Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1011: Conquering The Peak

Chapter 1011: Conquering The Peak


Chapter 1011: Conquering The Peak


Rock fragments flew while Sha Li’s body was firmly embedded in a huge rock.


A mouthful of blood was spat out. At this moment, rich disbelief was present on Sha Li’s face. He lowered his head and looked at the wound on his chest, before his body involuntarily trembled. He was clearly aware just how powerful his Demon Shark Scale Skin was. In fact, even Qing Teng’s all-out attack was unable to break it. Yet, it was easily broken by Lin Dong, who was merely at Perfect Profound Life Stage!

“How is this possible?” Sha Li muttered. His face quickly became somewhat distorted.

“You trash, how is it possible that you can break my Demon Shark Scale Skin!” Sha Li suddenly lifted his head. His eyes were incomparably vicious as he glared at Lin Dong, while a scream was unleashed from his mouth.


However, a phantom like figure appeared in front of him in a flash, as his cry sounded. A scepter figure accompanied by an extremely violent wind unhesitatingly struck towards his throat.

The wind was filled with icy cold murderous intent.

It was this murderous intent that caused Sha Li’s forehead to be quickly covered by cold perspiration. Only at this moment, did he realise that Lin Dong was genuinely planning on killing him…


Sha Li clenched his teeth. He hurriedly crossed his hands in front of him in a defensive fashion. Following which, the Yuan Power within his body surged out like floodwater.

The Lightning Emperor Scepter ruthlessly smashed against Sha Li’s arms. At the same time, the palm sized light formation on the tip of the scepter flicked. Another strange light beam shot out. Soon after, the Demon Shark Scale Skin on Sha Li’s arm quickly melted away like snow facing a raging flame.


Sha Li’s expression changed drastically as the Demon Shark Scale Skin on his arms melted away. However, a curse had only just escaped from his mouth, when a massive force gushed against his arms like a volcano. It directly shattered the huge rock behind him while his body was also thrown back by another few thousand feet.

However, before Sha Li’s could stabilise his body, Lin Dong once again appeared in front of him in a phantom like fashion. Meanwhile, the Lightning Emperor Scepter in his hand had turned into countless shadows that surrounded the sky. Following which, all these shadows mercilessly rained down on an ashen looking Sha Li.

Bang bang bang bang!

Low and deep deafening sound reverberated over the air like firecrackers. Many sharp scepter shadows exploded on Sha Li’s body with a terrifying force. Meanwhile, the latter also quickly fell from the sky…

When Qing Teng saw Sha Li, who was unable to put up an ounce of resistance in the face of Lin Dong’s violent attacks, he was momentarily stunned. Only having fought with Sha Li personally, did he understand the terrifying endurance and defence that the latter possessed. Yet, this person in front of him was about to be turned into a dead stray…

Right now, there were other experts climbing up this peak. However, after they climbed up, their faces became distorted when they saw Sha Li being blasted by Lin Dong and falling to the ground. Lin Dong’s violent temper really caused one’s heart to shudder.

“Get lost!”

Lin Dong’s eyes were cold and sharp like blades. His hand gripped his Lightning Emperor Scepter tightly. Next, he swung it down furiously and struck heavily onto the arm of a blood covered Sha Li..


The sound of bone cracking stealthily spread before Sha Li spat out another mouthful of fresh blood. With a face plastered with fear, he stared at a murderous man, who was holding his Lightning Emperor Scepter and walking over. Finally, horror began to surge on his dark and solemn face. Immediately, he quickly clenched his fist and shattered the spirit seal in his hand.

The space around Sha Li began to distort after he shattered his spirit seal. Subsequently, the space was just like a huge mouth as it swallowed the extremely miserable looking, blood covered Sha Li.

“Lin Dong, I will not let you off!”

An extremely sharp roar was emitted from the point where Sha Li had disappeared before it resounded across the entire mountain.

Though his roar was filled with fury, it was possible to identify some fear within. Clearly, Lin Dong’s extremely violent attacks had left a mark within the heart of this expert from the Blood Demon Shark clan.


Lin Dong stared at a disappearing Sha Li before he curled his lips. Promptly, he loosened the grip on his Lightning Emperor Scepter. That fellow’s so-called Demon Shark Scale Skin was indeed unique. It was likely that it will require at least an attack from an advance Profound Death Stage expert in order to break his defences. If it was not because Lin Dong’s Ancient Universe Formation possessed a disintegrating ability, it was likely that he would not be able to easily defeat Sha Li.

At this moment, some other figures beside Qing Teng had also appeared on this peak. However, none of them dared to attack after they spotted Lin Dong hovering in mid-air.

Lin Dong lowered his head. His eyes looked at everyone on the peak. Waving the Lightning Emperor Scepter in his hand, he asked with a smile, “Is there anyone else who wants a fight?”

Everyone below exchanged glances with each other and shook their heads. What a joke. This person was just like a murderous god at the moment and who would dare to fight with him?

“You win. This peak’s mountain seal belongs to you.” Qing Teng laughed bitterly and sighed. At this moment, he had no choice but to admit that Lin Dong indeed possessed strength and qualifications that

far surpass them.

“Thank you.”

Lin Dong smiled and unceremoniously accepted his victory. Lifting his head, he looked at the top of this mountain. A light seal was slowly rotating at that spot. Once he obtained it, he would have the qualifications to fight for the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol…

Lin Dong moved. He directly penetrated through the clouds and appeared at the peak. Subsequently, he grabbed the mountain seal in his hand. Following which, Lin Dong could sense the surrounding clouds becoming increasingly dense after the mountain seal entered his hand. A light ripple spread from under his feet like a circular wave…

Lin Dong raised his head. Currently, he had reached the highest point in this realm. His sight penetrated through the cloud and he was even able to see the boundaries of the vast forest.

A dense light pillar shot from the seal in Lin Dong’s hand towards the sky. Light pillar covered his body, giving it a glaring appearance…

Lin Dong looked at the light pillar around him. Subsequently, his eyes looked into the distance. Amidst the dense clouds, there were nine other mountain peaks that were still being covered.


However, this did not continue on for long. Many bright light pillars suddenly shot towards the sky. Soon after, the dense cloud scattered and many figures with powerful auras began to slowly emerge.

Lin Dong’s eyes narrowed as he looked at the figures within those light pillars. His fist involuntarily clenched tightly…

Lin Dong’s vision became increasingly clear. Soon after, two most eye-catching figures were the first to appear within Lin Dong’s sight.

One of them was completely decked out in black. He wore a smile on his face that caused one to tremble… It was Hua Chen…

On the peak to the left of Hua Chen, a black robed man was leaning on a stone wall. His hat and veil were lifted as a breeze blew over, revealing a strange face that was covered with bandages.

“Faceless person… Xu Xiu…”

Lin Dong stared at these two individuals before a sharp expression suddenly appeared in his eyes. The two of them had indeed successfully arrived here…

“The two of them… it’s time for them to show up…”

Lin Dong inhaled a deep breath of air. After which, he turned his head to look at two other peaks. Subsequently, two familiar figures began to show up. A fiery red haired figure and a blue figure, they were Tang Xinlian and Zhou Ze.

Light pillars also shot up from the other four peaks. One of them was also a familiar face. He was the fifth ranked individual on the rookie list, Teng Kui, who was quite powerful as well. Being able to secure a mountain seal was only expected. The other three individuals however, were somewhat foreign faces. However, all of them had powerful auras. Clearly, they were the dark horses that had emerged during the competition…

After they appeared on the mountaintop, Tang Xinlian and Zhou Ze quickly scanned their surroundings. Soon after, they glanced at Lin Dong before finally focusing their attention on Hua Chen and Xu Xiu.

Both of them knew that these two people were going to be their most troublesome opponents during the competition!

“There is one more peak…”

Lin Dong suddenly looked at the final peak as a light pillar rose from it. After which, a delicate small figure clearly appeared from within the light pillar.


The large coffin cover held by that small and delicate fight, was heavily thrusted into the mountain peak. Meanwhile, her exquisite small face revealed a brilliant smile towards Lin Dong.

At this moment, Mu Lingshan’s clothes appeared slightly tattered. Clearly, she had experienced a bitter battle previously. However, Lin Dong was somewhat surprised when he realized that Mu Lingshan’s aura seemed to be much stronger when compared to before.

That little lass has actually broken through to the Profound Death Stage!

“This little lass is truly full of surprises…”

Lin Dong laughed softly. Only then, did the worry in his heart completely disappear. It seems like there was really no need for him to fret over Mu Lingshan.

“Next… the main event shall begin.”

Lin Dong’s attention once again turned towards the two dark figures in the distance. Like a lightning dragon, a lightning glow slowly gathered deep within his eyes.