The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak

Chapter 561 - Meeting IV

Chapter 561 - Meeting IV


In the Heavenly Demon Palace...

A handsome man with long silver hair and a pair of black horns on the side of his head was sitting comfortably on the throne. There was a blue ember burning on the center of his forehead and his purple eyes were gleaming in the dark. His skin was pale and he was wearing an exquisite robe.

This man was the Great Demon Emperor Lucifer, one of the Three Great Demon Emperor of Demon's Land. He was the ruler of the Heavenly Demon Palace, a force that occupied a quarter of the continent.

"Really? The Ruler of Gluttony said that. Hmm... That's a bit troublesome. That man is one of the few gods that could rival me. I don't even know if I could win if he uses his Aspect of the Sin." Lucifer muttered as he rested his chin on his palm. "Well, don't worry about it. Just continue what you are doing in God's Continent but take it slowly this time. You guys are no match for him and I don't have a time to handle a guy like him so wait for the major factions to move."

"I understand Your Majesty." A voice sounded.

"I just sensed my daughter's location and she's not in Imperium. Gather some troops and bring back my daughter to me."

Lucifer waved his hand and a faint smile formed on his face.

"Really, what a man, Esquin. He even had a time to warn me about some monster lords. Is he saying that one of those monster lords is stronger than me? I don't think so. Did he know how many monster lords that I've killed so far? But since he warned me about those monster lords it seems that those three are exceptional."

The Demon's Land had no monster lord anymore. It's been thousand years since one was born. All the monster lords had been killed by the Great Demon Emperors and Demon Kings. It's been a while since monsters dare to fight back against demons in this land.

"Your Majesty, about the Land of Giza... Should we continue our conquest?" The voice asked Lucifer in a polite tone.

"Yes, you should continue conquering the land but since my daughter isn't in Imperium, try to focus army now. Don't scatter them like before. The Great Barrier around the other four continents is opening soon so we need to have a foothold in every land. I wanted to fight for the throne and took the title Satan for myself."

Lucifer slowly closed his eyes.

"Yes, Your Majesty. We will fulfill your command."

The world was changing too fast and mortals and immortals needed to keep up with it or else they would perish. The Imperium was getting stronger every second. The mana density in the atmosphere was getting thick and some part of the land had already birthed to ancient mana fruits that could even give gods a boost in their prowess.

Some of the hidden gods and monster lords across the world were planning to appear soon. They could feel it. Their senses were telling them that this was a sign of omen. A world without the balance of administrators will experience chaos from countless beings that wanted to rule over it.

Yet, some of the people that knew the truth were preparing for the worse. The worse scenario that occurred twenty thousand years ago. The Great War which countless powerful beings had perished. The Dimensional Creature, Primordials, Elemental Beings, and Progenitors were gone.

The only creatures left were humans, demis, and regular monsters. How could these mere creatures handle the harsh calamity that was about to occur?

It was about to open and no one was prepared for what was about to come.


"So you want to control me?" Eilish asked Souta.

"No..." Souta pinched the bridge of his nose before he sigh. "I'm grateful for your help. Without you, I wouldn't be able to win against Rowan but to bring you with me..."

"I'm like a bomb that could go against you anytime. If an Extinction Realm master suddenly goes against you then your forces would suffer severe casualties." Eilish said to him.

"Yeah... I don't understand why you wanted to go to Imperium. This place is much safer."

"It seems that you still don't have a little bit of trust in me. Also, this place is much safer? I don't think that this place is safe for me nor for that dwarf. The enemy recognized our face and I think that they will come to us sooner or later." Eilish explained as she glanced at Gragas. Surely, this dwarf already guessed what will happen soon.

She continued, "The two of us help you in solving your problem. So I think it would be best to help us move out of this planet as consideration for helping you. You already said this before that without us you wouldn't be able to solve this. I'm not asking for anything like wealth or something like that what I want is to move out of this place first. And it's within your capabilities."

"Sigh... Really, I don't think I could say anything." Souta pressed his temples and he glanced at Gragas and Eilish. "Fine, but you have to follow my words in my ships. Before that, I have a proposal for you."

"What is it?" Gragas asked.

"Hmm..." Eilish looked interested.

"I wanted to invite you, Gragas, to join my organization. I will provide you with everything that you need in forging weapons and armor. I will also form a team of blacksmiths with you at the center." Souta explained to Gragas. "Also, your dream is to create a soul weapon, right? I have a witch in my team so you can study here."

Gragas stared at him for a moment before he said, "Give me some time. I'm not sure how to react if you suddenly invite me to join your organization."

"Fine..." Souta nodded.

At the very least, Gragas didn't reject his proposal immediately. Also, blacksmith was what he needed the most in his organization. He already has a potioneer so he didn't have a problem regarding potions.

Souta turned to Eilish. "As for you, I will bring you to another planet so call your people here. That's the limit of what I can do."

"Aren't you going to invite me to your organization just like that dwarf?" Eilish was a faint smile.

"Then, how about you join my group? Considering your strength, I'll give you a high position."

"No, I refuse," Eilish said immediately.

"See..." Souta opened his arms. "A person like you wouldn't want to become a subordinate of a weaker person. I know it so I didn't bother asking about it. That's the same for me, I don't want to become a subordinate of someone weaker than me."

"Aren't you too cruel to leave me on an unknown planet after you used my body?" Eilish made an expression like she was about to cry.

"That will not work on me." Souta shook his head.

"Oh, I almost forgot that you're a monster. Talking to you feels like I'm talking to an actual human or demi. You're completely different from those muscle-headed monsters." Eilish placed her index finger on her lips.

"Anyway, I'm gonna drop you to any habitable planet that we've found on our way so prepare your baggage." Souta sigh and he wondered since when did this woman become talkative.

Eztein looked at these two with a blank expression. 'What should I do? Should I leave this room or not?' He said inwardly. He had nothing to do so he could only watch from the sideline. Also, he hope that Gragas could join the organization.

He was unfamiliar with all the members of Souta's organization except for Yenxa and Amanda. But those two wouldn't even talk to her so he could only place his hope on Gragas.

'You can do it, Gragas. I'll place all my hope for you. Don't forget about me saving your life.'

"I really wanted to go to Imperium. I will still try to go there even if you leave me on another planet," Eilish said.

"Why do you even want to go?" Souta asked.

"It's because of a promise..." Eilish said faintly.

Souta stared at her and from what he could see with his [Galaxy Eyes] she wasn't lying. This pair of eyes could see if someone was lying or not and Eilish was saying the truth. She wanted to go to Imperium because of a promise and she didn't have a plan to go against him.

"Let's talk about it later... We still have a lot of time and there are things I needed to do now." Souta said to her as he waved his hand. He turned around and left the room saying, "Don't worry, I'll thoroughly think about it."

Eilish stared at Souta's back. She clenched her fists tightly. No matter what, she had to go to Imperium.

"Hey, why do you even want to go to the Great World? The books describe Great World as an amazing place but judging from Souta's place, the Great World isn't different from other worlds out there. It's just that the beings there are several times stronger.." Gragas asked Eilish.