Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1018: Three Prong Attack

Chapter 1018: Three Prong Attack


Chapter 1018: Three Prong Attack


The surrounding natural Yuan Power began to rage and turn wild. As the lightning dragons whizzed around the bright red gates, the resulting fluctuation was so terrifying that it caused the expressions of many onlookers to change drastically.

These three powerful attacks could instantly kill any initial Profound Life stage expert. In fact, even an advance Profound Death stage expert would not dare to underestimate them!

This fellow was actually able to rely on his Perfect Profound Life stage strength to unleash an attack of this magnitude.

“Ancient Universe Formation, reverse rotation!”

Lin Dong stood in the air as majestic energy whistled around his body. At this moment, all the energy within his body had been activated. His seal technique changed and a low and deep cry was emitted.


The ten thousand feet large formation in the sky slowly rotated as vast and mighty energy gathered within the formation. Meanwhile, an extremely powerful fluctuation continued to radiate.

“Eight Level Burning Sky Gate, in formation!”

Lin Dong once again let out a stern cry. The Burning Sky cauldron vibrated and hummed, before eight crimson light beams suddenly whizzed out from it and directly headed for the eight burning gates in the sky.


The eight Burning Sky Gates swelled when the eight crimson light poured into them. Promptly, a bright red light beam shot out from each of them. They crisscrossed together before a ten thousand feet large volcano faintly took shape.

“Nine Dragons return, Lightning Emperor Seal!”

Lin Dong took a stride forward. The Lightning Emperor Scepter in his hand suddenly unleashed a clap of thunder as dazzling lightning whistled forward. A shocking pressure erupted from the scepter.

The Lightning Emperor Scepter was a Pure Yuan treasure that did not lose out to the Burning Sky Cauldron. In fact, it was even superior in terms of its offensive ability. However, Lin Dong did not unleash its full strength in the past. This time around… Lin Dong clearly had to unleash all his abilities in order to deal with the formidable foes in front of him.

Nine lightning dragon roar appeared in the sky. Their heads and tails were connected. Light from the lightning rotated and transformed into a huge lightning dragon seal, which was suspended in the sky!

“Such powerful attacks…”

When Tang Xinlian saw the three different attacks rotating in the sky, she suddenly clenched her hand. There was a shock in her eyes which could not be hidden. Even she could detect a whiff of danger from this attack.

“That guy…”

Tang Xinlian’s pretty eyes stared at the young man standing in the sky. It seems like it was indeed justifiable for Mo Luo to hold him in such high regard.

There seems to be strength hidden within his skinny body, that she could not hope to rival.

“Lin Dong… we can only count on you…”

Hua Chen’s and Xu Xiu’s expressions changed slightly when they saw the shocking attacks in the sky. Their usually cold and mocking eyes finally revealed some shock.

The attacks in front of them had far exceeded the limits of a perfect Profound Life stage expert.

“This is getting more and more shocking…” Hua Chen laughed. An increasing amount of black flame surged out from within his body. Meanwhile, his jet black eyes became even gloomier.

“This brat is extremely dangerous. It is best to exterminate him.” Xu Xiu stared at Lin Dong and slowly said.

“Relax, he won’t live past today!” Hua Chen laughed ferociously.

Lin Dong’s eyes were indifferent as he stared at the two people in the distant sky. Without uttering a single useless word, he slowly lifted his hand and pointed at the two of them. A sharp glint suddenly surged into his eyes at the next moment.

“Three prong attack, slay the demons!”

After Lin Dong’s low cry sounded, light began to gather at a shocking speed within the large formation in the sky. Promptly, a thousand feet large energy light ray suddenly shot forth.

The ten thousand feet volcano was completed within the flame formation. Magma spluttered out from the top of the volcano as the entire volcano tore through the sky. Subsequently, together with a massive shadow, it directly pressed downwards towards the Hua Chen duo.


The Lightning Emperor Seal floated in the sky while lightning dragons rotated around it. A dragon roar sounded before it transformed into a bright lightning glow and whizzed downwards.

Three extremely powerful attacks ripped through the sky. Their momentum caused many experts to be terrified. It was likely that even an advance Profound Death stage expert could only choose to hide from such an attack.

“Lin Dong, I will teach you that the gap between us is not something that your techniques can breach!”

However, Hua Chen merely laughed towards the sky when facing this fearsome attack. Monstrous black flame suddenly swept forth. The manner in which it blotted out the sun was quite frightening.

“Great Sky Demon Body, Demon’s Destruction!”

Black flame swept across the sky. At this moment, it appeared as though the entire Immeasurable Mirror had turned completely dark.

“Live Devouring Palm!”

Xu Xiu extended his jet black arms. A cold indifference was present in his eyes. He clenched his hand before the space behind him promptly collapsed. A ten thousand feet large black palm seemed to have ripped through another world and arrived here. Together with an endless evil aura, the palm attack charged forth.

Bang boom!

The entire place seemed to have exploded at this moment. Many huge cracks spread rapidly over the Immeasurable Mountain. The clash that was about to ensure caused the entire mountain to tremble.


The majestic attacks whizzed past the sky. Finally, they collided violently like two flying meteorites in front of many pair of startled eyes.

A loud sound appeared at the point of collision. An indescribable energy attack spread across the sky like a huge wave in an extremely spectacular fashion.

Bang bang bang!

The many towering peaks on the Immeasurable Mountain gradually collapsed under the resulting impact. Huge rocks rolled down and the land began to shake intensely.

Countless pairs of eyes both within and outside the Immeasurable Mirror were staring intently at the epicentre of the energy assault wave. Just whose attack would emerge victorious in this fearsome clash?

The wild and violent energy finally dissipated. Black flames rose after the energy scattered. After which, a loud laughter resounded.

“Lin Dong, is that your most powerful technique? It is hardly noteworthy!”

Many pairs of eyes followed the loud laughter. After which, they saw Hua Chen’s body emerging from within the black flames. Although some injuries had appeared on his body, his aura was still exceptionally brutal and powerful.

Some distance away, the ripped space behind Xu Xiu, had also gradually disappeared. The ten thousand feet giant palm had also vanished unknowingly.

“He actually destroyed both our attacks…” Xu Xiu’s diamond shaped eyes stared at the skinny figure in the distance. His eyes had involuntarily shrunk slightly. Although they had blocked three stunning attacks from Lin Dong, it was only possible after they had unleashed powerful attacks.

He was aware that despite the cold smile and disdain Hua Chen wore on his face, the latter’s heart was definitely a little stirred by Lin Dong’s techniques.

This kid was no ordinary individual.

“His attack was blocked…” When Mu Lingshan saw this scene, dissatisfaction flashed across her large eyes as she spoke.

“It is nothing to be embarrassed about. The Hua Chen duo did not hold back when they were attacking as well… Yet, the both of them only managed to to block the three prong attack from Lin Dong. This is not considered a failure from Lin Dong’s point of view.” Tang Xinlian shook her head slightly and said.

Even she would have difficulties blocking the previous attack from the Hua Chen duo. However, at the very least, that attack was blocked by Lin Dong…

“It is a little too early to be celebrating…”

In the sky, as the energy ripples slowly dissipated, a skinny figure suddenly appeared. Lin Dong looked at a distant Hua Chen and Xu Xiu, who were separated by the attack before the corner of his mouth was suddenly lifted into an arc. Promptly, he clenched both his hands!

“Green dragon light tattoos, everyone single of you emerge now!”

A resplendent green light suddenly erupted out from within Lin Dong;’s body. Together with a frightening ripple that would cause one’s expression to change, all fifty green dragon light tattoos swept forth!