The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Chapter 978 - The Puppet’s Explosion

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Lü Chuyi was overwhelmed with shock. “Where did the silver puppet come from? It can actually rival Brother Taixu!”

Gu Taixu, also known as the first amongst the younger generation, had unrivaled combat power, yet the puppet before them could go eight rounds with him without being subdued to a position of disadvantage. That was amazing: there had never been a person who could take more than ten blows from Gu Taixu.

Su Yu watched the battle in silence. His appreciation of Gu Taixu’s combat power again increased, this time by a large margin. Judging from the current situation, it was equivalent to All Creations Stage Two, however, Su Yu could tell that this wasn’t Gu Taixu’s true combat capacity.

“It’s time for this to end.” Gu Taixu slowly withdrew his hands and spoke with indifference as they finished the ninth round. His hands were making unfathomable patterns in front of his chest as if he was preparing for an unbelievably powerful strike. A tinge of violet light slowly radiated from his chest, as if there was a purple-colored precious jade embedded there.

The violet brilliance grew more and more dazzling and glorious, gradually shrouding the skies. Very quickly, the heavens and the earth were both covered. When viewed from the outside world, the Purple Cloud Secret Realm had become a region conquered by the purple light.

Mo Tianxuan’s eyes flickered with shock and puzzlement, and a hidden terror could be faintly seen in the depths of her pupils. She couldn’t help but stare deeply at the True Man of the Purple Cloud. “What a genius of the Divine Decree. He’s about to transcend the Pure level and enter the state of Void Transformation! Since time immemorial, only a few ancient Mortal Fairies have managed to achieve the state of Void Transformation. Gu Taixu is indeed an earth-shaking genius.” She was both rueful and deeply moved, lamenting what was happening. The look on Mo Tianxuan’s face was complicated.

Rumor had it that the Void Transformation Divine Decree was the lowest threshold for Mortal Fairies to enter the gates of godliness. Since time immemorial, there were very few who could take the Divine Decree to such a level. Among them was the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy, the oldest and the most powerful of them all. She was enlightened about the Void Transformation Divine Decree, but still failed to make her way onto the Divine Path, and had her tranquil demise in the mortal world. If she had gone through that, those who hadn’t even achieved the level of Mortal Fairy were certainly not immune.

Gu Taixu had nearly reached the threshold of Void Transformation at such a young age. It wouldn’t be difficult for him to step into the state of Void Transformation in the future. He was clearly gifted with the talents to become a God! As one from the older generation, Mo Tianxuan could not help but feel upset?

The True Man of the Purple Cloud was smiling. “It’s an over-compliment. It can’t be considered a success before he has entered the state of Void Transformation.” Envy and slight helplessness were hidden in his smile.

After collecting her thoughts, Mo Tianxuan said, “The secret realm has shattered, and the Fengyun Great Assembly can almost end here.”

The True Man shook his head lightly. “We might as well wait until this battle is over. I don’t know if you find that silver puppet familiar?”

Mo Tianxuan narrowed her eyes. “Yes, it seems familiar! If I remember correctly, it appeared during the great war between humans and ghosts that took place a hundred years ago. After that, it was set to explode by Tian Jizi’s fairy artifact and taken into the Heavenly Mysterious Divine Pavilion. It has not been seen since.

The True Man nodded. “Exactly! Even though the two aren’t completely the same, the materials they were made of certainly have some kind of relations.”

“We might as well wait. Taixu could ferret out the manipulator of the puppet, and we might get a great deal of information,” the True Man said.

Mo Tianxuan nodded lightly as she observed the events in the secret realm closely.

The secret realm shrouded in the purple world made everyone feel as if they had stepped into another dimension. Gu Taixu, who was at the source of the purple light, seemed to have become the owner of the purple world. He represented the mighty heaven above that ruled over the world.

Everyone experienced the same emotional stirring at the same time.

The giant’s face changed dramatically, and its voice shook with shock and fear. “The Void Transformation Divine Decree? Impossible! You’re still so young. How could you have comprehended such Divine Decree?”

Void Transformation Divine Decree? Su Yu’s heart thumped and he scanned his surroundings. This is Divine Decree?

Gu Taixu’s Divine Decree was to represent the mighty heavens above. He had truly become the ruler of a region of the world, which was the purple world. That really suited his Divine Decree.

What level of Divine Decree was the Void Transformation?

The look on Gu Taixu’s face was cold and dispassionate, and his figure was like a divine god. “Freeze!” He only uttered a word softly, and the giant puppet suddenly seemed to experience oppression by a subtle, mystical power. It didn’t seem like the All Creations Mighty Force, but more like a command, a kind of regulation.

The giant puppet really froze from top to bottom. It was completely motionless, losing even the strength for speech.

Gu Taixu uttered another word. “Fire!” Intense flames began breaking out all over the giant puppet’s body. The flames were so aggressive and ferocious that the giant puppet’s robust body softened immediately. Drops of silver liquid trickled down from its body. It seemed as though the giant puppet was about to perish in the flames.

Everyone watching the scene was terrified. The purple world was a world reigned over by Gu Taixu, and he was equivalent to a god here. A single thought of his could freeze an enemy. A single thought could summon intense flames out of thin air to destroy the enemy. His unprecedented tactics to eradicate his opponents were brand-new and fascinating.

Su Yu felt burdened with unprecedented pressure. I turned out that when the Pure Divine Decree evolved to the highest level, it could exhibit such extremely terrifying power. No wonder the novices of the Divine Decree were often feared by many. Su Yu’s Pure Divine Decree was yet to be comprehended to the most profound level.

As the silver puppet was on the brink of perishing at the hands of Gu Taixu, a whiff of space turbulence suddenly broke out from the inside of the puppet, as if someone had activated the space treasure.


The space power flashed past in a split second, and the giant puppet’s eyes turned dull as if the fight had gone out of it.

Gu Taixu scowled. In a fleeting moment, the flames on the body surface of the giant disappeared without a trace, as if they had never existed.

“It ran away?” Gu Taixu questioned coldly. The circumstances just now clearly showed that someone was manipulating the puppet from the inside. This person, whoever it was, had used certain techniques and applied the power of space to escape the puppet. Now, the interior part of the puppet was vacant. Since no one was manipulating it, the puppet naturally stopped responding.

At that very moment, the motionless silver puppet suddenly surged with a dark blue brilliance, turning from silver to dark blue very rapidly. It was bizarre.


Meanwhile, the shrill, ear-piercing sound of gear-wheels clicking together resonated from the internal part of the puppet. The silver puppet stood up on its own. It wasn’t being manipulated by anyone. It started pounding on its chest incessantly, and fierce howling sounds escaped from its mouth. The blue brilliance all over its body kept intensifying. Inside its body, an extremely precarious power rapidly expanded. It was the All Creations Mighty Force. Endless All Creations Mighty Force was expanding at a shockingly alarming rate!

“It’s going to explode on its own!” Lü Chuyi exclaimed in a low voice. She was proficient in equipment crafting and had a certain degree of understanding about puppets, so she came to the realization immediately.

Gu Taixu’s face changed drastically, and he bellowed hurriedly, “Freeze!”

The puppet’s body froze, but the rapidly expanding All Creations Mighty Force showed no signs of stagnation. After all, his Divine Decree wasn’t adequate for controlling exceedingly enormous forces.

On the outside, the True Man of the Purple Clouds and Mo Tianxuan were both stupefied by the unusual scene.

“The self-explosion of an All Creations Stage Three Old Monster! Oh no, even Gu Taixu is helpless against it. We’ll have to go and rescue them!” The True Man’s face fell dramatically.

The power produced by the explosion of the All Creations Mighty Force of an All Creations Stage Three Old Monster was enough to bring the whole Purple Cloud Palace to the ground. Even Gu Taixu was helpless in the face of such absolute power. However, the members of the Purple Cloud Palace were scattered. How could they possibly rescue them all at once?

Mo Tianxuan was indignant. “What malicious intentions!” From the beginning of the puppet’s appearance, it had intended to exterminate the prodigies of the Blessed and Heavenly Lands. Regardless of whether it was defeated, the outcome wouldn’t change.

Inside the secret realm, Gu Taixu could sense that the extremely perilous All Creations Mighty Force was on the verge of eruption. “How dare you!” he screamed. He flew forward and applied various elements of his magical powers, bombarding the puppet. However, in the state of self-explosion, the puppet was even harder to defeat and more rigid than it had been in the silver-colored state. Despite Gu Taixu’s immense strength, it wouldn’t budge at the slightest bit.

After several attempts, Gu Taixu gave up on his futile efforts. Immediately, he leaped up into the air, aiming to escape from the secret realm that was on the brink of destruction. “Yi-er, Li-er, let’s go!”

A line appeared between Gu Taixu’s eyebrows, and a large patch of purple light was emitted. The oppression was removed where the purple light had passed. Without the oppression, he could move a thousand miles in a single step, and he managed to leave the secret realm in the blink of an eye.

The others tried to follow him. However, they did not possess the level of magical powers that Gu Taixu did. He was able to ignore the oppression completely, yet they couldn’t even fly. How were they supposed to escape the secret realm?

“Senior Brother Gu, bring me along!” The students of the Purple Cloud Palace screamed out of shock and terror. Was there time for Gu Taixu to rescue them one by one?

The self-explosion of the puppet had progressed to the final stage, and it would explode in just ten breaths’ time. The entire Purple Cloud Palace could possibly be razed to the ground.

Gu Taixu wasn’t even certain he could get Lü Chuyi out of the blast radius unharmed, let alone return to save others. Time was running out!

Sympathy and reluctance were written all over Lü Chuyi’s face. She caught a glimpse of the silver-masked figure in the secret realm out of the corner of her eye and felt a sudden surge of pain in her chest. He bore such a striking resemblance to that young man.

“Brother Yuxian, what should we do?” Drops of cold sweat broke out all over Gongsun Wuxie’s forehead, as she subconsciously touched the jade pendant near her chest. If she smashed the jade pendant into pieces now, she might stand a chance of summoning her father’s virtual shadow. With his ability, contending with the puppet’s self-explosion would be no big deal. However, once the jade pendant was crushed, all of her adventures had to end right here.

Right at that moment, Bai Shanliang, Bing Wuqing and the rest finally arrived. They wore appalled expressions as they stared at the giant puppet that was about to self-explode. Even Bing Wuqing was no exception.

“Self-explosion of All Creations Stage Three Old Monster?” Bing Wuqing looked solemn.

Tianyu was shocked and devastated. Her eyes couldn’t stop flickering.

Bai Shanliang whimpered, “I am not done with being alive yet!”

Bing Wuqing lifted her head to look outside the secret realm, and she remarked in a low deep voice, “Palace Master Mo is likely to come to our aid, but she will only be able to come once. Besides, there’s no guarantee that she can find us before the explosion!”

Upon hearing that, everyone’s heart sank. They couldn’t afford to wait any longer! They were still subject to the suppression of the secret realm, which deprived them of the ability to escape death.

“The only way is to destroy the puppet. Perhaps that will stop it from exploding.” Bing Wuqing’s gorgeous eyes flashed as she stared at the shining giant puppet.

Gongsun Wuxie’s dainty face was deathly pale. “It’s useless. Even Gu Taixu has given up on destroying the puppet and has chosen to run away.”

Him? Even Tianyu, who was usually full of pride and arrogance, felt something lodged deep inside her throat.

Even Gu Taixu, who was known as the regal Heaven Ruler of the Blessed and Heavenly Lands was helpless. What could they do to mend the situation?

But right at that moment, Su Yu, who had been silent up until now, spoke with furrowed brows, “If there’s no other way, I could, perhaps, give it a try.”

He had several methods in mind which could destroy the puppet, but he was reluctant to expose any of them.