Unscientific Beast Taming

Chapter 822 - 822 Evolution of God Eleven (5)

822 Evolution of God Eleven (5)

This power… was so strong…


In the white lightning storm, Eleven opened its blue eyes.

Devouring legendary resources to strengthen the physique was very painful, but for Eleven, who had experienced countless painful training daily and had the will of an overlord, it was not a problem.

In a short moment, its aura began to increase from the original ten million energy points.

“What will happen?”

At this moment, in the distance, Shi Yu’s face was pale. He had already sensed the instability of the Beast Taming Space. The shaky space seemed to be about to collapse at any time.

He looked at Eleven in the white lightning with a burning gaze.

20 million.

40 million.

60 million.

70 million… 75 million… 78 million… 79.99 million…

Just as he broke through, Eleven’s energy level increased extremely quickly.

The violent increase made Buggy, Baby Ginseng, and the others swallow their saliva crazily.

Soon, Eleven’s energy level broke through to 80 million.

It was twice the minimum energy standard of ordinary overlord-level pets.

This energy value was very terrifying.

After all, when the gem cat was at the overlord level, it only had more than 50 million energy points. The famous top-notch overlord of the East Sea, the Sky Penetrating Whale, had fought for its entire life and had less than 90 million energy points.

The number one heir of demigod factions like the Dark Night Forest and the Dragon Empire only had about 90 million energy points.

These overlords undoubtedly only had this energy value after breaking through and undergoing a long cultivation.

As for Eleven, it had just broken through when its energy level suddenly increased to 80 million.

In the end, it gradually stabilized at 80.11 million.

This energy value undoubtedly shocked Buggy and the others. After all, this was only someone who had just broken through to overlord!

It had yet to devour the meteorite fragment and the second legendary resource to evolve!


[Pet Name]: Eleven

[Race]: Iron-eating Beast, Nine Li Battle Beast

[Attributes]: Metal, Thunder

[Race Level]: High-level overlord (Quasi Mythical)

[Level of Growth]: Overlord

“Super Level”: Inner Power (Perfect), Lightning Rod (Perfect), Space Quake (Perfect), Bean Soldier (Perfect), Impregnable (Perfect)

[Taught Skill]:

“Super Level”: Undying Golden Body (Perfect), White Thunder (Perfect), Super Alloy (transcendent)

Normal Energy Points: 80,110,000

Terrifying attributes.

One could imagine how solid Eleven’s foundation was.

Its energy was actually mostly thanks to the strength of its physique.

At this moment, Eleven was even a little unfamiliar with its body.

The terrifying physical strength made it have a bold idea. Perhaps it could resist Baby Ginseng’s self-destruction!

Including a set of skills, it was definitely one of the best among top-notch overlords.

Probably, apart from invincible overlords like the Mutated Leviathan, there were very few Eleven’s match at the overlord level.

And this was only the beginning!


Eleven clenched its fists happily. The surrounding space seemed to tremble as the white lightning was clenched in its hand.


It looked at the others with an excited expression and asked if its strength after breaking through was strong!!

Buggy, Baby Ginseng, Chi Tong, Susu, and the others looked envious.

They also wanted to break through to overlord.

This was simply a qualitative change in strength.

Relying on equipment, the Time Fruit, and other external forces was indeed a little lacking.

“Is it strong? You exchanged your Beast Tamer for that.”

Eleven: QAQ

Shi Yu’s face was pale as he said weakly. At this moment, the Beast Taming Space had stabilized. He had successfully contracted an overlord above his level!!

Those Beast Tamers from the totem country could contract above their level, so could he!

However, because of the contract connection with Eleven, Shi Yu felt that his stamina was almost constantly flowing away. Its speed was very terrifying.

It was ridiculous.

Did it consume so much energy?

He felt that it was impossible for other Beast Tamers to consume so much energy to contract above their level.

Shi Yu was originally very panicked, but he didn’t panic for long.

Eleven’s breakthrough also gave Shi Yu a large portion of its strength, allowing Shi Yu’s physique to reach an unprecedented height.

It made Shi Yu’s physique, which had already reached the limit, break through the limit and obtain epic strengthening again.

This strengthening was undoubtedly timely help, allowing Shi Yu to quickly recover. However, his expression was a little weak. Everything was still within his tolerance.

He took a deep breath of the sachet hanging on his neck and instantly felt revived. He felt that contracting above his level was nothing.

“That’s it,” Shi Yu said. “Another overlord won’t be a problem.”

Eleven: Wu wu wu, Shi Yu, are you alright?

Eleven looked at the pale Shi Yu, afraid that it would break the Beast Tamer’s brain.

This didn’t look like it was alright at all.

Although it was indeed no different from normal…

Ling: “Don’t be arrogant.”

“There’s also evolution.”

“Evolution!” Shi Yu nodded and also nodded at Eleven in the distance, indicating that it could continue.

With this hint, Baby Ginseng, Buggy, Chi Tong, Susu, and the others became even more serious.

Hey, hey, hey, this was already ridiculous enough.

If it used [Transcendent-level superalloy], [Multiple Meteorite Fragments], and [Second Legendary resource, Aurora Magnetic Gold] to fuse and evolve next, would it be a little too terrifying?

Before starting the evolution project, Buggy and the others were originally very calm, but at this moment, they suddenly had a bad feeling.

“Yes, yes!!!” Eleven was extremely excited.

It directly ate the meteorite fragment. There were a total of ten meteorite fragments. In addition, Eleven had already eaten a top-notch fragment previously. Shi Yu didn’t know where Eleven’s upper limit was.