The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 132 - Meeting an Important Person (5)  

“Indeed!” Wang Yan glanced at Mo Yang, then at her long-time partner, and said seriously, “After seeing this young hunk, I suddenly feel that the wrinkles on your face are much more obvious!”

“Ah, how is that possible?” Kang Lei really reached out and touched his face. “I just made the wrinkle-removing set meal two days ago, and it’s already ineffective?”

It was one of their styles for the two of them to tease each other, and it always made people laugh.

Mo Chu and Mo Yang also smiled, and the remaining nervousness in their hearts completely disappeared.

Seeing this, the two of them immediately brought the topic back to reality TV. “It’s your first time participating in this kind of program, don’t you feel a little worried and nervous?”

“This is still okay.” The corners of Mo Yang’s mouth rose slightly, like a spring breeze in the heat, making people feel comfortable. “When I think of being able to get close to my idol, I feel more excited!”

Mo Yang’s ‘fangirl’ appearance was more realistic than his previous handsome appearance.

“Idol?” Kang Lei asked curiously, “Which goddess is it?”

“No, I only have one idol.” Mo Yang shook his head, and his eyes suddenly became more intense. “Song Singsong!”

“Ah–” Wang Yan nodded in understanding. “Indeed, God Song is also my lifelong idol!”

“What?” Kang Lei suddenly interjected and winked at her. “Last time, you said that I was your Prince Charming. Why have you changed now?”

Wang Yan denied it bluntly. “Humph, how can you be compared to Master Song?”

The two of them sang in unison, and with the cooperation of their eyes and gestures, they became even more humorous.

Being teased by the two of them, Mo Chu could not help but laugh softly. Her round eyes were smiling into the shape of a crescent moon, and the two dimples on the corners of her mouth were faintly discernible.

“Hey! Look, I almost forgot that there’s another one here!” Kang Lei smiled kindly at her and asked in a clear voice, “How about Mo Chu? You’re younger, so you should be more nervous than your brother, right?”

Mo Chu had not recovered from her shock when Kang Lei suddenly asked her this. Her little face was slightly stunned, and she blurted out the truth.

“It’s not bad. Anyway, whether I’m nervous or not, the reward money will be transferred to my terminal!”

“Yeah.” The corner of Kang Lei’s mouth twitched. This was the first time he had seen such a truthful girl, but his eyes unconsciously revealed some appreciation. “Not bad, very honest. I like this personality!”

Indeed, the two of them had been in the entertainment industry for at least ten years and had seen all kinds of artists. It was the first time a girl like Mo Chu was so honest!

The few of them had a good impression of each other. The following questions were answered smoothly. The director did not ask them to stop, and they just went through it in one go.

Due to the popularity of this reality show, the producer decided to use the model of filming and broadcasting every episode in the second week. This could be considered an innovation in the history of the Federation!

After Mo Chu and the rest finished recording, due to the time constraint, they changed their destination and headed straight for a No-man’s Land in District 5.

No-man’s land was similar to the urban-rural junction of the 21st century. If placed in the Federation, it would be a place where the Magical Region and residential areas intermingled. Due to the fact that there were fewer people living here, this place was given the name of ‘No-man’s Land’.

What they were going to do next was to live alone in No-man’s Land for a week. The producer would give each of them 100 Federation Coins as the minimum living expenses for this week. However, due to the lack of resources in the No-man’s Land, it would not be easy to even use the 100 Federation Coins. It could definitely not sustain the beautiful life of a celebrity. Such a concept was quite popular among the citizens!