Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1013: Pinnacle Battle

Chapter 1013: Pinnacle Battle


Chapter 1013: Pinnacle Battle

A fiery red figure held onto her Fire Phoenix Spear while she hovered in the air. Her fiery red hair swayed with the wind, while her exquisite and alluring face was filled with murderous intent.

Bang bang!

Wild and violent Yuan Power circled and rose around Tang Xinlain’s body like a rising tornado. In fact, even the surrounding air was pressured until it crackled and exploded. It was quite a startling sight.

Many pairs of eyes outside the Immeasurable Mirror were staring at this fiery red figure, who had voluntarily stepped forward. Their eyes were filled with shock. Tang Xinlian’s reputation was clearly comparable to her beauty within this Chaotic Demon Sea.

“Haha, you are indeed worthy of the title Fire Fairy. Your charisma and charm are not inferior to that of a man.” Hua Chen looked at Tang Xinlian, who was holding the long spear and staring back at him. His eyes became focused as he said with a smile.

Tang Xinlian stared at Hua Chen. Her originally bright enchanting eyes were now icy-cold and filled with the desire to kill. Pointing the Fire Phoenix Spear in her hand towards the distant Hua Chen, she spoke faintly: “I will be your opponent.”

Hua Chen narrowed his eyes. He was well aware of Tang Xinlian’s strength. In a real fight, it would be possible for her to tie him down for a while. However, right now, he had to obtain the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol first.

The black robed man, leaning on a stone wall on one of the peaks, slowly took off his hat, revealing his strange, bandage covered face. A pair of diamond shaped eyes stared at Tang Xinlian from under the bandage. After which, he slowly took a step forward.


Many cracks emerged on the rocks under his feet, as he stepped forward. A frightening ripple was emitted.


However, a soft laughter sounded just as Xu Xiu stepped forward. A blue light flashed and directly appeared in front of him.

“Sorry, but you should not intervene in their fight.” Zhou Ze looked at Xu Xiu with a smile as he said.

“You are no match for me.” Xu Xiu’s diamond shaped eyes looked at Zhou Ze, who was standing in front of him, before he remarked in a hoarse voice.

“If you don’t try, how would you know?” Zhou Ze laughed. A faint white light was emitted from within his body, while an earthshaking scream seemed to be vaguely emitted. It caused the entire place to shake.

“It seems like in order to obtain the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol, a fight is inevitable.” Hua Chen grinned when he saw this scene. A dark chill quickly surged from deep within his eyes.

“In that case… I will have to kill you.”

“I’m afraid that you don’t have the ability to do so!” Tang Xinlian’s pretty eyes contained a darkness as she laughed coldly. She quickly turned towards where Lin Dong was, “Lin Dong, do not allow anyone to touch the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol.”

Lin Dong nodded gently. It seems like a huge fight was inevitable…

“Brat, are you just going to be a useless bystander again? This is truly disappointing.” Hua Chen glanced at Lin Dong and laughed softly. His laughter was filled with ridicule.

Lin Dong lowered his eyelids and acted as if he had not heard Hua Chen’s provocations. Instead, he directly sat down. Yuan Power quietly circulated within his body. He wanted to adjust his own condition to reach his peak!


When Hua Chen saw that Lin Dong ignored his own provocation, he curled the corner of his mouth. Just as he was about to speak again, Tang Xinlian’s eyes turned completely icy. Her body moved before she shot forward. The Fire Phoenix Spear in her hands danced and formed many shadows, which were accompanied by a sharp aura, as they rained down on Hua Chen from all directions.

“You should stop uttering nonsense. Your opponent is me!”

“Haha, since the Fire Fairy is so valiant, won’t I appear as weak and cowardly as Lin Dong if I back down?” Hua Chen laughed out loud when he saw Tang Xinlian charging over with great killing intent. Clenching his fist, dense black Qi rose from his finger as a punch was thrown.


The black light fist whistled forward and easily shattered the many spear shadows.

“However, the Fire Fairy should be a little more serious if you wish to fight with me. A trick like that is useless against me.”

A cold glint gathered in Tang Xinlian’s eyes as she tightened the grip on her spear. Majestic Yuan Power gushed out while bright red light swept out from the spear like a monstrous flame. A clear phoenix cry resounded across the sky.

“Heaven Phoenix Red Moon!”

Bright red light gathered and directly transformed into a thousand feet large moon, which sat at the tip of Tang Xinlian’s spear. Flames rose beside the moon, while a terrifying destructive force radiated forth.

Everyone could tell that Tang Xinlian was using her signature moves. Any probing strikes against a powerful individual like Hua Chen was completely useless.

“Red Moon Cut!”

Tang Xinlian waved her hand. A delicate cry sounded and the red moon turned into a ray of red light as it tore through the air and whizzed towards Hua Chen in the distance, with lightning like speed.

“Haha, this is getting a little interesting.”

Hua Chen laughed towards the sky. Promptly, he took a step forward while black Qi crazily surged from within his body. His eyes also become unusually dark at this moment.

“Devil Demon Force, shatter!”

Hua Chen’s body seemed to have turned into a sinister devil as he was covered by a dense black fog. He did not dodge in the face of Tang Xinlian’s attack. Instead, black Qi spread as he pressed a finger forward.


A ray of black light penetrated the air with indescribable speed and ruthlessly collided with the bright red moon.

A shocking energy ripple swept across the sky. The terrifying violent energy caused the faces of some initial Profound Death stage experts to change drastically. Even they did not dare to casually intervene in a fight of this level.

While Tang Xinlian and Hua Chen were engaging in a huge fight, murderous intent also suddenly surged from Zhou Ze and Xu Xiu, as they faced off in another battleground.

Resplendent white and black light surged towards the sky, with each of them occupying half the sky. An elephant’s low and deep cry resounded across the sky while being accompanied by a frightening strength.

Bang bang bang!

The two battlefields became the focus of attention in the Immeasurable Mirror at this moment. Their frightening fights caused the eyes of many to reveal some shock. Their fights could be considered as a fight between the best amongst the younger generation members…

Those other experts on the peaks were also intimidated by the strength those four had unleashed in their respective fights. In fact, there was actually no one who dared try to get their hands on the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol.

Lin Dong sat quietly on a peak while wild and violent Yuan Power spread like thunderbolts in the sky. His dark blacks eyes were extremely calm.

A delicate little figure rushed over from some distance away and landed beside Lin Dong. She pouted her mouth and said, “Big brother Lin Dong, that fellow is so hateful. Why don’t you beat him up?”

She could naturally tell that Lin Dong’s withdrawal in the face of of Hua Chen’s taunting, had caused some bystanders to quietly curl their mouths in disdain. Those people were not aware of the agreement between Lin Dong and Tang Xinlian. Hence, their hearts involuntarily felt some disdain when they saw no response from Lin Dong, who had instead allowed Tang Xinlian to intervene.

Lin Dong laughed softly as he heard Mu Lingshan complain. Lifting his head, his jet black eyes reflected the eye-catching battleground, that was now the focus of attention of countless individuals. Then, he said, “I need some time to prepare.”

Mu Lingshan came to a sudden comprehension after she heard this. Lin Dong should be in a pretty good state now.

“Even I do not have much confidence in the subsequent battle.” Lin Dong rubbed Mu Lingshan’s small head. He inhaled a deep breath and said, “They are no match for Hua Chen and Xu Xiu…”

Mu Lingshan’s small face had a change in expression. She looked at the two battlegrounds and muttered, “Sister Xinlian and Zhou Ze are not at much of a disadvantage…”

She paused after saying this. After which, she looked at Lin Dong in a worried manner, If they fail…”

“Is brother Lin Dong going to fight alone?”

Lin Dong nodded slightly. He muttered, “Although those two are the strongest younger generation members that I have ever encountered…”

“However… I have promised elder Mo Luo, and I ought to keep it.”