Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1021: Three Hundred

Chapter 1021: Three Hundred


Chapter 1021: Three Hundred


The entire land began to tremble just like an earthquake was taking place. The mountains shook and huge rocks came tumbling down. A withered yellow like desolate colour originated from under Lin Dong’s feet and swiftly spread into the distance at a shocking speed…

The originally lush green mountain swiftly became withered and yellow. A wasteland like

desolation quietly enveloped the land.

This drastic change immediately attracted the attention of countless experts. Promptly, all their expressions quickly changed drastically as disbelief filled their eyes. This was because they could vaguely sense that all the lifeforce in the land was tunneling into the ground and gathering together, before they flowed towards the same location.


Every pair of eyes followed the direction. At that end location, there was a young man standing on the ground spreading both his palms. At this moment, his skinny figure looked just like a gigantic statue that could hold up the sky.

“Is this…”

Tang Xinlian, Zhou Ze and the rest were startled as they stared at the land beneath their feet. They were very powerful as well and had sharp senses. Hence, they realized that the land seemed to be in an extremely wild and violent state at this moment. Waves of energy that belonged to the land was actually swiftly pouring into that distant figure.

“He is actually able to absorb the energy of the land… What an overbearing and mysterious martial arts!”

Tang Xinlian’s pretty eyes brightened slightly. Her eyes were searing hot as she looked at that skinny figure. That young man, who was around the same age as her, might appear ordinary on the surface. However, concealed within his ordinary appearance were deep mysteries that were difficult for one to phantom…

Beside her, Zhou Ze nodded his head. Then, he lowered his body and grabbed the soil with his hand. A desolate aura was emitted from the soil and it caused him to feel as if he had returned to the ancient desolate era.

“I wonder if this is enough to oppose Chen Hua…”



Numerous cracks suddenly appeared on the mountain where Lin Dong was standing at. Wild and violent energy soared towards the sky from within these cracks and they actually broke through the cloud layer in the sky.

At this moment, majestic waves of energy were gathering around Lin Dong’s body like an ocean. His surrounding space became increasingly distorted as this powerful energy surged.

The intensity of these energy waves caused the eyes of even some advance Profound Death stage experts to turn extremely grave upon seeing it.

At this moment, those people looking at this spot would realize that the area within a thirty mile radius of Immeasurable Mountain had turned into a wasteland. The energy in this place had been completely drained before it was all eventually absorbed by Lin Dong…

“You have indeed successfully mastered the Dao Sect’s Great Desolation Scripture…”

Hua Chen stared at Lin Dong, whose aura was also surging. The cold smile that was originally present on his face had gradually disappeared. Although his eyes still remained dark and solemn, he had no choice but to admit that Lin Dong indeed possessed the strength for him to take him seriously…

He no longer dared to underestimate and mock him like he did before. Indeed, anyone who was not a fool, would no longer maintain such an attitude after witnessing Lin Dong continuously unleashing his shocking potential in front of them.

“However, do you think that you can stop me with this?”

Hua Chen’s eyes suddenly became ferocious. Both his hands suddenly formed some seals as a low roar was emitted from his throat. It was possible to see a vague black symbol appearing on his brow. Monstrous black Qi spread and the entire sky became increasingly dark.

Many pairs of eyes were watching these two, who seemed to have pushed themselves to their limits. There was shock present in their eyes that could not be concealed. Who would have imagined that they would push themselves till such an extent in this competition…

Disregarding the younger generation members, the intensity of their fight was something that hardly any older generation members could aspire to!

“Damnit, Hua Chen’s aura had grown even stronger…” Tang Xinlian stared at Hua Chen, who aura had surged again before she involuntarily gritted her teeth.

“Right now, the two of them are fighting with all their strength…”

Zhou Ze laughed bitterly. At this moment, it was impossible for the both of them to stop. One would be hurt when two tigers clashed.

“It’s not enough…”

Lin Dong slowly extended his hand. Promptly, he quickly clenched it before majestic energy gathered in his palm. Immediately, even the space itself trembled gently after he clenched his palm.

At this moment, Lin Dong knew that as long as he wanted to, he could shatter Immeasurable Mountain with his fist!

However… when he lifted his head to look at the monstrous black fog in the distant, he found that Hua Chen’s aura had also grown stronger. Hence, with his current strength, he was still unable to resolve every problem with a single strike!

“Great Desolation Scripture… Unleash your full strength. Allow your name to spread across this distant Chaotic Demon Sea!”

A soft mutter spread over Lin Dong’s heart. He suddenly bent his body in the next instant and slammed both his hands solemnly onto the ground.

Immediately, the entire mountain began to tremble violently.

Hum hum!

An extremely powerful pulse emerged from within Lin Dong’s palm after he slammed it downwards. The entire land began to shake. Everyone could see that the desolation, which had ceased spreading, was once again being extended rapidly!

Thirty miles… Hundred miles…Hundred and fifty miles…

As Lin Dong grew increasingly powerful, the might of the Great Desolation Scripture had unknowingly reached a shocking level. When Lin Dong first activated the Great Desolation Scripture back at the Unique Devil City, he was merely able to turn the area within a thirty mile radius into wasteland. However, right now, the area of effect had expanded several times!

The desolation spread crazily. Finally, it gradually slowed in front of countless pairs of stunned eyes. By the time the reach of the desolation was at its limit, the area within a two hundred fifty radius of Immeasurable Mountain had completely turned into a withered and yellow world..

A desolate aura rose and spread over the land. Even the raging black fog was being pushed back.


Lin Dong slowly stood up. A huge crack spread from under his feet as Lin Dong slowly stood up. Immediately, cracks covered the entire mountain. He lifted his head to look at Hua Chen, who now had an ugly expression on his face, while an icy arc slowly lifted on the corner of his lips.


Bright green light surged out from Lin Dong’s body in all directions. Soon after, an earth shaking dragon roar sounded. Subsequently, countless individuals were startled when they saw numerous green dragon light tattoos flying out from within Lin Dong’s body at a shocking speed.

Ten… fifty… one hundred… two hundred… three hundred!

A total of three hundred green dragon light tattoos swivelled around Lin Dong’s body. They hissed and roared. A spatial distortion that was visible to the naked eye spread apart and the surrounding land cracked crazily.

“Three hundred…”

Tang Xinlian, Zhou Ze and the others were startled as they looked at Lin Dong, who was wrapped by a green dragon light. Previously, when Lin Dong summoned fifty green dragon light tattoos, he was able to break one of Hua Chen’s arm. Hence, against three hundred of them, even they could detect a rich feeling of annihilation.

There was definitely a huge difference between three hundred and fifty of them!


At this moment, Hua Chen’s pupils suddenly shrunk. Promptly, he cursed furiously. He also felt the sensation of impending doom due to that three hundred green dragon light tattoos.

“Xu Xiu, attack together with me!”

Although Hua Chen felt extreme dissatisfied in his heart, he still let out a furious cry. After all, he knew that it was going to be extremely difficult for him to block this all-out attack by Lin Dong on his own.

At this moment, shock and seriousness filled the eyes of Xu Xiu. He looked at a distant Lin Dong, who was covered by green dragon light symbols, before he involuntarily cried out furiously. “I told you we should have attacked him together and killed him. This brat is no ordinary individual!”

Although he was furious, Xu Xiu also understood the current situation. He immediately clenched both his fists as his entire body swiftly turned black. A dark and sinister fluctuation rapidly emerged.

Lin Dong’s body slowly rose into the sky. Deep within his jet black eyes, the green light gathered and formed a crouching green dragon. Promptly, he looked at the two individuals in the distance, who seemed like they were about to face a great enemy. He gently lifted his hand before a quiet voice resounded.



A dragon roar resounded in the sky. After which, countless people felt their skulls turn numb when they saw three hundred green dragon light tattoos whistled forth at this moment.

The entire Immeasurable Mountain began to collapse at this moment!