King Tianming from escaping.”

Lin Dong was startled. He spoke hesitantly, “There are still three other demon generals…”

An Yimo king was indeed terrifying. However, the three great demon generals were no ordinary pushovers either. They were equivalent to three ultimate Samsara stage expert. Even within the Chaotic Demon Sea, they possessed strength that rivaled the chiefs of some super factions. Clearly, with the strength of the Flame Divine Hall alone, it was impossible for them to deal with the three great demon generals.

“Chi Yun will deal with one of the three great demon generals. After which, that Tang lass will lead the top experts from the Flame Divine Hall to surround and attack another one. Of course, you will need to help her.” Qing Zhi said.

“There is still one more…” Lin Dong frowned slightly.

“Haha, there will naturally be someone else to deal with him.” Qing Zhi laughed. He turned around and appeared beside Mo Luo without elaborating.

“You have finally show up.” Mo Luo glanced at Qing Zhi and said.

“It is pointless for me to show up if your plan failed.” Qing Zhi laughed.

“Do you have so little confidence in the little fellow you have chosen?”

“He has indeed exceeded my expectation… Haha, he has actually relied on himself to master the Green Heaven Materialised Dragon Skill until this level…” Qing Zhi smiled. An admiration flashed across his eyes.

“That little fellow is pretty decent. He is courageous and strong. I do like him. If he gets together with Tang Xinlian, I won’t have to worry that there will be no one to succeed me.” Mo Luo laughed. However, his words had only just sounded when he suddenly saw Tang Xinlian standing on flame phoenix a short distance away, shooting her sharp and embarrassed eyes over. He immediately coughed dryly. It was likely that he did not expect his precious disciple to have such sharp ears…

“We should resolve the big problem in front of us first.” Qing Zhi smiled, shook his head and said.

Mo Luo’s face gradually turned grave upon hearing this. He clenched his hands before bright red flames slowly rose from them. It was likely that this would be a truly difficult fight. After all, a king rank Yimo had not appeared in this world for many years…


While the faceoff between the top rank experts in the sky was proceeding, standing on the ground, Lin Dong was quietly rotating the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. After which, he devoured and absorbed all the Yuan Power Qing Zhi had poured into his body, at a shocking rate.

Lin Dong’s exhausted Yuan Power was recovering at a shocking speed as he devoured.

At this moment, a red figure rushed down from the sky. After which, it appeared beside Lin Dong. Tang Xinlian extended her hand and grabbed Lin Dong’s hand.

“Again?” Lin Dong was neither able to cry nor smile when he saw this scene.

“Teacher has asked me to return that Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol essence to you!” Tang Xinlian’s pretty face reddened. She glared at Lin Dong before ignoring him. A faint silver light rose on her hand before it quietly entered Lin Dong’s body.


After the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol essence entered his body, Lin Dong could immediately detect his Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol becoming violent. After which, a low and deep thunder roar reverberated within his body. Bright lightning whistled out and danced on Lin Dong’s limbs. Those injuries he had suffered from the intense battle earlier were recovering at a shocking speed as the lightning surged.

“It is finally complete…”

Lin Dong clenched his hand tightly as he sensed his body swiftly recovering. His powers was also stronger than before. He could clearly feel that the small defect of the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol had disappeared at this moment.

Surging and majestic strength once again rippled within his body!