The Sickly Scion's Petite Wife Is Sweet And Cool

Chapter 393 - 393 Entering the Palace (3)

393 Entering the Palace (3)

As soon as Luo Siyuan from Count Xuanping’s residence received the book, he rushed home and found his cousin. “Second Brother, look what I bought.”

Putting aside the daughters of Count Xuanping, he had three sons. He had one legitimate son and two sons from his concubine. After his second son got married, the son moved out.

Currently, only his eldest son and youngest son lived in the residence. His eldest son was the Minister of Works, but his youngest son was only a fifth-grade Hanlin Academy attendant.

The second brother Luo Siyuan was talking about was Minister Luo’s legitimate son, Luo Sicheng. He was born a month younger than his brother, Luo Siming, and was ranked second in the residence.

Luo Siming and Luo Sicheng were the same age as Song Jingchen and were once classmates.

Unlike Luo Siming, who was ignorant and incompetent, Luo Sicheng was the kind of child that seemed like he came from another family. He was the one who won the Fall Quarter Examinations.

However, with Song Jingchen around, he did not shine as brightly.

In fact, for nobles like them, participating in the imperial examination was just icing on the cake.

However, the more outstanding a person was, the stronger their competitiveness. He had always wanted to surpass Song Jingchen, but he didn’t expect something to happen to the Song family before he could do so.

Later on, even though he had won the first place in the Huiyuan Academy one after another, he could often hear people sigh. Unfortunately, something had happened to the Song family. Otherwise, Song Jingchen would definitely have been the best.

Luo Sicheng had never liked the two cousins of the third branch. One was idle, and the other was noisy all day, but he never showed it.

For example, at this moment, because of Luo Siyuan’s sudden intrusion, the painting he had been drawing for the entire day had become ruined.

He was angry, but there was a gentle smile on his face. “Oh? Did you snatch another famous calligraphy treasure?”

Luo Siyuan admired his brother very much. Usually, if there was anything good or a problem, he would look for him immediately.

Of course, he was the one who was doted on by their grandfather the most.

However, Luo Siyuan also understood that his brother was outstanding. He was envious, but not jealous. He only wanted to become as outstanding as Luo Sicheng.

As for his own blood-related brother? There was no need to mention him.

“This isn’t a famous calligraphy piece. It’s an annotation written by Young Master Song.” Luo Siyuan was so excited that his face turned red. His second brother was already very skilled. Young Master Song, who was even more skilled than him, was even more impressive.

He actually only used a hundred taels to obtain an annotation he had written. How could he not be excited?

He was only thirteen years old when the Song family got into trouble, but that didn’t stop him from often hearing about Song Jingchen’s legends in the academy.

Therefore, in his heart, Song Jingchen was first, and his second brother was second!

Luo Sicheng paused. He often saw this expression on his fifth brother’s face, but it was only when he read his essays or paintings.

Now, it was because of someone he had never seen before?

He could not help but recall that this kind of thing often happened in the academy.

That’s right. A few days ago, he heard that that person had returned.

He suppressed the displeasure in his heart and smiled. “Then you have to take a good look. In the past, he never sold his calligraphy treasures. It seems that he’s indeed not doing well now.”

Luo Siyuan did not hear anything wrong with these words and nodded in agreement. “It’s indeed rare.”

After saying that, he was a little angry. “The shopkeeper of that bookstore was blind. Young Master Song wanted to sell it to him for ten taels of silver, but he didn’t accept it. He even chased him out. To think that we recognized him.”

When Luo Sicheng heard what happened to Song Jingchen, he sneered in his heart and asked curiously, “Then how much money did you spend to buy it?”

“A hundred taels! It was originally a higher price, but Young Master Song said to treat it as making a few friends. The highest price is a hundred taels.”

Seeing this fool’s expression, Luo Sicheng was furious. Young Master Song was really a good person.

Not only did the news of Song Jingchen selling books spread among the students, but even Emperor Chong’an heard the news.

While he hated Song Jingchen’s influence, he was also very satisfied with his poor situation. He was conflicted.

Just as he was about to fall asleep, he suddenly instructed Eunuch Li, “Ask him to enter the palace to see me tomorrow.”

Shen Yijia was also very happy, but she thought about it. She had agreed to support her beautiful husband. How could she let her beautiful husband support her?

Hence, she felt even more anxious to earn money.

The next day, Eunuch Li came to bring Song Jingchen into the palace. Shen Yijia was a little worried, but she knew that she couldn’t go with him.

She was about to go out and see if she could find a way to earn money when Thirty Thousand arrived.

Eunuch Deng’s men helped drive a carriage. When the two carriages entered the residence, he said, “Young Madam, go and take a look. Furball refuses to leave until it sees you.”

South Wind was still guarding it at the foot of Hidden Spirit Temple. They had no choice but to guard it. It would catch up to them soon after their carriage left.

South Wind and Thirty Thousand guessed that it wanted to see Young Madam, so they asked Thirty Thousand to come back first.

Shen Yijia tilted her head. After getting someone to unload the things in a carriage, she left the city with Mo Yuan and Thirty Thousand.

Thirty Thousand led the way, while Mo Yuan insisted on following her.

At the back mountain of the Hidden Spirit Temple.

Xuanyuan Ce was fishing in the pond with a fishing rod. The abbot beside him felt sorry and helpless as he chanted Amitabha.

He only hoped that these fish would be smarter and not fall for this fellow’s trap.