The Sickly Scion's Petite Wife Is Sweet And Cool

Chapter 391 - 391 Entering the Palace (1)

391 Entering the Palace (1)

In the front courtyard, two extraordinary-looking men sat opposite each other. There was a chessboard on the stone table.

Song Jingchen didn’t bring anyone to the study or the main hall because they hadn’t packed up yet.

He would never bring the person to the back yard.

He even asked Rooster to wipe the stone table and stool at the last minute.

There was no shade nearby, so it was obvious how hot it was. However, the two of them did not feel it. They were focused on the chessboard.

Rooster, who was guarding at the side, suffered. His face was red from the sun. If this continued, he suspected that he would become a roasted chicken.

When Shangguan Yu saw Song Jingchen, he smiled and said, “Let’s have a match?”

As if guessing that there was nothing here, he came with a chessboard.

Immediately after, the two of them sat down in the courtyard. Almost an hour had passed, and neither of them spoke again.

With a thud, Song Jingchen placed a black chess piece between his slender fingers.

Shangguan Yu paused and threw the white piece back into the chess bowl. He shook his head. “It’s really difficult to win a round against you.”

Song Jingchen said, “It’s not like you’ve never won before.”

The two of them used to play chess together for long periods of time.

“That’s right. In the past, I could win because I could more or less guess your plans. Now, I really don’t understand. It’ll be difficult to win in the future.” Shangguan Yu smiled and sighed.

Then, he thought of something and the smile on his face disappeared. He waved his hand to dismiss Lianshan, who was also turning red from the sun.

He wanted to talk to Song Jingchen alone.

After Lianshan left, Rooster did not move. He looked at his master.

After Song Jingchen nodded slightly, he walked under the porch. He couldn’t hear their conversation, but he could see their actions.

He stared fixedly at the two people in the courtyard, as if he was afraid that his master would suffer.

Lianshan rolled his eyes. He was the one who was nervous.

Everyone in the capital knew that Young Master Song was skilled, but his lord was a weak person.

“Actually, I didn’t expect you to come back.” Shangguan Yu looked at Song Jingchen seriously.

Song Jingchen played with a chess piece in his hand. Hearing this, the corners of his mouth curled up. “I didn’t expect to come back this way.”

He didn’t expect to return this way. He did expect to return eventually, though.

The kidnapping of the girls in Xunyang City gave him an opportunity. Otherwise, he would not have let Emperor Chong’an know that his legs had recovered so quickly.

This was also the reason why West Wind pretended to be him to hide from the people sent by Emperor Chong’an.

Shangguan Yu didn’t seem to understand what he meant. He looked worried. “I’m just worried that Father…”

Halfway through, he stopped. “Forget it. It’s good that you’re back.”

He looked at Lianshan. Lianshan understood and immediately ran out. Soon, he returned with a wine jar.

The chessboard was put away, and a jar of wine was placed on the stone table.

Shangguan Yu pushed the wine jar between the two of them and knocked on the table with his fingers. “I haven’t congratulated you on the recovery of your legs. Why didn’t you write me a letter? I’ve been worried for nothing.”

“I specially brought your favorite General’s Wine today. You have to drink with me.”

“I will.”

Actually, Song Jingchen did not like to drink. It was just that back then, he was young and ambitious. He always felt that he had to add good wine to the occasion.

Coincidentally, at that time, Shangguan Han had secretly run out of the palace and brought a jar of General’s Wine to look for him. When he heard the name of this wine, he felt that it suited Song Jingchen.

Therefore, from then on, Song Jingchen would only get drunk on General’s Wine. Many others had the same thoughts as Shangguan Yu, even Song Jingchen almost mistakenly believed that he liked this wine.

Because of Song Jingchen, General’s Wine went from an unknown wine to the target of everyone’s craze. At one point, it was speculated to the point that it was priceless.

Shangguan Yu had clearly thought of the effect of the person in front of him on this wine. He smiled and said, “It’s not easy to buy this jar of wine now.”

After removing the seal on the wine jar, a rich wine fragrance wafted out.

Shangguan Yu took a sip before handing the wine jar to Song Jingchen.

Song Jingchen took it and took a big sip. It looked much more heroic than Shangguan Yu’s actions.

Even Rooster could tell that his master was in a good mood today. The corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

As for the reason?

Rooster was sure that his master was not like this yesterday. Could it be that his mood improved because he had a beautiful dream last night?

In the backyard, Shen Yijia was sweeping up the bamboo leaves that had fallen to the ground in the courtyard. She planned to gather them in the kitchen later and use them to start a fire.