Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1020: Each Using Their Strongest Technique

Chapter 1020: Each Using Their Strongest Technique


Chapter 1020: Each Using Their Strongest Technique

The surroundings were completely silent.

Many pairs of eyes turned to focus on Hua Chen who hovered in the sky and gave off a rich bloody scent. After his face experienced a terrifying distortion, he gradually calmed down. However, that peculiar calmness caused one’s heart to feel increasingly cold as blood continued to drip from his arm.

The distant Xu Xiu also appeared beside Hua Chen at this moment. He glanced at the latter’s wounds and a tinge of shock flashed across his eyes. It was likely that he did not expect Lin Dong to be capable of hurting Hua Chen to such an extent.

“Like I said, this brat is a little strange. He must not be underestimated.” Xu Xiu’s spoke in a dark and solemn voice.

“No matter.”

Hua Chen softly chuckled. He stared at the young man in the distance while bitterness and ruthless violence slowly surged, “No matter how much he struggles, the outcome will be the same…”

“That is… death.”

The smile on Hua Chen’s mouth gradually became increasingly malicious. Promptly, his hand rubbed his broken arm, covering his palm with blood. Subsequently, he gently drew with his finger. Lines of blood gathered in front and every stroke eventually transformed into countless peculiar blood colored symbols.

“Are you going to undo the seal…” When Xu Xiu saw this scene, his diamond shaped eyes shrunk slightly. Ling Dong had actually forced Hua Chen until such an extent.

Sizzle sizzle!

The blood coloured symbol floated in front of Hua Chen. Suddenly, black flames rose from within the symbols. Then, the seal formed by Hua Chen’s finger changed. Many burning black flame blood coloured symbols flew backwards. Finally, they shot into his brow, heart, Dantian and other key areas…

Hua Chen’s body came to a sudden halt after those symbols entered his body. His aura seemed to have mysteriously vanished from the world at this moment.

When Tang Xinlian, Zhou Ze and the rest saw this scene, their expressions changed. An uneasy sensation surged into their hearts.

Lin Dong also frowned slightly as he stared at Hua Chen, whose aura had disappeared. He slowly clenched his fist.

An eerie silence enveloped the entire place. However, this did not continue on for long. Suddenly, everyone felt their surroundings starting to turn cold…

Creak creak!

Black fog had unknowingly surged out from Hua Chen’s body a little at a time. The release of this black fog actually resulted in a whining sound being emitted from the surrounding space.

While the black fog spread, Hua Chen suddenly lifted his head. At this moment, there seemed to be blood gathering deep within his eyes. An evil that could not be concealed was present within his blood coloured eyes.


Suddenly, Hua Chen opened up his blood eyes before his missing aura suddenly erupted once again. Moreover, his aura was actually soaring at a shocking speed!

Wild gales swept over the horizon, causing Hua Chen’s sleeves to flutter with the wind. At this moment, under the horizon which was filled with black fog, he looked just like an evil god descending into the world.


“This aura…”

Countless pairs of eyes outside the Immeasurable Mirror were shocked by the surge in Hua Chen’s aura. No one had expected that the latter was actually hiding such massive strength.

“Damnit.” Gu Mengqi clenched her hand tightly. The joy on her pretty face that had come about because of Hua Chen’s broken arm, had completely disappeared. Lin Dong had finally gained an upper hand after much difficulty. However, the situation had unexpectedly reversed so quickly.

Worry also rose on Gu Yan’s and Gu Yan’s faces as they stood beside her. Hua Chen was truly terrifyingly strong. It was likely that there were no more than five people in the Gu clan who could beat him.

“It is indeed Yimo aura…”

Seated in the Flame Divine Hall, Mo Luo’s crimson eyes suddenly became extremely sharp. He stared at the raging black Qi in the Immeasurable Mirror while faint flames rose on the surface of his body.

“It is indeed the Yimo aura. However, it is not pure…” The First Elder of the Flame Divine Hall frowned and said, “Nonetheless, Hua Chen’s strength has soared. Lin Dong will likely have a difficult time fighting with him.”

Even the First Elder of the Flame Divine Hall was greatly startled by Lin Dong’s previous attack. In fact, he was pleasantly surprised by the fact that the former actually broke one of Hua Chen’s arm. Unfortunately, the advantage that he obtained with great difficulty, had completely disappeared at this moment.

It was indeed a little difficult for a younger generation member like Lin Dong to deal with the Yimo.

Mo Luo stared at the Immeasurable Mirror. There was a skinny young man within who was also observing the unusual change happening to Hua Chen. However, when Mo Luo did not see much panic on that youthful face, he smiled. An admiration, which could not be hidden, rose from within his eyes as he said, “Qing Zhi has extremely good eyesight. A young man whom he praised, is definitely extraordinary…”

“It is too early to be jumping to any conclusions before the end of the fight…”

“It should be the strength of the devil seed… This is indeed a little problematic…”

Lin Dong stared at the evil aura, which was spreading in a monstrous fashion. He curled his lips. Both his eyes were lowered. He was not overly surprised by Hua Chen’s techniques. This was because the Huo Yuan trio had used a similar technique back then.

“It seems like you are quite knowledgeable about this thing.”

Hua Chen’s blood eyes looked at Lin Dong. There was an endless viciousness surging within them. He parted his mouth and smiled at Lin Dong. “The previous rounds of attacks should have exhausted most of the Yuan Power in your body, am I right?”

Lin Dong frowned slightly as he clenched his hand. His Yuan Power cultivation was at the perfect Profound Life stage. This was much weaker compared to genuine advance Profound Death stage experts like the Hua Chen duo. If it was not because he had help from his Mental Energy and the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, which was quietly assisting him by swallowing the natural Yuan Power to replenish him, it was likely that he would not have been able to hold on for so long.

“What can the current you use to oppose me?”

Hua Chen curled the corner of his lips in ridicule. He laughed in an eerie manner, “Relax, I will tear off all your limbs once I have defeated you.”

“Lin Dong, let’s attack together.” Situated on a mountaintop behind, Tang Xinlian and Zhou Ze, who had rested briefly, also rushed forward and cried out in a deep voice.

“Judging by your current condition…”

Lin Dong glanced at the two of them and helplessly shook his head. The both of them had suffered quite severe injuries previously. Moreover, they did not possess the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. Hence, it was clearly impossible for them to recover their strength within such a short span of time.

“We can at least block them for a while!” Zhou Ze clenched his teeth. His eyes were filled with unwillingness and wariness as he stared at Hua Chen, who was covered with a black aura. He hesitated for a moment and said, “That fellow is much stronger than before. You… are no match for him.”

“You should have exhausted much of your strength after fighting alone for such a long time.” Tang Xinlian remarked.

Lin Dong sighed as he waved his hand. Even if the two of them were to help, they could hardly do anything in their current state. Hence, he turned his head to look at Tang Xinlian before he softly said, “Trust me.”

Tang Xinlian was startled. Her pretty eyes looked at a solemn looking Lin Dong. Even at this juncture, the latter did not have the slightest fear in his eyes…

“Be careful.” Tang Xinlian gently clenched her hand. Although her mind told her that Lin Dong was in a pretty bad state, she did not voice any objections under the latter’s gaze.

Beside her, Zhou Ze involuntarily laughed bitterly upon seeing this. Was this fellow still trying to put up a brave front?

“You are truly a disciple of the Dao Sect… Just as stubborn as Zhou Tong was back then…”

Hua Chen laughed softly after seeing this scene. His tone suddenly became stern, “Unfortunately, your fate will be exactly the same as that of Zhou Tong!”

However, Lin Dong acted as though he did not see Hua Chen’s cold smile. His body slowly descended from the sky. After which, he landed on a towering peak.

“Let’s have an all-out fight…”

Lin Dong lifted his head. His dark black eyes stared at Hua Chen and Xu Xiu in the distance. After which, he slowly opened both of his hands before spreading them apart. There was a strange seal being formed on his fingertips.

“Buzz buzz!”

The land under Lin Dong’s feet suddenly trembled gently in front of many pair of uncertain eyes. A strange pulse like ripple appeared and swept across the place with a bang.

An uproar suddenly sounded following the spread of this ripple. This was because they could see that the land within a five hundred kilometre radius, was actually becoming desolated at a shocking rate.

“Is this…”

Hua Chen’s blood eyes suddenly shrunk as he saw this scene. An extreme feeling of danger surged into his heart.

“Great Desolation Scripture?”