Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu

Extra 22: Around that time…… 4

Extra 22: Around that time…… 4

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Susanoo was irritated.

Of course he would be.

He went through the trouble of going to an inferior world and had an official appointment with the Goddess there, and yet, he had been slipperily avoided.

If there weren’t two Gods with him, he might have rampaged.

It is because this is a request from none other than his brother Tsukuyomi that he is barely able to maintain his composure.

“How about you calm down a bit? Here, how about you keep company to another God?”

“Daikoku, doesn’t it piss you off? Why should we be made to wait in this way for a little brat like her?” (Susanoo)

“A child that is desperately trying to hide what they did from their parents. There’s no choice but to think of it in this way as we wait.” (Daikokuten)

The old man was sitting in front of a go board, that who knows where he brought it out from, and was playing with the black stones.

That old man is Daikokuten, a powerful God.

It may be hard to believe, but his rampaging in the past was a lot worse than that of Susanoo.

“Athena, what do you think?” (Susanoo)

“She should know that the longer we are made to wait, the worse it will be for her. I think she is a stupid child.” (Athena)

“I-I see.” (Susanoo)

A serious tone, that didn’t show a single sign of joking, came from the young woman that was sitting in a dazzlingly beautiful posture as she responded to Susanoo with only her face facing him.


This woman, that would mostly be drawn armed, obviously has the personality of a God of War.

Her divinity and strength is lower compared to that of Daikokuten and Susanoo, but the words of hers ‘it will be worse for her’ were as serious as they could be, and it made Susanoo, who threw the conversation to her, draw a cold sweat.

Her stories are not short in cruelty, and that made the smile in her beautiful face look even scarier.

“Her servants go ‘please wait, please wait’, like robots. Can’t just go hitting them, so only my anger accumulates.” (Susanoo)

“Hoho~, looks like you are still a young’un~.” (Daikokuten)

“Then, how about you search for someone that matches wavelengths? Susanoo-dono.” (Athena)

Athena proposes this to Susanoo.

“Wavelengths? Ah, you mean watching the world of that Goddess through their eyes huh. I see, so you were killing time by doing that, Athena.” (Susanoo)

Susanoo points out what Athena has been been doing while she was silently sitting looking as if

she was passing her time doing nothing.

“Yeah. I don’t like boredom that much either after all. I found someone who matched my wavelengths, so I have been looking at the world and the boy in question.” (Athena)

“W-What?! A-Are you talking about Misumi Makoto?!” (Susanoo)

“Yes. Luckily, I had a good match with a person that’s close to him, so I have been enjoying observing him from her eyes. I was surprised. To think that I would be able to see the boy Makoto while watching her world. At first, I didn’t feel much culture, so I thought I had missed somewhere though.” (Athena)

“What a lucky one you are. So the ones that live uprightly everyday have such advantages huh…” (Susanoo)

“What, is it about Makoto? I heard that that boy had made a lake.” (Daikokuten)

“Yeah, he is an interesting boy. Moreover, he himself hasn’t noticed that yet. And that dragon named Shen, she also has pretty good skill.” (Athena)

Daikokuten had joined into the conversation of Athena and Susanoo. Moreover, it seemed like he was aware of the recent state of the boy of interest, Misumi Makoto.

Susanoo felt a sense of estrangement when seeing his companions that were enjoying their talk.

When Athena was praising the ‘skills’ of Shen -the follower of Makoto, Tomoe-, she didn’t mean her strength in battle, which was something Susanoo was able to pick up from her tone even when he doesn’t know the details of it.

He made a frown.

“W-Wait a moment. Why does even old man Daikoku know?!” (Susanoo)

“That’s cause I was also able to tag along on the person that had a good wavelength with Athena. She is a girl that serves well as a medium.” (Daikokuten)

“Is this bullying? Is this a new type of bullying?” (Susanoo)

“It was truly a coincidence, wasn’t it, Daikokuten-sama?” (Athena)

“Ain’t that right.” (Daikokuten)

“Kugh~, I can’t accept it! I can’t accept it, but this is the best way to kill time. I will at least admit that. Okay. Tell me who that girl medium is! I want to look at Makoto as well before that idiot comes!” (Susanoo)

“Can’t be helped. But it is not granted that your wavelengths will match hers, so at least take that into consideration.” (Athena)

“I get it, I get it so…!” (Susanoo)

“Then, it is this girl.” (Athena)

“Hm, a human -no, a hyuman…wait, it is not. Looks like an elf?” (Susanoo)

“Yeah.” (Daikokuten)

“Right. They are apparently called Forest Onis there.” (Athena)

“Then, it is that little one huh. If a destruction God with no reservation like the old man Daikoku can do it, then there’s no way I can’t. Right, the wavelength. Oh, it is true that this girl has a wide reception area. Uoh, what?!” (Susanoo)

“…Looks like you can’t.” (Athena)

“Good grief. You are an unlucky one. Did you get infected by the misfortune of Makoto?” (Daikokuten)

“Impossible! There’s no way that would be possible. I have not seen him yet, so there’s no way! Why, why can’t I look?! Nuaaaaaa! Now that it has come to this, anyone is fine! Athena, tell me everyone that has a chance to see Makoto! There should be someone that can match me!!” (Susanoo)

Looks like Susanoo was not a match for the Forest Oni girl that Daikokuten and Athena had matched to.

He was actually going through all the related people and searching for one that matches him.

“That girl had quite the potential though… It is amusing to teach her a variety of things, and seeing the boy Makoto get scared by this is also fun. Fufu, Eris, you can hear me, right? Listen well, today I will be teaching you about the holy fighters that surpass the laws of cause and effect, the magical girls. This is a reward for working well for that boy.” (Athena)

Athena ignored that hard struggle of Susanoo and sends a message to Eris in her dreams.

If it is towards a person that has high compatibility with the God, it is possible to do something like this even if the God is not related to that of dreams.

The Forest Oni that has mysterious wavelengths, Eris.

For some reason, she is an outstanding talent that is able to accept the wavelengths of the Gods that come from the origin world.

She can hear the words of Gods of other worlds.

This could be said to be an extraordinary ability for a priest.

Being able to hear the voice of Spirits, being able to speak with the Goddess no matter the place; it is not such a cheap ability like that.

To describe how amazing this is, it is so amazing that it is pitiful that no one understands it and treat her as a pitiful girl.

Unfortunately, because Eris is not hyuman, her wavelengths don’t match those of this world’s Goddess, so there would not be a time where she will awaken as a priest and will stay as a special cookie, but at any rate, she is amazing.

The modern era knowledge of Athena that is being transmitted to Eris will continue causing headaches to Makoto in the future.

“Hoh~. Athena, so this time you are going for anime huh. In that case, let’s see… let’s teach her a bit of kanji. Study time. At any rate, with him searching for matching wavelengths, we will be having a bit of peace… Even so, this is one troublesome Goddess.” (Daikokuten)

Looking at the two young Gods with him, Daikokuten showed a tired face.

It looks like he is planning to watch Makoto and teach Eris, but without any intentions of continuing the conversation with Athena and Susanoo, he turned his back and returned to the go board.


In an instant, that expression of his turned into that of anger, and there was even killing intent in it.

“If you bring in humans from the Origin World, that world will face a chaos in its probabilities and will create parallel worlds in an explosive manner. Humans are probability monsters after all. The destruction of the infinitely branching parallel worlds…is not the job of a God of Creation that’s still wet behind their ears. It is the job of a God of Destruction.” (Daikokuten)

*Clack*, Daikokuten places a stone on the go board.

The placed stone seemed to be trembling, and after creating a small crack in the place it was put on, it stopped.

This pointed at the destruction of one parallel world.

This is the action of destroying the future of a diverged world and converging it to the actual future of the world that was originally there.

This was an incredibly high level technique of a God of Destruction.

“To think I would be made to destroy the parallel worlds in this way… I can’t just pardon it as being a pain. It is the norm to have a God of Destruction dispatched after the required report, and yet, she didn’t even do the reporting. What a fool. To think I would be doing my old job when tagging along with Susanoo to this world.” (Daikokuten)

His narrow eyes raise slightly and a sharp glint shows.

“The two human heroes widen the probabilities and make the future of the original world uncertain. Will Makoto become the wedge? If he can’t become the wedge…there might be the need for a bit of a rough treatment.” (Daikokuten)

Every time Daikokuten places a black stone, the same phenomenon occurs, and the small noises continue.

Susanoo and Athena didn’t notice.

Not even the Goddess herself knows that Daikokuten is helping her out in dealing with the parallel worlds that are being rampantly created.

The source of this are the humans. In other words, Otonashi Hibiki and Iwahashi Tomoki.

The ‘wedge’ that Daikokuten spoke of while he was placing go stones, the details of it didn’t come out of his mouth even through the end.

The three Gods pass their time in their own way while waiting to meet with the Goddess that was still not there.

“…There’s no superior guy in this shitty world that would be able to match wavelengths with me. Yeah, that’s right. The next time a servant comes here saying ‘please wait a bit more’, I will be forcing my way! I am already at the limits of my patience! Come quickly! Come quickly and say ‘please wait a bit more’! Raaaaah!!” (Susanoo)

It didn’t take long for Susanoo’s cry of suffering to turn into rampaging roars of anger.