Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1024: Devil Appears

Chapter 1024: Devil Appears


Chapter 1024: Devil Appears


In the azure sky, a huge black crack slowly spread, just like a monster opening its large mouth. A frightening evil aura suddenly gushed out from within.

That evil aura was of the same origin as that of Hua Chen and Xu Xiu. However, its intensity was several times that of the latter…

Everyone could feel the surrounding Yuan Power raging when the evil aura spread. They could detect resistance and disgust from the raging natural Yuan Power…

This fact caused many powerful individuals to be startled. This was the first time they felt the natural Yuan Power actively repelling an object. Wasn’t it the case that the natural Yuan Power could be freely absorbed by any living creature in this world?

“What is that…”

Some eyes were filled with disbelief when they saw the unusual change occuring in the sky. Although the black demonic Qi that swept forth made them feel extremely uncomfortable, they were unable to deduce the origin of this Qi.

Lin Dong sat on the ground. His eyes were grave as he stared at the opening black crack in the sky. Slowly clenching his hands, he muttered to himself, “Unable to hold on any longer huh…”

“Flame Divine Guard!” Tang Xinlian’s bright eyes were icy cold as she suddenly cried out.


Rushing wind sound suddenly sounded after she cried. Thousands of figures wearing heavy crimson armour appeared in midair, before they slowly lifted the huge spears in their hands. At that moment, the auras of every Flame Divine Guard seemed to be connected together. That terrifying ripple caused the expressions of many onlookers to change.


A black light suddenly erupted in the sky when the Flame Divine Guard appeared. After which, a black light beam shot out from within, before it transformed into a black glowing hand and grabbed the Hua Chen duo on the ground with lightning like speed.

“You are not allowed to act as you please in the grounds of our Flame Divine Hall!”

The crimson light suddenly swept out from Tang Xinlian’s body. After which, it once again transformed into a pair of fire phoenix wings behind her. Her delicate body moved and she directly appeared in front of the Flame Divine Guard. Her hand clenched tightly onto her fire phoenix spear as her icy cold cry resounded over the entire city.

“Flame Divine Guard, gather your strength!”


Orderly, low and deep cries sounded from the Flame Divine Guard in unison. Promptly, monstrous crimson Yuan Power spread before they directly transformed into a ten thousand feet large flame phoenix in the air above them.

The fire phoenix was undoubtedly a lot more powerful than the one Tang Xinlian had previously formed. In fact, the temperature of the entire world seemed to risen and even the surrounding space became somewhat distorted.

Tang Xinlian’s lovely figure flew upwards before she directly landed on the ten thousand feet large phoenix. Subsequently, she slammed the fire phoenix spear in her hand heavily downwards. Crimson flames swept out like waves before they heavily collided with the majestic black light that was whistling down from the crack.


A loud sound echoed in the sky as scarlet red flames spread. However, it actually managed to completely block that extremely formidable attack.

Lin Dong was shocked when he saw this scene. He could clearly sense just how powerful that attack, which had whistled out from the crack, was. In fact, even a perfect Profound Death stage expert would have to use all his strength in order to deal with it. However, it was easily shattered by Tang Xinlian.

“She is actually able to activate the strength of the Flame Divine Guard…”

Lin Dong glanced at the orderly army like Flame Divine Guard behind Tang Xinlian. That great strength from before clearly came from gathering everyone’s strength. Typically speaking, it required extreme camaraderie in order to merge everyone’s strength. In fact, it was extremely difficult to accomplish such a feat even for disciples in the same sect. Clearly, the Flame Divine Hall had put in a great amount of effort in order to groom such a shockingly powerful army.

Tang Xinlian, who could activate their strength, was clearly a lot more powerful compared to before, when she was fighting alone. Even at his peak, Lin Dong could only temporarily seek shelter against Tang Xinlian, when she was in this form.

“You should show yourself since you have arrived. Why continue to hide!” Tang Xinlian gently stood on her fire phoenix. Both her eyes were icy-cold as she stared at the huge crack in the sky and cried out coldly.

“Tsk, a little lass who does not know her limits!”

Black fog churned from within the crack before a sharp laughter was emitted. Promptly, evil black Qi came surging out like floodwater. Then, it swiftly shrunk in the sky and finally transformed into a black figure. The black figure’s body seemed to be stronger than that of a human and he had a pair of demon wings covered in sharp bones. The entire world seemed to darken when he spread his demon wings.

The black figure had features similar to that of a human. However, his face was covered with golden demonic symbols and he appeared quite peculiar at the first glance. Moreover, his pair of demonic wings was covered with golden lines. A relatively terrifying ripple was vaguely emitted.

“Is that…”

Lin Dong’s pupils shrunk as he stared at the black figure whose demonic wings with gold patterns were spread and involuntarily clenched his hands tightly, “General rank Yimo!”

This was the first time that Lin Dong had seen a general rank Yimo in person. Using the human classification, this fellow was equivalent to a Samsara stage expert.

It seemed like Mo Luo’s plan had really attracted some big fish…

“Watch me shatter your fusion formation.”

Upon appearing, the Yimo laughed towards the sky. Promptly, a ferocious expression surged in his eyes. Clenching his large hand, a monstrous black Qi began to gather in front of him. After which, it transformed into a black swirl. Swinging his sleeves, the swirl began to rotate rapidly. Then, it was accompanied by a shocking destructive force as it charged towards the Flame Divine Guard.

“Imbecile, our Flame Divine Hall is not a place where you can do as you please!”

However, a furious cry sounded when the general rank Yimo was about to attack. A red robed old man appeared in front of Tang Xinlian before he threw his palm forward. Vast and mighty Yuan Power rolled forth. Life and Death Qi merged perfectly within his Yuan Power. It turns out that this red robed old man was actually a Samsara stage expert!

Two terrifying attacks collided in the midair and the entire city seemed to have trembled briefly. An offensive ripple swept out and turned those nearby experts into a mess.

“That is… the First Elder of the Flame Divine Hall, Elder Chi Yun!”

“He… he is an ultimate Samsara stage expert… Just what is this creature which had suddenly appeared? He is actually able to exchange blows with Elder Chi Yun?”

The frightening clash in the sky also left many onlookers stunned. Promptly, their expressions began to change. In fact, some of the more observant individuals began to vaguely sense that something was amiss.

A Samsara stage expert could be considered as an overlord in the Chaotic Demon Sea and they usually spent most of their time training in isolation. After all, there were hardly any incidents that required an expert of this level to intervene. Therefore, it must be an exceptionally major incident when these experts were involved…

“Haha, the Flame Divine Hall truly lives up to its name. It has a powerful foundation…”

The general rank Yimo behind took a couple of steps backwards. He immediately laughed loudly as he looked at the red robed old man, who had appeared in front of Tang Xinlian and said, “However, if your Flame Divine Hall wants to lure us out openly, with your current puny abilities, you guys are merely inviting disaster…”

“Both of you… should also come out.”

This general rank Yimo looked at the huge black crack behind as he uttered these words.

“Tsk tsk, it seems that this world is about to descend into chaos from today onwards…”

Monstrous black fog suddenly swept forth after his voice sounded. It gathered behind him before two other burly figures appeared. Demon wings that were covered with golden lines spread from the back of these two figures…

The evil black fog quickly blotted out the sun after the three demonic figures appeared. At this moment, it appeared as though the sun in the sky had lost the heat that it originally had.

Three general rank Yimo!

Lin Dong’s pupils shrunk tightly upon seeing this scene. Even with his calm temperament, he could not resist inhaling a breath of cold air at this moment. After all, these were three genuine Samsara stage experts…


The city turned into an uproar while Lin Dong gently inhaled a breath of cold air. The eyes of many onlookers became dull. Who would have expected that three of these ultimate experts, who were exceptionally difficult to spot, would show up together…

“Something big is about to happen.” Some people faced each other. They could decipher the same meaning from the other party’s eyes.

“Three general rank Yimo… It seems like you guys truly hold my Flame Divine Hall in high regards…”

A faint voice suddenly spread over the sky at this moment. Many eyes turned. After which, they saw that in the Flame Divine Hall, a muscular figure was slowly standing up. A flame symbol quietly burned on his brow while an extremely terrifying air swept out from within his body like a storm…


Mo Luo’s bright red eyes were indifferent as he stared at the three general rank Yimo hovering in the sky. He turned his eyes and looked at the deepest part of the huge crack. His faint voice however, caused Lin Dong’s scalp to turn numb.

“A king rank Yimo has came along too, am I right? Show yourself. I wonder which Yimo King you are…”