Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1000: Still Water Runs Deep

Chapter 1000: Still Water Runs Deep


Chapter 1000: Still Water Runs Deep

As Lin Dong stared at Tang Xinlian’s alluring figure, he felt slightly startled. Mo Luo was truly well informed. It has only been a while since he arrived at Fiery Flame City, yet his presence was already detected by Mo Luo.

Those surrounding powerful individuals also had somewhat startled expressions in their eyes as they stared at Lin Dong. Clearly, they did not expect him to be related to Mo Luo…

“Let’s go.”

Lin Dong smilingly said to the stunned faces of the Gu Mengqi trio. He had created such a huge commotion here. Hence, he felt apprehensive about leaving them behind in this place.

Lin Dong lifted his feet and followed Tang Xinlian after his voice sounded. The Gu Mengqi trio hesitated for a moment before quickly following behind him.

Some noise spread from the building after the group left in a decisive fashion. It was likely that they were trying to deduce the relationship between Lin Dong and Mo Luo.

“This is really unexpected. Elder Mo Luo actually wants to meet Lin Dong alone…” The blue clothed man on the upper storey said while observing this scene with some shock.

“It seems like this Lin Dong is no ordinary individual…” Standing beside him, the grey clothed voiced his thoughts in a solemn tone.

“The show’s over, let’s leave as well. It seems like the competition this time around, will be quite interesting. The allure of the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol is truly extraordinary…” The blue clothed man stood up and laughed before suddenly turning around and leave.

After the show in the building came to an end, the atmosphere also regained its initial liveliness. A figure, who was wrapped in a black robe, ate and drunk at an unnoticeable corner without due concern of his surroundings. It seems like the previous commotion in the building had failed to attract his attention.

“Lin Dong…”

A seemingly hoarse voice was suddenly emitted from under his black robe. After which, he lifted his head a little. A corner of his face was exposed under the black robe. However, there was a black piece of cloth which covered his face and it made him look relatively mysterious.

“Oh? Has he arrived…”

A light suddenly flashed in his eyes as he muttered to himself. His eyes slowly hardened. Gently lowering the wine cup in his hand, he directly turned towards the window of the building and flew out. Finally, he swiftly disappeared in the night sky.


Lin Dong once again met Mo Luo in a majestic large hall. The latter did not experience much changes during these two months. However, perhaps it was because they were in the Flame Divine Hall, the mighty aura on his brow seemed to have become denser.

As Lin Dong followed Tang Xinlian and walked in, Mo Luo’s gaze turned slightly distracted as he looked at the youthful figure wearing a smile on his face. For a moment, he grew slightly absent minded, as he felt two extremely enormous and familiar energies within Lin Dong’s body…They were the Devouring Ancestral Symbol and the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol.

“This fellow, you…actually managed to succeed…” With a sigh, Mo Luo slowly said.

“It’s all thank to elder Mo Lou.” Lin Dong replied with sincerity while cupping his hands towards the former. Although Mo Lou had obstructed him by challenging him to receive three moves from him, he was keenly aware in his heart that if Mo Lou truly did not want him to obtain the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol, regardless of him risking his life, he would be unable to change the final outcome.

Regardless of how powerful his trump cards were, it couldn’t bridge the enormous gap between them.

“You were able to receive three strikes from me. If I didn’t give way, I wouldn’t have anywhere to hang my old face. In fact, Qing Zhi and the rest might even start laughing at me.” A smile surfaced on Mo Luo. From the looks of it, he was extremely satisfied with Lin Dong’s performance that day.

Standing beside him, Tang Xinlian looked at Lin Dong with eyes brimming with suspicion. She was truly unable to believe that Lin Dong was able to receive three strikes from Mo Luo. Furthermore, she was clear about Mo Luo’s character and knew exactly why he had headed to the Heavenly Lightning Sea Region. Therefore, he would definitely pull all stops in such a matter… However, even in such a situation, Lin Dong successfully received three strikes from him. If news of this matter were to be transmitted, Lin Dong’s ranking on the rookie list might immediately jump to the top three immediately.

Lin Dong naturally sensed the suspicion within Tang Xinlian’s eyes. Regardlessly, he didn’t elaborate any further. Turning his head, he asked, “Was senior Qing Zhi here?”

Lin Dong always felt tremendous respect and gratefulness in his heart towards Qing Zhi. After all, disregarding the Green Heavens Materialised Dragon Skill for which he was still reaping its benefits, the kindness and favor shown by him by saving the three brothers during the final moment in the Unique Devil City was something that Lin Dong will always remember.

“Mm. He has not arrived yet. Due to the importance of this plan, we have to do our utmost to get as much assistance as possible.” Mo Luo replied while nodding his head. Turning to look at Lin Dong, he spoke out with a smile, “Are you here to retrieve the thunderbolt essence?”

Feeling awkward, Lin Dong nodded his head and replied in a self mocking tone, “ Don’t worry elder Mo Lou, I’ll follow the rules you set. At the very least, I’ll wait till the competition to ends before I retrieve the lightning essence. ”

“If we were to go by the rules, you will have to become the champion in order to claim the lightning essence. ” Mo Luo replied with a hearty chuckle, before proceeding to speak out in a deep and solemn voice.”

“Oh?” Lin Dong was faintly startled.

“You should also be keenly aware of the plan this time. Before luring out the truly powerful Yimos, I don’t want anyone else to know that the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol is fake…” Mo Luo continued.

“What Elder Mo Luo is trying to say is?”

“According to the information that we’ve obtained, the Yimos won’t easily show themselves. Hence, there’s a high possibility that they will hide within the bodies of humans, before using ordinary methods to enter the competition. After which, they will defeat everyone else and obtain the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol.”

Lin Dong’s pupils instantly contracted as he recalled the Huo Yuan trio. There seemed to be so-called devil seeds hidden within their bodies and those objects gave them immense strength. If it was not because Lin Dong had the power of two great Ancestral Symbols, there was a higher likelihood of him being killed by those three instead.

“There are too many experts participating in this competition and we’re unable to conduct an overly extensive screening. Therefore, if we allow those individuals with Yimos hiding within them to become the champion, the authenticity of the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol would be exposed, and so would our plan. If that happens, our objective of luring out the heavyweight Yimo will definitely fail as a result…” Mo Luo said in a deep voice.

“Therefore, we must let a normal human clinch the champion, and use this as a pretext to force those Yimos hiding in the dark to show themselves and try to snatch it…”

A faint wrinkle appeared on Lin Dong’s forehead, before gently nodding his head. Turning his gaze towards the sexy and alluring Tang Xinlian beside him, he spoke out, “A matter like clinching the champion, Miss Tang should be the favourite…”

“Indeed, Xinlian does have the qualifications to clinch the champion. However, it’s still no guarantee.” Mo Luo spoke out, while slowly shaking his head.

Hearing that, Tang Xinlian’s lips twitched. It was as though she wanted to say something. However, in the end, she chose to remain silent.

“No guarantee?” Lin Dong’s eyes flashed, before replying in a soft voice. “Does elder Mo Luo know something else that we don’t?”

There is no need to doubt Tang Xinlian’s strength. As the second ranked member on the rookie list, this was sufficient to prove her strength. In fact, even Lin Dong would have a rather tough time if he were to face her in a fight. However, Mo Luo still said that her powers were insufficient to guarantee their victory. What exactly was he hiding behind his words?

At this moment, Mo Luo’s gaze grew much more gloomy. After pondering for awhile, he replied with a low and deep voice, “I suspect that there’s something amiss about the top ranked individual on the rookie list, the Faceless Person, Xu Xiu.”

Lin Dong’s gaze instantly contracted. Promptly, he began to ponder in silence. It seems like the standard of this competition had slightly exceeded his expectations.

“Master, if Xu Xiu is so problematic, I’m afraid that even Lin Dong would not be able to gain much of an advantage.” Unable to bear it anymore, Tang Xinlian spoke out. She didn’t want to be seen as inferior to Lin Dong within Mo Luo’s eye.

“Haha, elder Mo Luo. What Miss Tang said is indeed true. If she’s unable to restrain that Xu Xiu, I’m afraid that it’ll be unbearable for me too. I’m merely at the perfect Profound Life stage. How can I possibly compare myself to them?” Lin Dong knew that this lass was proud and arrogant. Hence, he replied immediately with a smile.

“In front of me, there is no need to hid and conceal yourself. Do you really think you can hide your true strength from me?” Mo Luo stopped commenting. Proceeding to stare at Tang Xinlian, he spoke out in a deep voice, “This is an important plan and I won’t accept any childish behaviour from you.”

Feeling slightly wronged, Tang Xinlian whined. However, the defiant expression in her eyes grew increasingly thick.

Feeling helpless, Lin Dong hesitated for a moment. Shaking his head in helplessness, he spoke out, “If I’m were to meet that Xu Xiu, I’ll try my best to stop him…”

Hearing his words, Mo Luo finally gave a smile while nodding his head. Patting the back of his chair, after a slight moment of hesitation, he spoke out, “In addition, from the information I’ve obtained, there are other besides Xu Xiu, that we have to pay attention to. In particular, we’ve to pay attention to this person…”


Lin Dong and Tang Xinlian simultaneously raised their heads and looked at Mo Luo.

“A person that came from the Eastern Xuan Region’s Yuan Gate, with the name Hua Chen.”

Upon hearing that, Lin Dong’s pupils instantly contracted.