Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1017: Using Every Technique

Chapter 1017: Using Every Technique


Chapter 1017

The resplendent light transformed into countless spots of light, that slowly scattered across the sky. Many pairs of eyes were staring at a young man, who was walking out from within that wild and violent force. Their eyes appeared shaken. Who would have expected that Lin Dong was actually able to block a combined attack from Hua Chen and Xu Xiu…

“What a powerful formation.”

Some of the more experienced individuals quickly had a grave expression in their eyes, as they stared at the ten thousand feet light formation rotating in the sky. They could detect a relatively powerful energy fluctuation radiating from it.

To have the courage to oppose Hua Chen and Xu Xiu, it seems like Lin Dong did indeed possess some means.

Lin Dong stepped on the empty space while majestic energy swivelled around his body like violent gales. Holding onto his Lightning Emperor Scepter, lightning light continuously poured down from above, while both of his eyes appeared as sharp as blades.

He knew how powerful the two individuals in front of him were. Hence, he did not plan on probing their strength. Instead, against their combined attack, his first move was to summon a powerful tool like the Ancient Universe Formation.

However, even though his formation was extremely powerful, it was unable to completely block the two fiends standing in front of him.

“That formation is quite powerful. Let me handle it. You should go and kill him.” Xu Xiu lifted his head. His diamond shaped eyes stared indifferently at the formation, before he spoke in a faint voice.


Hua Chen parted his mouth and smiled. His eyes became dark and cold as he flapped the demon wings on his back, which were covered with sharp bones. Promptly, his body mysteriously vanished.


The seals formed by Lin Dong’s hands changed the moment Hua Chen vanished. The formation in the sky rotated, before a beam of light containing a disintegrating force shot downwards.


However, the instant that light beam shot downwards, a ray of black light shot through the sky. It directly blocked the light beam with lightning like speed. After which, one could see Xu Xiu slowly extending his black palms if one followed the direction of the black light.

“You are brave to fight against the two of us by yourself. Unfortunately, you are too foolish!”

The space in front of Lin Dong suddenly became distorted before Hua Chen appeared in a flash. He gave Lin Dong a ferocious smile. Clenching his hand, one could see an extremely sharp black demon thorn extending from his fist as a punch was thrown.


The air under Hua Chen’s palm exploded and a dent was formed under his palm. A powerful palm wind, which could seriously injure a Profound Death stage expert, was ruthlessly thrown towards Lin Dong.


Lightning glow whistled down from the Lightning Emperor Scepter. It immediately clashed heavily and ruthlessly against Hua Chen’s fist wind. A metallic sound reverberated as an energy ripple, that was visible to the naked eye, spread across the sky.

The wind spread and Lin Dong hurriedly took over a dozen steps back. Promptly, he solemnly stomped on the ground with his scepter. Only then, did he finally manage to dissipate that force. Lifting his head, he stared at Hua Chen, who had merely taken a step back, with a grave expression in his eyes.

Regardless of how many techniques Lin Dong had, Hua Chen was ultimately a genuine advance Profound Death stage expert. Moreover, the latter also knew extremely powerful martial arts. Hence, it was no easy task for Lin Dong to defeat him.

“That’s all you got?” Hua Chen looked at Lin Dong mockingly. The black light on his body expanded and shrunk uncontrollably like poisonous snakes. His eyes suddenly became cold as he flapped the demon wings behind his back. He actually transformed into a black light that shot forward.

Lin Dong’s eyes narrowed slightly as he stared at that black light, that was moving at a blinding speed. With a jerk of his body, he extended his green dragon wings. A green light flashed before he vanished in an instant.

A fist that was wrapped by dense black light cut through the air and ruthlessly smashed towards the spot where Lin Dong had disappeared. The pressurised air seemed to whistle out like an air cannon, forming a thousand feet deep pit on a mountaintop below.

“Did his speed increase?”

Hua Chen’s appeared in a flash. He glanced at Lin Dong, who had appeared in the distance and lifted his brow. The latter’s speed had clearly risen significantly after activating his pair of green dragon wings.

On another mountain peak, Mu Lingshan was supporting Tang Xinlian. When the two girls saw the shocking fight that was occurring in the sky, their eyes became grave. Both of them could tell that Lin Dong seemed to have fallen into a slight disadvantage in the head on fight with Hua Chen.

Moreover, the most important fact was that Xu Xiu, who was as powerful as Hua Chen, had yet to join in the fight. At this moment, the latter was merely blocking the formation in the sky. If he managed to free himself and join the fight, Lin Dong would definitely wound up in an extremely perilous situation.

“Let me recuperate briefly and I should be able to regain some of my strength.” Tang Xinlain clenched her teeth and said.

Mu Lingshan bit her red lips. Her tiny hands could not help but slowly tighten as she stared at the astonishing battle taking place in the sky. Meanwhile, blue light surged in the depths of her eyes.

The fight in the sky became increasingly fierce. Both figures flashed through the sky like lightning. A shocking energy ripple would erupt each time they clashed.

“Divine Lightning Demon Elimination Eye!”

A stern cry sounded. Immediately, lightning flashed. A bright lightning beam shot out from the demon eye, which had appeared between his brows. It shot towards the black shadow in front of him with lightning like speed.

Frightening lightning spread and the figure was pushed back by a thousand feet. The shrinking and expanding black glow on his body weakened slightly.

“Lightning Dragon Sealing Sky Scepter!”

Lin Dong had fought with countless people over all these years and he was naturally extremely experienced in combat. His attacks suddenly became extremely vicious when he spotted an opening from Hua Chen. In a flash, he appeared in front of Hua Chen. The Lightning Emperor Scepter erupted and a lightning dragon rose. It charged forward at a shocking speed.


Wild and violent thunderbolt spread while Hua Chen retreated once again. Black smoke rose from his body and the charred black traces on it caused him to appear somewhat miserable looking.

As this was the first time that Hua Chen was reduced into such a miserable state ever since he appeared, this caused an uproar both within and outside of the Immeasurable Mirror. Many onlookers were quietly speechless. Lin Dong was indeed quite a capable individual. He was actually able to spot an opening from his opponent while at a disadvantage and launch a counter attack…

Hovering in the sky, Hua Chen wore a gloomy expression on his face as he took a glance at the charred bits of his body. Lin Dong had taken advantage of an opening and injured him, causing him to lose face.

“Finish him off. A delay might result in some unexpected consequences. Do not forget our main objective.” In the distance, Xu Xiu suddenly spoke in a faint voice.

Hua Chen nodded slightly. He stared at Lin Dong menacingly while monstrous black light swept out from within his body. Promptly, the black symbols on his body became increasingly glaring. Treads of strange black flames danced on his skin; the flame burned and the space itself became distorted.

Xu Xiu once again lifted his dark black hand while black flames rose on Hua Chen’s body. From the looks of it, it was clear that they were going to attack again.


When Lin Dong saw this scene, he involuntarily inhaled a deep breath of air. It was only after a head on clash with Hua Chen, did Lin Dong finally understand how powerful he was. If Xu Xiu was to join in the fight at this moment, the pressure on him would soar several times.

Even Lin Dong felt a great headache when dealing with such powerful opponents. All he could do was to try his best…

Bang bang!

The huge Ancient Universe Formation in the sky once again began to rotate slowly. An extremely powerful ripple spread.


A bright red light whistled directly from Lin Dong’s palm. It swelled with the wind and turned into a large crimson cauldron. The cauldron shook and eight bright red light suddenly whistled forth. After which, they transformed into eight large bright red gates in the sky. Waves of terrifying heat spread.

“Eight Level Burning Sky Gates!”

The Yuan Power in the air seemed to have turned wild and violent the moment the eight bright red gates appeared. The eyes of many onlookers also became increasingly solemn.

Lin Dong did not stop after summoning the Burning Sky Gates from the Burning Sky cauldron. He suddenly slammed the Lightning Emperor Scepter in his hand heavily onto the ground before ten thousand lightning whizzed out in all directions.


An earthshaking roar was emitted. Immediately, countless number of people saw nine huge lightning dragons soaring into the sky. A shocking thunder resounded and shook the entire place.

“Lightning Emperor Scepter, nine dragons return!”

In the sky, a ten thousand feet large formation was rotating, together with eight gates and nine dragons in position. This vast and mighty attack caused even the expressions of the Hua Chen duo to alter.