Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1003: Begin

Chapter 1003: Begin


Chapter 1003: Begin

When the fiery red fireball like sun broke out from the restraints of the surface of the sea and sprinkled its warm light over this vast sea region, the huge city akin to a slumbering fire dragon exploded with astonishing noise and excitement.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

Countless rays of light cut through the sky as they rose from Fiery Flame City and the area within a thousand miles of it in a spectacular fashion. They whistled across the sky and gathered towards the middle of the city.

The competition began today. This competition could be considered the grandest event in the Chaotic Demon Sea in the last decade. Just thinking about its scale alone caused one’s blood to boil.

Lin Dong, Mu Lingshan, Gu Mengqi and the others were gathered in a building close to the middle of the city. They looked towards an extremely grand and majestic group of halls nearby. It was the headquarters of the Flame Divine Hall. Lin Dong could vaguely detect numerous powerful auras inside. The fact that the Flame Divine Hall was able to become one of the titans of the Chaotic Demon Sea was testament to their power which could not be underestimated.

The sky surrounding this group of halls had been occupied by a densely packed sea of figures. Noise that soared into the sky spread apart, and even the clouds in the sky were shaken till they scattered.

“This is really grand…”

This grand occasion caused Lin Dong to involuntarily let out some praise. The two scenes that he had witnessed in the Heaven Wind Sea Region and the Sky Lightning Sea Region were nothing compared to this.

“The Flame Divine Hall is one of the top ranked factions in the Chaotic Demon Sea. In addition to the temptation of the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol, the number of people gathered is naturally frightening.” By the side, Gu Mengqi smiled in her lovely manner and said.

Lin Dong grinned and nodded. He felt something and looked over, only to see could see a large group of bright red figures suddenly rush out from the seemingly endless Flame Divine Hall with a whistling sound. Finally, the stood in the sky like a sea of fire.

It was an army that numbered a thousand. All of them held a huge spear in their hand while bright red armour donned their bodies. A thousand powerful auras seemed to meld together. This pressure caused the expressions of the countless experts in the sky to change, and several of them somewhat withdrew the previously arrogant and unbridled look in their eyes…

“They are the Flame Divine Guard of the Flame Divine Hall. It is rumoured that this is the strongest fighting force of the Flame Divine Hall, and they maintain their numbers at a thousand all year round. Every time someone new enters, someone else will be kicked out…” Gu Mengqi softly explained.

A solemn expression flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. No wonder this group had such a powerful aura. There was actually such a cruel competition between them. This Flame Divine Hall really lived up to its reputation.

“Eh, that is sister Xinlian.” Gu Ya suddenly exclaimed.

Lin Dong was slightly startled. He looked over and did indeed see a beautiful figure standing at the very front of this Flame Divine Guard.

The lady was tall and slender. Her bright fiery red soft armour outlined her enchanting curves. That glaring curly and long red hair of hers caused her to attract and burn the eyes of others like a flame.

This valiant appearance could only belong to Fire Fairy Tang Xinlian…

At this moment, she was also holding a fiery red long spear in her hand. This long spear was rather peculiarly made. A phoenix spread its wings on its body while the tip of the spear was a soaring blazing phoenix. That sharp phoenix beak flashed with a chilling glint that terrorised others.

This was a beautiful and deadly weapon.

She stood in the air at the head of the Flame Divine Guards alone. Although there was a ferocious elite army behind her, no one could sense even a trace of feminine gentleness from her.

This was a ferocious army that was led by an enchanting, heroic and fierce lady commander. However, nobody felt that this combination was strange. On this woman, such a presence only felt natural.

At times, even Lin Dong had no choice but to admit that in terms of commanding ability, it was likely that Tang Xinlian was the finest amongst all the ladies he had met before. Even Ying Xiaoxiao from the Dao Sect was inferior to her.

Lin Dong could clearly sense countless pairs of eyes in the sky gather on Tang Xinlian after she appeared in this manner. Their expressions were filled with amazement.

She was undoubtedly the centre of attraction in this place.

“Sister Xinlian is really extremely impressive.” Gu Ya spoke in an envious manner. It was extremely difficult for a lady, especially one who is so beautiful, to achieve this.

“Although she is the first disciple of Mo Luo, the position that she possess is something that she obtained through her own ability. She was at the very bottom when she first entered the Flame Divine Guard back then. However, in two years, she defeated all the men in the Flame Divine Guard and finally obtained the position of Flame Divine Guard commander under everyone’s acknowledgement.” Gu Mengqi softly said from the side. Even though she was also a woman, her tone was still filled admiration that could not be hidden.

“How impressive.” Gu Yan and Gu Ya exclaimed in admiration.

Lin Dong nodded with a sigh. He could imagine just what kind of frightening effort this lady had put in to obtain such a great reputation. There were many geniuses in this world. However, very few of them could become someone who was worthy of respect. This proud lady who was unwilling to be placed behind men, did indeed possess a fair amount of charm.

“Big brother Lin Dong is also not bad. Moreover, he came from a low rank empire in the Eastern Xuan Region. Sister Xinlian has Mo Luo helping her after all, yet big brother Lin Dong has arrived where he is today all by himself. Hence, brother Lin Dong is more awesome.” Mu Lingshan smilingly said. She had become aware of a lot of information related to Lin Dong after being with him for such a long time.

“Ha ha, it is because he’s a freak.” Gu Mengqi covered her mouth and laughed softly. However, her eyes were gleaming as she looked at Lin Dong. Perhaps she was unaware of how Lin Dong was like in the past. However, she had witnessed this man gradually transform from an unknown person to a well known individual in this Chaotic Demon Sea where experts were as numerous as the clouds.

“I have to correct you. I am not alone. I still have two brothers.”

Lin Dong helplessly rubbed Mu Lingshan’s small head. After which, he laughed, “Moreover, don’t compare us. There is no sense of achievement when compared with a woman.”

“I’m afraid that Miss Tang will likely be unhappy to hear this.” Gu Yan teased.

Lin Dong felt exceptionally helpless after being teased by this group of girls. All he could do was shake his head. After which, he turned his gaze towards the direction of the Flame Divine Hall. Another monstrous red light swept out from behind the Flame Divine Guard, and a tall man with a red cloaked draped over his shoulders appeared from within the red light in an awe-inspiring manner.

The surrounding temperature increased when he appeared. Wisps of flames appeared around him, and at this moment, he looked like the king of fire.

The noise from all around quietly diminished under the terrifying presence of this man. Even those proud and untamed experts revealed an expression of respect in their eyes when they looked at this tall and strong figure.

Master of the Flame Divine Hall and the owner of the Blazing Ancestral Symbol, Mo Luo.

This was not limited to the Chaotic Demon Sea. Even in the other far away regions, he was an extremely well known super expert and a frightening overlord of the Chaotic Demon Sea.

Mo Luo stood in a sea of flames as his bright red eyes slowly swept across the area. Anyone who met his flame like gazes would feel the blood within their bodies become searing hot, causing them to be frightened to the point of hurriedly turning their eyes away.

“First of all, I would like to thank everyone for joining the competition that my Flame Divine Hall has organised. There are only few rules in this competition. The winner is king and the final victor will also be the owner of the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol.”

Mo Luo’s powerful voice contained a majestic aura as it echoed in the sky, causing one to feel a pain in one’s ear.


Mo Luo surveyed the surrounding sky. He beckoned with his hand and a bright red light shot out from it. It quickly turned into a hundred thousand feet large huge bright red mirror. The surface of the mirror rippled, revealing an extensive green mountainous land. There was actually another world inside this mirror.

“This is the Immeasurable Mirror of my Flame Divine Hall and has a realm within it. At the same time, it will also be the venue of the competition. There is a mountain within it known as Immeasurable Mountain. That place will be your final battlefield.”

The hundred thousand feet large mirror rippled after Mo Luo’s voice sounded. A majestic and enormous mountain stood like a pillar supporting the sky.

“The Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol is at the peak of Immeasurable Mountain!”

The huge mountain tore through the clouds. One could see lightning flashing at the peak of the mountain, and an ancient symbol was partially visible. At the same time, a majestic and ancient fluctuation was emitted from it.

Countless gazes focused on the ancient symbol as the eyes of many became red with excitement while their breathing grew heavier.

All of them understood the great power of an Ancestral Symbol. As long as one managed to obtain the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol, one would surely be able to reach Mo Luo’s position with time!

“There are ten peaks on Immeasurable Mountain. Each peak has a seal. Only the ten people who obtained this peak seal will possess the qualifications to ascend Immeasurable Mountain. In other words, only the ten strongest individuals will have the qualifications to fight for the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol!”

Lin Dong was speechless. The number of experts who had come here was as great as the sea. Amongst them, many had likely hidden their skills. Yet, only ten people were qualified to ascend Immeasurable Mountain. The competition was really harsh.

“My introduction ends here.”

Mo Luo smiled. Soon after, his low and deep shout boomed like a war drum.

“I shall announce that the Lightning Competition has begun!”


The atmosphere in this place seemed to suddenly explode at this moment. Roars resounded in the sky as red eyed figures swarmed forth. Finally, they seemed to cover the sky as they charged into the hundred thousand feet large light like a swarm of locust!

This was a sight that would make one’s blood boil.

“Big brother Lin Dong, Lingshan, do your best!” Gu Ya smilingly cheered. Her small face was flushed red due to the atmosphere.


Lin Dong nodded. He lifted his head and looked at the beautiful lady standing in the distant sky while holding a fire phoenix long spear. The latter turned her head and faintly grinned at him. Subsequently, her hand lifted the hair that had landed on her chest as her lovely figure moved and she turned into a ray of light which shot towards the mirror.

A lovely laughter was transmitted into Lin Dong’s ear as she rushed forward.

“Lin Dong, do not fall too far behind. I will not give you any considerations.”

Lin Dong laughed. A heroic spirit rose in his heart and he ceased hesitating.

“Lingshan, let’s go!”

Mu Lingshan smilingly nodded. She hugged with her hands and a huge black coffin cover appeared. Next, both of them swept forth at the same time and merged with the human crowd that seemingly covered the sky and land as they charged into the light mirror.

This grand event had finally begun.