Unscientific Beast Taming

Chapter 821 - 821 Evolution of God Eleven (4)

821 Evolution of God Eleven (4)

Time Mark+Time Fruit+Moon Explosion+Life Fire Seed. It could only say that it was so delicious that it exploded. Even if a totem came, it wouldn’t win. It was better than a real divine skill.

As long as it was banned, it was the strongest.

If it wasn’t banned, then Ginseng Baby would panic.

“Mi.” The sword spirit, Chi Tong, danced in the air. At the moment, it was also ridiculously strong.

After the Undead Revival reached perfect level, it didn’t need the bone sword to control the three overlord undead puppets at all.

Therefore, Chi Tong had been coddling up to Shi Yu recently, hoping that the next transcendent points could be given to its undead revival skill.

In that case, it could control the totem-level puppet.

Even at the monarch level, it could even control totem undead puppets. It would be invincible.

Now, it didn’t matter who he added points to, because for the next two months, be it Buggy, Chi Tong, or Ling, their will levels had been trained to the level of overlord will. Although there were still some differences in the time to add points, it was no longer big.

“Ning.” Susu snorted proudly, its jelly-like blue body swaying.

It hoped that Eleven would evolve stronger and not disappoint the Sea Cleansing Spirit it had worked hard to create.

At the moment, every pet had found comfort for themselves.

For example, Baby Ginseng felt that if skills weren’t banned, it was the strongest, while Susu felt that if the battlefield was the ocean, it was the strongest.

In any case, they didn’t believe that Eleven could change this situation after breaking through and evolving.

“Alright, alright.”

Shi Yu smiled. He had long prepared the ten meteorite fragments and two Aurora Magnetic Gold from Senior Ji Mengzhu.

He looked at Eleven, who nodded heavily and immediately returned to normal!

It was three to four meters tall in the form of the Nine Li Battle Beast.

It was wearing silver and black armor, revealing blue eyes. It was very domineering.

However, this might be the last time it maintained this form.

Shi Yu and the others had no idea how it would evolve next.

He just didn’t know if it could recover with the Time Fruit later.


“Eat, eat.”

Eleven nodded.

It had been stifled for the past few days.

In order to become a perfect overlord, it had been suppressing its breakthrough power for several days.

If it didn’t break through soon, it didn’t know if Shi Yu would be alright, but it itself would definitely explode.

However, this process also further honed Eleven’s control over its body.

At this moment, under everyone’s gaze, Eleven couldn’t wait to pick up an Aurora Magnetic Gold and stuff it into its mouth.

Legendary resource, Aurora Magnetic Gold!

Shi Yu had a total of two pieces, all applied from Dong Huang.

This was a legendary strengthening resource that could strengthen the physique.

Although Eleven and the others trained with legendary resources every day, they didn’t completely devour it.

Otherwise, the huge power of legendary resources would have long made them break through.

After all, legendary resources even had a chance of allowing overlords to break through to totems, let alone monarchs to overlords.

Now, Eleven’s gaze was excited. It could finally taste legendary resources.

However, this resource was originally meant to be carried around. It was used to subtly train the physique.

Swallowing it directly was undoubtedly very risky.

However, Ling had already undergone strict calculations. With Eleven’s current physique, it was definitely not a problem to completely devour the Aurora Magnetic Gold.

Before evolution, it would break through first.

“Eleven, charge!”

“Wu!” “Yi!” “Mi!” “Ning!” “!”

Under the cheers of the entire team, Eleven, who had swallowed the first Aurora Magnetic Gold, suddenly had a serious and frozen expression.

The suppressed power in his body finally couldn’t be suppressed.

It slowly raised its head and roared at the sky.


In the next moment, a shocking energy erupted from its body!

“Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom!!!!!”

As Eleven roared, the ground around it exploded.

A terrifying white lightning also shot into the sky from its body!!

The lightning power contained in the Aurora Magnetic Gold!!!

This terrifying power attacked Eleven’s body crazily.

In an instant, a white lightning storm lingered with Eleven as the center.

The huge power directly forced Shi Yu and the others back.

At this moment, Eleven no longer suppressed its strength. Several perfect super racial skills led to its growth.

At the same time, under the pressure of the lightning tempering, the will of the overlord erupted.

Five perfect proficiency super racial skills, overlord will, and legendary resources.

The three breakthrough powers combined into one, making Eleven’s aura climb steadily, instantly changing the sky and earth.

In the sky, white lightning surged. The boundless land had already turned into a white lightning pool.

This was not an ordinary transformation. Even after Eleven left, this lightning environment would continue for a long time.

This was the power of an overlord.

It already had the ability to change the natural environment.

For example, if Eleven went to erupt and fight, it could directly turn that place into a thunder fire snow mountain.

As it broke through, multiple powers modified Eleven’s body.

Its life level directly reached another realm.

Its physique began to be reborn.

With the enhancement of many max-level thunder-element skills and the Perfect Level Lightning Rod, Eleven’s physique instantly acquired extreme affinity with lightning.

At this moment, Eleven suddenly had a feeling amidst the white lightning.

Even if it didn’t use the energy in his body or use any skill crystals, it could casually wave his hand and cause the lightning to fall.