Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1012: Fight at the Mountaintop

Chapter 1012: Fight at the Mountaintop


Chapter 1012: Fight at the Mountaintop

Fiery Flame City.

The countless tiny light mirrors fragments in the sky once again gathered together at this moment, forming a hundred thousand feet large light mirror which covered the sky.

Countless pairs of eyes within the city were gathered on the hundred thousand feet large light mirror. Mists swirled within it and the scene displayed was that of the ten figures who had reached the mountaintop.

Ten figures proudly stood at the top of each peak. Despite being masked by the Immeasurable Mirror, their powerful auras still caused the many experts in Fiery Flame City to become solemn. The ability to survive numerous eliminations and stand at the top was definitely not something that could be achieved through mere luck alone.

“Xu Xiu, Tangxinlian and Zhou Ze have all ascended a peak as expected. The top three on the rookie list do live up to their name…”

“Other than them, Teng Kui and Lin Dong on the rookie list have also managed to pass…”

“The other few are unfamiliar. It seems that there really are many dark horses in this competition.”

“However, the only ones who have the qualifications to fight for the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbols are likely Xu Xiu, Tang Xinlian and Zhou Ze. The main event is finally about to begin…”


Many conversations suddenly erupted throughout Fiery Flame City when the ten human figures appeared within the light mirror.

“Brother Lin Dong and Lingshan have managed to ascend a peak!” Gu Ya was pleasantly surprised as she looked at the two familiar figures and remarked.

Gu Mengqu smiled faintly. It was indeed a little surprising that Mu Lingshan was able to reach the peak. However, she believed that it was only natural for Lin Dong to do so. The latter’s strength was sufficient to shock numerous people.

“However, the main event will be next.” Gu Yan softly said.

Gu Mengqi nodded. Her pretty eyes looked towards the hundred thousand feet light mirror in the sky. Those abnormally strong existences at the top three spots of the rookie list had also reached the peaks. Although she knew that Lin Dong was powerful, these opponents were also not simple individuals. To defeat the and ultimately obtain the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol was definitely not an easy task.

At the same time, the reputation of the one who managed to become the champion of this competition would become the greatest amongst all the younger generation within the Chaotic Demon Sea.

“Lin Dong… you can definitely do it…”

Gu Mengqi looked at the young man standing on a mountain peak who was facing the wind with the Lightning Emperor Scepter in his hand as her red lips gently pursed. She really wished to see just how grand and dazzling he would be when this Lin Dong, who was a nobody just a year ago, truly stood at the pinnacle.


“They have all reached the peaks huh…”

Mo Luo stood with his hands behind his back in the main hall of the Flame Divine Hall. His eyes also looked towards the huge light mirror in the sky. His gaze swept across the image in the mirror before finally pausing on Hua Chen and Xu Xiu.

“This fluctuation… it is indeed the Yimo. These two fellows.”

Mo Luo slightly narrowed his eyes before slowly opening them a moment later. A cold glint flitted across them. By pushing his senses to the limit, the Hua Chen duo within the Immeasurable Mirror were naturally unable to escape his detection.

“These two are really powerful.” The red robed First Elder of the Flame Divine Hall appeared behind Mo Luo. He knitted his white eyebrows as he stared intently at the Hua Chen duo and remarked in a deep voice.

“Yes, There is rather uncertain if the Xinlian duo will be able to defeat them.”

An obscure expression flashed across Mo Luo’s eyes. He lifted his head and looked towards the azure sky before he finally spoke in a faint voice, “The target we have been waiting for has yet to appear. If they were to discover that this Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol is a fake, this plan of ours will have completely failed. It will also be much more difficult to lure them out in the future.”

“All we can do now is to hope that Tang Xinlian’s group will be able to stop the Hua Chen duo.” The First Elder sighed.

“Aye.” Mo Luo nodded.

“Chief, when will lord Qing Zhi and the rest arrive?” The red robed elder asked in a somewhat worried manner. No one knew just what rank Yimo would appear this time. However, given the allure of the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol, the Yimo that appeared would definitely be extraordinary. Even their Flame Divine Hall would have some difficulty facing Yimo of such level.

“You can be rest assured that they will appear once the Yimo do so.”

Mo Luo spoke in a faint voice, “Of course, if our plan fails, Qing Zhi will not appear.”

The red robed old man nodded slightly. He understood that those Yimo would definitely pay extra attention to a peak expert like Qing Zhi. It was likely that the Yimo would target him once he appeared.

“The most important thing to do now is to act according to our plan… as long as we manage to prevent the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol from landing in the hands of the Hua Chen duo, the Yimo leaders hidden in the darkness will definitely intervene.”

Mo Luo deeply inhaled a mouthful of air. This eyes which were fixed on the Immeasurable Mirror shifted slightly and he looked at a thin young figure on a mountain peak as his hands slowly clenched tightly.

“Lin Dong, if Xinlian and Zhou Ze fail, perhaps… we can only rely on you…”

“Hopefully, it will not reach that stage. After all, the Xinlian duo are very strong.”

The ten towering mountain peaks pierced through the swirling mists. Ten figures stood on each peak. If they tilted their heads down, it would seem as though the entire realm within the Immeasurable Mirror was beneath their feet.

At the centre of the ten peaks, was the main peak of Immeasurable Mountain. Lightning flashed on it as a terrifying ripple along with deep rumbling thunder spread from it.

Everyone’s gazes gathered at the main peak. Several of their gazes were searing hot. The Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol was almost within reach!

“Ha ha, it is really an honour to have the chance to fight against the many experts from the younger generation of the Chaotic Demon Sea here.”

On one of the peaks, the black clothed Hua Chen withdrew his eyes from the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol, before looking at the surrounding individuals as he smiled a little. His smile appeared rather humble.

Lin Dong, Tang Xinlian and Zhou Ze watched him with cold eyes. Hua Chen was frighteningly powerful. This appearance of his instead caused one to fill a chill in one’s heart.

Some of the others who were unaware of Hua Chen’s background glanced at him as their corners of their mouths turned downwards. Although they knew that those who could could come all the way here were extraordinary, the attitude of this person still caused them to feel some disdain.

“I have desired this Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol for a long time. Hence, I wish to obtain it. I hope that everyone will be able to help fulfil this wish of mine.” Hua Chen continued to smile. Soon after, his body moved and he directly shot towards the main peak.

“Tch, where did this blind fellow come from? Don’t even think for a moment that this Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol will be yours!”

A cold laughter sounded when Hua Chen moved. After which, a somewhat unfamiliar looking man charged forward. Wild and violent Yuan Power turned into a stream that shot straight at Hua Chen. Death Qi lingered in this stream of Yuan Power. This person was clearly an initial Profound Death stage expert.

“Ha ha.”

Hua Chen’s smile grew even wider as he looked at the person who had attacked. He did not dodge the attack. Instead, he allowed the Yuan Power stream to ruthlessly strike his body. However, his body was completely unharmed as the wild and violent force swept passed.


The attacker’s expression immediately changed upon seeing this. Only then did he feel that something a sense of unease. Before he could pull back, the space in front of him distorted and Hua Chen appeared before him.

“Looks like this friend has some objection towards myself. In that case…” Hua Chen grinned at the man as his smile instantly became malicious, “Die!”

Black light surged from the tip of Hua Chen’s finger. His hand penetrated space like a sharp claw and landed on the top of the man’s head. The expression in his eyes quickly became cruel as he grabbed at the man’s head.


A low and deep sound spread, and the man’s head instantaneously exploded as fresh blood mingled with brain matter shot in all directions. Soon after, a golden light hurriedly fled from within his body.

“Hee hee, trying to flee?”

Hua Chen lips parted to form a smile. He opened his mouth wide and a suction force emerged, directly swallowing the golden Yuan Spirit light into his body.


An exceptionally terrified screech was emitted from between Hua Chen’s teeth after the golden Yuan Spirit light was swallowed. This caused the entire place to suddenly turn dark and cold.

The expressions of the experts on the peaks changed drastically as horror gushed out from deep within their eyes. An initial Profound Death stage expert was actually so pathetic in Hua Chen’s hands? Just who was this powerful individual?

“Is there anyone else who has any objections?”

Hua Chen licked his lips. This action caused a chill to rise in everyone’s hearts while he smilingly looked at them and asked.

No one replied.


Hua Chen grinned. His eyes were filled with ridicule.

Lin Dong’s eyes were as cold as the edge of a blood as he slowly tightened his grip on the Lightning Emperor Scepter. Just as he was about to step forward, a bewitching fiery red figure on a distant mountain peak took beat him to it as she stepped forward while accompanied by an ice-cold murderous intent.


The beautiful yet deadly Fire Phoenix Spear was slowly lifted. After which, it was pointed directly at Hua Chen. Tang Xinlian’s eyes were like ice as mighty Yuan Power which caused one’s expression to change gathered around her body like a storm.

“This is the Flame Divine Hall’s territory, those from the Yuan Gate should scram!”