The Village Girl Who Jinxes Her Husband Is Filthy Rich

Chapter 186 - Curses  

To be fair, Guo Bing and the rest also suspected Lin Yuelan was a demon when they encountered the strange scenes in the forest. However, they also saw the kindness she had shown them.

Kindness and evil were not determined by species.

There were good and bad people;

There were good and bad demons.

Even if Lin Yuelan was a demon, she was also a good demon. She was much more loyal than some people. So the soldiers admired Lin Yuelan. She didn’t misuse her power, and she knew her bottom line. As long as people didn’t provoke her unnecessarily, she wouldn’t harm them.

Ying Zi’s eyes twitched, and she bit her lip. She seemed to be hesitating and afraid. She looked pitiful.

Guo Bing was even more annoyed when he saw this. ‘This girl really knows how to act! How can a child in her teens be so scheming? In any case, the Lin Family Village is very special. It has Lin Yuelan and now this shameless woman.

‘They are both precocious, but one uses her smarts to plan for herself, but the other only knows how to scheme against others.’

Guo Bing comforted her, “Miss, don’t worry. I will not let Lin Yuelan know that you have told me the truth.”

Hearing Guo Bing’s promise, Ying Zi seemed to be relieved. She continued, “Hear me out. Just two months ago, Lin Yuelan was an ugly and hateful jinx of the Lin family Village. However, on that day, she offended the king of children, Yan Xiaoyoung. He paid everyone a copper coin and asked his friends in the village to teach her a lesson.

“I clearly remember that jinx was given a kick to her chest by Er Gou Zi, and she died…”

“What? You had kicked miss Lin to her death?!” Guo Bing said in shock. This was beyond his expectation. He had thought that Lin Yuelan was a demon or a spy sent by the enemy, but he never once thought that she had returned from the dead. If the real Lin Yuelan had died, who was this Lin Yuelan?

Ying Zi nodded and said, “Yes, when Er Gou Zi and the others tested her breathing, she had already stopped breathing.”

That was not true. When Er Guo Zi went forth to test Lin Yuelan’s breathing, Lin Xinlan transmigrated into Lin Yuelan’s body and instinctively grabbed Er Guo Zi. However, in order to justify Lin Yuelan’s demonic nature, Ying Zi distorted the truth.

Guo Bing’s face changed immediately when he heard this. He asked anxiously, “You must have done that to protect the village from the jinx. Also, since you said that you’ve kicked the jinx to death, then who is this Lin Yuelan now?”

Guo Bing slyly planted a lure in his question. He wanted to know if the girl was involved in Lin Yuelan’s death or not.

Ying Zi was a little smart, but she was not as smart as Guo Bing, the old fox. Ying Zi’s face turned serious as she said, “Yes, we did help protect the village by eliminating the jinx, but…”

Guo Bing was a little scared.

This child was still a teenager, yet she had kicked someone to death just like that. Furthermore, she had justified it so righteously. She had committed murder without a change in her conscience. Just twisted, how vicious, and how resentful she was.

‘People say that mountain villagers are innocent. But these people can commit murders without hesitation and are completely unrepentant!’

Then, Ying Zi’s expression turned serious. “Something strange happened. After the jinx was kicked to death, she suddenly sat up again!”


Guo Bing was really too shocked and surprised.

They had never heard of people who could come back to life. This was the first time they had heard of it.

Ying Zi continued, “After Lin Yuelan woke up, she changed instantly. She was originally a stupid, weak, and powerless person, but the moment she woke up, she was able to lift a boy who was a head taller than her with one hand without even opening her eyes.”

Ying Zi seemed to have a lingering fear as she said, “Everyone was scared to death at that time! She slowly stood up from the ground, holding the person in one hand. Her eyes were half-closed, and she looked like a corpse that had come back to life.”