Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1023: Soft and Gentle

Chapter 1023: Soft and Gentle


Chapter 1023: Soft and Gentle


Two bodies that were covered in blood fell feebly onto the ground. Some dust rose and gradually fell, just like a sandstorm that was about to come to a stop.

The entire city was completely silent.

After a short moment of awe, many pairs of eyes turned to look at the only young man, who was still standing tall in the large pit. Grave expressions that were filled with admiration appeared in their eyes. After all, they understood the terrible price one would have to pay, in order to defeat the two individuals in front of him.

The only younger generation member in the the Chaotic Demon Sea who could accomplish this feat, was likely this abnormal fellow, Lin Dong…

“He has actually won… Truly, remarkable…”

Zhou Ze’s eyes were also somewhat lost as he looked at the back of the figure. Promptly, he released a deep sigh. At this moment, even someone as proud as him had no choice but to acknowledge Lin Dong’s strength. Only after having personally fought with Hua Chen and Xu Xiu, did one truly understand how powerful those two were. Yet, Lin Dong was able to defeat the both of them alone. It was likely that no one amongst the younger generation in the Chaotic Demon Sea could match up to him.

“Teacher’s eyesight is indeed… extremely sharp.” Tang Xinlian’s pretty bright eyes contained a bright luster as she looked at that man’s back. Right now, her tone was gentle and sweet and this was clearly a rare display from her.

“I knew that big brother Lin Dong would win!” Mu Lingshan exclaimed in joy. Perhaps, amongst the three of them, she was the only one who had always believed that Lin Dong would win…

“In the future, big brother Lin Dong will become an extremely famous person in the Chaotic Demon Sea… If that Nefarious Bone Old Man from the Demonic Wind Cave comes to learn about this, it is likely that he will not dare to show up in front of Lin Dong.” At a building a short distance away from the huge pit, Gu Ya suddenly stood up and said with a smile. Her tensed heart finally relaxed after the result appeared.

Besider her, Gu Mengqi and Gu Ya exchanged glances and laughed softly. They knew that Lin Dong’s name would likely reverberate across the entire Chaotic Demon Sea after this fight. Although they were unaware of the status that Lin Dong had in the Eastern Xuan Region, it was likely that a huge commotion would also be stirred at that region when the news arrived.

This man, who had came from the Eastern Xuan Region, could shock anyone.

The silence within Fiery Flame City continued on for awhile. Suddenly a cheer erupted. Soon after, the entire city began to shake as countless cheers and congratulations erupted. Finally, they gathered together and seemed to blast across the entire city.

Such an exciting battle could impress anyone.

The figure within the huge pit trembled slightly amidst the earthshaking cheers revebrocating across the entire city. Suddenly, he began to cough intensely, spurting fresh blood out from his mouth. After which, he covered his mouth with his hand. His face was shockingly pale.

“What … difficult fellows to deal with.”

Lin Dong looked at the two figures in front of him and involuntarily laughed bitterly. He could feel that his current body was completely drained of Yuan Power…

A giddy sensation also surged from deep within Lin Dong’s mind at this moment. He was just about to lift his foot when his body involuntarily staggered and fell.

However, Lin Dong’s falling body did not land miserably on the ground. At the final moment, he noticed a red light flash in front of him. Soon after, he felt his body colliding against a soft surface. A fragrance suddenly entered his nostrils stealthily.

This sudden gentleness caused the giddiness in Lin Dong’s mind to diminish slightly. He turned his head and saw a pair of pretty and enchanting eyes looking back at him. His body was leaning on her gentle and soft body.

Tang Xinlian did not avoid Lin Dong’s gaze. Instead, a smile surfaced on her exquisite face. The gentle expression on her face was extremely uncharacteristic for someone who was usually tough.

Tang Xinlian supported Lin Dong as the latter sat down. Then, she kneeled down and sat beside him. After which, she lifted her head to look at the azure sky. The current silence was a mismatch with the previous shocking and murderous aura.

“Thank you.” Tang Xinlian stared at Lin Dong and smilingly said. She was aware that Mo Luo had put in a great amount of effort for this plan. If Lin Dong failed, all his effort would have came to naught. At the same time, it was likely that their Flame Divine Hall would suffer quite a great blow to their reputation.

“They forced me into such a tight corner … There is no way I could retreat even if I wanted to do…” Lin Dong smiled bitterly. He looked at his dirty and bloody hands before the bitter smile on his face grew even more intense. It has been a long time since he fought in such a ruthless fashion…

While Lin Dong was looking at his blood covered dirty hands, a long and delicate hand suddenly extended from beside him. After which, that hand held his hand in front of his stunned eyes. Next, that delicate hand took out a soft cloth before she slowly and gently rubbed away the blood traces on his hand.

Lin Dong was a little stunned as he stared at this scene. The cooling sensation on his hand made him feel as though he was holding onto a soft jade. It was an extremely pleasant sensation. However, it also caused Lin Dong’s scalp to turn numb. This was because he could hear the commotion from the city as well as feel a few piercing gazes directed at him…

“Are you trying to get me killed?”

Lin Dong was a little embarrassed. It was likely the first time that he had been treated in such a fashion by a beautiful girl. More importantly, Tang Xinlian had a unique status in the Flame Divine Hall and there were countless individuals in love with her. Being treated by her in such a manner, would naturally incur an endless amount of hatred…

Hence, his first reaction was to withdraw his hand. However, he forgot that in his current condition, he was no match for Tang Xinlian. Hence, when he tried to take his hand back, he realized that it was to no avail.

“Though I am a girl, I am not afraid. What are you afraid of?” Tang Xinlian did not even look at Lin Dong as she spoke in a faint voice. Subsequently, she cleaned Lin Dong’s blood covered hand in a serious fashion.

This spot quickly become the focus of attention in the city. Tang Xinlian’s somewhat shocking act quickly stirred a monstrous commotion. After all, everyone in the Chaotic Sea Region knew about the Flame Fairy. Moreover, her strength was comparable to her beauty. From a certain point of view, she was considered as the dream girl of countless young, handsome and talented men.

However, this lady usually behaved in a valiant and man-like fashion. Her courage and strength, which was equivalent to that of a man, caused many to become wary of approaching her. However, at this moment… this lady, who commanded eighty percent of the Flame Divine Hall’s army, was seated in a kneeling position beside a man and quietly cleaning the blood and dirt on his hand without regard for the mess…

“Whistle whistle …”

This scene was far too provocative. Hence, whistling noises quickly sounded across the city. There was envy that could not be hidden within the whistling noises. To be able to enjoy such luxurious treatment, it seems like any amount of hardship is worthwhile.

Standing outside of the giant pit, when Zhou Ze saw this scene, his eyes darkened. However, he quickly shrugged his shoulders in a suave manner.

Tang Xinlian finally withdrew her hand in a nonchalant fashion after having cleaned Lin Dong’s hands amidst the many lewd whistling. She glanced at Lin Dong and said: “I only wish to thank you for your help today. Do not overthink it.”

Tang Xinlian turned her head away after speaking, leaving the side of her pretty face for Lin Dong to look at. Her face consistently held a calm expression and it was as though what she did previously was nothing unusual. However, the exceptionally sharp Lin Dong could detect a faint tremor when Tang Xinlian withdrew her delicate hand. This lady’s heart was not as calm as she appeared on the surface.

Although Lin Dong realized it, he did not dare to mention anything. Instead, all he did was awkwardly nod his head in an embarrassed manner. Following which, he quickly turned towards the fallen Hua Chen duo and said, “They are still alive.”

Lin Dong quickly noticed Tang Xinlian’s exquisite face turning icy after he uttered these words. Immediately, the latter clenched her hand before a fire phoenix spear appeared in her hand.

“In that case, let’s kill them.”

Tang Xinlian got up. That seemingly gentle girl from before had turned back into the ruthless and decisive Flame Fairy of the Flame Divine Hall. Her murderous intent caused Lin Dong’s brow to twitch.

Tang Xinlian was decisive and acted with lightning like speed. Without further ado, she quickly stepped forward. Her eyes were icy as the long spear in her hand drew a cold light in the air before mercilessly piercing towards their heads.


The long spear was about to strike the their heads when a circular black light suddenly surged from within their bodies. A ‘clang’ sounded and her long spear was blocked.

This unexpected development caused Tang Xinlian’s pretty eyes to shrink. However, no surprise was present on her beautiful face. Instead, she lifted her head, looked at the sky and spoke in a faint voice, “Are they finally going to show themselves…”

Lin Dong lifted his head at this moment. After which, his eyes narrowed when he saw a huge black crack suddenly spreading in the azure sky. A terrifying demonic aura surged from within it.