The Village Girl Who Jinxes Her Husband Is Filthy Rich

Chapter 859 - 859 A Heavy Blow

859 A Heavy Blow

What made her rich was the income from the greenhouse vegetables.

Because she had made a fortune, her biological parents, who had cut ties with her, wanted her to be filial to them.

After she refused, her parents filed a lawsuit against her.

However, Mu Xiu, the officer, didn’t know what happened exactly at court that day.

It was said that this so-called father not only failed to get any money but was also punished by the magistrate. He was ordered to be flogged 30 times. Not only he but even her grandfather was also flogged.

This result really surprised him.

Now that he saw this situation and thought about the rumors from back then, the officer had already vaguely guessed the identity of this woman.

Lin family Village’s jinx, Lin yuelan.

When Lin yuelan heard Lin sanniu’s shameless request, she laughed coldly, ” Why do you want a house now? Yesterday, I said that I’ll give you everything in ten days. And only a day has passed!”

Lin Sanniu replied matter-of-factly, ” You don’t need to care. You and your people will move out immediately!”

Lin yuelan was speechless.

She had already taught him so many lessons, but he was still so dumb.

After Lin Sanniu finished speaking, li Cuihua immediately chimed in, ” that’s right, give us the house now. We want to move in for the new year!”

However, when she met Lin yuelan’s sharp gaze, she immediately shrank back in fear.

The corners of Lin yuelan’s mouth curled up slightly, forming a mocking arc. She said in a cold and mocking voice, ” Oh, you’re moving in today? ”

Then, her gaze turned to Lin Laosan, who was holding a pipe and smoking silently. Even though he looked expressionless, his meaning was clear. He agreed with Lin sanniu’s statement.

Lin Sanniu was a foolish and filial son. Wasn’t his intention the same as that of Lin Laosan and his family?

Fortunately, even though Lin yuelan had memories of her original body, she didn’t have any hope for her host’s parents.

Since there was no hope, there was naturally no disappointment.

Lin yuelan said sternly, ” Hmph! I want to celebrate the New Year’s festival too! Don’t tell me that just because you want to celebrate the new year, you want to deprive the people here of our right to celebrate the new year?”

Lin Daniu rolled his eyes and hid behind Lin Laosan. He suddenly said, ” then you guys can move to our house to celebrate the new year!

Li cuihua’s eyes lit up and she said, ” yes. If we move here and you move to our place, won’t you still be celebrating the New Year?”

Hearing their words, the Lin family Village’s villagers were expressionless. However, Lin yuelan’s subordinates were clearly angry as they glared at the so-called relatives of their previous master!

These people were so shameless and greedy!

This was their master’s house, so why did their master have to move into their small and broken house to celebrate the New Year’s festival, while they had to move into this big house to celebrate the New Year’s festival?

Did they really think that their master was easy to bully?

Lin yuelan nodded and said, ” that’s a good idea!”

Hearing this, li Cuihua and the others thought that Lin yuelan had agreed. They were secretly happy and thought to themselves, ‘it’s indeed useful to come and ask for a house now!’

However, Lin yuelan’s next words immediately ignited their anger!

“but why should I do that? ” Lin yuelan asked coldly, her face expressionless.

Then, she said coldly, ” this is my house. Every tile, brick, grass, and wood here was designed by me and built with my own money. Why should I give up my house just because you said so?”

After hearing this, Lin Laosan and the others narrowed their eyes.

This meant that the girl was not willing to give him the house.

How could this be?

They had already lost Lin Dazong, the hope of enjoying wealth and glory. They could not afford to lose this luxurious and beautiful house and the 30000 taels of silver.

With this house and the money, they could also live a luxurious life.”

Lin Sanniu said angrily, ” you said that you would give us a house and money to show your respect to your parents. What, are you going back on your word?”

Lin yuelan sneered and said, ” hehe, even if I want to go back on my word, what can you do to me? These things are mine, I can give them to you if I want to. If I don’t want to, you won’t get a single copper!”