The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak

Chapter 498 - Side Story: Lynn Yaoli

Chapter 498 - Side Story: Lynn Yaoli


The class is going to end and vacation will come soon.

It's already night so I change my clothes into pajamas before I head excitedly to my bed.

Why am I excited? There's only one answer and that's because I'm going to talk to Souta.

I've borrowed the transmission talisman from Mila this morning so that I could talk to Souta alone before I go to sleep.

I could still remember that I'm just an ordinary student at Ladro Institute back then. My dream isn't big as I just wanted to help my parents have a good life after I've graduated. I didn't expect that my life would change after I met him.

Souta is collected and calm. That's my usual impression of him.

I thought that was rather impressive, honestly.

At that time at special test almost blew me away.

How shall I say it? He was calm at that time despite facing all the top students alone and he managed to protect me. That part of him is somewhat attractive to me, so to say.

"Oh, I should calm down..."

I said to myself as I took out a piece of yellow paper. This piece of yellow paper is called Transmission Talisman. It will let me talk to the paper on the other side no matter how it is.

Using this I could talk to Souta anytime but that won't do. I don't want to disturb him and think that I'm annoying. My heart wouldn't be able to take.

Just by imagining that scene already makes me tremble.

At first, I just had a simple crush on him.

Before I knew it, he became one of the reasons of my life.


I felt my cheeks heating up as I used both of my hands to cover my face. Then, I rolled on my bed while getting flustered about my imagination.

"Lynn, you have to calm down!"

I said to myself repeatedly.

Ever since then, I thought that I should change my life.

I don't want to become an ordinary girl anymore.

I want to become someone special in his eyes.

I want to stand at his side.

Looking at his potential, I know that he will become a great person someday.

And when he became a great person, I want there to be with him.

"Hu~ Souta, I want to see your face..."

I buried my face in my pillow as I imagined his face. Souta's appearance isn't that great compared to other boys in our academy but he is the only one who can make my heart skip a beat.

"Ugh~ Souta, I miss you~"

This is bad. I couldn't control it.

I really love Souta.

I feel light and fluffy.

I know he's special to me.

I wanted to tell him as soon as possible.

I'm getting shivers and the beat of my heart continued to grow louder. But will he accept my feelings? I think that Souta isn't that interested in romance. That's the impression I got from him but I will make sure to make him look at me.

"Yeah, I will do it."

I turned around and raised my fist in the air while shouting. Ah! I have a lot to say but when I'm with him, all the words that I want to say are stuck in my throat.

Then, I should start it.

I picked up the transmission talisman and started to pour my mana.

Soon, it got connected to Souta.


My lips trembled as I heard his voice. Hearing his voice isn't enough. I want to see him.

Ugh, what should I do? Now, that I heard his voice... I can't think of a topic to start the conversation. First, I should let him know that it's me.

"H-Hello S-Souta! it's me, L-Lynn..."


My voice! I couldn't control it. I'm stuttering! Why I couldn't control it?!

This is bad!

Is my response too blunt?

S-Should I add something?

Nah, I don't know what to say.

"I know. How is your day, Lynn?"

Souta replied quickly and it helped me snap out of my thoughts. But how did he know that it's me? Did Mila say it to him?

Forget about that, I should answer Souta as soon as possible. I don't want to make him wait.

"I-It's fine. The vacation will start soon and I plan to go back to the Hebrei Kingdom. I will visit my parents and after that, I will return here to help Mila expand our legion."

"Me too. I just finished dealing with some trouble here so I finally got a time to relax. I think that I will return to Imperium soon."


"Yep, so you should wait for me."

I couldn't hide my excitement when I heard that.

"Y-Yeah, I will wait for you. I-I really miss you."

My voice grew tinier at the end of my sentence.

But what am I saying to him?!

I'm not prepared at all!

I-It just came out of my mouth!

I'm really looking forward to his return but there's something I didn't know at that time. If I only realized it sooner then I would be able to impede the upcoming event.

At that time, I didn't know that I have already a place in his heart. This piece of memory is my treasure and I wouldn't forget it no matter what. I wanted it to last longer. 

I cursed my dumbness. If only I realized it then I would be able to stop him.


I'm sorry, Souta...

It's not your fault...


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