Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1025: King Tianming

Chapter 1025: King Tianming


Chapter 1025: King Tianming

“King level Yimo…”

Lin Dong’s scalp was numb as he lifted his head to look at the huge black crack in the sky. No light was present. That endless evil darkness caused one to shudder.

The words that were emitted from Mo Luo’s mouth had clearly caused him to be greatly shocked. A King rank Yimo… even during the ancient era, an Yimo of that rank was an extremely terrifying existence. If one was to classify it using the human ranking system, he would be a genuine Reincarnation stage expert!

From a certain point of view, Lin Dong had never met a peak level expert, who had stepped into the Reincarnation stage in person. Although Qing Zhi had already reached that level, Lin Dong had not met him in person… As for Ying Huanhuan, though she might be the Ice Master, who was extremely frightening even during the ancient times, but that was merely her identity before her reincarnation.

Those other super experts whom he had met like Ying Xuanzi, the three great heads of the Yuan Gate, Mu Lan and the rest, were merely at the Samsara stage. There was still a wide gap that was difficult to breach, when compared with a genuine Reincarnation stage expert.

As for Mo Luo… although he possessed strength that was comparable to a Reincarnation stage expert because of his Blazing Ancestral Symbol, he had yet to truly step into the Reincarnation stage…

However… this so -called king rank Yimo standing in front of him… could be considered to have truly reached a level, which few people have ever touched.

Standing on a fire phoenix, Tang Xinlian and Elder Chi Yun had a change in their expressions at this moment. A king rank Yimo… It was unexpected that they had even lured the king amongst the Yimo over.

Most people in the city were at a loss when they saw this scene. The ‘king rank Yimo’ that Mo Luo mentioned caused them to be puzzled. However, that was not the case for everyone present. Although knowledge regarding the Yimo had gradually disappeared in the present world, there were still some remanent traces. Hence, some of the more powerful experts vaguely knew about their existence.

Hence, these people merely gawked at the black crack in the sky in a startled manner. Their faces turned frighteningly pale while horror gathered deep within their eyes.

“You are indeed worthy of being the owner of the Blazing Ancestral Symbol…”

Standing before the crack, the three great general rank Yimo smilingly watched Mo Luo, who was standing in the distant Flame Divine Hall. Their eyes were a little grave as they stared at the latter. Clearly, even though they were Yimo, they did not dare to underestimate Mo Luo, who had reached the Samsara stage and had a divine object like the Blazing Ancestral Symbol.

After all, there were many experts who died in the hands of the Ancestral Symbol owners ever since the ancient times…

Mo Luo’s bright red eyes stared indifferently at the three great Yimo generals. He immediately lifted his hand before swinging it down gently.


After Mo Luo waved his hand, it was possible to see many majestic auras suddenly erupting from within the Flame Divine Hall. Light figures flashed and many people appeared all over the sky.

Countless pairs of eyes from within the sky looked at the large group, which had appeared. Their eyes were grave while a tinge of shock quickly rose onto their faces. This was because they realized that the ones who had shown up were actually all extremely renowned experts from the Flame Divine Hall. This time around, the Flame Divine Hall had actually unleashed all of its strength…

The three great general rank Yimo in the sky looked at those top-tier experts from the Flame Divine Hall surrounding them, before they lifted their brow. The Flame Divine Hall was indeed well prepared.

“Show yourself.” Mo Luo repeated. His eyes were searing hot as he stared at the huge black crack.

“Haha… The owners of the Ancestral Symbols are indeed difficult to deal with…”

Viscous black Demonic Qi suddenly surged out like floodwater from within the huge black crackline. The black demonic Qi erupted into a deafening searing sound upon contact with this world. The Yuan Power that originally spread over this world had completely disappeared upon contact with this viscous black Demonic Qi.

A terrifying indescribable aura slowly appeared from within the crack at this moment. Countless experts lifted their heads in shock. Just this aura alone had pressured them until they trembled continuously. In fact, they even had the impulse to kneel down.

“Gulp gulp!”

Monstrous like viscous black Qi suddenly surged. After which, a huge black throne slowly formed in the sky in front of countless pairs of eyes. A human figure had unknowingly appeared on the throne as it was taking shape…

The human figure was wearing purple robes and he looked just like a human. However, there was a pair of ferocious demon wings behind him. His demon wings revealed a purple-gold luster and there seemed to be an extermination like ripple being emitted from it as it was extended…

He had a purple pair of eyes. However, one was unable to see any emotions within them. It was as though those eyes belonged to the grim reaper.

“This… is this the Yimo king…”

Lin Dong’s eyes did not blink as he stared the purple robed man seated on the throne. Immediately, his expression turned grave. The terrifying aura seeping out from the latter’s body caused the two great Ancestral Symbols in his body to tremble slightly.

Mo Luo’s eyes were also focused on the purple robed man. A moment later, the flame symbol on his brow suddenly lit up. His body slowly floated while bright red flame swept around him. His ripples were not inferior to that of the purple robed man.

“This king is known as Tian Ming, You can call me King Tianming… These are my three great demon generals. I have travelled a great distance today because of hall chief Mo Luo’s invitation.” The purple robed man wore a smile as he looked at Mo Luo and spoke in a calm voice.

“You actually dare to come despite knowing that this is a trap. It seems like you are quite confident.” Mo Luo spoke in a faint voice.

“Haha, the allure of the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol is far too great. It is worth a trip. Even if the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol is fake, the Blazing Ancestral Symbol is real.” King Tianming laughed.

“We have long known that hall chief Mo Luo possess the Blazing Ancestral Symbol. However, we were unable to act. Since we have appeared today, we will also take the Blazing Ancestral Symbol at the same time. It is best that such divine objects do not land in your hands.”

“I’m afraid that you do not have the ability to snatch my Blazing Ancestral Symbol!” Mo Luo narrowed his eyes and said.

“Haha, my tribe can easily destroy the Lightning Cave. Naturally, we are able to easily eliminate your Flame Divine Hall as well.”

“Only by sacrificing one king rank Yimo, that was no easy task… even though there are still Yimo remaining in this world, I wonder just how many kings are left?”

King Tianming smiled faintly. However, that smile suddenly became a lot sterner. His purple eyes stared at Mo Luo as he slowly stood up. Monstrous demonic aura spread out and blotted out the sun as he did so.

“This world will ultimately be ours.” King Tianming laughed. He immediately rotated his eyes and looked towards Lin Dong below.

“Why does this little fellow cause me to feel such disgust… he is even more disgusting to look at compared to you… ”

“Kill him.” King Tianming parted his mouth into a smile, revealing his dense white teeth. His chilling murderous intent caused one’s body to tremble.


The three great demon generals immediately replied after hearing his order. They laughed strangely while their bodies moved. The space itself became distorted…

“How dare you!”

Tang Xinlian’s pretty eyes quickly became icy after she saw that they wanted to attack Lin Dong. A cold cry sounded before the fire phoenix under her feet whistled forward.

“Hehe, all of you should stay here obediently.”

The space in front of them distorted before two black figures appeared in a flash. Demonic Qi rose. Not only did they manage to block the fire phoenix, but even Elder Chi Huo had difficulty freeing himself.

Tang Xinlian’s pretty face was altered after she saw the two great demon generals standing in front of her. She hurriedly rotated her eyes. It was possible to see a black light appearing in front of Lin Dong below.

“Master!” Tang Xinlian hurriedly cried out upon seeing this.

However, Mo Luo did not do anything in the face of her cry. He stared intently at King Tianming, who had stood up in the distant. Even he did not dare to underestimate an opponent of this level.


The space in front of Lin Dong was distorted. The Yimo, which was wrapped by monstrous black Qi, appeared in a flash. His eyes were indifferent as he glanced at the former. After which, he directly slammed his hand forward.

“Although I do not know why there is a need to view a little fellow like you seriously, we will take your puny little life since the lord has ordered us to do so.”

Swish swish!

The land around Lin Dong collapsed the moment the Yimo attacked. Even the space itself became distorted, sealing off all escape rotues.

Furthermore, given his current condition, there was nothing he could do against an ultimate Samsara stage expert!

Lin Dong lifted his head. He looked at the black light rapidly being magnified in his eyes. He clenched his teeth as he gently shut his eyes.

However, a bright green light suddenly flashed just as Lin Dong was about to completely shut his eyes. A familiar dragon roar resounded in an earthshaking fashion.

The space above Lin Dong quickly cracked apart. At the same time, a huge green dragon palm penetrated through the space and ruthlessly smashed onto the body of the Yimo general. A terrifying strength spread and the Yimo general, who had reached the Samsara stage, actually shot a hundred thousand feet backwards. Along the way, the buildings were all reduced into dust upon contact.

Countless people involuntarily cried out in a startled voice.

Lin Dong was stunned when he saw this scene. He quickly turned his head and saw green light surfacing from the cracked space behind him. A tall figure slowly stepped out as a mocking laughter resounded in the sky.

“He is someone selected by me, Qing Zhi… How can I allow you to easily kill him?”