The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 134 - Meeting an Important Person (7)  

“Everyone, please must take care!”

Why must you have such a gloating expression while you say such a sentence? You’re not the one suffering in No-man’s Land!

Everyone could not help but clench their teeth. Before they could say anything, they had already been taken away by the staff.

Although the No-man’s Land also had the interference of the Magical Region, this interference was quite mild, so an average small plane could fly above it.

After finding a suitable location, the staff member handed each contestant a parachute. Then, he looked at them with a smile and said, “Please pay attention to your safety!”

F*ck! Wasn’t it just an entertainment show? How could it be so scary? The first thing it did was to skydive?

Mo Chu and the others from the Military Academy were still alright. They had a good foundation to begin with. In addition, the instructor had given them such a program during their military training, so they felt no pressure at all.

Although Song Qingsong’s special ability had deteriorated quite a bit, it was naturally not a problem for him to just skydive.

As for the other female celebrities, they were in a much worse state. All of them were so scared that their faces turned pale. Some of them even hugged the cabin and refused to leave. The staff had persuaded them for a long time before they finally gave it a try. They could not just announce that they were quitting before the start, right?! If this were to be broadcasted, they would definitely be laughed to death by the citizens of the Federation!

Mo Chu successfully landed on the ground. With a swift movement, she took off the parachute equipment on her body. Instead of throwing it aside, she tidied it up and placed it in her terminal. No matter what, this was still a resource, and she could not waste it!

The staff behind him who were filming silently cheered! One had to know that other than the experienced Almighty Song, Mo Yang, and Qin Yue, the rest of them had thrown the materials for the parachute to the side after successfully landing on the ground. This way, when the two sides were compared, it naturally revealed the intelligence of this lady, Mo Chu.

After carefully looking around, Mo Chu realized that her luck was quite good. She just happened to land in a place where people lived. In the distance, she could vaguely see one or two houses on the long, windy mountain road.

As the No-man’s Land was quite far from the city, and the economic conditions were relatively backward. The conditions of this house naturally could not be compared to their current comfortable and advanced living conditions. It was a bit like a brick house in the 21st century.

After announcing the rules previously, Mo Chu made plans silently in her heart.

All the food had been confiscated. The most important thing for her now was to find the Milk Trees first. However, since she had met someone, she naturally had to try her luck. Perhaps she would be able to barter for food. Although she could not eat it herself, she could still give it to Mo Yang!

After making up her mind, Mo Chu began to walk towards the mountain. Fortunately, the military training had raised Mo Chu’s physique to a new level, and she kept walking at a constant speed. Not only was there no sweat on her forehead, even her breathing was very steady. The cameramen at the back were amazed.

In order to ensure the impressive effect of this program, Director Lin personally selected the cameramen. All of them had good physiques. Even so, at the end, the cameraman was still slightly panting.

Looking at this girl, Mo Chu, they were impressed. As expected of a child from the Military Academy. Her physique was simply superb!

Finally, they arrived. Mo Chu tidied up her clothes and walked to the door of a house. She gently knocked on the door. “Hello, is anyone there?”

“Who is it?” a male voice said. As the voice sounded, the door swung open. A slightly aged man was standing behind the door.

The man frowned slightly. This girl with fair and tender skin was clearly not from No-man’s Land. Why would she come knocking on his door?

“Excuse me, can I buy some food from you?” Mo Chu held 100 Federal Coins in his hand, feeling a little nervous.