The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 133 - Meeting an Important Person (6)  

Everyone knew about the content of the reality show, but when they really reached their destination, they felt the desolation of this No-man’s Land! Especially when they drove all the way from the bustling downtown center to here, the contrast was even more distinct!

“Come.” The production team took a big box and confiscated all their wallets and food. Looking at the worried expressions on the girls’ faces, Lin Yehong smiled maliciously and said, “Don’t worry, these things will be sealed and your names will be written on them. When the week of adventure is over, we will return these things to you.”

Mo Chu and the others stared at Lin Yehong with black lines on their faces. They were not worried about this at all, alright?

“From now on,” Lin Yehong suddenly said seriously, “All of you will be living alone in this No-man’s Land. The staff members who are filming with you will not give you any help. Once you feel that you can’t hold on, you can send out the signal flare that we have given you. Of course, this also indicates that you will be eliminated from this program!”

“Although all of your food has been taken away, we have placed some supplies in some corners of the No-man’s Land. As long as you can successfully find them, it won’t be a problem for you to hold on!”

Upon hearing this, Mo Chu’s expression suddenly changed. She had been eating her own food for so long that she had completely forgotten that she was allergic to the food of the Federation!

Even though she still had some Spirit Food stored in her terminal and could take advantage of the time when no one was around to eat some, she could not touch any of the food of the Federation for a week. This would clearly tell others that there was something wrong with her, right?

That’s not right! There was one more thing that she could eat — clear milk!

“I’m sorry.” Mo Chu suddenly raised her hand. “May I know if there are Milk Trees in this area?”

Milk Trees were the raw materials used to make clear milk. At this moment, Mo Chu was rather glad that she had taken a look at the relevant content. Look, she was already making use of it!

“Milk Trees?” Lin Yehong was stunned. “According to the rules, we are not allowed to tell the participants about the situation in No-man’s Land.”

“No!” Mo Yang also thought of this problem at this moment, and his face changed. “My sister will develop an allergic reaction to some food.”

No one had expected this.

When Qin Shang gave the information to Mo Chu and the others, it roughly described the content of the reality show, but the details of the operation were kept secret. After all, if something went wrong, the contents of the entire program would be leaked out by others. Naturally, this would decrease the expectations of the audience.

Therefore, it was only at this moment that Mo Chu and the others realized that the content of this program was to obtain more Federation food in No-man’s Land. Then, they would be able to survive and eliminate the other contestants.

Upon hearing Mo Yang’s words, Lin Yehong could not help but frown slightly. There were indeed some people who were allergic to some Federation food, but this was only a rare exception. Therefore, when they were designing this program, they did not notice this problem. Who knew that Mo Chu was one of them!

Speaking of which, this could be considered their problem. However, it was fortunate that Mo Chu had brought it up. Otherwise, if she were to really eat the food that she might be allergic to, it would be a huge problem!

After giving it some thought, Lin Yehong called over a staff member beside him and lowered his head to ask her about something. After confirming that the news was correct, he gave Mo Chu an affirmative answer, “You can rest assured on this point. They said that there are quite a lot of Milk Trees in this No-man’s Land!”

Upon hearing this, Mo Chu and Mo Yang could not help but heave a sigh of relief.

“Alright.” Lin Yehong waved his hand. “Everyone, please remember what I said just now. From now on, there will be staff members who will disperse you to various places in the No-man’s Land.”