Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1016: Battling Two Demons

Chapter 1016: Battling Two Demons


Chapter 1016: Battling Two Demons

“That is… Lin Dong?”

This sudden surge of battle intent drew countless gazes from entire the city over. They were startled when they saw the skinny figure that slowly stood up, but quickly recognised him.

“What does he plan on doing? Could it be that he still wishes to fight for the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol?”

“This fellow is really overestimating himself.”

“Now is not the time to try and act mighty.”

Several people looked to each other in dismay. Although it was extremely courageous for Lin Dong to have stepped forward at this moment, both Tang Xinlian and Zhou Ze were defeated by by the Xu Xiu duo. Was there any point for Lin Dong to fight?

Besides a miserable defeat that would further strengthen the Xu Xiu duo’s ferocious reputation, how could there by any other result?

“Is Lin Dong about to take action…”

The eyes of the First Elder of the Flame Divine Hall rippled slightly as he stood above the hall while an uproar suddenly spread throughout the city. There was not much hope in his eyes as he he quietly sighed.

“It is pointless to worry now. Why don’t we believe that this little fellow will be able to create a miracle.” Mo Luo spoke in a faint voice.

The First Elder laughed bitterly as he said, “I do not doubt Lin Dong’s ability. If he was to take on either Xinlian or Zhou Ze alone, he will not fall into a disadvantageous situation. However, it is clear that Hua Chen and Xu Xiu are stronger than them. Moreover… Lin Dong will have to face the both of them alone…”

Mo Luo was quiet. The Xu Xiu duo’s strength was such that even some experts from the older generation could not compare. Even less needed to be said for the younger generation. Lin Dong might be strong, but it would be hard for him to fight against those two by himself. However, did they have any choice at this moment?

All they could do was to believe that the young man in front of him could save them from this desperate crisis…

“He really does intend to fight…”

Inside a certain pavilion, Gu Mengqi’s pretty eyes focused on the figure within the Immeasurable Mirror as her red lips pursed a little. There was some helplessness in her eyes, however, they was also some hidden admiration deep within them. Who amongst the younger generation of the Chaotic Demon Sea would dare to provoke those two devil gods after Tang Xinlian and Zhou Ze were defeated?

It was as if this young man’s seemingly skinny figure would be able to support the sky even if it collapsed.

By her side, Gu Yan and Gu Ya also laughed bitterly. This young fellow performed extraordinary feats in a seemingly ordinary manner. Would he also be able to create a miracle that could only belong to himself this time around.


Within the Immeasurable Mirror.

Formidable surging fighting intent soared towards the heavens. Even the clouds in the sky seemed to churn due to this fighting intent.

Everyone on Immeasurable Mountain was startled by this sudden fighting intent. Their eyes were filled with astonishment as they gathered on the figure.

Lightning flashed around Lin Dong’s body. At this moment, he appeared akin to a lightning dragon that had been awoken from his slumber as a frightening aura spread like floodwaters.

“Big brother Lin Dong.”

Mu Lingshan looked at Lin Dong who was standing as straight as his scepter ever since he stood up. She could clearly detect that a wild and violent power that was churning within the latter’s body like an ocean.

“Lin Dong…” Tang Xinlian wiped off the blood at the corner of his mouth. Her pretty eyes looked at Lin Dong, who now stood in the air as a complicated expression flashed within her eyes.

“Leave the rest to me. I cannot say that I will definitely win, but I will do everything I can.” Lin Dong glanced at Tang Xinlian and did not say anything else as he turned around. He tightly gripped the Lightning Emperor Scepter as he walked towards the distant sky. Those eyes of his were filled with contemplation as he stared at the Hua Chen duo.

Tang Xinlian gazed at Lin Dong’s back, while her pretty eyes appeared to a little dazed. This young man might not have a burly look, but those skinny shoulders of his seemed to be able to block a tsunami.

At this very moment, in Tang Xinlian’s eyes, his back seemed to give her the same imposing and steady feeling that Mo Luo gave her.

“Be careful!” Tang Xinlian gently clenched her teeth and said.

She did not say anything to stop him. At this moment, she understood that no one would be able to stop this man whose desire to battle seemingly covered the sky.

Lin Dong’s body shook slightly. Soon after, he gently waved his hand as he stepped forward. After which, he paused around a thousand feet from Xu Xiu and Hua Chen.

“Ha ha, have you finally come out now that there is nowhere to hide?” Hua Chen stared at Lin Dong with eyes filled with ridicule. However, those eyes were exceptionally dark and cold.

Xu Xiu’s eyes were indifferent as he looked at Lin Dong while black light danced like electricity at his fingertips.

The duo’s auras were extremely dangerous. No one would underestimate them after the earlier display. If nothing unexpected happened, they would become the strongest individuals amongst the current younger generation of this Chaotic Demon Sea.

“I’m afraid that the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol cannot be allowed to land in the hands of you dirty creatures.” Lin Dong met the Hua Chen’s gaze and slowly said.

“Do you think that someone like you, who only knows how to hide behind a woman, has the qualification to say such words to me?” Hua Chen’s mouth parted to form a grin. Those sinister white teeth of his gave off a terrifyingly chilling aura.

“The Huo Yuan trio have already died at my hands. Your fate will not be any different.” Lin Dong laughed and said.

The smile on Hua Chen’s lips widened as a vicious look flashed across his eyes. After which, he tilted his head and spoke to Xu Xiu, “You take the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol. I will finish this brat off.”

Xu Xiu glanced indifferently at Lin Dong. He nodded before turning to leave.

Lin Dong’s eyes narrowed upon seeing this. With a flip of his hand, a light seal appeared on his palm. After which, it spread at a shocking speed. Within a short ten breaths, it had turned into a ten thousand feet large light formation that enveloped the surrounding land.

Chi chi!

The light formation rotated and a light curtain came falling from the sky. It directly covered Hua Chen and Xu Xiu.

“Don’t tell me that you wish to fight the both of us alone?” Hua Chen looked at the huge formation that had spread across the sky. The smile on his mouth was filled with mockery as he cocked his head slightly and looked at Lin Dong. Those eyes seemed as though they were looking at a fool.

He was really unable to imagine just where this Lin Dong’s courage was from. The latter actually dared to stop both himself and Xu Xiu alone.

Lin Dong’s expression was indifferent. He shut his eyes a little as Yuan Power surged in his channels. Majestic Mental Energy also gushed out from his Niwan Palace at this moment.

These two powers converged within the Ancient Universe Formation in his body. As the formation rotated, the two powers faintly showed signs of fusing together as a shocking fluctuation slowly spread.

“Let’s attack and kill him.” Xu Xiu withdrew his eyes from the formation in the sky before speaking softly.

Hua Chen loosened his shoulders. The expression in his eyes suddenly became malicious at this moment. The demon wings covered with bone spikes on his back slowly flapped as a dark and eerie voice was emitted. “Since he wishes to die, let’s fulfil his wish.”

Hua Chen clenched his fist tightly after his words sounded and a powerful punch was suddenly thrown forward. Black light gathered crazily under his fist and transformed into a black ray of light that whistled forth.

“Devouring Demon Finger!”

Xu Xiu’s eyes were ice-cold. His pitch-black finger sliced downwards and a strange black of light swept out. The surrounding space became slightly distorted as black light flashed and seemed to pierce through space itself.

One was a straightforward attack, while the other was a hidden attack. Both contained waves of terrifying fluctuations. This power was sufficient to seriously injure an advance Profound Death stage expert in an instant!

Countless pairs of eyes watched as the attacks shot forth. Many secretly sighed in their hearts. Lin Dong had indeed overestimated himself a little. These actions of his were no doubt equivalent to seeking death.

Black lights penetrated space. In the next instant, it had already appeared in front of Lin Dong. Those tightly shut eyes of Lin Dong also suddenly opened at this moment as boundless solid like energy surged within them.

“Ancient Universe Formation , Reverse Rotation Demon Destruction!” The seals formed by Lin Dong’s hand changed at lightning speed as a deep voice echoed.

Bang bang!

The ten thousand feet large formation in the sky slowly rotated in the opposite direction at this moment as a light pillar descended from the centre of the formation. Finally, it fell straight down in front of Lin Dong and heavily smashed against the two powerful black lights.


An earth shaking sound spread as the black lights burst apart. Countless pairs of eyes were gathered at the area of collision.

The black lights gradually faded under the countless watching gazes. A skinny figure holding the Lightning Emperor Scepter slowly stepped forward into the sights those numerous shocked gazes.


Noise spread like floodwaters at this moment while shock and astonishment surged within the eyes of many people.

Lin Dong had actually managed to block this combined attack of Hua Chen and Xu Xiu!

Hua Chen looked at the human figure that had walked out from the black light as surprise flashed across his eyes. His expression also slowly became distorted and ferocious.

“This is going to be interesting…”