Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1005: Onward

Chapter 1005: Onward


Chapter 1005: Onward


Peals of thunder suddenly exploded in the forest as a green light figure shot out like a bolt of lightning. Rampaging fluctuations continuously radiated from the shining silver scepter in his hand.


Six beheading cleavers brimming with vigorous Yuan Power hacked out at the same time. In the next instant, with an astonishing level of tacit understanding, they slashed down heavily on six points weakest points on the Lightning Emperor Sceptre.

Sparks shot outwards as a berserk force ripple unfurled. Hundred feet deep scars instantly appeared on the ground while some of the large trees in the vicinity were instantly bent and broken.

The Lightning Emperor Scepter gently trembled. Lightning flickered on its surface, destroying the powerful force travelling through it and causing Lin Dong’s shoulder to jerk backwards.

As for the six people from the Blood Decapitation Guard, they were sent flying dozens of steps backwards. After stabilising their bodies in a semi circular formation in the air, they tightly gripped their giant beheading cleavers as piercing pain radiated from their palms.

“No wonder you are able to rush into the top ten of the rookie list. You do have some ability.”

The male with the thin and withered face licked his lips while a grave expression surged in his eyes. Although Lin Dong looked to be at only the perfect Profound Life stage, his combat prowess was overwhelming to the point of leaving them speechless. Even with the six of them working together, they were still unable to gain any advantage.

Lin Dong’s expression remained calm. These six individuals had extremely good coordination and tacit understanding in their attacks and defence. Furthermore, their martial arts were entirely identical, allowing them to amplify the power of their attacks. They were indeed hard to deal with.

However, such teamwork similarly had a weakness. As long as one person was separated from the group, their combat capabilities would naturally suffer a steep drop.

“Lingshan, separate one of them from the group.” Lin Dong gave a gentle cry.


Upon hearing his words, Mu Lingshan, who was already waiting at the sidelines, immediately nodded her head. Her petite little figure shot out explosively, violently swinging the Life Death Coffin Cover at one of the six.

“You’re courting death!”

Upon seeing this, the gazes of the six instantly turned cold. Just as they were about to simultaneously make their move, a green light figure had already appeared in front of them like a spectre. The Lightning Emperor Scepter left behind several afterimages as it enveloped five of them.

The two had forcefully shoved their way in, separating the Blood Decapitation Guard into two. The moment they were separated, their originally fierce and imposing power instantly weakened substantially.

“Lightning Dragon Locking Heaven Scepter!”

Boundless Yuan Power furiously swept out from within Lin Dong’s body. With a jerk, a lightning dragon separated itself from the Lightning Emperor Scepter. Quickly after, the dragon swung its tail which contained astonishing power as it viciously struck the large beheading cleavers in the hands of the five.


Thunder rumbled and five of the Blood Decapitation Guard were instantly sent flying. Lightning arcs covered the entirety of their large beheading cleavers as rampaging lightning energy travelled along their blades before invading their bodies, causing the hairs on their heads to stand.


Only after forcefully thrusting their beheading cleavers into the ground did the five manage to stabilise their bodies. However, burnt patches had appeared on various parts of their faces. Evidently, the lightning had done substantial damage.

“He’s a tough one.” One person muttered with a voice drenched with fear as he watched the slim figure nearby that was slowly walking over with the Lightning Emperor Scepter in hand.

The expressions of the other four were were also a little ugly. They had heard of Lin Dong’ reputation. However, never did imagine that they would so swiftly fall into a disadvantageous position after attacking.

“The next time you guys choose a target to attack, please wash your eyes first and take a careful look. I’m in a rush so I have no time to waste with you guys…”

As Lin Dong’s footsteps came to a stop, he sent a chilling smile towards the five people in front of him. Soon after, a lightning line slowly extended from his the centre of his forehead. In the next instant, a strange demonic eye flickering with a lightning glow appeared. It brimmed with astonishingly berserk power.


Upon seeing this the face of the withered and thin male instantly contorted as he hastily cried out.

Just as the cry left his throat, the lightning glow of the lightning eye on Lin Dong’ forehead blossomed. A gigantic thousand feet large bolt of lightning blasted blasted out like a lightning dragon that was baring its claws and brandishing its fangs.

When the bolt of lightning shot out, the ground instantly shattered, causing a thousand feet deep gorge to appear, turning the ground into a complete mess.

“Hundred Beasts Beheading Cleaver!”

The five members of the Blood Decapitation Guard wore grim expressions as they gazed at the lightning dragon that brimmed with rampaging energy as it charged towards them. The five of them moved and gathered together as the cleavers in their hands were raised high in the air. Fierce expressions flickered within their eyes as boundless Yuan Power surged forth.


Blood red light gushed out, transforming into a thousand feet long giant blood red blade. Hundreds of demonic beasts were faintly discernible on its surface as all kinds of roars dashed into the sky. It was a scene that would shake the minds and souls of people.


Howling as they shot forth, the lightning dragon and the blood red blade powerfully slammed against each other in the next instant. An astonishingly loud sound was heard as a powerful ring shaped shock wave rippled outwards, completely reducing the dense forest ten thousand feet from its epicentre into flat ground.

When the dense forest collapsed, a few miserable figures shot out from within before proceeding to hover in the air. They looked towards the origin of the shockwave with puzzled eyes. Such a clash was truly astonishing. Exactly which vicious characters were fighting…

As the dust cloud gradually scattered, a figure holding a scepter was faintly discernible as he appeared in the now the ten thousand feet area of levelled earth. Not far in front of him were the five Blood Decapitation Guard members who were in an exceptionally sorry state.

“That is… Lin Dong?”

“Ah, his opponents are the six fellows from the Blood Decapitation Guard…”

“Heh, from the looks of it, that group has met an iron wall.”

“That Lin Dong is truly formidable. When the six Blood Decapitation Guard members join hands, even the top ten individuals on the rookie list will find it extremely difficult to defeat them. I never imagined that they would be destroyed at Lin Dong’s hands today…”

As they looked at the figures standing off on that empty area in the distance, whispers erupted from the experts in the surrounding sky while the wariness present within their eyes intensified.

Lin Dong’s indifferent eyes gazed upon the miserable appearances of the five Blood Decapitation Guard members whose auras were now rather dispirited. He shot a glance at the last person who was still engaged in battle with Mu Lingshan, before speaking out in a faint voice, “Are you guys going to shatter your spiritual seals or are you waiting for me to chop off your heads?”

After hearing Lin Dong’s cold words, the expressions of the five Blood Decapitation Guard members immediately changed. They shot a look at each other, and could only gnash their teeth as they replied, “ It’s a small world Lin Dong. We’ll settle this matter someday!”

Although they had lost rather miserably, it was natural to say such words to save them some face before they left. However, the moment their words faded, they spotted the suddenly dark expression in Lin Dong’s eyes. They were immediately frightened and hastily shattered the spiritual seals in their hands.

As their spiritual seals shattered, the space around their bodies started to distort, sending them out of this Immeasurable Mirror.

“God damn, we’re truly unlucky.”

Upon seeing this, the last Blood Decapitation Guard member could only curse angrily in an unresigned manner. He could not be bothered to continue fighting with Mu Lingshan and shattered the spirit seal in his hand, fleeing from this Immeasurable Mirror.

“Tch.” Mu Lingshan hugged the Life Death Coffin Cover as the corners of her mouth turned downwards. These fellows were so imposing at the start, no one would have imagined that they would be so easily beaten.

“Let’s go.”

With a flip of his palm, Lin Dong kept the Lightning Emperor Scepter. He shot a look at the experts in the surrounding sky that had been disturbed by his fight and frowned a little, before shooting straight towards the forest depths.

When the experts in the sky saw what direction Lin Dong was heading in, some of them hastily moved to give him space. They were unable to bear the consequences of provoking such a ferocious individual.

As Lin Dong and Mu Lingshan disappeared into the distance, they did not see a black figure appear on a far away large tree like a spectre. He looked at the direction that the two were headed and an arc appeared from the corners of his mouth as he muttered, “No wonder he was able to finish off Huo Yuan and the other two. He does indeed have some ability…”

“However, the sect has ordered for your life to be taken this time…”

As his muttering faded, his body distorted in a strange manner before disappearing into thin air.