Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1022: Breaking the Mirror

Chapter 1022: Breaking the Mirror


Chapter 1022: Breaking the Mirror


An earth shaking dragon roar reverberated in the sky. Bright green light spread as three hundred green dragon light tattoos whistled out while accompanied by a monstrous strength.

Bang bang bang!

Wherever the green light passed, mountains began to collapse at a shocking speed. Even space itself showed signs of becoming distorted.

Such power was really far too terrifying.

At this moment, many human figures miserably shot backwards from Immeasurable Mountain. Green dragon ripples were reflected in numerous eyes which contained horror that could not be concealed.

Was this attack really something that a perfect Profound Life stage expert could unleash?

“Monster…” Several people faced each other. They could only give such an evaluation towards the one who had unleashed such a frightening attack in their hearts.

“Great Sky Demon Body, Indestructible Demon!”

Hua Chen’s expression was grave as he looked at the monstrous green light that was rapidly being magnified in his eyes. A sharp cry suddenly erupted from his mouth.


Dark and evil black light surged out from within Hua Chen’s body like floodwaters. His body once again ballooned as the black light spread. In a short span of several breaths, he had turned into a thousand feet large demon figure. As he roared, it was as though a demon from another world had descended.

“Devouring Demon Statue!”

Xu Xiu also cried out at this moment as evil light spread within his eyes. An invisible large hand seemed to have tore apart the space behind him as a giant strange Yimo figure stepped out. This demon was without a face. However, there was a huge black swirl on his forehead, which caused one to shiver when looking at it.

The Hua Chen duo had clearly unleashed all their power.

Lin Dong stood in the air. Those eyes of his, which contained a green dragon, looked at the Hua Chen duo, who had monstrous demon Qi as the ferocity on his face became even greater. After which, he quickly clenched his hand.

“Green dragon, subdue demon!”

A low and deep voice spread across the sky like a dragon roar. Three hundred green dragon light tattoos gathered together at this moment. Green light spread and they turned into a ten thousand feet large giant green dragon claw.

The dragon claw was covered by enormous dragon scales while a terrifying aura spread. At that moment, it seemed that a real giant dragon had tore through the space and descended upon this world.

This attack was not unfamiliar. Qing Zhi had used the same technique when he tore apart space back then in Unique Devil City and block the three hegemons of the Yuan Gate. However, Qing Zhi’s dragon claw was much more powerful than Lin Dong’s.

Of course, Lin Dong’s current opponents were not as strong as the three hegemons of the Yuan Gate… nevertheless, he was confident that he would one day be able to rely on his own strength to defeat the three hegemons of the Yuan Gate who had once viewed him as an ant!


The dragon claw fully formed. In the next moment, it directly tore through space and ruthlessly slammed towards the Hua Chen duo in front of countless pairs of shocked eyes

The demon figures cried out sternly at this moment. Black light surged and charged forward in an extremely ferocious fashion. Finally, they abruptly collided in front of the many stunned eyes both within and outside the Immeasurable Mirror!

The clash was completed in an instant. However, this shocking collision did not emit any loud sound. Everyone could only watch as bright green and black light spread and fill their eyes.

The hundred thousand feet light mirror in the sky above had already been filled by green and black light. Everything within it had been covered. Moreover, everyone could clearly feel an indescribably wild and violent ripple that caused many ripples to emerge on the mirror…

Mo Luo looked at the rippling surface of the Immeasurable Mirror as surprise flashed across his face. He quickly muttered, “The Immeasurable Mirror is about to be broken… what a shocking clash…”

“What?” The First Elder by the side was immediately startled upon seeing this.


However, his startled voice had only just sounded when the sky suddenly became dark. Numerous cracks had emerged on the hundred thousand feet light mirror.

The cracks extended at an astonishing speed the moment they appeared while eye piercing green and black light shot out.

“The Immeasurable Mirror is about to be broken!”

This scene was detected by many people. Exclamations immediately sounded within Fiery Flame City in succession. Many people looked at the breaking Immeasurable Mirror in surprise as they hurriedly withdrew.

The entire Fiery Flame City had become a little chaotic at this moment. Within a short period of time, everyone inside the area within a ten thousand feet radius of the Immeasurable Mirror had fled.

Crack crack!

The cracks became increasingly numerous. When the final crack spread to the edge of the Immeasurable Mirror, the cracking sounds suddenly halted. In the next moment, tens of thousands rays of green-black light shot out and the hundred thousand feet light mirror finally exploded in front of countless pairs of stunned eyes…

All eyes present had lost focus in the face of the dazzling green and black light. The originally colourful world seemed to have been completely filled by these two colours at this moment…

Fortunately, this lost of sight was only temporary. After which, everyone could sense their sight become clear. Once everyone recovered their sight, they immediately turned their eyes towards the brilliant central area.

At this moment, a dazzling green splendour was still present at the middle of the city. The light made it impossible to see what was happening inside.

While everyone anxiously wished to clearly see what was within the light, the sound of rushing wind suddenly appeared. After which, they were startled to see many figures being miserably tossed backwards.

“Those are the ones who entered the Immeasurable Mirror…” Everyone looked at those miserable figures being tossed out and an uproar emerged. Evidently, they had recognised these figures.


Three rays of light shot out from within the brilliant light. Their bodies moved and they landed on a building. Upon closer inspection, they were revealed to be Tang Xinlian, Zhou Ze and Mu Lingshan.

The trio who had appeared ignored the various glances being thrown their way. They gazed at the source of the light while anxiety filled their eyes.

The entire city seemed to have become much quieter. All eyes were focused on the source of the light as they anxiously waited for it to fade… they really wished to know just who was stronger in the fight that had even shattered the Immeasurable Mirror.

The light in the sky slowly dissipated. Finally, it completely vanished and the scene inside also gradually appeared before everyone’s eyes.

The first thing to appear was a ten thousand feet large giant pit. All buildings within the pit had been turned into dust. This scene caused the scalp of many to turn numb. Fortunately, they had not been dragged into the clash earlier. Otherwise, it would be really unfortunate.

“Look there!”

Suddenly, an exclamation sounded. Many pairs of eyes quickly shifted. After which, they saw three figures grouped into two sides that were facing each other in the middle of the huge pit.

These three figures were currently the most dazzling leads of this competition. They were also the main culprits behind this destruction…

“A draw huh?”

Surprised coloured their faces as everyone watched the trio, who remained completely still while facing against each other.

“How…” Tang Xinlian’s group had startled looks. They had already fought until such an extent, yet a victor had not been established?

Mo Luo’s crimson eyes looked at the trio in the huge pit from the Flame Divine Hall. A smile that seemed to have been relieved of a great burden was slowly formed from the corners of his mouth as he slowly said, “What an incredible little fellow…”

Countless pupils in Fiery Flame City began to shrink as Mo Luo’s voice sounded. They could see two blood pillars suddenly erupt from the bodies of the Xu Xiu duo. The two figures slowly collapsed in front of their shocked filled eyes…

The bodies of the two fell heavily to the ground. A low and muffled sound echoed, causing the eyelids of everyone within the city to twitch violently. Soon after, many pairs of eyes quickly turned towards the thin figure left standing in the giant pit. Their gazes suddenly became searing hot.

A victor had finally been determined in this earthshaking battle.