Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws

Chapter 1018 - Destroying Holy City, Attacking Golden Ridge Temple, Wei Tuo Avatar

Chapter 1018 Destroying Holy City, Attacking Golden Ridge Temple, Wei Tuo Avatar

The Holy City encountered an unprecedented disaster.

As the disaster’s creator, Chu Kuangren had no compassion at all. After all, he had destroyed a civilization before, so what was an orthodoxy to him?

He formed a sword hand sign, prompting a giant violet lotus to rise out of the ground and bloom slowly. Then, sword qi was released from the flower bud in all directions.

Everywhere the sword qi struck, the earth and mountains moved while the sky trembled!

None of the cultivators could resist the strike.

Sword Crown lamented while watching from beside. “Master’s Thousand Lotus Sword Intent has far surpassed me.”

“Chu Kuangren, don’t be so arrogant!”

In Holy City, an Immortal soared into the sky with bloodshot eyes. As if his body was integrated with a blood-red spear in his hand, he turned into a blood-colored spear ray with an aura that could shatter everything and dashed towards Chu Kuangren. That was a desperate move, a tactic of taking down the other with him!

Such a move would severely injure even a Ninth-grade Immortal.

However, Chu Kuangren was unmoved. “Perhaps it’ll be of some use if the Spear Crown uses this move in front of me.”

“But unfortunately, you’re too weak.”

As he formed a sword hand sign, a sword ray shot out from his fingertips. Sword qi tore the void apart, and the blood-colored spear ray collapsed in the blink of an eye.

With a bang, the Immortal with the spear turned into a blood mist and exploded!

In Holy City, countless cultivators looked at Chu Kuangren with fear, anger, and other emotions. Some knelt and begged for mercy, some stood in despair, while some swore and resisted.

The current Chu Kuangren was like an exterminating demon, but he was not bothered about it at all.

He pointed his sword hand sign forward, and the void-full of sword qi danced in the air.

Shortly after, the once magnificent Holy City was destroyed. The Immortals were all dead, and the rest of the cultivators were mostly dead.

The Holy City had been overthrown!

“Next, Golden Ridge Temple,” uttered Chu Kuangren indifferently.

With his Spatial Conveyor Skill activated, Chu Kuangren and the Sword Crown disappeared in place.

Millions of kilometers away, in a huge temple full of burning incense, nearly a hundred thousand monks were sitting in a square and chanting Buddhist scriptures. Boundless Buddhist Lights were illuminating a vast area.

At that moment, a crack suddenly opened in the void.

A young man in white approached slowly, with surges of boundless sword aura sweeping in all directions, covering the entire Golden Ridge Temple.

The expressions of countless monks’ changed, and their bodies began to tremble.

“I-Is he the mad demon?!”

“What a terrifying might!”

“Don’t stop. Continue chanting the scriptures. We’ll do justice by destroying this mad demon


The chanting of the scriptures was endless, and the vast Buddhist Light was like a vast ocean.

Chu Kuangren descended from the sky with magnificent might. Although he was alone, he made the realm tremble wildly.

He landed on Golden Ridge Temple lightly, but it was tough for the earth to bear!

The entire Golden Ridge Temple shook like never before. The wind roared for thousands of kilometers, the ground cracked open, the sand and stones moved, the Buddhist Halls collapsed one after another, and Buddha statues shattered!

At that moment, the glow on ten thousand Buddhas dimmed, shocking the heavens!

“Golden Ridge Temple, where’s your Buddha now?” asked Chu Kuangren indifferently, his cold voice resounding throughout the universe.

“Amitabha.” A mantra sounded. An old monk in golden-red Kasaya walked out and looked at Chu Kuangren with a sympathetic expression. “The sea of bitterness has no bounds. Turn your head to see the shore. Benefactor Chu, please stop.” Chu Kuangren sneered and said indifferently, “Is that all you have to say? This won’t save your lives.”

He put up a sword hand sign and drew in the void.

A violet sword ray suddenly gushed out and danced in the void. Then, one sword turned into ten thousand swords, and countless sword rays interweaved, forming a Boundless Snaring Web!

The entire Golden Ridge Temple was shrouded in this great net of sword qi, facing an unprecedented threat of death.

The expression of Golden Ridge Temple’s Abbot changed upon seeing the scene. “Amitabha. Since the benefactor is unrepentant, I shall stop your evil deeds even if it takes my life!”

“Myriad Buddhas Royal Sect Megaformation!”

A hundred thousand monks recited Buddhist scriptures in unison. Then, endless Buddhist Lights ignited the sky and blessed the Golden Ridge Temple’s Abbot with a terrifying aura.

Then, he sat down with his legs crossed, and golden light circulated his body, looking solemn.

“Grand Brahmic Heavenly Palm!”

The Golden Ridge Temple’s Abbot yelled, and the Buddhist Lights lit up from his body. Having unleashed a punch, a giant hand in Buddhist Light reached out toward Chu Kuangren. Seeing that, Chu Kuangren chuckled. “Even if you gather all the Buddhas’ powers, you still can’t stop… the Buddhas from extinction!”

A lotus bloomed in the void as he pointed his sword hand sign toward the sky. Soon after, a violet sword shadow soared into the sky and struck down with endless sword pressure!

The sword shadow and the giant palm in Buddhist Light collided with a bang.

Immediately, the earth and void exploded!

With the Buddhist Light shattered, the sword shadow gained momentum and swept toward the Golden Ridge Temple’s Abbot, blasting him dozens of kilometers away!

Upon witnessing the scene, the hundred thousand monks became horrified.

“What a terrifying strength! I can’t believe the Abbot isn’t his opponent even with the help of Myriad Buddha’s Royal Sect Megaformation!”

“Just how powerful is this person?!”

“A mad demon!”

The hundred thousand monks’ state of mind was shaken, and the Buddhist Light dimmed.

At that, an Arhat immediately shouted, “Wake up and continue activating the mega formation! We haven’t lost yet!”

Just like that, the monks stabilized their state of mind and continued chanting the scriptures.

Far away, the Golden Ridge Temple’s Abbot, who was blown away by Chu Kuangren’s sword attack, dashed out from the ruins and suspended in mid-air. Surrounded by boundless Buddhist Light, he channeled the power of Myriad Buddha’s Royal Sect Megaformation to its fullest potential.

The Buddhist Light intertwined with Daoist patterns to form a huge Buddha Avatar with tens of thousands of meters. It had the Devastating Demon Slaying Mace in hand and was called the Wei Tuo Avatar.

Wei Tuo was a divine protector of Buddhism and the most powerful rumored Buddhist elite in the ancient Immortal World.

The Wei Tuo Avatar that the Golden Ridge Temple’s Abbot utilized was the most powerful Buddhist avatar cultivation technique in Golden Ridge Temple. “Wei Tuo is here. Mad demon, you shall die!” the Golden Ridge Temple’s Abbot uttered solemnly. Behind Chu Kuangren, the Wei Tuo Avatar raised the Devastating Demon Slaying Mace in his hand and struck it down toward Chu Kuangren.

With a bang, the earth cracked open, while mountains and rivers collapsed!

The boundless Buddhist Light sealed the void in all directions.

Chu Kuangren had one hand on his back as if he was looking down on the world down below, showing no fear of the Wei Tuo Avatar in front of him.

“Golden Ridge Temple may be undefeatable if this is Wei Tuo’s real body, but unfortunately, an avatar can’t even exert one ten thousandths of his power. Yet, it wants to kill me?”

Chu Kuangren put up his sword hand sign and drew in the air.

Instead of unleashing sword qi attack, he cast an Invincible Technique that he had not used for long!

An incessant violet torrent erupted with the power of Invincible Source, inverting everything in its path, including the sun, moon, and universe around it!

The blow slammed on the Wei Tuo Avatar.

Accompanied by a loud bang, the Wei Tuo Avatar burst into pieces! The Golden Ridge Temple’s Abbot was sent flying backward with blood spurting from his mouth.

The aftermath of the terrifying power caused the entire Golden Ridge Temple to explode once again, and a crack line as deep as ten thousand meters appeared on the ground’s surface.

A strange blood-colored ray glowed from the crack line.

Surprise flashed in Chu Kuangren’s eyes. “Oh, Golden Ridge Temple has a secret.”