The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak

Chapter 566 - Orina III

Chapter 566 - Orina III Audiobook


Souta read the all books about spells in his drawer. He learned the basics of spellcasting at Ladro Institute so he easily understood some of the things in the book.

He was really glad that he choose to go to Ladro Institute. With this, casting a normal tier 1 spell wasn't a problem to him but with his building speed, it would take him at least five seconds to build the circle of the most basic tier 1 spell.

It was worse than he could imagine. Alice could build the magic circle of tier 1 spell in an instant. The difference was huge and it wasn't suitable for combat. He could understand why Eilish needed him to keep Rowan away while preparing the magic circle. Building a magic circle wasn't easy and it was especially hard for her since she was casting a high-tier spell.

Oh, speaking of Eilish... She was an expert in spellcasting and maybe she could teach him. Well, Souta was sure that she would teach him since she was on his ship. If she somehow rejected him he wouldn't mind throwing her out of the Guardian Fortress.

"Oho, she will not reject it." Souta laughed evilly.

Saya could only sigh and said, 'You're too much. She just helped you fight the Witch Clan and she hasn't received from you yet you're already planning to scam her once again.'

"Nah, I'm not actually going to throw her out of the fortress even if she declined. I'm only going to use these words to raise the chances of her accepting my proposal." Souta explained to her.

'What if she really rejects the idea of teaching you?' Saya asked.

"What can I do? I'm just going to stay in my room and study spellcasting on my own. Or maybe I could ask Alice to help me since you, Saya, don't want to help me." Souta shrugged his shoulder.

'Why did you have to mention me? Did you forget that I'm the one that taught you the Archetype Skills? If you're going to be like that then I'm not going to let you in inside my inner consciousness in the future.' Saya said.

"No, no, no, I'm just joking! Don't take it seriously!" Souta's face turned pale.

'Ufufu, don't forget that I'm here to help you all the time. If I said that I don't know much about spells, I really don't know about it. Don't forget that I'm your partner and I still want to see what you will achieve in the future.'

Souta turned silent as he listened to her words. He couldn't see any lies in her words using [Galaxy Eyes]. Seeing the truth was one of the abilities of this pair of eyes.

'It's pretty fun to watch you. You probably didn't notice but slowly you became attached to the people around you. At first, I'm confused. I could see that you don't care about Lumilia at that time, so why did you even fight for her? It's like I'm looking at a person doing troublesome chores. Did you treat the action of helping her as chores? Then, slowly I could see development. The stoic face and evil grin on your face were replaced when they are beside you. I totally saw it when you fought for that child, Cluster. I saw it in your face that you really wanted to save her. Even that kind girl called Lynn, you were careful around her so that she wouldn't be traumatized from your methods.' Saya paused as she laughed and then added, 'Don't forget that I'm watching you all the time. You even made me watch the scene of you making out with girls.'

Saya was probably the only person that saw all of his actions. She could pretty much narrate all the things that he did after he took the vajra sword in that village. Well, except for the time when her consciousness enters slumber because of his mistake.

"Stop it. I know what you're trying to say." Souta said to her as he massaged his temples.

'Ufufu, fine... As long as you understand." Saya chuckled.

"For now, I need a teacher who can guide me in spellcasting," Souta said as he all the books on top of each other. He then stood up and went outside of his room.

He had tier 2 spells in his inner consciousness but that was even too complicated for him. He couldn't even understand the structure of those spells in his consciousness.


"Sure, so when I'm going to start teaching you?" Eilish nodded and asked.

"Eh, really?" Souta raised his eyebrows. He already expected her to agree but he didn't think that it was this easy. He didn't even need to try hard to convince her.

"Yeah, why not? I don't have anything else to do here on this ship so why not teach you something about spells? Also, since I'm riding in your ship I felt like I had to do something." Eilish placed her finger on her lips and something came to her mind. She moved her face closer to him until her lips were just beside Souta's ears. She said, "Hmm... Maybe, you're thinking about other compensation. Could it be that you want to have a go with me? It must have been a while for you so you must be pretty pent up."

Souta took a step back and saw her smiling at him seductively. He gulped as he tried to control his urges but Eilish was just too much. Her sex appeal was overflowing that it made him for him to control his desire.

"Oh, it seems that you really want it? I thought so... I observed your interaction with the women around you and I concluded that you haven't laid your hands in them." Eilish had a faint smile on her face as if she saw through him.

"They are different. Things will be awkward if do that." Souta said as he averted his eyes.

"So what is it? Do you want me to teach you or not?" Eilish asked.

"I felt like the role suddenly change. I'm the one who should be asking you not the other way around." Souta said as he turned around.

"So be it. Where are we going to start the class?" Eilish asked as she followed Souta.

On the corner of the hallway, Eztein was leaning on the wall with sweat forming on his face.

"What's wrong with those two? I thought that they are just joking before but it seems that they are really doing it. Shit! I think I saw something that I shouldn't mention around."

Eztein looked around him cautiously. He breathe a sigh of relief when he found that there was no one here except for him.

"I should tightly shut my mouth and don't let anyone found about it. As expected my new boss is really a great man. Even an Extinction Realm is seducing him."

Suddenly, something came into his mind and his face slowly lost its color.

"Oh, shit! Aren't those two unbelievably powerful?! Is this ship going to crumble if they did it here?!! I-I need to prepare myself for the worse!"

His imagination was going wild as he imagine his boss' giant mode going at it with a fragile looking woman. Fuck! The difference in size was huge! Maybe, she could take the boss! I mean she's an Extinction Realm so her body must be tougher than her appearance!


Eztein turned his head and glanced at the hallway. He saw that Souta and Eilish weren't gone and he decided to follow them.

He arrived in front of the training ground of the fortress.

"T-This... Training Ground?! Like hell, a bed could hold their power!"

He raised his hand and placed his palm on the walls. He felt some sort of restriction as some strange power was pushing his hand away.


Eztein sat down and breath a sigh of relief. He looked at the ceiling before he muttered, "I'm glad that they set up a barrier. I'm worried for nothing."

He decided that he shouldn't talk about this thing to others. Even if he suffered Amanda's torture once again, he wouldn't talk about what he just witnessed.


Several weeks had passed quickly since they left. They finally found the planet that Souta was looking for. The Planet Orina which was a high world infamous for its harsh environment.

Everyone was in the control room looking at the projection of Orina. The gigantic planet that has a diameter of 211,087 km was presented in front of them.

'It's almost two times the size of Jupiter.'

Souta removed his gaze from the projection as he turned to Alice who was beside him. He asked in a low voice, "Do you think that the demons turned over the planet before?"

"Yeah, I'm sure of it. I know how they operate and all the creatures there must be shocked by the arrivals of demons. In any case, if everything is as you say then they would clash with the forces of the Council of High-world which is also after us." Alice answered him. She then smiled and said, "You really are good at causing trouble. The demons in my case while the council is yours."

"Hmm... It's not that different." Souta shrugged his shoulder. He narrowed his eyes as he stared at Planet Orina.

The [Yin Yang Bracelet] and the [Solid State Hunter Boots] were waiting for him. A universal and dark grade artifact respectively.

A week would probably be enough for him to take it and leave quickly before the council could react.