The Legend of the Dragon King


Following the advancement of soul technology, the humans of Douluo Continent conquered the ocean and discovered two new continents. After being hunted by spirit masters excessively, the soul beasts are nearly extinct. After countless years of lying dormant, the King of the Soul Beasts has awakened in the Great Star Dou Forest. It will lead its remaining clansmen in taking vengeance against humanity! Tang Wulin is determined to become a powerful Soul Master. However, when he awakened his martial soul, it was actually a… Incomparable talent. The battle of the Dragon King. The Legend of our Dragon King hereby begins.


2.chapter 1 awakening day
3.chapter 2 martial soul awakening
4.chapter 3 little wulins family
5.chapter 4 entering the academy
6.chapter 5 naer
7.chapter 6 bringing her home
8.chapter 7 stay here and be my little sister
9.chapter 8 learning to forge
10.chapter 9 gifted
11.chapter 10 i will protect you in the future
12.chapter 11 astonishing recovery
13.chapter 12 three years later
14.chapter 13 thousand refined tungsten hammer
15.chapter 14 enough money at last
16.chapter 15 10th rank
17.chapter 16 the starry sky and the vast sea
18.chapter 17 spiritual power test
19.chapter 18 random draw
20.chapter 19 spirit soul
21.chapter 20 fusion
22.chapter 21 rank 11 soul master
23.chapter 22 teacher is also a soul master
24.chapter 23 variant martial soul
25.chapter 24 naer leaves
26.chapter 25 thousand refinements
27.chapter 26 five hundred kilograms of strength
28.chapter 27 concentration of forging
29.chapter 28 thousand refined heavy silver
30.chapter 29 understanding refinement
31.chapter 30 blood sacrificed thousand refinement
32.chapter 31 peak special effect
33.chapter 32 heavy silver storage rings
34.chapter 33 first arrival in eastsea city
35.chapter 34 reporting in
36.chapter 35 roommates
37.chapter 36 fight
38.chapter 37 punishment
39.chapter 38 reparations
40.chapter 39 you cant beat me in eating either
41.chapter 40 cen yue
42.chapter 41 blacksmith ranking test
43.chapter 42 eight star saint craftsman
44.chapter 43 second rank
45.chapter 44 arent you just showing off
46.chapter 45 the worst class
47.chapter 46 icily arrogant prince charming
48.chapter 47 the battle of eastsea park
49.chapter 48 golden scales
50.chapter 49 unable to find the golden scales
51.chapter 50 the first class
52.chapter 51 match
53.chapter 52 victory streak
54.chapter 53 hammering through the stone prison
55.chapter 54 treating him like metal
56.chapter 55 shouldnt there be rewards
57.chapter 56 does your face still hurt
58.chapter 57 mu xis depression
59.chapter 58 birthing life
60.chapter 59 accepting tasks
61.chapter 60 surrounded
62.chapter 61 beat me and ill act dignified
63.chapter 62 gu yue
64.chapter 63 gu yue vs xie xie
65.chapter 64 elemental mastery
66.chapter 65 did you win
67.chapter 66 elementalist
68.chapter 67 special training
69.chapter 68 your opponent is me
70.chapter 69 spirit opening
71.chapter 70 forge for me then
72.chapter 71 hammer practice
73.chapter 72 the class promotion tournament begins
74.chapter 73 the first match of the class promotion tournament
75.chapter 74 the trio
76.chapter 75 the story of the stewed beef
77.chapter 76 two ring opponent
78.chapter 77 let me face him
79.chapter 78 reappearance of the golden scales
80.chapter 79 light dragon dagger and golden scales
81.chapter 80 strange
82.chapter 81 flying soul masters
83.chapter 82 teamwork
84.chapter 83 guang biao
85.chapter 84 ten thousand year soul ring
86.chapter 85 white robes and blue sword sky ice and snow cold i
87.chapter 86 white clothes and blue sword sky ice and snow cold ii
88.chapter 87 i have a dragon in my body
89.chapter 88 this isnt a dream
90.chapter 89 auction houses exhibit
91.chapter 90 poor youth
92.chapter 91 the geniuses of class one
93.chapter 92 distant parents
94.chapter 93 i want to become strong
95.chapter 94 witnessing a miracle
96.chapter 95 geniuses wait for me
97.chapter 96 mu chens guess
98.chapter 97 spirit item fusion
99.chapter 98 taking the spirit medicine
100.chapter 99 the eve of the first grades decisive battle
101.chapter 100 tang wulin returns
102.chapter 101 the battle begins
103.chapter 102 golden palm
104.chapter 103 bluesilver whip
105.chapter 104 gu yue erupts
106.chapter 105 golden dragon claw
107.chapter 106 a pleasant surprise in the future
108.chapter 107 pondering the golden dragon claw
109.chapter 108 ouyang zixin
110.chapter 109 class zero is established
111.chapter 110 battle armor
112.chapter 111 secondary occupation
113.chapter 112 basic combat training
114.chapter 113 test
115.chapter 114 monstrous numbers
116.chapter 115 martial soul awakening
117.chapter 116 mysterious organization
118.chapter 117 teachers
119.chapter 118 senior sisters
120.chapter 118s wang jinxis troubles
121.chapter 119 complementing one another
122.chapter 120 spirit ascension plane
123.chapter 121 eastsea spirit pagoda
124.chapter 122 entering
125.chapter 123 zhang yangzis bad luck
126.chapter 124 xie xies adventures in the spirit ascension platform
127.chapter 125 hundred year demon spider and thousand year soul beast
128.chapter 126 the golden dragon claws might
129.chapter 127 the trio versus the crystal bear
130.chapter 128 comrades
131.chapter 129 end of the spirit ascension platform trials
132.chapter 130 spirit soul evolution
133.chapter 131 bind post spirit soul evolution
134.chapter 132 summary
135.chapter 133 before the final exam
136.chapter 134 rebellion spirit ascension platform
137.chapter 135 closed door forging
138.chapter 136 thousand refined cloud titanium vests
139.chapter 137 rebellion spirit ascension platform
140.chapter 138 meeting mu xi
141.chapter 139 reencounter with the man faced demon spider
142.chapter 140 team battle against the demon spider
143.chapter 141 true control
144.chapter 142 massacre of the toxic spider web
145.chapter 143 another chance at spirit ascension
146.chapter 144 ice staff siblings
147.chapter 145 the powerful gu yue
148.chapter 146 successive eliminations
149.chapter 147 the true king
150.chapter 148 full marks and 99 points
151.chapter 149 its possible in theory
152.chapter 150 the xu clans siblings
153.chapter 151 a problem appears
154.chapter 152 wang jinxis pain
155.chapter 153 leaving
156.chapter 154 the arrogant and pampered ice staff guy
157.chapter 155 you have the scent of a woman on you
158.chapter 156 eastseas little zhangkong
159.chapter 157 a formidable opponent
160.chapter 158 tang sect
161.chapter 159 gu yues decision
162.chapter 160 the rules of the tang sect
163.chapter 161 mysterious heaven method
164.chapter 162 deep meditation troubles
165.chapter 163 the melancholic prince charming
166.chapter 164 the grave of long bing
167.chapter 165 branchmaster zhao of the tang sect
168.chapter 166 the legends of the tang sect
169.chapter 167 tang wulins endurance
170.chapter 168 intermediate spirit ascension platform
171.chapter 169 the backgrounds of the four spirit items
172.chapter 170 thousand year frozen grass
173.chapter 171 battle armor
174.chapter 172 to lose and regain
175.chapter 173 ice fire demonic tiger
176.chapter 174 the skyfrost annihilation of the demonic tiger
177.chapter 175 wu zhangkongs soul skills
178.chapter 176 three eyed demon ape
179.chapter 177 ten thousand year soul skill
180.chapter 178 breaking through the crisis
181.chapter 179 another spirit soul evolution
182.chapter 180 improvement
183.chapter 181 a new semester begins
184.chapter 182 transfer student xu xiaoyan
185.chapter 183 an explosion of spiritual power
186.chapter 184 tang wulins thousand year soul ring
187.chapter 185 the power of thousand year bluesilver grass
188.chapter 186 welcome to class zero
189.chapter 187 forging at the skysea alliance tournament
190.chapter 188 thousand refined blue coppertite
191.chapter 189 the halo and the fourth rank blacksmith
192.chapter 190 starwheel ice staff
193.chapter 191 requesting a match
194.chapter 192 victory
195.chapter 193 for the money
196.chapter 194 setting off for the tournament
197.chapter 195 sleeping to rank 17
198.chapter 196 struggle to the end
199.chapter 197 the students of shrek
200.chapter 198 drawing lots
201.chapter 199 eating together
202.chapter 200 paying the bill
203.chapter 201 the tournament begins
204.chapter 202 high grade
205.chapter 203 a swift victory
206.chapter 204 wait and see
207.chapter 205 breaking a record
208.chapter 206 believe in me
209.chapter 207 follow my rhythm
210.chapter 208 comprehension and mu xis advancement
211.chapter 209 shes the opponent
212.chapter 210 stargod sword
213.chapter 211 a glorious defeat
214.chapter 212 tough and thick skin
215.chapter 213 the third tang sect art
216.chapter 214 controlling crane capturing dragon
217.chapter 215 tactfully declining temptation
218.chapter 216 true intentions
219.chapter 217 the tip of class zero
220.chapter 218 guide rather than oppose
221.chapter 219 powerful opponents
222.chapter 220 request for the inner court quotas
223.chapter 221 twin sisters
224.chapter 222 suppressed and restrained
225.chapter 223 gu yue acts
226.chapter 224 martial soul fusion skill
227.chapter 225 forest of ice
228.chapter 226 powerful
229.chapter 227 sky ice battle armor
230.chapter 228 advancing to soul sage
231.chapter 229 time flies
232.chapter 230 spirit item exchange
233.chapter 231 final exam
234.chapter 232 blazing demon lions
235.chapter 233 waiting for an opening
236.chapter 234 total victory
237.chapter 235 starlight chaos
238.chapter 236 onward
239.chapter 237 the heart of the forest
240.chapter 238 battling the duskgold dreadclaw bear
241.chapter 239 the final strike
242.chapter 240 spirit ascension platform guardian
243.chapter 241 golden dragon dreadclaw
244.chapter 242 passing the exam
245.chapter 243 the boy and the man
246.chapter 244 departure
247.chapter 245 the legendary shrek city
248.chapter 246 the surprising auction
249.chapter 247 ready
250.chapter 248 breaking the second seal
251.chapter 249 dignity and the future
252.chapter 250 the academy city
253.chapter 251 let him kneel
254.chapter 252 the breakthrough of the second seal
255.chapter 253 to the exam
256.chapter 254 the golden dragon and the black dragon
257.chapter 255 the potential of a little monster
258.chapter 256 golden soul ring
259.chapter 257 bloodline soul skill golden dragon body
260.chapter 258 dominating the third trial
261.chapter 259 testing specialties
262.chapter 260 the fourth trial
263.chapter 261 a test of strength
264.chapter 262 title douluo
265.chapter 263 i dont want to
266.chapter 264 trial of eating please
267.chapter 265 points
268.chapter 266 to battle
269.chapter 267 the snow leopard of ten
270.chapter 268 battle of patience biding time
271.chapter 269 xie xies terrifying opponent
272.chapter 270 the ambitious xie xie
273.chapter 271 bizarre battle
274.chapter 272 nice acting
275.chapter 273 survive
276.chapter 274 the ninth trial
277.chapter 275 auspicious emperor
278.chapter 276 three eyed golden lion
279.chapter 277 decisions
280.chapter 278 no regrets
281.chapter 279 grandteacher
282.chapter 280 fifth rank for a full score
283.chapter 281 the heart is the hammer the martial soul is the guide
284.chapter 282 one step to the heavens ten thousand refinements of life
285.chapter 283 spirit refined
286.chapter 284 master craftsman
287.chapter 285 sea gods island
288.chapter 286 dreams of battle armor
289.chapter 287 black steamed buns
290.chapter 288 the status of a working student
291.chapter 289 tang wulin the wicked
292.chapter 290 ceramic mountain
293.chapter 291 give me her number
294.chapter 292 the holy angel and the fallen angel
295.chapter 293 the headmaster of the outercourt
296.chapter 294 a turn for the worse
297.chapter 295 the pressure of shrek
298.chapter 296 time waits for no one
299.chapter 297 working student yuanen
300.chapter 298 meteoric iron
301.chapter 299 the might of spirit refined
302.chapter 300 feng wuyu
303.chapter 301 titan giant ape martial soul
304.chapter 302 genius working students
305.chapter 303 mu chen resigns
306.chapter 304 yue zhengyu
307.chapter 305 the battle for class president
308.chapter 306 forming groups
309.chapter 307 duskgold bear martial soul
310.chapter 308 jade snake zheng yiran
311.chapter 309 demon scythe
312.chapter 310 continental rankings
313.chapter 311 the number one genius of the first grade
314.chapter 312 hell wu siduo
315.chapter 313 twin souled wu siduo
316.chapter 314 self soul fusion skill
317.chapter 315 the importance of class president
318.chapter 316 the final battle
319.chapter 317 a thousand stones breaks the scythe
320.chapter 318 one versus one
321.chapter 319 the victor
322.chapter 320 the class representatives
323.chapter 321 divine blacksmith zhen hua
324.chapter 322 everyone schemes
325.chapter 323 dividing the first grade
326.chapter 324 rejection
327.chapter 325 seeing what shouldnt be seen
328.chapter 326 fury
329.chapter 327 consequences
330.chapter 328 the world isnt fair
331.chapter 329 mecha or battle armor
332.chapter 330 objective one word battle armor
333.chapter 331 mu chen arrives
334.chapter 332 second grade senior sister
335.chapter 333 im here to apologize
336.chapter 334 breaking through
337.chapter 335 the class president is absent
338.chapter 336 three ringed soul elder
339.chapter 337 gorging
340.chapter 338 heartwarming
341.chapter 339 dragon shocks the heavens
342.chapter 340 the blazing fire dragon and the scarlet armored dragon
343.chapter 341 sparring
344.chapter 342 team battle against wu zhangkong
345.chapter 343 total defeat
346.chapter 344 dispelling doubts
347.chapter 345 the first battle armor piece
348.chapter 346 alloy
349.chapter 347 picking up a treasure
350.chapter 348 spirit alloy
351.chapter 349 saint blacksmiths notebook
352.chapter 350 shocked
353.chapter 351 the right path
354.chapter 352 tower attack
355.chapter 353 ninety one percent
356.chapter 354 yuanen yehuis condition
357.chapter 355 little fatty became a big fatty
358.chapter 356 the miracle of food
359.chapter 357 little goldlight
360.chapter 358 warm and soft
361.chapter 359 entering the tower
362.chapter 360 charging through the tower
363.chapter 361 advancing
364.chapter 362 battling the ice bears
365.chapter 363 teasing
366.chapter 364 seconds
367.chapter 365 opposites attract
368.chapter 366 goldsong
369.chapter 367 elemental stripping
370.chapter 368 yuanen yehuis choice
371.chapter 369 the mighty diamond baboon
372.chapter 370 dont judge a bun by its folds
373.chapter 371 marginal victory
374.chapter 372 heavenly phoenix douluo
375.chapter 373 four word battle armor master
376.chapter 374 determination
377.chapter 375 eyes
378.chapter 376 reunion with ye xinglan
379.chapter 377 genius youths ranking whats that
380.chapter 378 new companions
381.chapter 379 divine alloy
382.chapter 380 divine foundation metal
383.chapter 381 undiscouraged
384.chapter 382 a small bet
385.chapter 383 the selection tournament
386.chapter 384 the decisive battle of the first grade
387.chapter 385 tang wulins third soul skill
388.chapter 386 xie xies bravery
389.chapter 387 all out
390.chapter 388 battle armor of resplendent light
391.chapter 389 starlight threads draw the finished battle armor
392.chapter 390 blood essence reversal golden dragon shocks the heavens
393.chapter 391 three versus three
394.chapter 392 xu lizhi of the tang sect
395.chapter 393 united
396.chapter 394 secret weapon
397.chapter 395 the real class president
398.chapter 396 freely admit defeat bow and submit
399.chapter 397 the twin dragons arrive
400.chapter 398 the first match
401.chapter 399 a powerful opponent
402.chapter 400 resplendent gold titanium crystals spirit ascends
403.chapter 401 spirit refined titanium gold
404.chapter 402 life bestowed titanium gold
405.chapter 403 six versus six
406.chapter 404 a battle of kings
407.chapter 405 devil titan
408.chapter 406 an opening in the chaos
409.chapter 407 exchange
410.chapter 408 a dire situation
411.chapter 409 soul fusion skill
412.chapter 410 unconcious
413.chapter 411 the first semesters final exam
414.chapter 412 preparing to set out
415.chapter 413 this mountain is mine
416.chapter 414 loan
417.chapter 415 onward to heaven dou city
418.chapter 416 terrorists
419.chapter 417 obeying orders
420.chapter 418 wulin acts
421.chapter 419 sacrifice
422.chapter 420 running
423.chapter 421 emissary of pestilence
424.chapter 422 the divine blacksmith
425.chapter 423 can i try
426.chapter 424 shocking the divine blacksmith
427.chapter 425 creating trouble
428.chapter 426 amazing
429.chapter 427 ruby shrimp
430.chapter 428 temptation
431.chapter 429 true strength
432.chapter 430 these trees were planted by me
433.chapter 431 instant victory
434.chapter 432 assault
435.chapter 433 speaking righteously
436.chapter 434 losing face
437.chapter 435 ambitions
438.chapter 436 youre the corrupt one here
439.chapter 437 running into a steel wall
440.chapter 438 big sister this is all a misunderstanding
441.chapter 439 the handsome man and the blushing lady
442.chapter 440 take me out for lunch
443.chapter 441 yan feng and sky ice
444.chapter 442 the almighty gu yue
445.chapter 443 challengers
446.chapter 444 skyorder star ocean academy
447.chapter 445 astronomical observatory
448.chapter 446 the battle begins
449.chapter 447 disparity
450.chapter 448 starlight burst
451.chapter 449 star evolution
452.chapter 450 the imperial sun moon soul engineering academy
453.chapter 451 the fierce teacher wu
454.chapter 452 do you have to be so ruthless
455.chapter 453 intimidation
456.chapter 454 into the arena
457.chapter 455 ill stop joking now
458.chapter 456 the battle begins
459.chapter 457 the stargod sword versus the spectral sword
460.chapter 458 a fierce clash
461.chapter 459 another soul fusion skill
462.chapter 460 dragon king vacuum punch
463.chapter 461 the first transformation dragon god awakens
464.chapter 462 crisis of the fourth seal
465.chapter 463 tang sect headquarters
466.chapter 464 palace lord
467.chapter 465 gu yue confess
468.chapter 466 against the wall
469.chapter 467 seven colored dragon
470.chapter 468 reunion with mo lan
471.chapter 469 the ashen robed man
472.chapter 470 phosphorus fire soul refinement
473.chapter 471 annihilation
474.chapter 472 four word battle armor master
475.chapter 473 statement
476.chapter 474 coma
477.chapter 475 the angel of hope
478.chapter 476 the idol of douluo
479.chapter 477 returning to the academy
480.chapter 478 tang wulins plan
481.chapter 479 the four spirit items
482.chapter 480 the fourth seal
483.chapter 481 another look at the forbidden
484.chapter 482 wrath
485.chapter 483 the unlucky boy
486.chapter 484 the chipped tooth man
487.chapter 485 the rising sun of the west mountain
488.chapter 486 the silver haired beauty
489.chapter 487 the second blood essence soul skill
490.chapter 488 face slapping
491.chapter 489 naer
492.chapter 490 coincidence
493.chapter 491 feng ling
494.chapter 492 what about gu yue
495.chapter 493 golden dragon shakes the earth
496.chapter 494 golden dragon tyrant body
497.chapter 495 a new semester
498.chapter 496 gu yue returns
499.chapter 497 you made it
500.chapter 498 challenging the third grade
501.chapter 499 rematch
502.chapter 500 dead end
503.chapter 501 the might of golden dragon tyrant body
504.chapter 502 specialized cultivation space
505.chapter 503 earning points
506.chapter 504 to buy a car or mecha
507.chapter 505 ten tons of star iron
508.chapter 506 everyones brother in law
509.chapter 508 naer is only my sister
510.chapter 509 operating the mecha
511.chapter 510 battle soul hall white fighter
512.chapter 511 benefits of the battle soul hall
513.chapter 512 challenging the third grade
514.chapter 513 ill renounce my participation
515.chapter 514 the challenge
516.chapter 515
517.chapter 516
518.chapter 517
519.chapter 518
520.chapter 519
521.chapter 520
522.chapter 521
523.chapter 522
524.chapter 523
525.chapter 524
526.chapter 525
527.chapter 526
528.chapter 527
529.chapter 528
530.chapter 529
531.chapter 530
532.chapter 531
533.chapter 532
534.chapter 533
535.chapter 534
536.chapter 535
537.chapter 536
538.chapter 537
539.chapter 538
540.chapter 539
541.chapter 540
542.chapter 541
543.chapter 542
544.chapter 543
545.chapter 544
546.chapter 545
547.chapter 546
548.chapter 547
549.chapter 548
550.chapter 549
551.chapter 550
552.chapter 551
553.chapter 552
554.chapter 553
555.chapter 554
556.chapter 555
557.chapter 556
558.chapter 557
559.chapter 558
560.chapter 559
561.chapter 560
562.chapter 561
563.chapter 562
564.chapter 563
565.chapter 564
566.chapter 565
567.chapter 566
568.chapter 567
569.chapter 568
570.chapter 569
571.chapter 570
572.chapter 571
573.chapter 572 additional nourishment
574.chapter 573 wanting to live
575.chapter 574 forty nine days
576.chapter 575
577.chapter 576 devil soul great white shark
578.chapter 577 battling the shark king with intelligence
579.chapter 578 ten thousand year soul ring
580.chapter 579 a martial souls evolution
581.chapter 580 spirit soul overlord dragon
582.chapter 581 second awakening complete
583.chapter 582 here come the avengers
584.chapter 583 the great beast
585.chapter 584 enter the battle
586.chapter 585 mu ye enters the battle
587.chapter 586 mu yes power
588.chapter 587 the second stage of the special training
589.chapter 588 invitation to a competition
590.chapter 589 into the sea
591.chapter 590 saving the people
592.chapter 591 green skeleton
593.chapter 592 battle against a black mecha
594.chapter 593 annihilating the dusksilver bear
595.chapter 594 extermination
596.chapter 595 making a fortune
597.chapter 596 why did you not attack
598.chapter 597 spirit abyss realm
599.chapter 598 no comment
600.chapter 599 price disparity of the metals
601.chapter 600 an embarrassment
602.chapter 601 the eccentric and intellectual little princess
603.chapter 602 will you be my boyfriend
604.chapter 603 pouring oil over fire
605.chapter 604 joining you in the inner court
606.chapter 605 the nine ringed silver saber
607.chapter 606 an intense collision
608.chapter 607 explosion double hit
609.chapter 608 captain could you come over to my room
610.chapter 609 the second piece of battle armor
611.chapter 610 growing old with you
612.chapter 611 yuanen amp xie xie
613.chapter 612 the artistic agility system
614.chapter 613 two against two
615.chapter 614 having the upper hand
616.chapter 615 tang sects call
617.chapter 616 battle soul halls mission
618.chapter 617 rank seven fixed soul cannonball
619.chapter 618 at the edge of life and death
620.chapter 619 heavy reward
621.chapter 620 dare to make a bet
622.chapter 621 madman long
623.chapter 622 let the group match begin
624.chapter 623 breakthrough to the fifth seal
625.chapter 624 the left claws feature
626.chapter 625 heaven defying luck
627.chapter 626 madman longs power
628.chapter 627 the fox king su mu
629.chapter 628 monsters and miracles
630.chapter 629 soul power stripping
631.chapter 630 su mu039s outburst
632.chapter 631
633.chapter 632 not by sheer luck
634.chapter 633 analysis
635.chapter 634 two against two a round robin tournament
636.chapter 635 seven treasures glazed pagoda
637.chapter 636 dragonwolf martial soul
638.chapter 637 controlling the competition
639.chapter 638 tactical attainment
640.chapter 639 the holy appearance
641.chapter 640 implicit cooperation
642.chapter 641 the raging dai yuner
643.chapter 642 luck that defies the heavens
644.chapter 643 the dragon king
645.chapter 644 a grinding sensation
646.chapter 645 tang sects long yue
647.chapter 646 legend of the mountain dragon king
648.chapter 647 yue zhengyus loss
649.chapter 648 ye xinglans decision
650.chapter 649 legend of the dragon god
651.chapter 650 round robin match
652.chapter 651
653.chapter 652 selling the black mecha
654.chapter 653 boos from the crowd
655.chapter 654 sima xian
656.chapter 655 absolute suppression
657.chapter 656 silence
658.chapter 657 yuanen battles the shadow king
659.chapter 658 yuanen yehuis core battle armor
660.chapter 659 suppression
661.chapter 660 winning strongly
662.chapter 661 tang wulin vs dai yuner
663.chapter 662 tang wulin youre dead
664.chapter 663 tricked
665.chapter 664 missing him
666.chapter 665 final sixteen to the final eight
667.chapter 666 operation dragon valley
668.chapter 667 the wind king
669.chapter 668 awaiting an opportunity
670.chapter 669 encouraged by defeat
671.chapter 670 freedom
672.chapter 671 the true essence of agility
673.chapter 672 complete collision
674.chapter 673 overlord dragon bloodline
675.chapter 674 tiger king battle armor
676.chapter 675 the soaring giant hammers
677.chapter 676 looking forward to the finals
678.chapter 677 xie xies wits
679.chapter 678 the feeling of heartbreak
680.chapter 679 the finals begins
681.chapter 680 bloodline suppression
682.chapter 681 extreme disorder splitting wind
683.chapter 682 difference
684.chapter 683 the horror
685.chapter 684 mu yes return
686.chapter 685 dead or alive
687.chapter 686 eight extraordinary meridians
688.chapter 687 participating in the group match
689.chapter 688 one word battle armor master
690.chapter 689 complete dominance
691.chapter 690 continuous advancement
692.chapter 691 final group match
693.chapter 692 ye xinglans one word battle armor
694.chapter 693 one to zero
695.chapter 694 strong against strong
696.chapter 695 the gates of hell
697.chapter 696 i yield
698.chapter 697 return of the dragon king
699.chapter 698 tang wulin wants to kill someone
700.chapter 699 tricked
701.chapter 700 shut up
702.chapter 701 coordination
703.chapter 702 tang wulins new weapon
704.chapter 703 golden dragon spear
705.chapter 704 third golden soul ring
706.chapter 705 earth element imprisonment
707.chapter 706 two word battle armor
708.chapter 707 the divine dragons great calamity
709.chapter 708 they039re the winners
710.chapter 709 the separation
711.chapter 710 white three white seven
712.chapter 711 shopping
713.chapter 712 enter the dragon valley
714.chapter 713 a small world
715.chapter 714 parting ways
716.chapter 715 dragon clouds
717.chapter 716 nourishment from the dragon clouds
718.chapter 717 don039t go away
719.chapter 718 the tue dragon soul bone
720.chapter 719 a tear in the dimension
721.chapter 720 brother three
722.chapter 721 brother three you039re so amazing
723.chapter 722 a budding young girls heart
724.chapter 723 it turned out to be him
725.chapter 724 the dragon clans graveyard
726.chapter 725
727.chapter 726 did he choose her
728.chapter 727 a person is missing
729.chapter 728 the missing small world and him
730.chapter 729 boring but enriching days
731.chapter 730 burying the dragon for a thousand days
732.chapter 731 the mountain dragon kings torso bone
733.chapter 732 the uninvited guest
734.chapter 733 all grown up
735.chapter 734 how hes faring has nothing to do with me
736.chapter 735 dragon spear goddesss big brother
737.chapter 736 naers boudoir
738.chapter 737 so you still know how to come back
739.chapter 738 a perturbed xie xie
740.chapter 739 the atlas douluo
741.chapter 740 the sea god pavilion masters story
742.chapter 741 light dark douluo
743.chapter 742 match made in heaven
744.chapter 743 the inherited spirit soul
745.chapter 744 unveiled
746.chapter 745 long yue and number fifty one
747.chapter 746 peacock spreading its feathers
748.chapter 747 male number 51 revealed himself
749.chapter 748 tang wulins eighteen lights
750.chapter 749 xu lizhis shout
751.chapter 750 the light dark douluos closed door disciple
752.chapter 751 the unexpected rejection
753.chapter 752 my name is not nervous
754.chapter 753 i039ll never give up
755.chapter 754 the dragon spear goddess appears
756.chapter 755 the goddess chooses her husband
757.chapter 756 whatre you crying for you good for nothing
758.chapter 757 dont tell me youre only passing by
759.chapter 758 long yue versus xu mier
760.chapter 759 hard sell
761.chapter 760 why would you pick me
762.chapter 761 are you stupid
763.chapter 762
764.chapter 763 yuanen and xie xies happily ever after
765.chapter 764 im a competitive girl
766.chapter 765 brother i like you
767.chapter 766 gu yue do you love me
768.chapter 767 gu yue i love you
769.chapter 768 gu yuena
770.chapter 769 their departure
771.chapter 770 without a trace
772.chapter 771 silver dragon scale
773.chapter 772 wait for me gu yue
774.chapter 773 one word battle armor fusion complete
775.chapter 774 yuanens insufficient strength
776.chapter 775 the test
777.chapter 776 the terrifying strength
778.chapter 777 sky dragons roars
779.chapter 778 battle armor grade black
780.chapter 779 one word battle armor dragon
781.chapter 780 the old man in the dream
782.chapter 781 five ringed soul king
783.chapter 782 green gold soul ring
784.chapter 783 natures child
785.chapter 784 punishment
786.chapter 785 military service military training
787.chapter 786 unmovable as the mountain
788.chapter 787 extreme thousand refinement
789.chapter 788 soul refinement resonance
790.chapter 789 half step soul refinement
791.chapter 790 take care wulin
792.chapter 791 unwilling to forgive
793.chapter 792 not an accident
794.chapter 793 the golden dragon unleashes its prowess
795.chapter 794 golden dragon flies
796.chapter 795 fighting the evil soul masters hard
797.chapter 796 the archangels wrath
798.chapter 797 defeating the enemy
799.chapter 798 a formidable enemy
800.chapter 799 ten thousand year hell tortoise
801.chapter 800 ultimate yin
802.chapter 801 reinforcement sacrifice
803.chapter 802 war god hall
804.chapter 803 listen to my confession
805.chapter 804 gold road or death road
806.chapter 805 northsea army corp
807.chapter 806 northsea army corps base
808.chapter 807 the trap
809.chapter 808 acquiesce
810.chapter 809 setting the strategy
811.chapter 810 boarding the aircraft
812.chapter 811 spreading one039s wings before soaring
813.chapter 812 target acquired in mid air
814.chapter 813 dragon riding on a fighter aircraft
815.chapter 814 landing
816.chapter 815 still and quiet demon island
817.chapter 816 charging into another world
818.chapter 817 nightmare and blight
819.chapter 818 forward charge
820.chapter 819 intense pain
821.chapter 820 too cruel
822.chapter 821 naer
823.chapter 822 mating
824.chapter 823 ill teach you
825.chapter 824 retch
826.chapter 825 airborne aircraft hijack
827.chapter 826 swimming over
828.chapter 827 absorbing the destruction aura
829.chapter 828 xu lizhis persistence
830.chapter 829 underground
831.chapter 830 sneaking into the warehouse
832.chapter 831 staff officer shen
833.chapter 832 hostage
834.chapter 833 all is fair in war
835.chapter 834 old demon devour
836.chapter 835 puking
837.chapter 836 old demon loathe
838.chapter 837 poison mist falls
839.chapter 838 gu yue
840.chapter 839
841.chapter 840 eccentric companions
842.chapter 841 their story
843.chapter 842 once the shrek seven monsters
844.chapter 843 learning
845.chapter 844 soul power vortex
846.chapter 845 life tide
847.chapter 846 love in my heart
848.chapter 847 time to leave
849.chapter 848 shen xings nightmare
850.chapter 849 it039s him again
851.chapter 850 breakaway return
852.chapter 851 the shen sisters
853.chapter 852 parting ways temporarily
854.chapter 853 terrorist attack
855.chapter 854 tang sect combat vehicle
856.chapter 855 wasted trip
857.chapter 856 spiritual illusion
858.chapter 857 valiance
859.chapter 858 teachings of the pavilion master
860.chapter 859 broadcast of the grandteacher
861.chapter 860 suppressing disturbances with wisdom
862.chapter 861 six experts
863.chapter 862 amorous douluo
864.chapter 863 mystery
865.chapter 864 the unexpected breakthrough
866.chapter 865 double circulation
867.chapter 866 taking the first step is half the work done
868.chapter 867 lets battle together
869.chapter 868 the soul emperor yue zhengyu
870.chapter 869 instant blast off
871.chapter 870 is he already so powerful
872.chapter 871 the terrifying tang wulin
873.chapter 872 the possibility of a cured soul skill
874.chapter 873 you guys are acting shamelessly
875.chapter 874 ill at ease
876.chapter 875 warning signs
877.chapter 876 caught by surprise
878.chapter 877 a sea of fireworks
879.chapter 878 atlas sunshot
880.chapter 879 atlas light final shine
881.chapter 880 i love you too
882.chapter 881 qiangu dongfeng
883.chapter 882 awakening
884.chapter 883 father
885.chapter 884 scarlet fire monkey king
886.chapter 885 not good
887.chapter 886 divine dragon reawakened
888.chapter 887 dual beast domination
889.chapter 888 father is so cruel
890.chapter 889 whats a soul beast king
891.chapter 890 purple haired woman
892.chapter 891 the seven colored radiance of the bracelet
893.chapter 892 the dreamland
894.chapter 893 reward for burying dragons
895.chapter 894 the star dou fortress
896.chapter 895 entering the fortress
897.chapter 896 dashing by force
898.chapter 897 vexing little witch
899.chapter 898 hes still alive
900.chapter 899 seven monsters assemble
901.chapter 900 teacher
902.chapter 901 holy spirit healing
903.chapter 902 the divine craftsmans analysis
904.chapter 903 the plan
905.chapter 904 shen xings concern
906.chapter 905 seven colored miasma
907.chapter 906 dragon moon tang wulin
908.chapter 907 icefire polarized eyes
909.chapter 908 six great beasts
910.chapter 909 the great reversal
911.chapter 910 the amorous swordsman with the merciless sword
912.chapter 911 the velvet skyreach chrysanthemum
913.chapter 912 star luo holy pearl
914.chapter 913 origin energy immortal grass
915.chapter 914 orange spirit soul
916.chapter 915 cold shouldered
917.chapter 916 the nature seed
918.chapter 917 three questions
919.chapter 918 the icefire alliance
920.chapter 919 lovesick heartbreak flower
921.chapter 920 has gu yue returned
922.chapter 921 departing to enlist in the army
923.chapter 922 sand demon beetle
924.chapter 923 fire basin
925.chapter 924 ill be a good girl
926.chapter 925 climbing a mountain
927.chapter 926 blood god army
928.chapter 927 new recruit reporting in
929.chapter 928 underground cavern
930.chapter 929 the assessment begins
931.chapter 930 a terrifying creature
932.chapter 931 fighting ba an
933.chapter 932 a human shield
934.chapter 933 shes single
935.chapter 934 canteen
936.chapter 935 betting over a meal
937.chapter 936 i won039t let it go to waste
938.chapter 937 shock
939.chapter 938 second lieutenant staff officer tang wulin
940.chapter 939 abyss
941.chapter 940 opportunity
942.chapter 941 understanding the abyss
943.chapter 942 one against one
944.chapter 943 overlord dragon jiang wuyue
945.chapter 944 jiang wuyues surprise
946.chapter 945 lu ni
947.chapter 946 the first sale
948.chapter 947 the saint craftsmans surprise
949.chapter 948 merit points that can039t elevate one039s military rank
950.chapter 949 purchasing equipment
951.chapter 950 arriving at the abyss
952.chapter 951 the actual battle in the abyss
953.chapter 952 accumulating merit points
954.chapter 953 goldsong unleashing its powers
955.chapter 954 abyssal tide
956.chapter 955 enter into close combat
957.chapter 956 the mad tide
958.chapter 957 black empress
959.chapter 958 the blood essence vortexs variation
960.chapter 959 the dragon core
961.chapter 960 the giant finger
962.chapter 961 isnt he tired
963.chapter 962 the arrival of king mei
964.chapter 963 blood god battalion
965.chapter 964 the blood gods
966.chapter 965 general blood one
967.chapter 966 the heartless douluo
968.chapter 967 rewarding one based on merits
969.chapter 968 blood nine
970.chapter 969 the mission
971.chapter 970 artificial intelligence
972.chapter 971 the first battle
973.chapter 972 between four six
974.chapter 973 1 0
975.chapter 974 the manipulation
976.chapter 975 compensation you039re overthinking it
977.chapter 976 other uses for the golden dragon spear
978.chapter 977 landlady
979.chapter 978 old tang awakening
980.chapter 979 the new golden dragon king
981.chapter 980 old tang handing down the spear
982.chapter 981 practicing the spear
983.chapter 982 gray world
984.chapter 983 domain of ice
985.chapter 984 martial soul and bloodline fusion
986.chapter 985 a bewildered stare
987.chapter 986 refusal to obey
988.chapter 987 zhang huanyun039s shock
989.chapter 988 blood ones hopes
990.chapter 989 quick moving sabre
991.chapter 990 the spears consciousness
992.chapter 991 leave application success
993.chapter 992 father lets go home
994.chapter 993 yield
995.chapter 994 super powerful boomerangs
996.chapter 995 unreconciled to
997.chapter 996 refuse to concede defeat
998.chapter 997 rematch
999.chapter 998 the powerful ling wuyue
1000.chapter 999 blood soul fusion skill
1001.chapter 1000 mecha guidance master
1002.chapter 1001 the opportunity to achieve something
1003.chapter 1002 soul core condensation
1004.chapter 1003 a sudden burst of life force
1005.chapter 1004 germination of the nature seed
1006.chapter 1005 one hundred thousand year spirit soul
1007.chapter 1006 profit or loss
1008.chapter 1007 the white gold spear039s radiance
1009.chapter 1008 dont feel inferior
1010.chapter 1009 colonel
1011.chapter 1010 wager
1012.chapter 1011 unleashing helplessly
1013.chapter 1012 battling blood nine
1014.chapter 1013 now whoever said tiny wings were useless
1015.chapter 1014 miserable blood nine
1016.chapter 1015 the youngest blood god
1017.chapter 1016 major general
1018.chapter 1017 if you039re the major general i039m the marshal
1019.chapter 1018 from an exchange of blows friendship grows
1020.chapter 1019 authenticity guaranteed
1021.chapter 1020 breakthrough the tenth seal
1022.chapter 1021 a second heart
1023.chapter 1022 fighting the real ma shan
1024.chapter 1023 the fifth bloodline soul rings soul skill
1025.chapter 1024 the arrival of the federal star dou battle network challenges final
1026.chapter 1025 the ultimate speed of perfection
1027.chapter 1026 the threshold of the spirit abyss
1028.chapter 1027 such bizarre tastes
1029.chapter 1028 a human punching bag
1030.chapter 1029 a battle of skills
1031.chapter 1030 savage ending
1032.chapter 1031 naer same as always
1033.chapter 1032 jiang wuyues complaint
1034.chapter 1033 dragon roar tremor burst
1035.chapter 1034 ill always love her no matter who she is
1036.chapter 1035 venturing deep into the passage
1037.chapter 1036 spiritual amplification
1038.chapter 1037 the possession demon
1039.chapter 1038 number sixty eight
1040.chapter 1039 a battle of two spears
1041.chapter 1040 spear king
1042.chapter 1041 the circumstances of the seven monsters
1043.chapter 1042 cloud vortex divine punch
1044.chapter 1043 hes different now
1045.chapter 1044 the specter king
1046.chapter 1045 golden dragon king golden dragon king
1047.chapter 1046 spiritual disintegration
1048.chapter 1047 gale saber demon
1049.chapter 1048 swordsoul
1050.chapter 1049 breaking shura
1051.chapter 1050 find him
1052.chapter 1051 zero zhe
1053.chapter 1052 powerful opponent
1054.chapter 1053 the ghastly attack
1055.chapter 1054 turning defeat into victory
1056.chapter 1055 tang wulins drawing
1057.chapter 1056 the first battle against the cloud vortex divine punch
1058.chapter 1057 the devils arrival
1059.chapter 1058 xie xie seeing something he shouldnt have seen again
1060.chapter 1059 the metal master
1061.chapter 1060 king of battle tactics
1062.chapter 1061 the person in his heart
1063.chapter 1062 the dawn of the semifinals
1064.chapter 1063 its a promise then
1065.chapter 1064 the saber of justice
1066.chapter 1065 half step spirit domain
1067.chapter 1066 hell evil dragon emperor
1068.chapter 1067 have i won
1069.chapter 1068 angel douluo yue zhengen
1070.chapter 1069 never coming back
1071.chapter 1070 bubble king vs spear king
1072.chapter 1071 powerful bubble king
1073.chapter 1072 impenetrable
1074.chapter 1073 bubble kings flaw
1075.chapter 1074 the unusual sound
1076.chapter 1075 the sharpening of the golden dragon spear
1077.chapter 1076 jade crystal qilin
1078.chapter 1077 domineering beyond comparison
1079.chapter 1078 here comes the finals
1080.chapter 1079 can he still create a miracle
1081.chapter 1080 the terrifying strength king
1082.chapter 1081 pressured on all sides
1083.chapter 1082 tactical victory
1084.chapter 1083 champion
1085.chapter 1084 you go xiong jun
1086.chapter 1085 skeleton king wang kulou
1087.chapter 1086 identity revealed
1088.chapter 1087 tang wulins foreshadowing
1089.chapter 1088 double champion king
1090.chapter 1089 the huge crisis
1091.chapter 1090 six clawed demon emperor
1092.chapter 1091 wulins arrival
1093.chapter 1092 ruthless sword
1094.chapter 1093 devour
1095.chapter 1094 activate life seed
1096.chapter 1095 level 93 collapse
1097.chapter 1096 breaking ant emperor
1098.chapter 1097 abyssal passage crisis
1099.chapter 1098 blood gods great array
1100.chapter 1099 black monarch from the ninth layer
1101.chapter 1100 golden dragons opening move
1102.chapter 1101 its you
1103.chapter 1102 the guardian of nine spirits
1104.chapter 1103 blood gods great array
1105.chapter 1104 all of a sudden
1106.chapter 1105 the evil soul masters ambush
1107.chapter 1106 arduous struggle
1108.chapter 1107 sacrificial burning
1109.chapter 1108 spirit borrowing
1110.chapter 1109 irresistible force
1111.chapter 1110 the abyssal sage king
1112.chapter 1111 overconfident
1113.chapter 1112 the arrival of the silver dragon
1114.chapter 1113 power of godhood
1115.chapter 1114 where is she
1116.chapter 1115 advance to soul sage
1117.chapter 1116 spirit domain
1118.chapter 1117 a ruheng and sima jinchi
1119.chapter 1118 death sentence
1120.chapter 1119 a play
1121.chapter 1120 two idiots
1122.chapter 1121 have mercy
1123.chapter 1122 blood dragon unit
1124.chapter 1123 depart blood dragon unit
1125.chapter 1124 our sage king of keen intelligence and excellent judgment
1126.chapter 1125 emergence of a warning alert
1127.chapter 1126 the arrival of duskgold
1128.chapter 1127 the terrifying bear lord
1129.chapter 1128 long yuxues beam
1130.chapter 1129 a different martial soul fusion skill
1131.chapter 1130 heavy ion beam
1132.chapter 1131 revisiting mingdu city
1133.chapter 1132 the blood dragon units co captain
1134.chapter 1133 just like the hall masters personal visit
1135.chapter 1134 the federations political situation
1136.chapter 1135 dove faction delegate
1137.chapter 1136 lets go earn some money
1138.chapter 1137 im gu yue
1139.chapter 1138 yao lings chance
1140.chapter 1139 so its her
1141.chapter 1140 member of parliament mo lan
1142.chapter 1141 who does the army want to catch
1143.chapter 1142 its him
1144.chapter 1143 federal bureau of central guards
1145.chapter 1144 the military clan that supported the dove faction
1146.chapter 1145 so it turned out to be lustful desires
1147.chapter 1146 a critical situation
1148.chapter 1147 shen xings persistence
1149.chapter 1148 im back
1150.chapter 1149 metalwater harmonizer
1151.chapter 1150 is it mine
1152.chapter 1151 dragon mights control
1153.chapter 1152 blood sacrifice again
1154.chapter 1153 soul forging metalwater harmonization
1155.chapter 1154 preparation quickens the work
1156.chapter 1155 are innate secret techniques very easy
1157.chapter 1156 molten red
1158.chapter 1157 the solemn saber
1159.chapter 1158 your majesty
1160.chapter 1159 i am the dragon slaying saber
1161.chapter 1160 saber god douluo
1162.chapter 1161 beautiful girl wheres your brain
1163.chapter 1162 close at hand
1164.chapter 1163 the life seed
1165.chapter 1164 the life bloom
1166.chapter 1165 hell remains
1167.chapter 1166 the refugee
1168.chapter 1167 shreks spirit
1169.chapter 1168 white robes and blue sword is still around
1170.chapter 1169 im glad that youre alive
1171.chapter 1170 more experience and toughening needed
1172.chapter 1171 my idol during my youth
1173.chapter 1172 tang wulin vs wu zhangkong
1174.chapter 1173 broken
1175.chapter 1174 look ahead
1176.chapter 1175 it is a very good place
1177.chapter 1176 taking the first step
1178.chapter 1177 life can be cruel but sentimental
1179.chapter 1178 tang sects true hidden secrets
1180.chapter 1179 tang sects sect master
1181.chapter 1180 from this day on tang sects master
1182.chapter 1181 long yeyues account
1183.chapter 1182 mysteries of the planes
1184.chapter 1183 inheriting the atlas divine spear
1185.chapter 1184 boundless universe crystal
1186.chapter 1185 where are you wait for me
1187.chapter 1186 the reunion of brothers
1188.chapter 1187 are you surprised
1189.chapter 1188 holy angel yue zhengyu
1190.chapter 1189 holy fusion skill
1191.chapter 1190 dragon king avatar
1192.chapter 1191 one strike of storing force
1193.chapter 1192 gu yuena at the auction market
1194.chapter 1193 ice gods heart
1195.chapter 1194 old tang has awakened
1196.chapter 1195 the fusion of the universe
1197.chapter 1196 news about father and mother
1198.chapter 1197 was it a delusion
1199.chapter 1198 spiritual domain
1200.chapter 1199 brother
1201.chapter 1200 all grown up
1202.chapter 1201 finally the seven monsters reunite
1203.chapter 1202 crying bitterly
1204.chapter 1203 how do we deal with him
1205.chapter 1204 three against six
1206.chapter 1205 everyones here
1207.chapter 1206 the competition begins
1208.chapter 1207 the siege
1209.chapter 1208 first win
1210.chapter 1209 fight again
1211.chapter 1210 suppression
1212.chapter 1211 domain
1213.chapter 1212 a walk down kings path
1214.chapter 1213 six monsters trump card
1215.chapter 1214 xu lizhis bamboo steamer
1216.chapter 1215 tang wulins trump card
1217.chapter 1216 great success brings greater challenges
1218.chapter 1217 arrival at skysea city
1219.chapter 1218 strict and thorough examination
1220.chapter 1219 li na
1221.chapter 1220 lineup
1222.chapter 1221 explosion
1223.chapter 1222 sudden danger
1224.chapter 1223 passing essence
1225.chapter 1224 correspondence
1226.chapter 1225 execute by shooting
1227.chapter 1226 your identity is fake
1228.chapter 1227 persuasion
1229.chapter 1228 ten days
1230.chapter 1229 motorcade
1231.chapter 1230 sudden change underground
1232.chapter 1231 almighty space time shuttle darkness phoenix
1233.chapter 1232 the amorous douluos soul skill
1234.chapter 1233 amorous love loathes itself for wrongly devoting love for the heartless domain
1235.chapter 1234 darkness bell
1236.chapter 1235 na nali
1237.chapter 1236 power sabers triumph
1238.chapter 1237 farsighted
1239.chapter 1238 battle god halls masters love
1240.chapter 1239 so handsome
1241.chapter 1240 an offence against decency
1242.chapter 1241 gu yuena and the young man
1243.chapter 1242 battling the bell
1244.chapter 1243 qiangu zhangting
1245.chapter 1244 the young elder long
1246.chapter 1245 thought concretization
1247.chapter 1246 chen xinjies confession
1248.chapter 1247 too late too late
1249.chapter 1248 first man on the continent
1250.chapter 1249 even if its just for a day
1251.chapter 1250 bizzare and gaudy
1252.chapter 1251 millennium cloud
1253.chapter 1252 the landing
1254.chapter 1253 hidden dragons and crouching tigers
1255.chapter 1254 intractable
1256.chapter 1255 yunzhe do you still remember me
1257.chapter 1256 news and plans
1258.chapter 1257 infiltrating the spirit pagoda
1259.chapter 1258 that scream
1260.chapter 1259 father on the verge of death
1261.chapter 1260 a murderous intent
1262.chapter 1261 the dragon kings outburst
1263.chapter 1262 the raging tang wulin
1264.chapter 1263 golden dragon inferno kill
1265.chapter 1264 silver dragon entangles blood dragon recovers
1266.chapter 1265 dont move
1267.chapter 1266 i lost but she didnt win either
1268.chapter 1267 pouring out ones heart
1269.chapter 1268 the sect masters return
1270.chapter 1269 a reunion of the whole family
1271.chapter 1270 dont cry mother
1272.chapter 1271 blood demons killing curse
1273.chapter 1272 death
1274.chapter 1273 i am tang san
1275.chapter 1274 child wait for me
1276.chapter 1275 spacing out again
1277.chapter 1276 the dou spirit palace
1278.chapter 1277 being decisive when a decision is needed
1279.chapter 1278 if hes my father then my mother is
1280.chapter 1279 shock
1281.chapter 1280 convinced
1282.chapter 1281 success
1283.chapter 1282 enlightened by words
1284.chapter 1283 revisiting star luo
1285.chapter 1284 hu jie
1286.chapter 1285 please give directions
1287.chapter 1286 smiley face douluo
1288.chapter 1287 golden belly silver buttocks
1289.chapter 1288 time backtrack
1290.chapter 1289 millennium cloud
1291.chapter 1290 so glad theyre still alive
1292.chapter 1291 i want to be a witch
1293.chapter 1292 please do me a favor
1294.chapter 1293 waste of time
1295.chapter 1294 the trial
1296.chapter 1295 persuasion
1297.chapter 1296 the palace
1298.chapter 1297 star luo royal court
1299.chapter 1298 discussion with the emperor
1300.chapter 1299 the simplest term
1301.chapter 1300 i understand
1302.chapter 1301 battle of five gods
1303.chapter 1302 what a waste
1304.chapter 1303 im willing to be a concubine
1305.chapter 1304 you win
1306.chapter 1305 heavenly kings clan
1307.chapter 1306 old friends
1308.chapter 1307 beat them to a pulp
1309.chapter 1308 legend
1310.chapter 1309 six against six
1311.chapter 1310 shrek against the heavenly kings
1312.chapter 1311 like a mountain yuanen
1313.chapter 1312 scattered like stars in the sky
1314.chapter 1313 a good fight
1315.chapter 1314 what whatre you doing
1316.chapter 1315 ill drink
1317.chapter 1316 battle of five gods first battle
1318.chapter 1317 pillar of the empire despair death god
1319.chapter 1318 indefinite blue emperor
1320.chapter 1319 despair scythe
1321.chapter 1320 white reaper
1322.chapter 1321 the exchange of attack and defense
1323.chapter 1322 the victory and defeat
1324.chapter 1323 dont be too arrogant
1325.chapter 1324 the commentary of the empires pillar
1326.chapter 1325 excitement intensified
1327.chapter 1326 in a battle of five gods fighting alone in the enemys land
1328.chapter 1327 stay tang sects sect master
1329.chapter 1328 bright sacred dragon crystal
1330.chapter 1329 battle of five gods the second round
1331.chapter 1330 spirit soul battle
1332.chapter 1331 companion spirit soul
1333.chapter 1332 golden dragon blue beast
1334.chapter 1333 the terrifying thunderclap nether vine
1335.chapter 1334 sapphire phoenix and emerald demon bird
1336.chapter 1335 the unexpected twist
1337.chapter 1336 a fine bird chooses a tree to nestle in
1338.chapter 1337 double winning streak
1339.chapter 1338 the reason for thunderclap nether vines defection
1340.chapter 1339 a chance at eternal life
1341.chapter 1340 gu yuena is here
1342.chapter 1341 dragon crystal get
1343.chapter 1342 qilin douluo
1344.chapter 1343 nine red soul rings
1345.chapter 1344 five elements domain
1346.chapter 1345 five elements fire
1347.chapter 1346 five elements cycle qilin transformation
1348.chapter 1347 time backtrack spiritual domain
1349.chapter 1348 magnificent faceoff
1350.chapter 1349 great five elements divine light barrier
1351.chapter 1350 thought projection hes a limit douluo
1352.chapter 1351 the qilin douluos story part one
1353.chapter 1352 the qilin douluos story part two
1354.chapter 1353 qilin douluos story part 3
1355.chapter 1354 five elements qilin pearl
1356.chapter 1355 worldwide fame overnight
1357.chapter 1356 spirit pagoda under query
1358.chapter 1357 get close to him
1359.chapter 1358 he is the future
1360.chapter 1359 is everything in order
1361.chapter 1360 weapon battle
1362.chapter 1361 diamond bangle
1363.chapter 1362 almighty space time shuttle
1364.chapter 1363 disorder splitting wind hammer war hammer
1365.chapter 1364 atlas reappears
1366.chapter 1365 godmother
1367.chapter 1366 limit breakthrough
1368.chapter 1367 dont
1369.chapter 1368 the federal fleet
1370.chapter 1369 free myself from all restrictions
1371.chapter 1370 the final battle in battle of five gods
1372.chapter 1371 the peak showdown
1373.chapter 1372 dragon moon song tang wulin
1374.chapter 1373 thousand dancing dragons
1375.chapter 1374 tang wulins battle armor domain
1376.chapter 1375 blood golden dragon domain
1377.chapter 1376 since youre a dragon you shall be judged
1378.chapter 1377 fighting against an entire nation alone eternal is the glory
1379.chapter 1378 ending
1380.chapter 1379 dai yuners plan
1381.chapter 1380 done deal
1382.chapter 1381 explosion
1383.chapter 1382 gray terror
1384.chapter 1383 underworld king douluo ha luosa
1385.chapter 1384 to eliminate the pseudo and retain the true
1386.chapter 1385 the death knights
1387.chapter 1386 the battle of limits
1388.chapter 1387 devouring the final stake
1389.chapter 1388 holy light array
1390.chapter 1389 quasidemigod demigod quasigod
1391.chapter 1390 12 and 13
1392.chapter 1391 the path to godhood
1393.chapter 1392 board the train first before getting a ticket
1394.chapter 1393 go for wool and come back shorn
1395.chapter 1394 gu yue
1396.chapter 1395 wulin i love you
1397.chapter 1396 telling
1398.chapter 1397 flee
1399.chapter 1398 the federal fleet
1400.chapter 1399 the response
1401.chapter 1400 deep submergence
1402.chapter 1401 the unexpected difficulty
1403.chapter 1402 the golden trident
1404.chapter 1403 no way out
1405.chapter 1404 into the sea
1406.chapter 1405 i believe
1407.chapter 1406 change of weather
1408.chapter 1407 assimilate thunderclap nether vine
1409.chapter 1408 dragon siphon waterspout
1410.chapter 1409 purple gold
1411.chapter 1410 lightning storm
1412.chapter 1411 son wait for my return
1413.chapter 1412 star luo operation commands
1414.chapter 1413 silver qilin douluo gu yuena
1415.chapter 1414 the terrifying ammunition
1416.chapter 1415 mother son soul chasers
1417.chapter 1416 trial of ninth soul skill
1418.chapter 1417 blue emperor forest lightning hell
1419.chapter 1418 the thunder gods whip
1420.chapter 1419 collective cultivation
1421.chapter 1420 treasonous organization
1422.chapter 1421 return
1423.chapter 1422 rebuild shrek academy
1424.chapter 1423 yapings brother
1425.chapter 1424 shrek shrek
1426.chapter 1425 is the atlas douluo back
1427.chapter 1426 rebuild shrek academy
1428.chapter 1427 yun ming is still alive
1429.chapter 1428 here comes the troublemaker
1430.chapter 1429 short message
1431.chapter 1430 unstoppable reconstruction
1432.chapter 1431 disruptive dome
1433.chapter 1432 re enter star dou
1434.chapter 1433 beast god di tian
1435.chapter 1434 a legend beyond his time
1436.chapter 1435 rise shrek seven monsters
1437.chapter 1436 the terrifying beast god
1438.chapter 1437 the golden trident
1439.chapter 1438 godly power
1440.chapter 1439 sea god nine trials
1441.chapter 1440 a conversation between grandfather and grandson
1442.chapter 1441 joust for a spouse
1443.chapter 1442 sea god nine trials first trial
1444.chapter 1443 joust for a spouse festival
1445.chapter 1444 generous rewards
1446.chapter 1445 eighteenth day of the seventh lunar month
1447.chapter 1446 the goddess
1448.chapter 1447 blue electric overlord dragon clan
1449.chapter 1448 the rules are out
1450.chapter 1449 before you joust
1451.chapter 1450 impart heavenly refinement
1452.chapter 1451 third hammer fixes the soul
1453.chapter 1452 elemental calamity
1454.chapter 1453 one step short of success
1455.chapter 1454 first attempt
1456.chapter 1455 using devours the earth to draw in heavenly refinement
1457.chapter 1456 seven colored lightning calamity
1458.chapter 1457 success
1459.chapter 1458 joust for a spouse festivals opening
1460.chapter 1459 silver dragon princess gu yuena
1461.chapter 1460 the test begins
1462.chapter 1461 a test of strength
1463.chapter 1462 the fourth round
1464.chapter 1463 the mysterious lan fozi
1465.chapter 1464 a come from behind victory
1466.chapter 1465 seventh round mecha operating skills
1467.chapter 1466 impressive
1468.chapter 1467 gu yuenas lightning triangular shift
1469.chapter 1468 ten thousand beast platform
1470.chapter 1469 silly bird
1471.chapter 1470 should all soul beasts be killed
1472.chapter 1471 lan fozis crisis
1473.chapter 1472 battling the golden fur lion mastiff
1474.chapter 1473 its him
1475.chapter 1474 these chest muscles
1476.chapter 1475 youre repaying kindness with ingratitude
1477.chapter 1476 goodbye
1478.chapter 1477 terrifying giant ape
1479.chapter 1478 its over
1480.chapter 1479 two great powerhouses
1481.chapter 1480 breakaway
1482.chapter 1481 a plane of spirit souls law
1483.chapter 1482 the mecha association
1484.chapter 1483 complete gu yuena lightning triangular maneuver
1485.chapter 1484 you shouldnt have come
1486.chapter 1485 the elimination round begins
1487.chapter 1486 yuan hui
1488.chapter 1487 powerful yuanen yehui
1489.chapter 1488 tang wulins opponent
1490.chapter 1489 the summoning door
1491.chapter 1490 blue emperor forest lightning hell
1492.chapter 1491 grinding works
1493.chapter 1492 the success rate of heavenly refinement
1494.chapter 1493 drawing lots
1495.chapter 1494 arrogance and elegance
1496.chapter 1495 flourishing ten thousand beast platform
1497.chapter 1496 the pursuit of heavenly refinement is perfection
1498.chapter 1497 two reasons
1499.chapter 1498 meaty aroma
1500.chapter 1499 yuanen yehuis clan members
1501.chapter 1500 no one is allowed to take you away
1502.chapter 1501 the three attack wager
1503.chapter 1502 resist the mainstay by force
1504.chapter 1503 limit douluos strength
1505.chapter 1504 ive lost
1506.chapter 1505 yuanen yehuis family background
1507.chapter 1506 demons door
1508.chapter 1507 a sigh
1509.chapter 1508 very hungry
1510.chapter 1509 li weisi
1511.chapter 1510 the insight
1512.chapter 1511 dragon emperor forbidden law
1513.chapter 1512 forbid all laws dragon emperor break
1514.chapter 1513 she likes you
1515.chapter 1514 youve got bad breath
1516.chapter 1515 north tip saber
1517.chapter 1516 instant victory
1518.chapter 1517 thunder gods whip
1519.chapter 1518 you should go to shrek
1520.chapter 1519 the solicitation
1521.chapter 1520 thought concretization
1522.chapter 1521 returning to ones original state
1523.chapter 1522 the simplified version of dragon emperor break
1524.chapter 1523 oh my god the competition has ended
1525.chapter 1524 the unexpected powerhouse
1526.chapter 1525 youre the titan giant ape
1527.chapter 1526 prove your identity
1528.chapter 1527 the beast king that looked upon mankind with hatred
1529.chapter 1528 mysteries of the plane
1530.chapter 1529 er mings descendant
1531.chapter 1530 xiao wu and tang wutong
1532.chapter 1531 little girl
1533.chapter 1532 old ancestor
1534.chapter 1533 the acknowledgement
1535.chapter 1534 painstaking cultivation
1536.chapter 1535 the vanishing tang sect
1537.chapter 1536 the ultimate showdown
1538.chapter 1537 the battle of love rivals
1539.chapter 1538 shocking heaven and earth
1540.chapter 1539 a good thing
1541.chapter 1540 dragon domain
1542.chapter 1541 gu yuenas sobs
1543.chapter 1542 sea gods second examination
1544.chapter 1543 forbid time space dragon emperor cut
1545.chapter 1544 impressive huh
1546.chapter 1545 the dragon clan
1547.chapter 1546 dragon kings request
1548.chapter 1547 hes here
1549.chapter 1548 joust for a spouse begins
1550.chapter 1549 im from shrek im withdrawing myself
1551.chapter 1550 theyre all from tang sect and shrek
1552.chapter 1551 tang wulins gift
1553.chapter 1552 ill marry you if you can defeat me
1554.chapter 1553 wulin vs gu yue
1555.chapter 1554 seven elements great fission
1556.chapter 1555 heavens spear
1557.chapter 1556 surprisingly she chose her
1558.chapter 1557 carved on bones and burned into memory
1559.chapter 1558 what sort of girl is she
1560.chapter 1559 super concentrated soul circuit defense system
1561.chapter 1560 the arrival
1562.chapter 1561 yuanen clans manor
1563.chapter 1562 er ming and the young maidens story
1564.chapter 1563 i was wrong
1565.chapter 1564 revenge
1566.chapter 1565 enlightenment light
1567.chapter 1566 yuanen tiandang
1568.chapter 1567 perfect cooperation
1569.chapter 1568 the counterattack
1570.chapter 1569 the mighty tang wulin
1571.chapter 1570 the invitation
1572.chapter 1571 aroused
1573.chapter 1572 a test
1574.chapter 1573 one with the heaven
1575.chapter 1574 shocking heavenly refinement
1576.chapter 1575 yuanen zhentians decision
1577.chapter 1576 the win win situation
1578.chapter 1577 open up the passage of demonic plane
1579.chapter 1578 the demon legion
1580.chapter 1579 the slaughter
1581.chapter 1580 the life infusion
1582.chapter 1581 the ancient life tree resurrected
1583.chapter 1582 running away
1584.chapter 1583 the destruction storms
1585.chapter 1584 tang wulins crisis
1586.chapter 1585 with blue hair drifting in the wind tang san protected his son
1587.chapter 1586 golden dragon pattern
1588.chapter 1587 great demons tail
1589.chapter 1588 whats done cant be undone
1590.chapter 1589 how dare you touch me
1591.chapter 1590 the excited qiangu zhangting
1592.chapter 1591 worshipping the ancient life tree
1593.chapter 1592 taken the load off his mind
1594.chapter 1593 open up a small plane
1595.chapter 1594 seven holy abyss
1596.chapter 1595 competing for students
1597.chapter 1596 fight them from the front
1598.chapter 1597 all set
1599.chapter 1598 enrollment day
1600.chapter 1599 initial screening test
1601.chapter 1600 do not violate shreks airspace
1602.chapter 1601 whoosh
1603.chapter 1602 suffocation
1604.chapter 1603 the power of one punch
1605.chapter 1604 fierce competition
1606.chapter 1605 request for a settlement
1607.chapter 1606 the first battle
1608.chapter 1607 the sun wood saber
1609.chapter 1608 sun spring snow
1610.chapter 1609 sun nine hundred and six
1611.chapter 1610 triple layer sun pass
1612.chapter 1611 tang yingmengs turn
1613.chapter 1612 welcome to my world
1614.chapter 1613 boxing king douluo da mo
1615.chapter 1614 xu lizhis four word battle armor
1616.chapter 1615 steamed boxing king douluo
1617.chapter 1616 witch douluo li mengjie
1618.chapter 1617 the goddess
1619.chapter 1618 devil transformation
1620.chapter 1619 three to three
1621.chapter 1620 twins
1622.chapter 1621 you are convicted and your light is sealed for today
1623.chapter 1622 brothers or sisters
1624.chapter 1623 what
1625.chapter 1624 qiangu qingfeng
1626.chapter 1625 the collision
1627.chapter 1626 the great battle against purgatory douluo
1628.chapter 1627 the impalement
1629.chapter 1628 softened
1630.chapter 1629 the lineup
1631.chapter 1630 the final battle
1632.chapter 1631 quasigods single strike that pierced through heaven and earth
1633.chapter 1632 shreks quasigod
1634.chapter 1633 the supreme art of war is to never fight a battle
1635.chapter 1634 shreks secrets are too well hidden
1636.chapter 1635 qilin douluos origin
1637.chapter 1636 yi zichen
1638.chapter 1637 to breed only monsters not ordinary people
1639.chapter 1638 the memory that makes ones blood boiled with enthusiasm
1640.chapter 1639 leads to your dream
1641.chapter 1640 mission accomplished
1642.chapter 1641 spirit academys grievous news
1643.chapter 1642 you deserve it
1644.chapter 1643 concerted effort to guard till eternity
1645.chapter 1644 the term begins
1646.chapter 1645 long live shrek
1647.chapter 1646 sudden arrival of pressure
1648.chapter 1647 get a hold of it
1649.chapter 1648 technical support
1650.chapter 1649 ling zichen
1651.chapter 1650 please speak properly
1652.chapter 1651 newest technology
1653.chapter 1652 ling zichens fighting capacity
1654.chapter 1653 fierce battle against ling zichen
1655.chapter 1654 i give myself quite a scare for being too crazy
1656.chapter 1655 the mad scientist
1657.chapter 1656 elder long gets into action
1658.chapter 1657 unyielding
1659.chapter 1658 i dont owe you anything
1660.chapter 1659 father
1661.chapter 1660 old cao
1662.chapter 1661 the discussion
1663.chapter 1662 underworld king reappeared
1664.chapter 1663 please have some confidence in me
1665.chapter 1664 frontal collision
1666.chapter 1665 death wither
1667.chapter 1666 tang sans opponents in the battle of gods
1668.chapter 1667 father you must win
1669.chapter 1668 arrival in mingdu
1670.chapter 1669 shen xings blind date
1671.chapter 1670 why is it him
1672.chapter 1671 im going to scream if you dont leave
1673.chapter 1672 i want you to owe me three favors
1674.chapter 1673 cooperation
1675.chapter 1674 central army corps
1676.chapter 1675 quick witted response
1677.chapter 1676 enter the hells gate
1678.chapter 1677 the ninth war god jiang zhanheng
1679.chapter 1678 illusionary clones
1680.chapter 1679 xie xies eighth soul skill
1681.chapter 1680 gluttony douluo
1682.chapter 1681 chopsticks martial soul
1683.chapter 1682 domain suppression a complete set of four word battle armor
1684.chapter 1683 challenge war god three
1685.chapter 1684 the dark emperor douluo
1686.chapter 1685 sword god fallen star
1687.chapter 1686 asiatic apple douluo
1688.chapter 1687 heavy hammer
1689.chapter 1688 the strange asiatic apple douluo
1690.chapter 1689 vast sun douluo
1691.chapter 1690 leakproof golden body
1692.chapter 1691 it feels great to have a bath
1693.chapter 1692 marry me
1694.chapter 1693 the shortest marriage proposal in history
1695.chapter 1694 emperor god double swords
1696.chapter 1695 war god battlefield
1697.chapter 1696 a marvellous small world
1698.chapter 1697 begin
1699.chapter 1698 demolish
1700.chapter 1699 will we win
1701.chapter 1700 the bet
1702.chapter 1701 steal the dragon
1703.chapter 1702 demon dragons instant kill
1704.chapter 1703 demon guqin
1705.chapter 1704 pitch black as ink fallen into a demon
1706.chapter 1705 reinforcement
1707.chapter 1706 ling zichen is eliminated
1708.chapter 1707 suppression
1709.chapter 1708 skycrosser divine spear
1710.chapter 1709 what is the spirit realm
1711.chapter 1710 return to original state
1712.chapter 1711 forbid commonplace dragon emperor charge
1713.chapter 1712 the giant tremor
1714.chapter 1713 supernova divine light
1715.chapter 1714 the reserved starry sky douluo
1716.chapter 1715 number one control type soul master under the starry sky
1717.chapter 1716 head to the sixteenth level
1718.chapter 1717 the water repellant tang wulin
1719.chapter 1718 everything under the water is not an obstacle
1720.chapter 1719 magma fiery man
1721.chapter 1720 the fire host clan
1722.chapter 1721 seven colored lotus flower flame
1723.chapter 1722 the people waiting at eighteenth level
1724.chapter 1723 the mantis stalks the cicada
1725.chapter 1724 unaware of the oriole behind
1726.chapter 1725 the real mastermind
1727.chapter 1726 the old boundless sea douluo is already dead
1728.chapter 1727 metamorphosed stargod sword
1729.chapter 1728 accomplished retirement
1730.chapter 1729 old chen the sweeper
1731.chapter 1730 im just exercising
1732.chapter 1731 the vent
1733.chapter 1732 two more moves of the dragon emperor forbidden law
1734.chapter 1733 the changed ling zichen
1735.chapter 1734 thousand refined ten thousand refined fused alloy
1736.chapter 1735 the real divine craftsman
1737.chapter 1736 dragon emperor fifth forbidden law against the lightning calamity
1738.chapter 1737 the difference between a god and a commoner
1739.chapter 1738 a gentleman should wait to seek revenge
1740.chapter 1739 spirit pagodas internal crisis
1741.chapter 1740 data analysis
1742.chapter 1741 dominate the world
1743.chapter 1742 the demon empress appeared on the sacrificial altar
1744.chapter 1743 the culmination
1745.chapter 1744 direct revenge
1746.chapter 1745 shrek and the tang sects revenge
1747.chapter 1746 overall suppression
1748.chapter 1747 collapsed
1749.chapter 1748 dragon emperor forbidden law broke dongfeng
1750.chapter 1749 qiangu confessed
1751.chapter 1750 the crisis on the continent
1752.chapter 1751 were leaving
1753.chapter 1752 spirit pagodas response
1754.chapter 1753 the preparation
1755.chapter 1754 join my brothers
1756.chapter 1755 blight mountain axe
1757.chapter 1756 darkness bell
1758.chapter 1757 the hopeless situation
1759.chapter 1758 the reinforcements arrived at last
1760.chapter 1759 leave the rest to us
1761.chapter 1760 for the federation
1762.chapter 1761 subtrees attraction
1763.chapter 1762 thunderous applause
1764.chapter 1763 blotted out the sky and covered the sun
1765.chapter 1764 troop morale was high
1766.chapter 1765 yalis power
1767.chapter 1766 archangels holy spirit dance
1768.chapter 1767 the abyss retreated in defeat
1769.chapter 1768 could the sage king come
1770.chapter 1769 central army corps regimental commander
1771.chapter 1770 collision exploration
1772.chapter 1771 life tribute
1773.chapter 1772 devour the divine weapon
1774.chapter 1773 the exchange
1775.chapter 1774 gu yuenas plan
1776.chapter 1775 the western army corps and the northwest army corps
1777.chapter 1776 council of war
1778.chapter 1777 internal confrontation
1779.chapter 1778 strategy formulated
1780.chapter 1779 the arrival of yuxue
1781.chapter 1780 prepare for the final battle
1782.chapter 1781 air force takes off
1783.chapter 1782 terrifying hive of bees
1784.chapter 1783 golden body took action
1785.chapter 1784 advance at high speed
1786.chapter 1785 free to advance or retreat
1787.chapter 1786 bloodriver godkiller great array
1788.chapter 1787 the unexpected rescue
1789.chapter 1788 bloodriver godkiller great array
1790.chapter 1789 the evolution of the ancient life tree
1791.chapter 1790 ling zichens conditions
1792.chapter 1791 tang wulins blood
1793.chapter 1792 whats the big deal with holding hands
1794.chapter 1793 alarmists prophecy
1795.chapter 1794 modifying the eternal heaven
1796.chapter 1795 the alert
1797.chapter 1796 bloodriver moved
1798.chapter 1797 complete resistance
1799.chapter 1798 still did not work
1800.chapter 1799 fatal crisis
1801.chapter 1800 evil sickle
1802.chapter 1801 silver dragon suppression
1803.chapter 1802 the arrival of the formidable enemy
1804.chapter 1803 the spirit monarch from level two of the abyss
1805.chapter 1804 twin dragons arrival
1806.chapter 1805 spirit pagoda master gu yuena
1807.chapter 1806 success
1808.chapter 1807 pledge to live and die together with the army
1809.chapter 1808 cannon god the human form weapon
1810.chapter 1809 you are tang sects pride
1811.chapter 1810 explode eternal heaven
1812.chapter 1811 long live federation
1813.chapter 1812 ling zichens excitement
1814.chapter 1813 not just insane
1815.chapter 1814 ling zichens brilliance
1816.chapter 1815 the flirtatious kiss
1817.chapter 1816 the abyssal passage disappeared
1818.chapter 1817 restarting the production of superweapons
1819.chapter 1818 life wither
1820.chapter 1819 called up gu yuena
1821.chapter 1820 adulated
1822.chapter 1821 ten thousand beast platforms expansion
1823.chapter 1822 break through the ring seal
1824.chapter 1823 body forging
1825.chapter 1824 the sixth examination
1826.chapter 1825 what clansmen
1827.chapter 1826 the collision
1828.chapter 1827 the battle
1829.chapter 1828 kill the evil devil killer whale king
1830.chapter 1829 i want to go to the human world
1831.chapter 1830 a promise to the little princess
1832.chapter 1831 fuse with fathers bloodline
1833.chapter 1832 divine origin
1834.chapter 1833 overall defence
1835.chapter 1834 wulin and xiao wu
1836.chapter 1835 you must take care of yourself
1837.chapter 1836 the battle of father and son part 1
1838.chapter 1837 the battle of father and son part 2
1839.chapter 1838 try again
1840.chapter 1839 the sea god army crisis
1841.chapter 1840 a whale
1842.chapter 1841 the abyssal outburs
1843.chapter 1842 the war came again the
1844.chapter 1843 the abyssal spirit dragon
1845.chapter 1844 the abyssal legions commander
1846.chapter 1845 the unconquerable mis
1847.chapter 1846 the three great spirit dragon kings
1848.chapter 1847 devour to replenish power
1849.chapter 1848 starlight chaos
1850.chapter 1849 infrasonic weapon
1851.chapter 1850 who are you actually
1852.chapter 1851 truly a god
1853.chapter 1852 the demon empress
1854.chapter 1853 sea god douluo
1855.chapter 1854 where are the rest
1856.chapter 1855 your conscience must be true at all times
1857.chapter 1856 pull out the sea gods trident
1858.chapter 1857 weakness ligh
1859.chapter 1858 double lives devil puppe
1860.chapter 1859 heavy ion is effective
1861.chapter 1860 he will return
1862.chapter 1861 i wont let you abandon me
1863.chapter 1862 double death
1864.chapter 1863 the return
1865.chapter 1864 youre asking me why
1866.chapter 1865 the love of heavenly phoenix
1867.chapter 1866 double phoenix battle
1868.chapter 1867 battle against the demon empress
1869.chapter 1868 planar lock
1870.chapter 1869 i was a god king once
1871.chapter 1870 the dragon gods hear
1872.chapter 1871 she won
1873.chapter 1872 flying flaming phoenixes
1874.chapter 1873 double phoenix death
1875.chapter 1874 the underworld emperor was injured nex
1876.chapter 1875 the darkness hummingbird
1877.chapter 1876 do you still recognize me
1878.chapter 1877 zhangkong vs hummingbird
1879.chapter 1878 he was killed eventually
1880.chapter 1879 soul devourmen
1881.chapter 1880 the amorous douluo vs the blood demon
1882.chapter 1881 revealing his identity as the sea gods son
1883.chapter 1882 the deep sea devil whale king forsaken by the sea god
1884.chapter 1883 the bet
1885.chapter 1884 seventy percent confiden
1886.chapter 1885 the biggest gamble in history
1887.chapter 1886 the lineup
1888.chapter 1887 three teams decided
1889.chapter 1888 the holy war begins
1890.chapter 1889 holding hands
1891.chapter 1890 i havent los
1892.chapter 1891 the war god halls hidden secret martial soul fusion skill
1893.chapter 1892 vast sun sky guqin
1894.chapter 1893 the sickle emperor is dead
1895.chapter 1894 the momentary god
1896.chapter 1895 one gods pierce brought forth the planes trial
1897.chapter 1896 the ferocious wolfs persistence
1898.chapter 1897 sea gods island must be rebuil
1899.chapter 1898 seven great limit douluos
1900.chapter 1899 nine palace boxes
1901.chapter 1900 burn holy spirit
1902.chapter 1901 dont think that youve won
1903.chapter 1902 die ghost emperor
1904.chapter 1903 dont struggle anymore
1905.chapter 1904 the show
1906.chapter 1905 perish together
1907.chapter 1906 zhangkong vs the transform monarch
1908.chapter 1907 sealed in ice
1909.chapter 1908 only love
1910.chapter 1909 do you really have the courage to meet my father
1911.chapter 1910 star chain
1912.chapter 1911 abyssal super divine weapon
1913.chapter 1912 the super divine weapon heaven saint crack abyss
1914.chapter 1913 forbid heaven vault dragon emperor die
1915.chapter 1914 the source of confidence
1916.chapter 1915 transformation and descent of the dragon god
1917.chapter 1916 forbid one world dragon emperor shine
1918.chapter 1917 the terror befalls
1919.chapter 1918 darkness douluo star
1920.chapter 1919 the abyssal sage kings conspiracy
1921.chapter 1920 an end to all this
1922.chapter 1921 peerless
1923.chapter 1922 amorous love loathes itself for wrongly devoting love for the heartless
1924.chapter 1923 emotions moved the heaven
1925.chapter 1924 heart remolded
1926.chapter 1925 unity
1927.chapter 1926 to be united is an impregnable stronghold
1928.chapter 1927 the entire federations support
1929.chapter 1928 help me achieve the breakthrough
1930.chapter 1929 go heroes
1931.chapter 1930 unity of will is an impregnable stronghold
1932.chapter 1931 mortal cannon
1933.chapter 1932 the crazy one has gone
1934.chapter 1933 the ancient life tree joined in
1935.chapter 1934 the seven color lotus flower
1936.chapter 1935 jade snakes explosion
1937.chapter 1936 the reinforcements
1938.chapter 1937 planar fusion
1939.chapter 1938 sea gods descent and his ten thousand year plan
1940.chapter 1939 is he actually the lord of the plane
1941.chapter 1940 do good and good will come to you
1942.chapter 1941 group resurrection
1943.chapter 1942 what is actually going on
1944.chapter 1943 the dawn of a new era
1945.chapter 1944 sky tree
1946.chapter 1945 i want my eternal heaven back
1947.chapter 1946 i missed you
1948.chapter 1947 tomorrow is going to be a great day
1949.chapter 1948 angels ring
1950.chapter 1949 will you marry me
1951.chapter 1950 i love it i love i
1952.chapter 1951 two rings
1953.chapter 1952 dont cry yuanen
1954.chapter 1953 im here my dear
1955.chapter 1954 marry me
1956.chapter 1955 we are destined to be enemies
1957.chapter 1956 broken ties
1958.chapter 1957 summon mission
1959.chapter 1958 head back firs
1960.chapter 1959 kill her
1961.chapter 1960 the evolution of planets
1962.chapter 1961 courage
1963.chapter 1962 ill still have to confront i
1964.chapter 1963 five days is up
1965.chapter 1964 negotiation
1966.chapter 1965 the terms
1967.chapter 1966 the opponent for the first round
1968.chapter 1967 you did great
1969.chapter 1968 fighting hard against all sides
1970.chapter 1969 dazzling starry sky angel
1971.chapter 1970 heaven earth lock
1972.chapter 1971 you must be my fake companions right
1973.chapter 1972 victory
1974.chapter 1973 divine brush
1975.chapter 1974 mysterious heaven loop
1976.chapter 1975 ten thousand beasts surge heaven earth painting scroll
1977.chapter 1976 victory again
1978.chapter 1977 battle of the gods
1979.chapter 1978 thought concretization
1980.chapter 1979 no regrets
1981.chapter 1980 the real battle of the gods
1982.chapter 1981 kill me
1983.chapter 1982 just to love you
1984.chapter 1983 eternally sealed in ice