The Village Girl Who Jinxes Her Husband Is Filthy Rich

Chapter 700 - 700 Investigation

700 Investigation

The corner of Jiang Zhennan’s mouth curled up slightly as he asked, ” the Prince has bestowed beauties upon you. How can you reject it? ”

Guo Bing immediately stopped talking.

He said a little gloomily, ” say, why did the third Prince suddenly go crazy? Why did he suddenly give me a few women? If there’s a reward, it should be given to big brother.”

At this point, Guo Bing’s expression suddenly froze.

He instantly figured it out.

The third Prince was trying to make use of him to get close to his real target.

He wanted to make use of Guo Bing to build a good relationship with Jiang Zhennan.

Everyone in the capital knew that the young master of Duke Guo’s mansion had a very good relationship with Jiang Zhennan of the general’s mansion.

Young master Guo had always listened to Jiang Zhennan. He rarely even listened to Duke Guo’s words. He only listened to general Jiang Zhennan.

Jiang Zhennan’s image to the outside world was that he would not get close to anyone and had no friends, but he did not refuse young master Guo’s approach. He was even extremely tolerant.

In this regard, there were even rumors that Jiang Zhennan was gay.

The young master of the Guo family had a clean face and beautiful facial features. He was even more beautiful than a woman. With such a beautiful man around him, he would probably be reluctant to refuse.

Of course, this was just a rumor.

Jiang Zhennan and Guo Bing didn’t pay any attention to it, nor did they take it to heart.

But the Guo family was different.

As the young master of the Guo family and the youngest son of Duke Guo, Guo Bing was very precious. His older brothers and sisters also raised him like a son because of their age difference and loved him very much.

Unlike the other families fighting for favors, status, and power, the Guo family was very loving.

Listening to the rumors outside, Duke Guo was so anxious that his hair turned white. He was afraid that his beloved youngest son would really be gay. That would be terrible.

Therefore, Duke Guo’s family strictly forbade Guo Bing from entering and leaving the general’s residence and even forbade him from having any contact with Jiang Zhennan.

Later, it was Guo Bing who anxiously explained to his family that he and Jiang Zhennan were purely superior and subordinate friends. Moreover, neither of them liked men, so how could they have any romantic relationship?

However, the Guo family didn’t listen at all. They all thought that Guo Bing’s words were just an excuse. They kept him at home and didn’t let him out.

Later on, Jiang Zhennan went to the battlefield. Guo Bing’s biggest dream was to be like the legendary Zhuge Liang on the battlefield, full of strategies and making the enemy retreat step by step. He wanted this kind of pride and a sense of achievement.

Therefore, Guo Bing escaped from home and returned directly to the battlefield to fight side by side with Jiang Zhennan again.

This time, the Guo family was even more anxious.

On the one hand, he was worried about Guo Bing’s safety, and on the other hand, he was worried about Guo Bing and Jiang Zhennan’s blossoming romantic relationship.

Later, the Guo family sent the Guo family’s guards to protect Guo Bing’s safety and report to the Guo family about the relationship between Guo Bing and Jiang Zhennan.

After hearing the report of the assassin, the Guo family truly believed that Guo Bing and Jiang Zhennan were indeed superior and subordinate. For this reason, the Guo family also secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Finally, Mother Guo didn’t have to worry every day about her son being carried away by Jiang Zhennan. She didn’t have to be criticized by others.

Later, when the news of the young master of the Guo family chasing after his lover Jiang Zhennan spread in the capital, the Guo family immediately came out to protect him.

“You guys know nothing. My youngest son is Jiang Zhennan’s military counselor. If he doesn’t follow Jiang Zhennan, is he supposed to follow you guys to chase after some random woman?”

When everyone heard the Guo family say that young master Guo was actually going to be Jiang Zhennan’s military counselor, they immediately fell silent. They were even curious and confused.

What they were curious about was that the young master of the Guo family had become a military counselor!

He was also puzzled. How could the young master of the Guo family be a military counselor?

The Guo family retorted once again. Their darling had been smart and intelligent since he was young. He had read a lot of books and had a thorough understanding of military tactics. Why couldn’t he be a military advisor?

Jiang Zhennan had won many battles based on the strategies given by our family’s baby. He had proven himself to be a great counselor.

Later, when everyone had truly confirmed that the young master of the Guo family was indeed the military counselor by Jiang Zhennan’s side, no one dared to spread rumors about his sexual orientation.

It was normal for a general and a military counselor to be inseparable.