Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu

Extra 41: Manga SS – Right after

Extra 41: Manga SS – Right after

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The hurried state of the personnel could be seen here and there.

It is the private residence of Patrick Rembrandt.

Even the experienced maids were running around without caring about who saw them.

It wasn’t hard to imagine that sudden accidents would happen when in such state.


The ruckus of the personnel still hadn’t reached the room of the head and his family.

Without reprimanding the situation of his house, the head of that house simply muttered lowly —the name of his long time partner.

Even when they are in a position of master and butler, they are also friends.

He whispered the name of the person that, in a sense, knows more about him than his own wife.

“Yes?” (Morris)

“A miracle like this…can happen even to people like me, huh.”

Rembrandt has called himself with ‘watakushi’ for a long time, but he just now used ‘ore’ instead and increased the strength in the hand that was gripping his bandaged and wounded arm.

It was clear for anyone to see that he had some kind of conflict within him.

“…True. If that man hadn’t been at this place today and hadn’t helped us, the thing that would be filling this house wouldn’t be hope…..it would instead be filled with inexplicable despair. I would say this is plenty enough to call a miracle. But we donated quite a lot to the church, and we also spread a lot of money to charity; if we were talking about a ‘next in line for a miracle’, I think there’s no need for master to self-derite yourself by saying ‘people like me’.” (Morris)

“Haha, donations, huh. It is true that we did give them quite a lot. In the end, we didn’t do anything when they asked for our help though.” (Rembrandt)

“…The Goddess-sama is almighty after all.” (Morris)

The tone of Morris was quite cynical and was changing frequently depending on the intentions of his master.

“‘That’s why’ she doesn’t do anything, huh. It is true that it would be best for the world if a God doesn’t do anything. Ah, but a miracle did happen. I…didn’t have to lose them…” (Rembrandt)

“Yes, truly a blessing.” (Morris)

Looking at the eyes of Rembrandt who had raised his head, Morris noticed the state of his master and gave words of celebration with a gentle tone.

But well, for Morris, who doesn’t have a child or a family, the Rembrandt household is his family, and his friend Patrick trusts Morris more than his own daughters and wife.

The despair and anger that swirled in Morris was immeasurable when he learned that, in this time’s disaster, the skills he polished and everything he has trained for were of no use.

“Yeah. Thanks. I am truly thankful.” (Rembrandt)


Patrick looks back at the battle that he thought had no exit, and wrings out his gratitude again.

Morris didn’t celebrate it twice and simply nodded lightly.

With just that, it got through and they understood each other.

The calamity that attacked the Rembrandt household has left.

A storm-like miracle had blown it all away.

That’s why, what is waiting for them from now on will be the path of healing that they were about to give up on ever happening.

For them, it was very literally a bright and dazzling tomorrow.

Morris was receiving with heartfelt joy the drive of wanting to move his body and do something right this instant and decided to obey that feeling.

In this time where all the personnel was working busily, without any breaks, they were doing that with a smile.

He was also one of the people that wanted to move like that.

“Well then, master, I have a lot of things I must do. Yeah, there’s a mountain of things I have to prepare. I will be taking my leave now.” (Morris)

Just when Morris had turned around and was about to begin work, Patrick, who had been nodding lightly several times, suddenly spoke to the back of his friend.

“Morris, about that certain matter…” (Rembrandt)

It was a different tone from the one he had been using until now, or more like, it is the tone he usually uses.

They were words coming, not from a single man happy about the miracle brought upon his daughters and wife, but the representative of a big company.

“Yes. There’s already no problems. We can move anytime and put an end to it.” (Morris)

“No, that’s not what I meant.” (Rembrandt)


“Stop that order.” (Rembrandt)

“…What?” (Morris)

The unexpected words of his master had made Morris turn back with unusual words clad with anger.

“The assassination of Lime Latte is suspended.” (Rembrandt)

“That guy…is the man that continuously interfered with the Ruby Eye’s eye request. He is a noxious being that, not only tried to bring death to Lisa-sama, Sif-sama, and Yuno-sama, but also bring harm towards this house—” (Morris)

“This was brought by a mistake from when I was young. Lime doesn’t know everything. He is just an idiot.” (Rembrandt)

“Even if that’s the case, there’s still the need for retribution. It is not settled yet, but there seems to be a possible substitute for him. In the first place, wasn’t the elimination of Lime something that Patri—Master had ordered?” (Morris)

“Yeah, that’s why I am the one stopping it. It should be possible to retract requests in that association. Of course, I won’t ask for a reimburse of the advance payment, and I will also accept the payment for the expenses. No problem.” (Rembrandt)

“In this matter alone, I simply can’t acknowledge—-” (Morris)

“I already decided on it, Morris.” (Rembrandt)

“Why?! That guy should pay with his death! Isn’t that right?!” (Morris)

“That guy…” (Rembrandt)

“Lime will…in a near future…make his move on Makoto-dono and the others.” (Rembrandt)


“No doubt about it. Because he completed the request that Lime was obstructing after all. At the very least, we have been saved since we have a relationship with Makoto-dono that holds no animosity. Then, how will he see adventurers that make contact with him with the evil intentions of eliminating them?” (Rembrandt)

“…Are you saying that you will be handing over the elimination?” (Morris)

“That’s not it. I simply got curious. Right now, I am wondering what is it that will be born from them making contact with each other. Maybe an unbelievable miracle will be born. That’s why, I want to watch over it for a bit longer.” (Rembrandt)

“Then, can I take it as it being postponed?” (Morris)

The danger dwelling in Morris’ eyes had slightly reduced in intensity.

“…Right. I did say I would be suspending it, but I might once again put it in motion. ‘Postponed’ might be a more accurate word, yeah.” (Rembrandt)

“Then, I will notify them that the order will be temporarily stopped.” (Morris)

“Please do. When I think about it calmly, moving without caring about anything in order to kill him makes me feel as if…I really should have more productive things to do. If I think about the pain of my wife and daughters, my murderous intent can’t be repressed even now, but…if my family is to be saved, I might have to reflect and rethink it…” (Rembrandt)

“Meaning?” (Morris)

“Regarding being too soft of my sides and creating openings; the lesson I have been taught about climbing all the way to where I am now with arrogance and pride that almost brought me to lose my family in the process. My fixation of Lime might create cracks in the image that I have build up until now.” (Rembrandt)

Morris felt a cold sweat flow down from his back as he listened to Patrick speaking indifferently.

They have truly been together for a long time.

But even he can’t understand Rembrandt’s cold way of thinking -he sometimes shows- that was as if he were weighing his own life on a scale.

No matter how emotional he gets, this man will always be hiding a cold logic side in his head.

And at times, he would stop, step forward, or change paths.

The result of those decisions are clear to the eye just by looking at the company he has build up until this day and the position he has in Tsige.

“Let’s both calm down a bit, Morris. If there’s the need to, I will obviously kill Lime and will have the orphanage gruesomely disappear. But the situation has changed. It goes without saying, the reason is Makoto-dono. He will create a company. Doesn’t that sound interesting? Just what will happen in this town?” (Rembrandt)

“Master…” (Morris)

Whether he is cold-hearted or innocent, Patrick spoke cruel words with an expression as if he were a child at the opening of a park.

“Prepare a doctor and a healer to help Lisa, Sif, and Yuno recover. Of course, the requests of the clothes store and jewelry stores are also necessary and of high priority. I would like to move that side a bit as well. Right, how about having Jio keep a watch on the wasteland materials of the ‘material stores’.” (Rembrandt)

“Jio?” (Morris)

Morris asks back with a puzzled expression after hearing an unexpected name.

It is true that he is someone that they will be meeting under another matter, but he didn’t think he would hear that name from his master again.

“You will be meeting him when issuing the order stop, so that’s a good chance to do that. Didn’t the Alchemy Meister say it not that long ago? About the levels of Makoto-dono’s acquaintances. If that’s true, the supply and demand of the wasteland materials will move. It wouldn’t hurt to investigate. Also, about the material grater…the Mirio Company! If I remember correctly, the representative’s name is Howe, or something like that. It is a nice time to have him and Jio meet each other. It will get interesting.” (Rembrandt)

“Morris?” (Rembrandt)

Seeing the butler, that would normally respond with some sort of reaction, placing his hand on his mouth and maintaining silence, Patrick checked on his state.

“…I remembered. I felt as if I had forgotten to report something. I have remembered now.” (Morris)

“What is it?” (Rembrandt)

“You said that you had a chance to witness the ability of Makoto-dono, right?” (Morris)

“Yeah, of course.” (Rembrandt)

“Actually, that Alchemy Meister, Hazal…” (Morris)

“Yeah?” (Rembrandt)

“Even though he was entrusted the completed wonder drug, he almost broke it.” (Morris)


Rembrandt’s eyes opened wide.

That unbelievable confession had stopped his breath.

But the shock didn’t stop to only that.

“Moreover, twice.” (Morris)


“If Makoto-dono hadn’t been there…I don’t know what would have happened. But well…Makoto-dono was the one who introduced us to Hazal-kun in the first place though.” (Morris)

Patrick’s eyes were open to the point that you would wonder when they would come out of their sockets, his nose was opened in agitation, and there were many veins popping out heavily from here and there.

He was going from red to blue, showing off quite a high level expression.

Seeing that incredibly rare and amusing face of his master, he reduced the output a bit.

“Well then, I will be beginning the work with Jio. Master, please rest well for today at least…… Ah, about Hazal-kun, he is at the underground medicine manufacturing room.” (Morris)

It is not as if he has acknowledged everything.

But…at the very least, his steps are lighter than before.

Because they are going to recover.

Because the light will return to the Rembrandt household.

Morris walked in the corridor with a truly joyful expression that only a few close to him could tell apart.