The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 818 - Someone's Here Again  

Many wealthy families in Xia country would hold some shares of the Xie Corporation. After all, this was a steady business that would not lose money usually, it was equivalent to picking up money out of thin air. However, these people had already suffered heavy losses after a few hours had passed today.

Looking at the message from Mr. Qing Er, the corners of Feng Qing’s mouth couldn’t help but curl up. She had already started to imagine the famous scene of those wealthy families coming to collect their debts, and she, the chairman of Blue Stocks Capital, would help her husband repay the debt. However, she could still afford this bit of money. After all, even she couldn’t count how much money she had.

Two slender fingers typed on the keyboard. “Stock God NB is also a person. When you play in the stock market, you have to have your own analysis. Stock God NB only saw through the future trend of the shares. In other words, he sees deeper and further than normal people. This is what you should learn the most.”

Mr. Qing Er replied, “Since Stock God NB is so powerful that he can even see through the future trend of the shares, why didn’t he buy rising shares but chose to buy falling shares? Could it be that his family has so much money that he has nowhere to store it and is burning money in this way?”

Feng Qing smiled and replied, “Don’t you think that compared to buying up, buying down is more exciting?”

Mr. Qing Er : “…”

Just as the two of them finished chatting, a commotion came from outside the ward. She had absolute hearing and could hear anything within a certain range without specially listening. If she concentrated on listening, she could not even escape the rustling of some bugs hiding in the corner, let alone people.

“No, Ninth Master specially instructed me before he left that no one is allowed to go in and disturb Madam Qingqing’s rest. Old Madam Yuhuan, please go back.” Xie Qi’s clear voice echoed in the corridor.

“The shares of the Xie Corporation have already gone down. Ninth Master isn’t going to the company to deal with matters, but he’s wasting time here. At such a critical moment of life and death, doesn’t he care? Let me in, I want to see what illness Feng Qing has that’s worthy of the life and death of the Gu Xie Corporation!” Xie Yuhuan’s ear-piercing voice retorted.

Xie Qi’s voice suddenly turned cold. “Old Madam Yuhuan, you should go back. Don’t make things difficult for me. Ninth Master gave me a clear order, so as long as I’m still alive, I won’t let anyone disturb Young Madam, not even you.”

Upon hearing this, Xie Yuhuan’s anger surged. She raised her arm and slapped Xie Qi’s face. Xie Qi’s skills were not bad, so he could naturally easily dodge this slap. However, not only did he not dodge, but he also endured Xie Yuhuan’s slap. Xie Yuhuan was Xie Jiuhan’s aunt after all, and he was only one of Xie Jiuhan’s secret guards. Even if Xie Yuhuan hit him, he could not retaliate, much less dodge.

Seeing that he did not dodge after being slapped, Xie Yuhuan was completely angry. She raised her arm and slapped Xie Qi’s head again. This time, Xie Qi raised his arm and blocked Xie Yuhuan’s attack. Xie Yuhuan’s bodyguards were on par with Xie Qi. If they dared to attack, Xie Qi could attack.

Slap, slap, slap! Xie Yuhuan did not hold back at all after three consecutive slaps.

Although Xie Qi’s skills were not bad, the head and face were the weakest parts of the human body after all. Xie Yuhuan had practiced martial arts since she was young and he was slapped four times by her. Instantly, blood flowed out of his nose and mouth. However, he still stood motionless in front of the door and transformed into a door god to prevent Xie Yuhuan from taking another step forward. The more he did this, the angrier Xie Yuhuan became. She swung her arms and kept slapping Xie Qi. Just as she lost her patience and was about to slap Xie Qi, an alluring fragrance spread…

Xie Yuhuan’s slap stopped in midair. Xie Yuhuan turned around and saw Feng Qing, who was wearing loose pajamas, appear in front of her. Under the pajamas, Feng Qing’s long legs couldn’t help but tremble. She had bled too much this time and was on her period, so her legs were very weak. She could only barely support her body and not fall.

Feng Qing stood stubbornly in front of Xie Yuhuan. Her originally clear eyes shone with a cold light, and there was a hint of ruthlessness on her fair face. Even Xie Yuhuan couldn’t help but tremble when she looked into Feng Qing’s eyes. For a moment, Xie Yuhuan had the illusion that the person standing in front of her wasn’t Feng Qing, but Xie Jiuhan!

The petite woman in front of her was emitting the same aura as Xie Jiuhan. Moreover, Xie Yuhuan could see determination and killing intent in her eyes. She was too similar to Xie Jiuhan in this aspect. Even when facing his elders, he was not afraid of retreating. Instead, he had a cold and heartless emotion.