Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1019: Breaking an Arm

Chapter 1019: Breaking an Arm


Chapter 1019: Breaking an Arm


An earthshaking dragon roared resounded in the sky at this moment. This dragon roar had a terrifying energy fluctuation radiating from it. The space where the sonic wave passed even began to tremble.

Countless pairs of eyes lifted up before they stared at the numerous green dragon light tattoos streaking across the sky in a startled fashion. A green dragon stretched its huge body and a vigorous energy was present. It looked like a terrifying force, which could destroy mountains, was hidden under the green dragon scales.

A total of fifty green dragon light tattoos!

That energy fluctuation caused the expressions of many onlookers to change.

“That strength… actually surpasses that of Zhou Ze’s Ten Thousand Elephant Heavenly Skill…” Tang Xinlian stared at the sky in disbelief. At this moment, the magnificent strength churning around Lin Dong had actually far surpassed that of Zhou Ze.

“This is big brother Lin Dong’s killing move. It is rumoured to be the ultimate skill of the ancient Green Dragon King Qing Zhi.” Mu Lingshan’s big eyes were staring in an awestruck fashion at the figure, that stood amongst the numerous green dragon light tattoos. She had never seen Lin Dong back down ever since she knew him…

There seemed to be an endless amount of confidence in Lin Dong’s heart. It was precisely this confidence that allowed him to accomplish extraordinary deeds.

“That fellow…”

Zhou Ze’s expression was also a little complicated as he looked from afar. He learnt of the plan from Tang Xinlian and it turns out Mo Luo actually thought most highly of Lin Dong. This caused him to feel a little unbalanced in his heart initially. After all, his reputation in the Chaotic Demon Sea far surpassed that of Lin Dong, who had just shown up. Although he had heard of the many feats performed by the latter, he never expected that Lin Dong would actually surpass him in terms of strength.

Hence, he involuntarily felt a little unhappy after he learnt that Mo Luo had placed his final chips on Lin Dong. At this moment however… this emotion gradually disappeared amidst his complicated feelings.

The young man, who had stepped up at the final moment, did indeed use his own hands to turn the situation around with every ounce of his strength.


The green dragon surged forward while green light gathered within Lin Dong’s eyes. The expression in his eyes was unusually stern as he stared at a distant Hua Chen. In the next moment, his toes suddenly pressed on the ground before the dragon shadow whistled across the sky. Majestic green light seemed to have penetrated through the air as it appeared in front of Hua Chen with an extremely shocking speed.

“How quick!”

When Hua Chen saw Lin Dong rushing towards him suddenly, he narrowed his eyes. Moreover, the fifty green dragon light tattoos surging around Lin Dong’s body caused him to feel a piercing pain on his skin.

“Let’s attack together!”

Black flames crazily gushed out from within Hua Chen’s body. He had just let out a stern cry when his expression changed. This was because he realised that Xu Xiu was at a great distance away and it was impossible for the former to join forces with him.

“This brat! That shocking attack from before was actually meant to separate the two of us?” Hua Chen’s eyes flashed while the shock in his eyes grew.

“Humph, but even if I am alone, it will be all too easy to kill you!”

A ferocious expression quickly surged into Hua Chen’s eyes as he laughed coldly. Black flames churned hurriedly over his body and finally gathered on his palm.

“Great Sky Demon Fire Demon Palm!”

A low and deep cry was suddenly emitted from Hua Chen’s mouth while a frightening ripple spread from within his body. He quickly clenched his fist and threw a punch!

Hua Chen’s punch was extremely simple. However, everyone could see the space around him distorting at this moment. Black flames gathered crazily on his fist while a terrifying destructive force was unleashed from it.

“I will finish you in one move!” A cold glint appeared in Hua Chen’s eyes. His gaze was sinister as he stared at the green light figure in close proximity.

The green light within Lin Dong’s eyes had also agglomerated suddenly at this moment. He did not pull back in the face of this ferocious counter attack from Hua Chen. Instead, he clenched his fists tightly and threw it forward

Fifty green dragon light tattoos hissed together. Just like a ferocious dragon exiting its lair, they agglomerated on Lin Dong’s fist.

“Green Dragon Heavenly Seat Seal!”

The cry sounded and green light surged. An extremely bright green dragon fist suddenly formed under Lin Dong’s fists. Finally, a fist penetrated through the empty space and ruthlessly clashed against the black flame fist, which was rushing over, in front of countless pairs of eyes!

A low and deep sound reverberated across the sky like muffled thunder, the moment the collision occurred. Soon after, everyone saw a green and black tornado suddenly appearing at the spot where the two had clashed. The scattered violent energy directly split a huge mountain.

Swoosh swoosh!

Those experts, who were originally near to the battleground, had a drastic change in their expressions at this moment. Afraid of being dragged into the fight, they hurriedly stepped back. After all, it was likely that even an advance Profound Death stage expert would wound up in quite a miserable state if he was dragged into that green-black tornado.

“Their fight has actually reached such a level…”

Xu Xiu stared at the green-black tornado in the distant sky while his diamond shaped eyes revealed a grave expression. Even he did not dare to easily underestimate this attack from Lin Dong.


The two sides of the green-black tornado suddenly became distorted as countless pairs of eyes were focused on the crazily rotating tornado.

Green light and black flames spluttered as two figures abruptly flew backwards. Each of them flew rapidly backwards by over ten thousand feet before they managed to stabilise their bodies.


Every pairs of eyes present both within and outside of the Immeasurable Mirror gathered towards the two figures as they flew backwards.

The first to dissipate was the green light and a skinny figure emerged. At this moment, his sleeves had been turned into dust. Blood rolled down his arm and began to drip down.

“That Hua Chen…”

Exclamations sounded while some onlookers were feeling stunned by Lin Dong’s current condition. Immediately, many pairs of eyes hurriedly turned towards the other side of the sky. The black flames at that spot had began to slowly vanish. Hua Chen, who was wrapped within, was also exposed in front of countless pairs of eyes.


The sound of cold air being inhaled appeared after Hua Chen surfaced. At this moment, Hua Chen’s upper body was naked. Many wounds extended upwards from his arm and it covered his entire upper body. He looked relatively miserable.

Of course, it was not merely Hua Chen’s miserable appearance that shocked everyone. Instead, it was the fact that Hua Chen’s right arm was distorted. A sharp bone pierced out from his shoulder as blood flowed from it.

One of his arm was actually broken in that shocking previous clash!

“He actually… broken one of Hua Chen’s arm…”

The pupils of Tang Xinlian, Zhou Ze and even the distant Xu Xiu, suddenly shrunk at this moment. Surprise surged on their faces.

No one expected that Hua Chen, who had defeated Tang Xinlian previously, actually had one of his arm broken in a head on fight!

The previous punch from Lin Dong was actually this terrifying?

The sky was silent.

Lin Dong panted heavily. Promptly, he gently clenched his hands. Devouring Power surged within his body as it devoured those strange black flames, which had invaded his body.

“He has only lost an arm huh… he is really strong.”

Lin Dong lifted his head after he cleansed the energy, which had invaded his body. He looked at Hua Chen’s miserable appearance and frowned gently. A soft sigh was emitted. Hua Chen was indeed powerful. Never did he expect that he was still unable to kill Hua Chen despite activating all fifty green dragon light tattoos…

“He is… really powerful…”

Lin Dong sighed softly. In the distant sky, Hua Chen turned his head to look at his distorted arm. Immediately, his eyes flickered crazily. A moment later, his eyes returned to its frightening appearance. Using his left hand, he grabbed his right hand and jerked it ruthlessly.


The sound of bone cracking appeared as blood spurted forth. After which, everyone were shocked when they realized that Hua Chen had actually torn off one of his own arms.

Lin Dong looked at Hua Chen, who had withdrawn all the emotions on his face. Both his eyes narrowed slightly.

“That should be your strongest technique, am I right?”

Hua Chen slowly lifted his head. His extremely black eyes stared at Lin Dong as his merciless voice spread across the sky.

“Xu Xiu, undo the seal… I want to… kill him…”