The Good-for-Nothing Seventh Miss

Chapter 2267 - 2267 Metal Rod (3)

2267 Metal Rod (3)

Gege Lu was not in a hurry. He knew that Shen Yanxiao needed a metal rod now. In his memory, Shen Yanxiao had not made much of a breakthrough in her research on superior sacred tools. If he could have a metal rod for her, he believed it would help her.

“It’s not difficult to make metal rods. I’ll get someone to get them for you. At the latest, you can get some metal rods in the evening.” Gege Lu smiled and said. He was also happy that his guild could have such a well-equipped alchemist.

“President, I’ve asked the seller of abyss mithril. He said that such a big piece of abyss mithril can be used to create a lot of metal rods. Help me build a complete metal rod with abyss mithril. As for the leftover abyss mithril, see if you can make a few simple metal rods for the members of the guild.” Shen Yanxiao revealed her previous thoughts.

There were two types of metal rods. One was the complicated type. The whole front end of the metal rod needed to be made of rare metal. This kind of metal rod had the best effect, but it was also the least common in the Storm Continent, because rare metals were hard to come by, and not every one of them was suitable for making metal rods. In the whole Storm Continent, only the number one alchemist had a complicated metal rod, while the other royal alchemists and the presidents of various Alchemist Guilds used simple metal rods. A simple metal rod only needed to have a thin layer of rare metal attached to the front end of the metal rod.

Shen Yanxiao calculated that after such a large piece of abyss mithril was made into a complete metal rod, there should still be a portion left. This portion could make at least three to four simple metal rods.

One rod was enough for her, so she might as well distribute the leftover materials to the members of the guild.

“Are you serious? Momo Xiao, this abyss mithril is very precious, and you spent so much money…” Gege Lu looked at Shen Yanxiao in disbelief.

They all knew the price of this piece of abyss mithril. Even the little left over from Shen Yanxiao was worth tens of millions of gold coins, but she just wanted to give it to the members of the guild so lightly?

“I can only use one by myself, and I don’t need the extra ones. President, don’t be polite to me. The Alchemist Convention is about to begin. Hurry up and make some metal rods. Use them and make something good so that our guild can get a good place in the competition.” Shen Yanxiao naturally knew that with Gege Lu’s character, it would be difficult for him to accept such a precious thing, but as long as the interests of the guild were brought up, Gege Lu should no longer refuse.

Sure enough, Gege Lu struggled for a long time before he finally accepted Shen Yanxiao’s gift.

He felt that he and the guild really owed Shen Yanxiao too much. Shen Yanxiao had only joined the guild for a short time, but she had already brought a lot of assistance to their guild.

“By the way, after buying the abyss mithril, I still have some money left. I’ll provide it to the guild to replenish some alchemy supplies.” As she spoke, Shen Yanxiao handed over the storage ring containing some of the remaining gold coins to Gege Lu.

Gege Lu trembled with excitement. Shen Yanxiao’s batch of potions was auctioned for more than 110 million gold coins. After deducting the eighty million gold coins for abyss mithril, there were at least thirty million gold coins left!

More than thirty million gold coins, she gave it to the guild just like that!

“Momo Xiao… You… What do you want me to say? I can only thank you for your generosity on behalf of all the members of our guild!” Tears welled up in Gege Lu’s eyes.