The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak

Chapter 531 - Witch Clan: Powerful Lineup

Chapter 531 - Witch Clan: Powerful Lineup


The Chief Enforcer narrowed his eyes when he heard Amanda's introduction. He opened his mouth and slowly said, "You said that you belong to Witch Clan and your name is Amanda Brune. Do you know what that means?"

"I don't know but from what I could remember that is my real name. I didn't know what happened as my memory is vague but I can show you that I'm really a witch." Amanda said as she waved her hands. A pair of exquisite daggers had appeared. The daggers had a black handle and its blade had the color of blood.

This was Amanda's soul weapon, she called it [Crimson Severing Dagger].

"That's really a soul weapon...!"

George, the Chief Enforcer, subconsciously took a step back while looking at the daggers in Amanda's hands with wide eyes.

"You! Is Amanda Brune really your name?"

He muttered as he moved his eyes on Amanda's face. Now that he thought about it, her appearance was slightly familiar.

His subordinates were confused as they didn't know what did this means. They just observed Amanda's group as they lowered their weapons.

"You! You! You! You!"

Gragas pointed his finger at Amanda and his eyes felt like it was about to pop out. He couldn't believe it. Amanda was a witch and he didn't even notice that he was traveling with a witch.

He remembered that Souta said that he had a witch friend but who would have thought that he was talking about Amanda.

"If you are really Amanda Brune then you're Young Miss." George kneeled on one knee and he glanced at his subordinates. "Tell the Clan Leader and Clan Elders about this."

Souta watched the scene unfold before his eyes. He found the Witch Clan's main territory and the only thing that he needed to do was to find out the truth, and then he will be able to complete Quest 3.

It took them a lot of time just to find this place. He hoped that he could finish this quest as soon as possible.

"Me? Young Miss...?" Amanda was confused when she heard George's words.

"Yes, you may not remember it as you were still a child back then but your father was the former Clan Leader of the Witch Clan," George said in a respectful tone. He stood up and turned around, "Let me guide you to our clan, Young Miss."

"O-Okay..." Amanda nodded subconsciously.

Souta glanced at Eztein and Gragas who were still in daze and said, "Let's go. I wanted to see the Witch Faction of this high world."

Gragas snapped out of his daze and stared at Souta. "I have a lot of questions that I want to ask you later."

"Sure." Souta nodded as he already have an idea of what Gragas wanted to ask.

Eztein followed them while glancing at Amanda. He was no different from a slave in his current condition so he already knew that Amanda was a witch but he didn't think that she would have a high position in the clan. The daughter of the previous Clan Leader? That's insane.

While they were walking, Amanda asked George various questions related to her identity. She had told him that from her memory, she remembered that the Witch Clan was exterminated. George laughed in response to her words. He said that a big battle occurred in the central continent several decades ago. The battle caused a lot of their clansmen to die and that must be the one in her memory. She must have witnessed her clansmen die before her eyes and it traumatized her causing her memory of that incident to shuffle.

"What happened to my parents?" Amanda asked in a low voice.

"Forgive me for my rudeness but... Both of them died in the battle decades ago. They risked their lives to protect the clan." George said with a solemn look.

He then began to explain the structure of battle at that time. At that time, Witch Clan was one of the Four Clans of the Central Continent. Their influence and power were enormous as it encompasses the entire continent only second to the Union Peace.

The ruling powers of the central continent at that time were the Ten Empires, Six Pavilion, Four Clans, One Dungeon, and One Parliament. It was peaceful but each group was checking each other and no one dared to break the balance. Until one day, an inheritance of a god had appeared on the land. It stirred the calm water of the continent and each group began to secretly gather their armies.

At first, they joined hands to acquire the inheritance and they will simply divide it after they acquired the treasures. It worked and all of them divided the treasures fairly. But who would have thought that the heir of the powerful emperor at that time would be assassinated? The empire was one of the Ten Empires and the emperor bestowed the treasure to the crown prince.

Unfortunately, someone killed the crown prince and took the treasure. The emperor was furious and launched a large-scale investigation. He found that all of the evidence led to one of the Four Clan, the Shadow Clan.

The Shadow Clan denied all of the accusations of the emperor. A few days later the treasure of the crown prince was found in the vicinity of the Shadow Clan's territory. They were the culprit but the Clan Leader of the Shadow Clan insisted that they didn't kill the crown prince not coveted the treasure. The emperor didn't listen to them and due to his anger, he launched a full-scale attack on the Shadow Clan.

It was the start of the chaotic times.

Another empire had lost an heir and it was done through poisoning. The only organization that mastered the way of the poison in the continent was the Green Mist Pavilion, one of the Six Pavilions.

The same thing happened to the other factions and it turned into a war. Those gigantic organizations fought each other.

At that time, the Witch Clan had joined forces with the Union Peace, Green Mist Pavilion, Bruming Empire, and Tranquil Clan. It was a tough battle and it killed millions of innocent people.

In the last battle, the Clan Leader of the Witch Clan sacrificed himself along with the Clan Elders. They won but at what cost? So they decided to seclude themselves after the war to slowly regain their strength.

"That happened?! I didn't know the inside story of that war. I just know that I fought and killed countless people to survive." Gragas said with a sigh as he recalled how his family died in that damn war.

Souta looked at George strangely. George looked like he was telling the truth but Souta knew that it was false. If it was the truth he would have completed Quest 2 but unfortunately, he didn't receive any system prompt.

'From his expression and tone, he is telling the truth but...'

It seems that George didn't really witness how Amanda's parents die. The information was only passed to him and he believed it. No, everyone in the Witch Clan believed it.

Amanda's parents didn't sacrifice their lives.

There's more to it. The information was altered.

Souta was convinced that someone manipulate the war but he didn't care about it. He just wanted to know the truth to complete the chain quest.

Soon, the group arrived in front of a fifteen-meter tall metallic gate. The gate was exuding fierce around and they could see runes flickering on the surface.

"We're here."

George said as he glanced at Amanda before he pushed open the huge gate.

Beyond the gate was an enormous and grandiose castle. The mana density in the air was three times higher than outside. It seems that the Witch Clan was really a prosperous clan. They even have a formation that could gather mana around their territory.

Rows of people were waiting for them on the side. All of them were emitting the aura of a B-rank expert. The people in the front were higher ranking so they were at least A-rank experts.

Souta ignored the rest as he focused his attention on the three elderly waiting at the door of the palace. The three elderly had welcoming smiles on their face as they looked at Amanda.

'These three old men are at the shackled realm.'

His expression turned gloomy. He glanced left and right as he could feel several peak S-rank experts in the vicinity. He didn't care about high S-rank and below as the only people that's capable of beating him were peak S-rank. But then, the number of S-rank in this clan was higher than he expected.

Three shackled realms.

More than fifty solidifying realms.

More than a hundred liquefying realms.

More than five hundred B-rank experts.

Damn! It feels like he was looking at the lineup of those high-rank noble families in Imperium.. If they had a demigod in their ranks then it would be able to rival those great families.