The Sickly Scion's Petite Wife Is Sweet And Cool

Chapter 392 - 392 Entering the Palace (2)

392 Entering the Palace (2)

The others, including Brother Hao and Sister Huan, did not stay idle. They plucked the weeds and swept the floor.

Four of Pinellia’s five people slept here yesterday, and only Wolfiporia went back to guard the shop.

With more than ten people working together, it was much faster when cleaning up.

When Song Jingchen brought Rooster in, the backyard had already changed drastically.

He walked over and helped Shen Yijia put the fallen leaves into a sack. Shen Yijia twitched her nose. “Have you been drinking?”

There was nothing to hide. Song Jingchen nodded honestly. “I drank a little.”

Shen Yijia puffed up her cheeks. “How did he know we lived here?”

Because Shangguan Yu was good-looking, she had a deep impression of him.

Song Jingchen reached out to help her remove a bamboo leaf from her head in amusement and took out a handkerchief to wipe her sweat. “It’s not a secret that we entered the capital. Besides, it’s impossible for no one to know that Emperor Chong’an rewarded us with a residence.”

“Oh, then why is he here?” Shen Yijia looked up to make it easier for him to move.

“I don’t know.” Song Jingchen smiled and said, “It would be strange if he didn’t come.”

After eating steamed buns for the entire day yesterday, she could not continue to make do today. Shen Yijia asked Pinellia to pack a few dishes from outside.

After eating, they rested for a while. When night fell, they finally tidied up the residence. Banxia and the others returned to the wine shop.

The next morning, the family went to buy pots and pans. The capital was not like Xiagou Village, where people could go up the mountain to cut firewood themselves. They had to buy everything here.

Moreover, firewood was not cheap. A bundle of firewood cost 20 copper coins. Previously, Shen Yijia had seen someone selling firewood in Anyang County and asked curiously. It only cost 10 copper coins a bundle. It could be seen how expensive the prices in the capital were.

There were many people at home. Shen Yijia bought ten bundles and decided to get the vendor to send firewood to her house every ten days.

In winter, they still had to buy coal. That thing was even more expensive and was divided into several types. Shen Yijia thought about the money she would need to spend and felt that earning money was an urgent goal.

She didn’t need coal now, but she could use ice. When she asked about the price, Shen Yijia was speechless. One piece of ice cost one tael of silver.

The appraisal was completed. It was something she couldn’t afford to use.

However, when she turned around and saw the yearning expressions of Brother Hao and the others, she gritted her teeth and spent a hundred taels of silver.

Shen Yijia comforted herself. She could earn money, but it wouldn’t be good if anyone fell sick from the heat.

There were ice cellars in the house. They placed the ice cubes in the ice cellar and took one out when they needed it. They placed it in a basin or in the room. It could lower the temperature.

Shen Yijia estimated that they should be able to use these for half a month if they used them sparingly.

It would take at least a month or two for the temperature to drop. It would cost 200 taels of silver a month to use ice.

She had to earn money!

Song Jingchen saw her pain and gave Shen Yijia 200 taels of silver in less than two days.

“Where did you get this money?” Shen Yijia looked surprised as she held the banknotes. She was still vexed about how to earn money, but this person was silently making a fortune.

Song Jingchen pursed his lips. “The Fall Quarter Examinations are coming soon. I made two reference books to sell.”

Actually, ordinary notes could not be sold for so much money, but who was he? He was the heir of the Song family who could make a wine into a priceless good.

Even though he was nothing now, his knowledge was still there. Even the current Great Confucian King, Yang Ming, had praised him.

Song Jingchen didn’t do anything else. He just took two books to the largest bookstore in the capital.

At first, he did not show his face and asked Rooster to bring it in. He asked Rooster to sell it for ten taels of silver each. The shopkeeper of the bookstore thought that Rooster had gone crazy and chased him out.

Then, at the door of the bookstore, Rooster complained to Song Jingchen angrily that the shopkeeper of the bookstore was blind. His master’s notes were so difficult to come by.

When the passing students heard his bragging, they sized up the master and servant in disdain. One of them recognized Song Jingchen.

Word spread like wildfire. After fighting for these two books, they were finally sold for 100 taels of silver each.

One was bought by the second son of the second branch of the Duke of Xuanping’s residence, who was also the cousin of the Third Prince, Shangguan Heng. The other was given to the son of another minister.

A book cost 100 taels of silver. People without status really couldn’t afford it. Even if they could afford it, it depended on whether their father’s official status was as high as his.

Not to mention how regretful the shopkeeper of the bookstore would be when he found out.