Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1007: Their First Fight

Chapter 1007: Their First Fight


Chapter 1007: Their First Fight

“Yuan Gate? Hua Chen?”

Huang Ling and the others were startled upon hearing his words. Promptly, they furrowed their brows. Clearly, they did not expect that this powerful individual, was actually from that distant Eastern Xuan Region…

The black clothed man wore a smile on the corner of his mouth as he stared at Lin Dong. He shrugged his shoulder in a noncommittal fashion in the face of the latter’s questioning. “It looks like you are quite well-informed.”

“You came here because of the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol, am I right?” Lin Dong asked in a faint voice.

“The main objective is the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol.” The black clothed man nodded. After which, he smilingly observed Lin Dong and said, “However, I have another mission as well. That is to bring your corpse back.”

“That was what the Huo Yuan trio said initially.” Lin Dong parted his mouth into a grin as he looked at the black clothed man. His words appeared exceptionally dense and cold.

“However, in the end, they did not even have the opportunity to go home.”

The black clothed man narrowed his eyes and spoke casually. “They are merely three useless trash. Killing them is hardly an accomplishment. As to whether I can successfully bring your corpse back, that is something you are welcome to experience for yourself.”

The black clothed man stared at Lin Dong. He lifted the corner of his mouth in ridicule.

“I intend to.”

A cold smile was lifted on the corner of Lin Dong’s mouth. His eyes suddenly turned stern as he clenched his hand. Promptly, his Lightning Emperor Scepter appeared. Next, his body turned into a ray of green light and shot towards Hua Chen with lightning like speed.

“Ah, you are quite fast.”

Hua Chen looked at the green light that was rapidly magnified in his eyes. He smiled indifferently as he tilted his body in a strange fashion.


The Lightning Emperor Scepter, which contained a lightning glow, was accompanied by a ferocious wind as it flew past Hua Chen’s arm. That lightning flash reduced a bunch of Hua Chen’s hair into dust.

“However, I’m afraid that you do not pose as much of a threat towards me as you had imagined.” Hua Chen curled his fingers before evil black Qi erupted. Next, it transformed into a cold and black sword. Light surged from this sword and many sharp sword shadows covered the green light figure, which was hurrying over, in a storm like fashion.

Clang clang clang!

Many thunderbolts appeared as he waved his Lightning Emperor Scepter and they collided with the sword shadows. An unusually wild and violent assault wave erupted. Many hundred feet large cracks swiftly spread from under the feet of both parties like a spiderweb.

Lightning and black Qi entwined together. However, the usually overpowering Yimo aura did not achieve the effect that Hua Chen had expected. Instead, the lightning sparks were actually able to resist the Yimo aura.

“Haha, it turns out you are relying on the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol’s powers within the scepter… It is likely a treasure that you obtained from within the Lightning Cave, am I right?” An additional tinge of shock was present in Hua Chen’s voice. He had detected the power of the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol hidden within the scepter.

Lin Dong had an indifferent expression. He shook his hand before the Lightning Emperor Scepter in his hand suddenly exploded.


Green light flashed and a low and deep dragon roar resounded. A wild and violent lightning dragon erupted from the Lightning Emperor Scepter. After which, it roared towards the sky. Lightning arcs danced and charged ruthlessly towards Hua Chen.

“Although it possess a bit of the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol’s powers, there is ultimately a limit to it. I’m afraid you are simply too naive if you wish to use it to deal with me…” Hua Chen smiled faintly. He extended his hand and directly grabbed that huge lightning dragon.

Sizzle sizzle!

Five majestic black light whistled out from Hua Chen like enormous pythons before surrounding the lightning dragon that was pouncing towards him.


Hua Chen’s eyes turned cold as he suddenly clenched his hand.


The five rays of black light shrunk violently like a chain and a miserable roar was emitted from the lightning dragon. Many cracks spread on its large body. Next, with a loud bang, it exploded.

Lin Dong held the Lightning Emperor Scepter. His toes pressed on the ground as he hurriedly withdrew. Hua Chen’s strength was truly terrifying. Even after excluding the possibility that he was an Yimo, he had definitely reached the advance Profound Death stage. The Huo Yuan trio were truly inferior to him…

“Lin Dong, be careful!” Huang Ling’s group warned after seeing that Lin Dong was forced back. It was obvious that this person called Hua Chen was even more vicious compared to Lin Dong.

Lin Dong nodded slightly. He could sense just how troublesome Hua Chen was. It was no easy task to deal with such an opponent.

“If I finish you off here, I will be able to focus on the fight for the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol…”

Hua Chen smiled. Promptly, he quickly clenched his hand before black Qi gushed out from his palm like liquid. It subsequently agglomerated together and transformed into a black long spear.

“I’m afraid that you lack the ability to do so.”

Lin Dong chuckled. He held the Lightning Emperor Scepter tightly in his hand. Lightning flashed crazily on top of the scepter while Yuan Power came surging out like floodwater from within his body.

“Is that so?” The ridicule on the corner of Hua Chen’s mouth turned even sharper. A cold glint flashed in his eyes. In the next moment, his body suddenly shot forward. Dark and chilly bone piercing murderous intent spread.

Lin Dong looked at Hua Chen, who was no longer concealing his intent to kill, before a cold chuckle sounded in his heart. Green light surged over the surface of his body as several dragon light tattoos begun to emerge.


Just as Lin Dong was preparing to engage in an all-out fight with him, his heart suddenly shuddered. Promptly, he violently raised his head, only to see a bright red flash containing a frightening hot ripple sweeping over. Following the arrival of that crimson figure, was a familiar lovely cry.

“Lackey of the Yuan Gate. You can’t just act as you please in my Flame Divine Hall’s territory!”

A lovely cry was transmitted. One could see that majestic crimson energy suddenly transforming into a violent fire phoenix. After which, it ruthlessly smashed against Hua Chen together with a shocking ripple.


This sudden sharp attack caused Hua Chen’s eyes to sink. Immediately, he released a cold snort. Slamming his black spear heavily against the ground, a monstrous black light swept forth. It was just like a glowing pillar as it collided violently with the fire phoenix.

Frightening energy ripples spread apart. The surrounding huge trees were turned into dust due to the impact. In fact, Huang Ying and the rest were all forced to retreat in a miserable fashion.

Fierce and uncontrolled energy scattered all over the sky. A delicate figure pressed her toes on the empty space. After which, she stood in the sky. Her fiery red hair danced like flames while the fire phoenix spear in her hand brandished a cold glow. It trembled as it pointed towards Hua Chen, who was standing on the ground.

Who else other than Tang Xinlian would appear in such a spectacular fashion.

“Hey, looks like you are very unlucky. If I had not hurried over, won’t you be in deep shit?” Tang Xinlain stood in the sky. Her pretty eyes looked at Lin Dong, who was holding the Lightning Emperor Scepter in his hand, before she laughed.

“There is no need to look down on me.” Lin Dong helplessly said.

Tang Xinlian curled her mouth into a smile. Her pretty eyes turned towards Hua Chen. Her eyes were icy cold as she said: “Initially, I planned to fight with you after I arrived at Immeasurable Mountain. It looks like our fight will have to be brought forward…”

“Ha, Fire Fairy, Tang Xinlian from the Flame Divine Hall, huh… You are indeed as domineering as the rumours state.” Hua Chen lifted his head and looked at Tang Xinlian. He smiled faintly. Tang Xinlian is indeed powerful enough for him to raise his guard.

“Since there are so many people here, let’s forget about it. We will have the opportunity to fight at Immeasurable Mountain…”

Hua Chen glanced at Lin Dong. He laughed, “I heard that back in the Eastern Xuan Region, you enjoy on counting on women for help. Now that I have witnessed it, it seems like you are indeed quite good with the ladies.”

Although his words was accompanied by laughter, the ridicule within was blindingly obvious.

However, Lin Dong did not reveal the slightest fury in the face of his ridicule. He merely laughed softly, stared at Hua Chen and spoke seriously, “I will kill you.”

Hua Chen shrugged his shoulders, “I will wait for you. Hopefully, you have the qualifications to ascend Immeasurable Mountain.”

His body moved after his words sounded. After which, he turned into a ray of black light and shot into the forest, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

“Given your intellect, surely you won’t fall for such shallow provocations, will you?” Tang Xinlian landed. She glanced at Lin Dong and spoke in a faint voice.

Lin Dong narrowed his eyes. He looked at the spot where Hua Chen had disappeared before laughing softly and shaking his head.

“I am not angry… It’s just that… I was looked down upon… Nonetheless, it’s fine. It will be corrected…”