Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1009: Ascending the Mountain

Chapter 1009: Ascending the Mountain


Chapter 1009: Ascending the Mountain


Lin Dong’s body flashed past at lightning speed, turning a flash of green light as it followed a mountain path and directly rushed towards the peak.

Immeasurable Mountain had ten peaks. Every peak had three paths to the mountaintop. An intense battle was unavoidable if one wished to reach the peak through one of these three paths.

Lin Dong dashed through the densely packed branches and leaves on the path up the mountain, like an agile monkey. Soon after, he lifted his head and saw several figures with powerful auras nearby. This group of experts who were rushing up the mountain also detected Lin Dong, who was rapidly approaching from behind.

Chi chi.

Green light flashed within Lin Dong’s eyes. He clenched his hand and the Lightning Emperor Scepter appeared. A lightning glow danced crazily as numerous bolts of lightning spread.


Astonishing thunder resounded on the mountain path. Lightning flashed and a thin figure barbarically charged through the many obstructions in front of him. The entire place turned into a mess wherever his body passed.

Lin Dong pushed the Yuan Power within his body to the limit. He understood that he must use his fastest speed to reach the peak in order to obtain the mountain seal and receive one of the ten places to contend for the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol!

This mountain path had undoubtedly become quite chaotic in the face of Lin Dong’s barbaric manner. In the end, many experts actually attacked together but they were still unable to block this wild beast like Lin Dong. A green ray of light dashed towards the peak at a shocking speed amidst loud rumbling noises.

“Ch, this bastard… he is just like a wild beast.”

“Damnit, I have not even attacked, yet I end up suffering a kick from him!”

“My face suffered a strike from him and even my nose has collapsed. Damnit, why don’t we kill him together!”


“This fellow is likely the strongest on this mountain path right? How unlucky. We are actually on this path with him!”

“That is not necessarily true. Wasn’t there another bastard who charged past earlier. These two bastards…”

“That Qin Yuan? Ha, I wonder just who is stronger when these two barbaric beasts clash?”

That green light shot forward as curses flew from behind. However, many people had helplessly given up at this moment. With Lin Dong present, they would likely be unable to reach the peak…


Lin Dong completely ignored the curses from behind as his body flashed passed with lightning speed. A long while later, he lifted his head to look at the peak, which was growing increasingly close as excitement rose in his eyes. He knew that there would similarly be other experts who had also taken the lead on the two other paths…

“Halt. Only I can take this mountain path!”

While these thoughts flashed in Lin Dong’s mind, a thunderous roar was suddenly heard. Subsequently, a huge figure charged forward as a wave of powerful force blasted Lin Dong.


Even before the force made contact with Lin Dong, the ground below crumbled as numerous cracks swiftly spread.


This suddenly domineering attack caused a cold light to appear within Lin Dong’s eyes. He tightly grasped the Lightning Emperor Scepter but did not dodge. The scepter was swung and it powerfully clashed against the domineering force.


A deafening sound echoed as wind swept outwards like a storm, flattening the dense forest below.

Lin Dong’s shoulders jerked as Devouring Power surged within his body and quickly eliminated the force that had invaded his body. Next, he lifted his head, only to find the strong figure being pushed back. Finally, a foot stamped on a boulder which was turned into dust in an instant.

“What great strength!”

The sturdy figure stabilised his body as his expression changed. At this moment, Lin Dong was finally able to see that the person who had arrived had a bare upper body. His muscles seemed to pile up like swelling metal while power rippled under his skin. He wielded a metal hammer that was dozens of feet in size. This image was extremely stimulating to the eye.

“Sixth on the rookie list, Giant Spirit Hammer Qin Yuan?”

Lin Dong’s eyes slightly narrowed as he gazed at the large metal tower like man. He had recognised this person in a glance. No wonder this person had such ferocious strength. The latter was definitely not an ordinary individual.

“Are you that Lin Dong?” The huge metal tower like man looked at Lin Dong as his expression slightly altered. Clearly, this person had also heard of Lin Dong.

“Friend, is it possible for you to give way?” Lin Dong asked in a deep voice. He did not have the time to deal with this person.

“Hee hee, won’t I lose my chance if I let you pass?” Qin Yuan’s mouth parted as he chuckled. He swung the massive metal hammer in his hand. “You should ask this metal hammer of mine if you wish to pass. Don’t think I do not dare to touch you just because that little miss Tang Xinlian is backing you!”

“In that case, I will have to be a little impolite.”

A smile surfaced from the corners of Lin Dong’s mouth as he slowly increased the strength of his grip on the Lightning Emperor Scepter.

“Try me!” Qin Yuan’s voice was as loud as a bell as the metal hammer in his hands danced. Even the air itself exploded because of the swinging hammer.

Bright green light frantically swept out from within Lin Dong’s body. Many green dragon light tattoos rapidly rose along with a dragon roar.

One… five… ten… twenty… thirty…

A total of thirty green dragon light tattoos lingered around Lin Dong’s body as a deep dragon roar spread. Even the air itself trembled at this moment, while a terrifying energy ripple slowly scattered.

Qin Yuan looked at the thirty green dragon light tattoos around Lin Dong’s body. His expression had finally become grave. Only at this moment did he understand that this Lin Dong did indeed possess a rather powerful strength that backed the swift rise of his reputation within the Chaotic Demon Sea.

“I will finish you off in a single strike!”

A green dragon was entrenched deep within Lin Dong’s eyes. He heartily laughed at the sky as his heroic spirit dashed into the clouds while his body, which was accompanied by thirty green dragon light tattoos, swiftly shot towards Qin Yuan.

“I shall see whether you have the ability to do so!”

Qin Yuan laughed in anger. Majestic Yuan Power was unleashed to its limit at this moment, before he took a step forward. Raising the metal hammer with both hands, it came crashing down furiously like a god.

“Giant Spirit Sky Hammer!”

A thousand feet large light hammer violently struck. After which, it was accompanied by a horrifying strength as it blasted the sky. In the end, it ruthlessly clashed with Lin Dong, who was charging forward, under several shocked gazes.


A dragon roar and a loud sound spread in a deafening fashion. Everyone could feel this mountain shake violently as the two forces collided while many huge cracks spread rapidly like a spiderweb.

Behind them, many pairs of eyes were focused on the point of collision where green light suddenly shot towards the sky. Soon after, they were stunned to see that the thousand feet large light hammer was actually blown away.


The light hammer finally exploded and a black metal hammer powerlessly flew backwards. It smashed heavily onto the ground, causing the land to shake.


Qin Yuan’s body seemed to have suffered a heavy blow. A mouthful of blood was spat out as he shot backwards in a miserable fashion, causing a deep pit to be formed on the ground.

“Thank you for giving me this victory.”

Green light flickered in the sky as Lin Dong flashed and appeared while holding the Lightning Emperor Scepter. He looked at the miserable Qin Yuan below and smiled faintly. Without further ado, his body moved and he charged towards the peak, leaving behind a series of gasps. Who could imagine that the sixth on the rookie list would actually be defeated by Lin Dong in a single move…

“Is this his true strength…”

Several people faced each other. They could see shocked expressions in the other party’s eyes. The only ones on the rookie list who could do this were likely only those top three ferocious people. However, it seemed that another one of them had appeared…

Lin Dong did not have the time to bother about those shocked gazes behind him. He raised his speed to the limit. Finally, his toes pressed against the ground as he soared upwards, shooting towards the mountain peak.

However, just as Lin Dong was about to reach the peak, a low and muffled sound was transmitted into his ear. A miserable figure shot towards him from nearby. In the end, it smeared across the ground, forming a deep scar, before it stopped in front of Lin Dong.


That miserable figure violently coughed, spitting out fresh blood. His appearance was exceptionally miserable.

“Qing Teng?”

Lin Dong gazed at this miserable figure and was startled. Soon after, a solemn expression rose in his eyes. This was because this person was the rookie list’s fourth ranked Qing Teng!

Just which powerful individual was actually able to injure Qing Teng to such an extent?

Lin Dong lifted his head and looked towards another path that led to the peak. Subsequently, his eyes focused on a bare arm person whose body was wrapped in a blood red light. There was a thickly evil aura in his eyes.

This person was actually Sha Li from the Blood Demon Shark clan!

“Ha, to think that you are able to come to this place. It seems that you do have some ability.” When Sha Li saw Lin Dong, he was initially startled before his mouth quickly parted into a smile. The smile was extremely sinister.

“However, your journey stops here!”