Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1014: Waiting to Strike

Chapter 1014: Waiting to Strike


Chapter 1014: Waiting to Strike


Bright red flames whistled through the sky like shooting stars. The spot where the flames whizzed past become searing hot and there was a figure vaguely visible within the flames.

“Fire Phoenix Red Lotus!”

A feminine cry containing an icy cold murderous intent was emitted from within the flames. The flames suddenly exploded before sharp searing hot spear figures turned into a brilliant red lotus. The red lotus spun as it flew towards the black glowing person with lightning like speed.


When that black glowing figure saw this shockingly and sharp attack, he laughed towards the sky instead. His laughter contained a pride that could not be hidden.

“Devil Demon Force, Spirit Annihilation Palm!”

Black light spread and directly transformed into a thousand feet large black light palm. Black Qi lingered over the huge palm, causing the searing hot air to gradually turn icy-cold.

Black and red light shot towards the sky before they finally clashed abruptly. Flames and black light occupied half the sky respectively. The huge Immeasurable Mountain actually began to shake amidst this clash.

Red and black light entwined with each other. It was clearly a splendid sight. Countless pairs of eyes were focused on this spot while their eyes were filled with a dense solemness and shock. The intensity of the fight between the two of them had far exceeded their expectation.

Initially, they thought that Tang Xinlian would definitely emerge victorious in this fight. However, as the fight between the two became increasingly intense, Hua Chen became fiercer as he fought on and his demeanour grew increasingly aggressive. Although Tang Xinlian’s attacks were also ferocious, those with sharp eyesight could tell that her attacks did not appear to cause much harm to Hua Chen.

“That fellow… just where did he come from. He is actually this powerful…” Many experts were quietly in shock. Tang Xinlian’s reputation was built up from countless battles and there was hardly any younger generation member in Chaotic Demon Sea who dared to challenge her. However, she was currently being pestered by an unknown individual and she was in fact unable to gain the upper hand.

This dark horse is a little too ridiculously strong?

“There is also another intense battle happening on the other side…”

The eyes of some individuals were directed towards another eye-catching spot. There was an earthshaking elephant cry while two figures crossed each other like lightning. Wild and violent ripples caused the space to become a little distorted.

“White Elephant Sky Collapsing Palm!”

Low and deep cry suddenly resounded from the point where two people clashed. Bright white light swept out. It directly turned into a thousand feet large giant elephant behind Zhou Ze. Following the appearance of the huge elephant, one of Zhou Ze’s arm began to swell. A terrifying strength surged from within.

Zhou Ze’s expression was icy. He suddenly threw a punch forward. That elephant behind him charged forward and the sky seemed to tremble at this moment.

Many people were quietly stunned as they watched this scene. The Ten Thousand Elephant Skill that Zhou Ze practices was a kind of extremely powerful martial arts that tempers one’s body.

“Sky Demon Seal!”

Xu Xiu looked at Zhou Ze, who was charging over while being accompanied by a frightening strength. A chill rose in those diamond shaped eyes. He flipped his palm. Black light gathered and turned into a thousand feet black seal. He subsequently threw a punch.


The huge elephant was accompanied by a monstrous strength as it collided onto the black seal. Deafening sound of clashing metal resounded across the sky. A terrifying strength was scattered and it directly shook the surrounding mountains, forming many large cracks.

“I have said that you are no match for me.” The black seal trembled while Xu Xiu looked at Zhou Ze in front and spoke in an indifferent manner.


Zhou Ze’s face was icy. He let out a cold snort. Both of his hands were clenched tightly together. A white elephant once again appeared. It majestic attack rushed towards Xu Xiu from all directions.

The two battlegrounds in the sky were so intense that one could not shift one’s eyes away. Everyone was aware that the battle in front of them likely represented the top fight amongst the younger generation of the Chaos Demon Sea…

The other experts on the peaks, who also had a mountain seal, looked at these two battlegrounds. Their expressions were grave. Only after having personally witnessed this fight was it possible for them to realise the gap in their strengths. The top three on the Rookie List were indeed abnormal beings…

Lin Dong sat on a mountain peak in a tranquil manner while the many people were shaken by this battle. His dark black eyes did not show any ripple because of the fight in front.

“Big brother Lin Dong.”

Mu Lingshan stood guard beside Lin Dong. Those clear large eyes were watching the young man beside her. She could vaguely detect that almost all of the strength within Lin Dong’s body seemed to be gathering together…

“Big brother Lin Dong, do you have any confidence?” Mu Lingshan asked in a worried manner. Even powerful individuals like the Tang Xinlian duo were gradually giving their opponents the upper hand. It was really too difficult for Lin Dong to rely on his own strength to block the Xu Xiu duo.

“Confidence… how can there be any absolute confidence…”

Lin Dong looked at Mu Lingshan and laughed softly. Tang Xinlian and Zhou Ze basically represented the strongest amongst the younger generation of the Chaos Sea Region. Just how strong must the Xu Xiu duo be if even those two were defeated.

Even the ever confident Lin Dong did not dare to say that he could truly be victorious against such powerful people.

This would likely be the most dangerous fight other than the battle outside of the Unique Devil City. Moreover, it was obvious that he was unable to use the strength of the two great Ancestral Symbol with countless number of people watching. Otherwise, he would definitely be targeted if the Yimo discovered the Ancestral Symbols…

Mu Lingshan involuntarily bit her lips after seeing the usually confident Lin Dong uttering such words. It seemed that the current situation was a little different from what she had imagined.

“It is because of those two damn fellows…”

“Miss Tang and Zhou Ze should be able to hold out for a little longer…”

Lin Dong looked at the intense fights in the distant sky. He narrowed both of his eyes. Taking a deep breath, he slowly clenched his hands tightly. It was possible for him to sense that the hidden strength deep within his body was being extracted by him a little at a time.

“It has been a long while since I have unleash my full strength in a fight…”


The fight in the sky became increasingly intense with the flow of time. Even an advance Mysterious Death Stage expert would not dare to easily receive those many energy ripples being emitted.


The energy attacks exploded in the sky. Two figures ended up shooting out from the two battlegrounds. Their bodies shook while their auras appeared slightly chaotic.

“Ha ha, the both of you are no match for us.” Hua Chen stood in the sky and laughed faintly. His eyes were dark and gloomy.

Black Qi also lingered around Xu Xiu, who stood afar. A terrifying ripple was partially felt from him.

Tang Xinlian’s fiery red hair was scattered. Her icy eyes looked at Hua Chen, whose body was surrounding by black Qi. She clenched her hand tightly. If they were to fail, the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol would fall into the hands of the Yimo. At that time, Mo Luo’s plan would end in failure!

This was definitely something that she could not allow!

“It is too early for you to be happy!”

Tang Xinlian’s icy voice was slowly reverberated across the sky. She gently bit her finger. Bright red blood seeped out from it. Her delicate finger danced and it actually turned into many fiery red symbols.

A bright red light suddenly swept out from Tang Xinlian’s body as these light symbols appeared. Those red light appeared like a sea of flames.

“Flame Divine Life Transforming Skill!”

An icy cry was suddenly emitted from Tang Xinlian’s mouth as the sea of flame spread. The monstrous flame wrapped around her delicate figure. It slowly agglomerated and turned into a pair of huge and unusual fire wings on her back. At the same time, her aura had suddenly soared.

“Has she started using the Flame Divine Life Transforming Skill… in that case…”

Zhou Ze in the distance sighed softly upon seeing this. His eyes gradually became sharp. Majestic white light swept from his body like floodwater. His body became taller as the white light surged!

“Sage Elephant Indestructible Body!”

While Zhou Ze’s low and deep powerful voice reverberated across the sky, his body had reached a hundred feet in size. The space around him was distorted. There seemed to be a ten thousand feet sage elephant standing on the slightly distorted empty space behind him

Many pairs of eyes were startled as they looked at the monstrous flame that permeated the sky and the sage elephant. All of them were aware that Tang Xinlian and Zhou Zhe were using their most powerful skills.

Hua Chen smiled faintly upon seeing this. His eyes seemed emotionless and indifferent.

“Ha, have you begin to fight with you full strength… in that case, I shall fully destroy your confidence.”