The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness

Chapter 1283 - Feng Tianlan And The State Preceptor

She did not forget that Shen Yunya had asked the State Preceptor to beat her soul into pieces, although she did not know why they failed, she felt that the State Preceptor was not a kind person who would let her go.

“If it were not for me, Miss Feng would not have the chance to come back to life.” The State Preceptor seemed to have seen through Feng Tianlan’s thoughts and spoke leisurely.

Feng Tianlan was about to open the scroll when she heard his words and couldn’t help but raise her eyebrows. “State Preceptor, you mean that I can come back to life was your doing, and I have to thank you and call you a benefactor?”

“I don’t like the formality.” Hearing Feng Tianlan’s strange words, State Preceptor seemed to have a good mood suddenly. “This matter was related to your previous life, as long as you find out the cause, perhaps you can solve the doubts in your heart.”

“Is that so?” Feng Tianlan looked at the State Preceptor indifferently and asked coldly, she lowered her head and opened the scroll, it was a map.

Guiyuan Continent, Xuantian Continent, and…

In the end, she saw the area that almost occupied the entire map, Feng Tianlan narrowed her eyes. “Wushang Continent!”

There was a Wushang Continent in this world?

She had never heard of such a continent before, did It not exist, or was it completely sealed just like the Tianfeng Nation?

Or was it the same as the Guiyuan Continent and Xuantian Continent, which had a force field, so there were very few legends, and even fewer people knew about it?

“How did the State Preceptor obtain such a map, and what’s with the Wushang Continent? What does this have to do with Mobai?” Feng Tianlan looked at the map in detail and found that beyond the Wushang Continent, there was a patch of turquoise color. It should be the City of the Sea, and the map was not completed, there seemed to be an endless stretch.

And the map of the Wushang Continent was also a little strange, it was different from that of the Xuantian Continent.

She couldn’t help but recalled what she saw at the Lady Phoenix Shrine, the place that she was at was like an island floating in the air, was that why the map looked so strange?

“Miss Feng doesn’t want to know about the relationship between the bodies of Shen Qingdai and Feng Tianlan anymore?” The State Preceptor was waiting for her to ask, but he didn’t expect her to change the topic so quickly.

“No.” Seeing his expression seemed to be waiting for her to ask, she lost interest, he was deliberately trying to tease her.

The State Preceptor frowned slightly and then pointed at the door. “Then Miss Feng, please go ahead.”

This was an order to chase her away!

Feng Tianlan acted as if she hadn’t heard it. “What does this map have to do with Mobai? Is the Wushang Continent a place in my previous life?”

If she did not occasionally recall some memories, even if she saw the map, she would not be able to link Mobai to the Wushang Continent.

The State Preceptor sat upright, completely ignoring her words. It was as if he did not want to talk to her.

Feng Tianlan was a little speechless as the corners of her mouth twitched, where did the State Preceptor’s immortal demeanor go? Why did he seem to be throwing a tantrum?

Could it be that she didn’t ask him about the relationship between Feng Tianlan and Shen Qingdai? So it hurt his self-esteem as the State Preceptor and challenged his dignity as the State Preceptor?

To find Mobai soonest possible, let alone it was related to her previous life, she could just ask.

“State Preceptor, what is the relationship between Feng Tianlan and Shen Qingdai?”

“Isn’t Miss Feng not interested in them?” State Preceptor raised his eyebrows slightly and mocked Feng Tianlan. Previously, he didn’t tell Shen Yunya the whole story, there were still some things that he didn’t mention, those were important matters.